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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pressie Piccys (and more)

     I finally uploaded my pics today.  So, as promised, here are piccys of my Christmas pressies.  First up is my fave pressie.  It is a Bengals ornie from my cousin Beth, who really knows how to pick them.  I love it, and am planning to hang it in the archway between the kitchen and the living room.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?  I can hardly wait to hang it.  I bet it was pricey too, as anything official NFL is pricey.  It's not the best pic, but the flash kept reflecting, so...  Anyways, on to the next photo.
     My brother gave me cash and a gift card, so no piccys there.  That means that next up is mom.  She got me several things, and a couple of things for Yes Dear too.  YD has been playing with the fing bird like crazy.  It's driving me nuts.  The darned thing has bells for feet, so I can hear it everywhere.  On Christmas night, I went to bed at about two AM.  This is after getting about two and a half hours of sleep on Christmas eve night and Christmas day (I had a nap).  I was whipped when I went to bed, but I was over tired, and it took me a while to get to sleep.  So I get woken up at five or five thirty by the bells just jingling away.  
She's got the darned bird on the bed and she wants to play fetch.  OMG, I was so peeved with her.  So we played fetch for about half an hour and then she allowed me to go back to sleep.  Stupid toy.  She likes the spider too, just not as much.  She plays with it in the living room, not in the bedroom.  I'm waiting for Yes Dear to shred the ribbon the legs are made out of, lol.  I'm sure it will happen soon.
     And mom made sure I had some more clothes that are not Bengals.  As I said before, I was hoping for another Bengals shirt.  Or sweatshirt.  She went in other directions though.  I got a pair of jeans and two tops.  I really like the one top.  It's gorgeous.  Shades of purple and pink and there's even some orange in it.  
Beautiful.  I love it, and have worn it already.  It's awesome.  The jeans are a sort of gray color, which I wasn't thrilled with at first.  But then I saw the shirt that she bought to go with it, and it has some gray in it.  So they go together.  The gray isn't so pronounced that I can't wear other things with it though.  So I guess it's all good.  I was thinking, at first, of sending the gray and pink and blue shirt back, but it matches the jeans so well, I changed my mind.  So I have a new shirt to go with my old jeans, and a new outfit to go with...  Well, itself, lol.  I have to admit, I do like the colors in the shirt.  I just wasn't sure of the style at first.  The, IDK, pattern of it?  
It just didn't call to me till I put it and the jeans together to take a piccy.  And then it was obvious what the possibilities were.  So all keepers this year.  (It's a good thing mom and I have the same tastes in clothes, lol.  Makes it easier for her to shop for me!!)
     That's it for the Christmas pressies I got this year (unless Cathy and Jim get me something good, which I doubt).  But wait, there's MORE!!!  I have progress piccys as well.  I know you're all doing the happy dance at more piccys, lol, so let me get started.  First up is Jesus.  I wanted to get more done on him than I did, but I spent so much time Christmas eve night staring at the wall and trying to sleep, I didn't get any more done on him.  Still, he isn't too far from done.  Like I said, I have two easy sections and a bunch of fill in to do.  Fill in is almost all confetti, so it will look even better when I finish him.  His neck is where I'm at now.  It's lots of big blocks of color, so that makes it easier to do.  I hope to finish up the color I'm working on tomorrow, and start the last color in his neck then.  I'm figuring another month and a half since I only work on him two days a week.  Anyways, even though I don't enjoy him, I AM getting close to having him finished.  I'm praying that Amy and David pick something I like, so I will enjoy stitching on it.  I'm gonna slot that into Sundays in place of Jesus.  And I'll really be doing the happy dance when I finish Jesus up, lol.  
I can hardly wait (but that doesn't make me want to work on it more, lol).  When I was at Kohl's with mom, picking up David's Christmas pressies, I was telling her about a snowman I have to do for her.  It's really cute.  And she was all, "Whatever," because of Jesus.  (I started him for her in 2007, so I can see why she would say that.)  Of course, the imp in me had to say something.  "I'll get Jesus done someday, hopefully before you die."  And again, she's all, "Whatever," cause she had no idea I was working on him again.  And on the inside, I'm chortling away cause she's getting him for Christmas, lol.  It was too funny!!!  Well, it was for me anyways, lol.
     And now on to the SALs.  I've been asked to continue the Christmas SAL, which I have no problem doing.  I had planned to continue working on ornies on Wed, so it's no change for me, lol.  So here are my SAL piccys.  Tuesday was my ToS SAL (Abi Gurden) and I'm having great fun with it.  Cushion Stitch is all finished, and it looks lovely.  
