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Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Break

Hi Folks, I'm Back!!!

Hi folks. I'm finally taking a break from school. I've been so busy, I don't know which end is up, lol. I did take summer classes, and I did quite well. I did, however, get my first B, which really ticked me off. I wanted all As again. But I got a B in World History I. She was really hard on my papers first semester. I'm not sure why. And I didn't think a lot of the papers for second semester, but she gave me full marks for them. So it was weird. The ones I thought were good, she thought were bad, and vice versa. It's crazy. My GPA for the three semesters I've been in this time through is 3.892, which is excellent. I'm really happy about it. (I'm having a little trouble adjusting to not having to do homework almost all day every day. It's been rough this last few days.) Anyways, in the spring, I got all As and an A-. I was happy with that. In the summer I took eighteen hours (sort of, let me explain). I had classes for full semester, and then I also had first session classes and second session classes. For first session (the first seven weeks), I had 24 credit hours. (Huge load. I was so happy to make it through.) Then for second session I had twelve, which was much easier. I was behind in a couple of classes after the first seven weeks had passed, but I have to say, I think I did pretty damned good. Keeping up was my biggest problem. (I started before my exams were over for my spring classes. I worked all through break, hence the reason I'm having so much trouble adjusting.) For Summer Semester, I took Human Sexuality and Health (first session), Mental Health Issues (first session), World History I (first session), World History II (second session), Human Computer Interaction (full semester), and Intro to Interpersonal Communication (full semester). HCI was the only one I really had trouble in. We were put into groups and had to design some sort of user interface to demo to the class. I found it fun and interesting, but we had a sexist bully in our group, and I hated dealing with that. It drove me out of my mind insane. I cannot count, on both hands and feet, the number of times I said, "This is a group decision. Everyone votes." Or something like it. It was horrible. But I made it through (with a LOT of hard work) and I learned a little bit about dealing with a bully. (Sometimes, you have to bully them back. Only sometimes though.) But it's over now, and thank God for it. I was losing my mind. I hadn't had a break since January (first week) and classes ended on Friday. So over six months with no break, yikes!!!! And another Whew... (Just for good measure, you understand.)

I have been stitching some since I got finished with my summer classes. I'm working on a Biscornu for my friend Vicki of India Grace Designs. It's going to be VERY pretty. I choose floss for it (CC Grape Flip) and I have a great fabby for the backing (the biscornu is hardanger, so it needs to be backed) to go with it. I picked out beads, thinking the little circles on the diagram were beads. Vicki informed me that they were picots, which I have a hard time with. So I said I'd try them, and if I couldn't do them, I'd use beads. She was okay with that. The Kloster blocks got done really quickly, but the blackwork is taking longer. (Partly because I keep messing it up. Grrrrr... If only I could count... And partly because of the knots.) Anyways, piccy is above with what I've gotten done. I love the way the colors are turning out.

I did do some work on my pieces for my rotation before I got to this point on the biscornu, but not enough that I feel the need to take a piccy. I got bits and pieces done. And I really mean bits and pieces. I think I got about fifty stitches in per week during the summer, if that. Then I started the biscornu, and have worked on that since. It's coming along well, I think. I will be posting some more rotation piccys when I finish up next semester though. (I'm hoping to get the biscornu done during break, but IDK with how slow the blackwork is coming...) And I've been playing LOTS since break started. They have an event NPC (non playable character) who gives REALLY good quests in game now. One quest will lvl me thirty to ninety percent. For those who don't play MMORPGs, the normal quests in this world generally give a little less than one percent. So this is a HUGE deal. I've leveled up from 129 all the way to 137 so far, and I'm on the verge of 138. (90.??%) I love the summer event, and I'll be pissed when it goes away. Alas, all good things must end...