I love the way they look.  So far, it's been my fave stitch to do, followed by Rice Stitch.  The next stitch is also an easy one to do.  It's like Rice Stitch, but on a different angle.  Where Rice stitch is made with an underlying X, Jerusalem Stitch is a + with the legs tied down by bsing.  Easy and quick.  I'm sure I'll finish up the Jerusalem Stitch next week.  Then it's on to the Floral Stitch.  That one looks to be fun!  I haven't had a problem with a stitch yet (knock on wood, or I'll jinx myself).  It's been an enjoyable chart to work on.  And it's looking so pretty!!!
     And lastly, but certainly not least, is Marguerite.  It's going to be beautiful, I can already tell.  Unfortunately, I had put it in its project bag with a six inch Q-snap, and I wanted it on an eight.  The only eight I had left had a Q-snap huggie in bright, BRIGHT yellow.  So the yellow and purple and green really don't go together, and I apologize for that.  (It may hurt your eyes, lol.)  But she's coming along well.  The first motif of Kloster blocks I did, didn't match up (of course).  But since then, I've had no troubles.  I've counted and recounted, and I'm loving the way it's coming out.  It's looking fabulous, if I do say so myself.  
Thanks to Vicki M for a gorgeous design (without bsima (blanket stitch in mid air, for the uninitiated), unlike Rosa).  
     Up next in my rotation (Uh oh!!!) is Celtic Summer.  Maybe, lol.  I ordered a piece of Sassy's Fabbys Swamp Moss to put it on, and I haven't got it yet.  I sent her an email yesterday, and I need to go check my emails.  Ack!!!  Okay, no mail from Lauren yet, but my mailbox was almost at capacity.  It happens so fast, lol.  I just downloaded them all to my Incredimail, so I'm good to go for a few days.  (A lot of days.  I downloaded fourteen hundred and some emails.  I'm so behind.)  Anyways, will be keeping an eye out for her reply.  Hopefully, soon.  So Marguerite may go an extra week, or I may skip right over Celtic Summer and do Rosa.  I'm not sure yet.  It depends on what Lauren says.
     I hope you're all having a good day today, and that your Christmas was wonderful.  It was a good one for me, and I'm soooooooooo glad it's over!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Christmas (late)

     I guess I'd better hurry up and post this, before it's not Christmas anymore.  I had a good day today, in large part because my sister and her DH were not at my brother's house for Christmas.  So I didn't have to deal with them today.  Lucky me!!!  I had a really tough time falling asleep last night.  I kept getting up and laying back down.  I was up till eight thirty this morning, then got up again at about ten thirty.  So less than two hours of sleep by the time I fell asleep.  Then I took a forty minute nap before the football game tonight.
     I got some cool pressies (no piccys yet, but tomorrow or the next day, I promise).  I got an Arch Card (McDonald's gift card) from my cousin Beth as well as a Bengals ornie.  I love it.  I can't wait to hang it.  It's going in the archway between the living room and the kitchen.  (Somewhere Yes Dear can't knock it down, lol.)  Then my brother gave me some cash for groceries and a Larosa's Gift Card.  Larosa's is a local pizzeria, and they have a lot of fabulous menu choices.  Cathy and Jim IDK yet.  Um...  Mom.  Mom got the cutest little cat toys for Yes Dear.  She got a purple spider with legs made out of blue ribbon.  Then she got a green bird with bells for feet and real tail feathers.  She loves them both, of course.  Then she gave me twenty bucks, two shirts (piccys to come), and a pair of jeans.  Neither of the shirts were Bengals, and I was disappointed in that.  The one I'm not sure I'll wear.  The other is fabulous, and I have it on right now.  It's all shades of pink and purple.  FAB-U-LOUS!!!!  I love it!  She was shocked to get Jesus.  She was thrilled that he's almost finished though, so that's a good thing.  I have a lot more to go for easy stuff, and some confetti type stitching too.  I thought I'd alternate.  There is a sort of aura around his face that's nothing but straight rows out from his profile.  That will be easy.  And the corners are all done the same way.  It's one over two on twenty eight count, so it's kind of a shadow effect.  Hopefully soon, in the next few weeks, I'll have a finish.  I didn't work on him much today.  I worked on him all week this week in a final push for progress.  So I'm quite tired of him.  He's not a project I enjoy doing and if he wasn't for mom, I would have said the heck with it a long time ago.
     When I got up from my nap, I talked to Randi and Julie.  While I was talking, I was spending.  I bought some new charts from a new shop Julie found.  I love it.  It has some Wiccan things and some Gothic things (some of which are amazing) that I just love. 

 I have a long list of charts I need to get from there.  Today, I only got seven of them.  They're large charts and two fifty four apiece.  I love the first one.  It's called Last Rites.  
Following (in order) are:  Dawn Haze, Angel 2, Love Hurts, Time To Go (which I want to do for Freak), The Gatekeeper and Enchanted Web (a gift for Julie M.).  I think they're all smashing designs.


     Gorgeous designs, aren't they???  I love the charts on this site, and am still wanting to get another 22 charts.  They're a little darker than HAED in most cases, and I like that.  My mom has always said I'm morbid, lol.  Or macabre may be a better word.  I'm just weird!!!!  So let me know what you think of my charts.  I want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Don't worry about offending me.  Everyone already knows I'm crazy  :)
     I spent seventeen dollars and change and am considering buying some money for my game with some of the rest.  (I need money for my character to get his wings!  Next level I get the quest for them, and I'm so excited.)  The rest is going on groceries.  I'm craving a pot roast for this week sometime.  It's all Randi's fault, lol.  Her mom made one and she was making sandwiches of the leftovers.  I was all, hmmmm...  So I'll be having pot roast at some time during the next week.  And maybe chicken casserole too, if I pick up the chicken and broccoli and cheese at the grocery.  Yummy!!!  So I'll go to the store tomorrow, and I should be all set soon.  Plus Julie M has me wanting meatloaf.  
     I'm still behind on emails and falling further behind with every day.  It's getting ugly out there.  I'm bouncing again, and for now, I'm letting myself bounce.  Hopefully, that will help me to get caught up.  Hopefully!!  Anyways, I'm gonna be starting a new project tomorrow (Marguerite) and I'm all excited to get at those super easy to do Kloster blocks.  They go so quick, I'll be having lots of it done before I know it.  Now that Christmas is over and the secret is out, I'm going back to Jesus on Sunday and Thursday, ToS on Tuesday, and ornies on Wed.  May as well get some ornies done.  I told Rosa the other day, I want her to pick out an ornie for me to do for her.  Obviously, it's not done by Christmas, but I don't think she'll mind waiting.
     Happy Christmas to all of you, and especially to those who sent me a Christmas card.  I only sent out ten this year (cause that was all I had).  I need to pick up some more cards at the post Christmas sale.  Special thanks to Tama, who sent me a lovely card that I just received today.  It's beautiful.  And thanks to the lovely ladies in the Krafters Korner Christmas Card Exchange.  I love all my cards.  They make me feel loved and a part of something bigger than just my friends.  So happy Christmas to you all.  I've gone over by about thirty five minutes, but I'm sure you'll all forgive me.  (Mouse, aren't I cheeky!!)  All my love to my blogger and groups friends, and I wish you the Lord's best blessings for this holiday and in the new year.  May it be a bright one for all of us.
     Edit:  Sorry, ladies, I forgot to post the link to the site where the lovely charts are.  My bad.  You can go here.  Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The prayer worked

     Thanks for everyone who said a prayer for the missing child.  He was found last night, and is now home safe and sound.  He went over to a friend's house (without asking permission or telling anyone he was going) and didn't get home till late.  If I was his dad, I would be sooooooooo ticked!!!  (His dad is the custodial parent for now.)  I really appreciate the great response.  And you can all flay me for not posting this earlier, but I was so relieved I talked for a while, and I can't talk and blog at the same time.  Then I forgot to post it.  So I apologize for not posting last night.

Monday, December 19, 2011

An urgent prayer request

     For my friend Rosa's friend Becky's son.  He was seen at five pm getting into a stranger's car, and he hasn't been seen since.  Please say a prayer for his safe return.  He's only eleven, and the situation doesn't sound good.  Please, if you could say a prayer or a good though, we can use all of them we can get.  Rosa has gone over to her house to wait with her for word, and I'm praying for a good outcome, but we could use more prayers.  TIA for any prayers!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Okay, I'm a bad blogger

     I haven't blogged in over a week.  I'm a bad blogger.  I"m sorry, what can I say.  Life (or Two Moons) just got in the way.  I've been busy though, with other things as well.  I have so much to say, I don't know where to start.  Boy.