And I bought a whole bunch of clothes. Most of them are for work. I have several separates I can wear. I may need suits though, depending on where I work. We'll see how that goes. Brice, a friend of mine from the group, says I should come work at his company as a programmer. I may. We'll have to see how it goes. (They require suits all the time, so... More expense. We'll have to see what's available when I start interviewing.) Speaking of Coop, I should start this spring. I'm taking Intro to Coop this fall, and that will get me started. Hoping to do well again. (I have seventeen hours this semester: Women's Chorus (1), Intro to Coop for CECH (1), Computer Programming (3), Intro to Psychology (3), Fundamentals of Unix (3), Database Management II (3), and Fundamentals of Digital Media (3).) I'm looking forward to all my classes except DMII. I hated the first one. And when Brice asked me who I had for it, he called my professor's teaching methods deplorable. (I think I agree. He's awful.) Digital Media teaches you to use Photoshop, which is gonna be awesome!!! I can hardly wait for that one. And I'm really excited about Computer Programming one too. That's gonna be another fun class. I'm also looking forward to the Unix class. I A. Really liked that professor (had him for Implications of IT) and B. am interested in Unix. Unix is an OS like Microsoft Windows. I'm looking forward to it. And for those that didn't do it, Coop (pronounced Co Op) is when you work for a three month period (roughly one semester) in a real world position. You didn't used to get paid for it, but now you do. Which is cool as long as I don't lose my disability. I'd be ticked about that. I'm not ready to try and make it during school without income (I think it would be extremely tough to do), and since I can't guarantee work when I get out... I'd like to keep it just in case. Also, CECH stands for College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. Why the IT degree is in that college, I have NO CLUE. But it is, so…

And I've been dogsitting. (It IS summer, so I've been doing it quite a bit.) I dogsat last week and pulled this beauty off the vine. Isn't she gorgeous. Or maybe it's a he. (Looks like a part of a he anyways, lol.) Those are my little sewing scissors next to it, so you can tell how big it is. I have to go back and dogsit some more on Friday of this week. He gets so excited when I come over. He loves him some auntie. And Butters (the big gray and white cat) loves me too. Reese (who looks a LOT like Yes Dear) hates my guts. She gnawed on my hand till I bled last weekend. (I try to pet her too, cause Amy says she comes home and Reese wants to be loved on.) She hates me for some odd reason, cause usually I'm that person that can walk up and pet the stray in the neighborhood. Who knows what she's thinking.

And one last funny. My sister in law agreed to be our guinea pig for our recent project. I had to do some things with her for screenshots of our most recent project. And my brother (who is EXTREMELY ornery, as you will see in a minute) waited till we were right in the middle of it, and came over and starts fondling her breasts. And I'm all, "REALLY??? Can you do chat later tonight, when I'm not here?" It was hilarious. (He did it cause I was taping it. Just to be difficult.) As I said, ORNERY. And Amy just laughed and kept right on going. (She knows how he is, and she knew he was gonna do something too.)

And I'll leave you with my amazing achievement over the last few days. In the last three days (well, two and a half, actually), I've read 2130 pages of The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. It got a hold of me good until... Last night two of the four main characters were written out of the story. I was so peeved. I bawled my eyes out both times. It was horrible, and I was pissed. I didn't read any more after that. I'll finish it today, probably. Hopefully. And then there's a new book in the series that I want to read. It's exciting to have something new from him anytime. I need to catch up on my reading too. (Maybe I'll buy all his books.) I also watched the Bengals' first game on TV last week. It aired on Thursday night, and it was a win. (I only got to watch part of it, as I had History to do. But I was somewhat pleased with what I saw.) We played Atlanta, and it was a pretty good win. We scored a goodly amount of points (I want to say thirty four), and the younger guys did pretty good. We play those who shall not be named this year, at home. I'm hoping to convince Dani to come in for the game. (That will be interesting. She'd be cheering for twsnbn and I would be cheering for my Bengals.) We'll see what happens... I hope you're all doing well. I'll be trying to catch up on emails while I'm off, but I don't know if I'll have time for blogs too...