     I guess today I'll start with mom.  She had a migraine yesterday from the new heart medicine they have her on.  It got rid of the chest pains, but gave her the migraine.  She's not willing to make the trade off (and I can't blame her), so her doctor took her off of it.  IDK what they're gonna do now.  He thinks one of the smaller arteries near the heart is clogged and that's what's causing the pain.  IDK what this med does that it would stop the pain, but it did.  Some days...  I'll keep you all updated.  We seem to be out of the really scary woods though.  So thanks to all who said a prayer for her.  I'm so grateful for all of you that sent their healing thoughts and energies as it has turned out well.  So thanks!!!
     And I'm so proud of myself.  On Saturday, David had a cross town shootout party.  (The crosstown shootout is a basketball game between Xavier University and University of Cincinnati.  It's a HEATED rivalry, as many of you saw on the nightly news.)  Anyways, he invited a friend of his from work, his wife, and their two kids, Amy's sister, her dh, and their two kids, Amy's mom and dad, and mom and I.  I told him I probably wouldn't go.  Too many new people for me.  But I did, and I didn't embarrass him (which was my main concern).  When I get nervous, I talk a lot (about anything that comes into my head, good taste or not) or else I go silent.  I was very quiet, but I was there for about forty five minutes.  (I went pretty late.)  He said he was proud of me, mom said she was too.  It wasn't fun for me, but I did it.  And thank God it's over, lol.  I won't be doing that again anytime soon!
     Then David and Amy went downtown for a birthday celebration.  Amy's friend just turned thirty and they were going to a little bar a block up from her house.  They decided to stay the night down town (so they could get slightly sloshed, I'm sure) and so David asked me to come over around two and let the dog out.  I said sure.  Got to his house at two oh five.  Dog wanted to play.  Not with a toy though.  Oh, no, not Vin.  When David plays with him, he gets down on his hands and knees and they roughhouse.  That's what he wanted.  I was unable to oblige him.  I can't kneel on my poor abused knees, so it was out of the question.  He kept charging me, and I kept throwing toys out of the toy basket.  He kept ignoring them.  Finally, I went into the laundry room and got him a greenie.  Then he was a happy pupper dog.  It was so cute.  I didn't get home till after four AM though!!!  I worked on Queen of Peace, and he ate and drank (he won't eat with no one around) and then I took him out an hour or so later and let him potty.  David got home about ten, and he was a happy dog.
     While at the party, I noticed something on Amy's hand.  You guessed it, she has an engagement ring!!!!!  While I'm thrilled for them, I'm a little hurt that he didn't call me to tell me.  They've decided on a very small wedding, so I doubt I'll be invited.  She's already had the big shebang, and David's very private.  He probably wouldn't want me to announce it on my blog, lol.  (I can see a big party to celebrate at a later time though.)  I'm so happy for them both.  So I called David this week and asked to talk to Amy.  He was hesitant to hand over the phone when I told him girl talk.  He said, "You don't DO girl talk," lol.  I said in this case, I do.  I offered to let her pick out the wedding sampler.  I know she'll appreciate it, unlike my sister.  So she's gonna call me some time when she has some free time and we'll look at wedding samplers.  But I gave her a big hug to welcome her to the family.  And yay, at least half of my in-laws like me!!  I'll have to try and get a piccy of them together.  Maybe at Christmas...
     Speaking of Christmas, I'm almost done shopping.  I have Julie and Rosa to get (both are pissing me off) and Cathy and Jim.  I already know what I'm getting Cathy and Jim.  Rosa and Julie though....  I say, "What do you want for Christmas," and they say, "IDK..."  Grrrrrrrr......   That doesn't help me!!!!!!  Julie may just get a payment made on her layaway at HAED and Rosa IDK.  Maybe I'll make her an ornie.  It won't be done by Christmas, but she likes to decorate, sooooo...  We'll see if either of them come up with anything for me.
     And now for the eye candy.  I have progress piccys of all four of my projects.  I'll start with my ornie as it's been my biggest pain.  Literally.  You can see it here.
  It's been hard on my hand.  I start stitching in hand, and I HAVE to hold the fabby nice and taut.  The problem with this is that my hand starts to cramp after only a few minutes.  I hate it.  So I can work for ten or fifteen minutes and then I have to take a break.  It really sucks.  So this is actually two weeks worth of progress.  IDK how I did it while watching HP and the Deathly Hallows Part Two, but I stitched the whole time.  Maybe it was crampy and I just didn't notice...  IDK.  So that's my small progress on the ornie.  I may actually get it done for Christmas, but I doubt it.
     Next up is Jesus.  You can see him here.
  He's much more manageable now that I'm working on his clothing and his hair.  No more frogging every week, yay.  It's working out well doing him on Thursdays and Sundays.  I'm getting lots done.  I really don't think he'll be done for Christmas, but shortly afterwards.  She still doesn't know about it.  He he he, and I have the rep in my family for not being able to keep a secret!!!  She's gonna be shocked, lol.  I've kept the secret since May!  I told her in May that I was getting her something for Mother's Day, but it wasn't here yet.  (This was true at the time.  The fact that I had no intentions of giving it to her till I embroidered on it doesn't matter, lol.)  She promptly forgot about it.  So I have two pressies in one for her.  I got a long white tube (the sort they store documents in) and I'm gonna roll it up and put it in there for her.  I got the idea from Jill Rensel.  She's gonna be framing my DGM and I thought I would use her idea for mom.  Of course, this means I'll be wrapping it up on Christmas day, but hey, can't win them all!!!
      Next is Tree of Stitches.  It's turning out good.  Part five was Rice Stitch, and I finished them all off.  Progress is here.
  I actually did most of this at the doctor's office.  I had an appointment with my case manager on Tuesday, and I took it with me.  I got there at about two forty and checked in with the receptionist.  She called back to let Heather know I was there.  Then she calls my name, and so I go up to the window.  She asks if I knew my appointment was at four.  I was like, "Um..."  So I decided to stay and work on ToS and so I got a lot done.  I was very pleased with it.  Part six is Cushion Stitch, which looks like it's gonna be very tedious.  You basically use diagonal stitches to make a square shape, then go over top and cross half of the square.  Kinda weird, but okay.  So I have that ready to go for next week.
     And lastly, but certainly not least, is Queen of Peace.  It's really coming along well.  I've spent a lot of time stitching on it.  Progress is here.
  Part of the reason I've gotten a lot done is because I took a couple of books over to David's house the last time I stayed overnight.  (I know, that seems really eosteric, but I'll explain.)  Okay, when I went over to David's house to dog sit last time, I took my book, The Magical Christmas Cat.  It's a compilation of four author's Christmas stories.  One of the stories in it is in the Breeds series by Lora Leigh that I'm reading again.  I got the newest one, but I have to read the older ones again first so I don't miss any references.  (There are twenty five books in the series so far...)  So I read one, and it makes reference to the librarian almost being killed and my brain said, "Halt!!"  I didn't reread that story, so where was the book.  So I went looking.  I didn't find the book (here is where it starts to get relevant), but I did find my old stitching stand.  I was looking for it a few weeks ago, and assumed I must have sold or given it away cause I couldn't find it.  It was on the table.  (I did find the books, later that day too.  So it was all good.)  So I put it together and I've been using it.  It's the one with the clamp on it.  It's supposed to hold a scroll frame up but my scroll frame was too heavy.  With my Q-snap, it leans against my chest a little, but it's not bad.  So I stitch faster two handed, and I was so excited to find it.  So that's what I've been doing the last few days.  Yay me!!!  
     Julie had a great story for me when she got home from work yesterday.  She has a co worker who has a shoddy memory (like me) and so she writes down the special every night.  She got double sat (in normalspeak, this means the hostess sat two tables at almost the same time in her section).  So she went to the first table, and looked at her order pad.  The special was written there.  Beef Chcn.  So she said (this IS a direct quote), "Tonight, the special is Beef Chinchilla."  Since they weren't ready to order yet (they were probably confused by the chinchilla reference), she told them she would greet the next table and be back for their drink order.  She said the same thing to the second table, but the man there called her on it.  He said, "Do you mean Beef Enchiladas?"  And she stood there and turned bright red.  She was like, "OMG, I'm so sorry, a chinchilla is a small, furry animal, right?"  They assured her it was all right, but they were all laughing about it.  She told Julie about it, who of course began to tell everyone else.  It's too funny not to share, lol.  I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with y'all (of course).
     And last but not least (again), I'm gonna be starting another SAL next year.  Of course, my three current SALs will be finished, so I can.  I'm gonna stitch Amy's and David's wedding sampler on Sundays in place of mom's project.  And I'm gonna do a SAL with Randi.  We're SALing Noah's Sub as they have just made the pattern available again.  We're not starting till her birthday which is in July, so that's good.  Gives us plenty of time to kit it up, lol.  I can hardly wait.  I LOVE Noah's Sub.  For anyone who's interested, it's available at in the Stoney Creek section.  I hope this finds you all well and happy.  Until next time!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


     Well, I'm still up.  It's a little bit after eight am here, and I can't sleep.  I've been trying for hours.  On days like this, I want to overdose on my sleeping meds.  I only don't because that makes me hallucinate!!  So I guess I'll tell you what I've been up to instead of sleeping.  (Lots of eye candy in this post too.)
     I had trouble sleeping on Thursday night too, and didn't fall asleep till about seven thirty.  Then on Friday, when I was still up at eight, I got up.  Figured I wasn't gonna sleep anytime soon, because I was ticked that I couldn't sleep.  So I was up till about two that day.  Slept till about eleven that night (I know because I just had time to call mom when I woke up) and then was up all night.  Was up all night Friday/Saturday night, and went to sleep around eight o'clock on Saturday night.  Got up around one Sunday, and watched all three games.  Bengals played very poorly (and lost), so I was not in any way a happy camper.  They just had an off day for everyone.  It was terrible.  I did get a lot done on Jesus though.  I watched the Green Bay New York game at four fifteen.  It was really good.  I was rooting for both teams to play well, but wanted Green Bay to win to keep the streak alive.  (They're eleven and oh so far this year.  Could be perfect.)  Both teams played well.  There was a lot of passing, so it was a pretty game to watch.  GB won, yay!  Then, at eight thirty, the Saints took on the Lions.  It also was a good game, and the Saints won which made me happy.  I guess two out of three ain't bad, but I was still ticked off about our bad play.  I sure wouldn't want to be in the locker room this week!!!  Anyways, progress piccy of Jesus.  I worked extra on him on Saturday.  I met my goal for Fred, so I figured I would get some done on Jesus.  He's here.  
It looks like I got a huge amount done, but I worked on him on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, so it's not like I got it all done in one day.  I don't think I'll finish him up for Christmas, but we'll see.
     Next up is Fred.  As I mentioned in my last blog (I think), I got a lot done on Fred while I was dog sitting for David.  Vin is such a good dog that I never have any trouble out of him.  So I get a lot of stitching done.  My goal was to get done the shelf between his front legs and back legs, and at least two of the books on that shelf.  I did manage to meet my goal, which made me very happy.  I haven't been taking into account that I'm working four days per week on SAL stuff, so I don't have as many rotation days as I used to.  I was still setting goals for having six days a week to devote to my pieces and that just doesnt' work for me now that I don't have as much time to work on things.  Fred went very well.  I don't think I had to frog anything on him at all (which is a miracle).  You can see him here. 
There's gonna be a heart on that book eventually, when the bsing is done.  The bigger book, I mean.  I had a really hard time with that color on Friday night.  It just sort of blended right into the green.  Like working white on white or black on black.  PITA!!!  It was much better in the natural light Saturday morning.  It was much easier to see what I was doing.  (One good thing I can say about morning is that the light is much better than lamplight.)  So I'm happy with my progress on him.  When I took the final piccy of Fred, I had just gotten Queen of Peace out, so I figured I'd take a piccy of it where I left off for you.  It's here.
  Of course, the first thing I had to do was frog it.  And then I frogged the wrong color, of course.  I only pulled out about four rows though, so it wasn't too bad.  The problem was in a previous color, and I've fixed that.  Of course, now the color previous to that color is off and needs to be fixed.  (After that, there are no other colors, so I'm good.  And the area that needs to be fixed is quite small, so it's all good.)  Anyways, I got quite a bit done on it last night (this morning) and am pleased with my progress so far.  I just LOVE switching projects.  It makes me happy to have something new and different to work on.  I was only stitching about an hour a day when I was working on DGM exclusively.  I had so many things I wanted to start, and so many things calling my name, and I was bored with DGM so I wasn't working on it much.  Now, unfortunately for my emails, I'm putting in about three or four hours a night.  It's great!!
     Randi is doing better now.  She's really turned into a good friend.  She's often impatient with me (I can be annoying), but we've been sort of working out a schedule.  She's been up earlier in the day lately, but since I like the peace of the night, I don't mind that so much.  I LOVE to sit in my stitching chair at three am listening to music on Pandora and stitching.  It's so peaceful outside (something that NEVER happens during the day as I live close to a busy street), the quiet just wraps around me and soothes me.  It's wonderful.  So instead of talking on the phone all night, I get to play or stitch and enjoy the peace.  It's a beautiful thing.  I didn't realize how much I had missed it till I had it back!
     Julie's been doing all right.  She had a huge fight with her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago, so I was praying for her to not feel bad about some things he said.  She has a show coming up Thursday, and she took a class a few weeks ago, so she has a new technique to do.  She learned net stitch, and the class was called Nothing But Net.  Does anyone else remember those commercials?!?  Too cute!  Anyways, she showed me the finished product on the class page, and I think it's lovely.  I can't wait to see what she's come up with.   
     And, on a more serious note, mom is recovering.  I wanted to take a second to say thanks to all of you who have said a prayer or sent good, healing thoughts her way.  She still refuses to take it easy, but at least she takes rest breaks now.  So that's good.  I really appreciate every comment and every follower right now.  I'm depressed.  This is sort of the first Christmas without dad (he died on the twenty first, and so we were all too shell shocked to realize he was gone and it was Christmas), and it's depressing.  So if you don't mind me asking, please say a prayer for me and my sister and brother that we get through this without any major problems.  TIA!!
     I'm gonna leave you today with a couple of piccys of my little princess being cute.  She's sitting on her scratcher and on her cat tree.  She always sits at the top, so it was unusual for her to sit on a lower "branch" and be pretty.  Without further ado, here she is!!!!
  I know, the pics are kind of blurry, but my camera isn't super sharp.  Macro is on, so I don't think there's anything I can do about it (except take the picture with less zoom, and I wanted them to be close ups!!!) so I'll just live with a tiny bit blurry.  Enjoy, and I hope you all have a super day!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Progress and something Wicked this way comes

     I don't remember (shock, shock) if I've mentioned it here before, but for Christmas mom got me tickets for her and I to go see Wicked.  I was excited about it.  I hadn't seen it, but I had heard many good things about it, mostly from my friend Vicki in the UK.  She's India Grace Designs, the hardanger designer I like so much.  So a few weeks ago, when I found out it was here, I started checking into tickets.  We got two some view obscured tickets for a decent price, and not too much of the stage was obscured.  However, she was in the hospital again till Thursday morning.  She had another Angioplasty done.  They didn't place any more stents and just basically made sure the arteries were clear with the balloon.  It went well till they were done.  They couldn't get the femoral artery to stop bleeding.  After half an hour of full pressure (nurse kneeling on the edge of the bed putting all her body weight behind it pressure) they were able to put on a pressure bandage and get her more comfy.  She was okay with that, and the doc kept her only for two days.  On Wed, I went and picked up the turkey and brought it home.  I put it in the freezer, thinking she wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving.  But when I talked to the nurse that night (around midnight, because my sister again didn't call me with an update), she said they would be releasing her in the morning.  So I got the turkey out to thaw.  Then at ten mom woke me up with the phone (luckily, as I usually sleep through the phone) to tell me to take the turkey over to her house so Beth, my cousin who lives there, would be able to put it in the oven.  I got back home and went back to bed.  At five thirty, the phone woke me again.  "If you don't get over here soon, we're gonna eat without you."  So I jumped up, washed up, brushed, and got dressed.  We had a really good dinner.  With some odd dishes, lol.  We had butternut squash risotto, which was really good.  It was my first risotto, and I liked it a lot.  We had mashers and gravy, of course.  They had dressing and jello salad too.  We had pumpkin custard for desert.  It was all delicious.  Oh, and we had asparagus with red peppers (steamed and then done in the skillet for texture) and that was delicious too.  On Friday morning, I still hadn't found someone to go to Wicked with me, as mom didn't think she could hack it.  I had called a friend from High School, Barb.  We don't talk much, but every once in a while, we do.  I called her at about ten PM Thursday night to invite her, and her dh gave me her cell phone number because she was out hitting the black Friday sales.  I called that, and got a message.  So I left her a message, and called back the next day at about ten thirty.  (Yes, I was up that early.)  We made our plans, and we had a great time.
     We both got a program (I'm sentimental about stuff like that), and there was a notice that Elphaba (the wicked witch) was being played by an understudy, Mariand Torres.  And we sort of looked at each other at intermission and said, "If this is the understudy, what must the real thing be like?!?"  Ms. Torres was FABULOUS!!!  It was amazing.  I always forget how much I like musicals till I go to another one of them.  And then I fall in love all over again.  For those who haven't seen it, and like musicals at all, this is a must see.  It's totally amazing!!  Totally!  I was thrilled with it, and really enjoyed the whole thing.  Superb!
     I got home and called mom up.  It was hard to tell her anything because I didn't want to give away the story line.  I"m hoping eventually, she'll be able to see it herself.  But I was thrilled to have gone, and told her so repeatedly.  It was lovely.  She was happy, I was happy, it was great.  I IMed Vicki too.  It's Vicki's fave musical, so I had to tell her how much I enjoyed it.  I went to bed late that night.  Too excited to sleep, lol.  (I'm still on that really late schedule.  Mom hates it, lol.)
     I've had some progress since I last blogged too, on everything I'm working on.  Yes, this post will be just full of eye candy, if you like stitching.  I'll start with Fred, since I haven't taken a piccy of him yet.  I've not gotten a whole lot done on him.  I did get some decent stitches in on him Friday night when I dog sat for David.  Vin and I hung in the basement and chilled for several hours on Friday night, and then again for several hours on Saturday.  I worked on Frederick the Literate from Dimensions (artist Charles Wysocki).  I really like his art work and have his Maggie the Messmaker, Max in the Adirondacks, and Too Pooped as well.  My goal was to finish up two books and part of the shelf they're on.  
So far, so good.  I got a lot of shelf done Friday night, and got a whole book done on Saturday.  I was there till about four or five o'clock when David and Amy arrived home.  So I packed up and headed home.  I had just started on the second book when they got there so I was doing good.  Pic is here.
     I was pleased with it so far.  Of course, it's hard to work on because of the dark fabby.  It hasn't been too hard though.  The light gold color is the first book and then the dark red and mauve are the beginnings of the second book.  I still have two more days to work, so we'll see how far I get.  The fabby is working out beautifully.  The pic is actually pretty true to the fabby's color.  I hand dyed it myself, years ago, just for this project.  I like how it's looking so far.
     The next day, Sunday, I worked on Jesus some.  I've stopped calling him cursed Jesus as I've not been frogging him very much.  You can see what I got done here.
  His face was much harder to do than his hair and clothing have been.  As you can see, I still have a few small spaces to fill in for his hair and face.  He's coming on though.  I really don't think I'll get him done for Christmas.  I work on him again tomorrow, and hopefully, I'll get more done than I did on Sunday.  I got up Sunday at one to watch the Bengals game only to find out that, surprise, surprise, it was blacked out.  I was ticked.  They've done really well the last couple of weeks against real contenders and are becoming a force to be reckoned with.  But still no one wants to buy tickets to the game.  So I didn't get to see them play yet again.  (I think the only home game that has been televised was Pittsburgh, and only then because Pitt's fans are fanatical and follow their team everywhere.  There were lots of terrible towels in the stands at Paul Brown Stadium when we played them.)  So I went back to bed.  I figured to sleep till the four fifteen game was on.  Unfortunately, I was very tired and slept till seven thirty.  Ugh!!!  Guess I should have set the alarm.  So I only got to watch (and stitch to) one game.  I was happy that game was a win though.  Pitt barely beat KC.  It wasn't a hold your breath at the end game, but KC kept themselves in the game till the very end.  So it was pretty exciting.  The Bengals won too, so I was happy about that.  For a rookie QB and a rookie WR, we're doing really, REALLY well.  I can hardly wait for next season.
     Tuesday was ToS day.  So far my tree looks okay.  It's not as advanced as I wanted it to be, but hey, you can't have everything, right?  This part is Eyelets.  I'm using one strand of floss.  I took it to the hospital with me on Tuesday night last week, and didn't have time to print out the instructions.  When mom called, I just got dressed and left.  So I did one with two strands, which is what Abi recommended for the Smyrna stitches.  I didn't like the Eyelet though.  Too bulky.  So I picked it out and started again with one strand.  I like that much better.  So this week, I had already done the trial and error of Eyelets.  I went to work and watched the movie my brother's girlfriend, Amy, recommended to me.  I didn't get a lot done though.  You can see progress here.
It's a little bit blurry, but the Eyelets are coming along well.  It's sometimes hard to place them.  The movie was really crazy.  It's called The Strangers and features Liv Tyler as the heroine.  Really scary.  If you like scary movies, you should definitely give this one a try.  It's very creepy.  There's nothing magical about it though.  No fantastic creatures, or men with wings and fangs or anything.  Just good old fashioned serial killers and creepiness.  I enjoyed it, and could hardly look away from the screen as it progressed.  Hence the not getting much done on my Tree of Stitches, lol.  So more Eyelets next week and then we'll have to see what happens next.
     And lastly, I worked (a lot) on my ornie SAL tonight.  It's coming along.  I got more done than I thought I would.  Tonight was the last Harry Potter night for mom and I.  We watched Deathly Hallows two, which was much better than the book, I think.  It was more of a battle than in the book, and it worked out well for us.  I thought of taking Fred with me in case my hand was too cramped to work on it for too much, but it wasn't a problem.  Here is a piccy of my progress.  I finished up the darker blue, put in all the lighter blue and grey, and started (barely) on the right tree.  You can see it here.  I hope you're all having a wonderful sleep except for the early birds who are already up.  Happy Stitching!!  And to all a good night, lol.