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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Progress as Promised

As promised, here are my progress piccys from the weekend, and some of last week. I guess I'll start with the progress piccys from Story Keeper (HAED, Selina Fenech). I did make my goal on it, lucky for me. And it was lucky, lol. I didn't stitch a stitch on it Monday, and I really could have done quite a bit more if I had. Still, I met my goal, and I'm happy with that. I finished up the row of ten by tens I was working, and I think it's looking good. I love the different shades of blue in it. You don't really see them unless you look up close, which my camera doesn't want to do, lol. Still, I like it. I'm stitching it over one on twenty two count with two strands. Now that I'm into it, I'm almost wishing I had used three. It's okay coverage, but not as good as it could be. Still, there are no big gaps, so it's okay. Let me put it this way, it could be better, but I don't dislike it enough to go back and either frog it all or add an extra strand!!! I love this project, and it's really coming along!

Next up is the every lovely Beach Romance (Janlynn). I didn't get a whole lot done on her this week, but I got some done. I worked on the right side of her dress at first. You can see the layers I got done. I did three colors, all shades of blue. I started the one shade last week, then did some other spaces of it. Then did the other two shades. Then I did some more sand. I just love the colors in this, and I think she's looking great.

And lastly, I have a piccy of Noah's Sub. I has an Orca, lol. He's looking so cute. I just need to do a little bit of black on him, and he's done on this page. I still have his tail though. And I also did the tail to the kite. As you can see, it's ugly (yellow). I did use all three shades called for, but since there was one of another shade, almost identical to the yellow I was using. Since there was only one of that color, I DID skip it. I lvoe it though. It's still one of my fave projects. Frost Moon, then Noah's Sub, then Story Keeper. After that, I don't know. Maybe Desert Landscapes? Ah, well... And speaking of Desert Landscapes, that's my rotation project for this week. And I didn't stitch a stitch on Monday. I was trying to sleep from the night before. By the time I decided I wasn't gonna sleep, I was too tired to stitch, which sucked. So now it's Tuesday, and I'm gonna work on Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits).

And once again, thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last blog, either of them. I appreciate every one of them, and it's always nice to hear what you're thinking. School is starting next month, and I'm so excited about it. Thanks again to Rosey for the idea about using eBay to find good used books. I'll have to check it out!! Now I'm off to stitch, or maybe read. Ta ta, y'all!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Different Kind of Challenge

I've got a new kind of challenge for today. It's a big book challenge. Sue started it, and thanks to her for the organization of it. The challenge is to read one big book (400 or more pages) during the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (For my overseas friends, Memorial Day is the last Monday in May, and Labor Day is the first Monday in September. Memorial Day is sort of the unofficial start of summer, and Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer.) I was immediately interested, and I went to look at my bookshelf. I have a couple of books that would qualify, although a couple of them are rereads. I have just a few that I want to read.

  • Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (474 pages, reread)
  • Water Bound by Christine Feehan (468 pages, reread but I don't remember much about it except that I liked it)
  • Renegade's Magic by Robin Hobb (662 pages, new. I read the other two books in the trilogy, but the second one ticked me off, lol, so I haven't read the third)
  • Storm Prey by John Sanford (408 pages, new. It's a Lucas Davenport book, and I've loved them all. I wanted to reread the earlier books before reading this one, but because of the challenge, I've moved it up.)
  • Stolen Prey by John Sanford (402 pages, new)
Those are the five I'm gonna read before the end of summer. I originally wanted to think about joining, but then I decided I may as well. After all, it's not like I'm gonna have a lot of time to read during the school year. Or rather, I'll be reading more textbooks than fun books. Not that I mind. School is A.) Useful to me and B.) Fun for me, so I'm okay with losing my reading time. (I can see myself soaking my poor knees and back in the bathtub with a highlighter at my side, reading a bit bulky textbook, lol. I can see it now!!!)

And an update on school, since I brought the subject up. I DID indeed find the pens I wanted. They were at Staples. I got two packs. One is darker colors, and the other is lighter. And I got some really cool two toned binders at Sam's Club. Along with a pack of paper (750 sheets) for the printer and pencils. I also got folders and notebooks for my first year. (That's five "real" classes: Introduction to Information Technology, Computer Applications, World History I, Computer Networking, and Fundamentals of Unix. Women's Chorus doesn't count cause I don't need books or notebooks or anything for that.) The folders are all so cute (or creepicute, depending on your view). I have a baby duck, a baby tiger, a baby giraffe, a blue Tarantula, and a Praying Mantis. They're all really cool. The notebooks are green, red, blue, black, and a black and white pattern. I'm considering getting a planner too. I think I'll need one to keep myself straight. I'll have concerts to do too (part of Women's Chorus, cause what fun is it to learn the songs if you don't show them off!!!) and appointments with Heather and Barbara as well as Doctor Niebur and Doctor York. So I'll need to be more organized. Hopefully, it won't be too difficult to do. (I'm not naturally organized, so it will be work.) I got my loan accepted, and then I need to follow my health insurance waiver. (It's $902.00 a semester and I can't afford that. Also, I already have Medicare, so I don't need it either.) That will free up a big chunk of loan money, which is good cause my books are EXPENSIVE!!!!! I looked them up the other day, and the books are $31.00, $149.75, and $151.25. Ouch!!! I can rent an ebook cheaper, but honestly, I want to keep them so that down the road if I need a refresher, I can look back and remember. If they have good condition used books, I may buy those instead. I'll have to see what's available. But I feel like I'm gonna be prepared, and that's a good thing. I've never felt so determined either, lol. I WILL make this work, or I'll die trying!!! (Okay, so maybe not die, but I'll be miserable.)

And one last thing before I go today. (No, it's not progress pics. Those are coming Sunday or Monday, probably.) I had to go in to the hospital the other day for some tests. My pdoc has me on Adderal (well, the generic for it) to help me wake up, stay awake, and give me more energy. It's sort of working, as it does keep me awake. It's not giving me more energy, but the lessened depression is, so it's all good. Anyways, because of the medication, she wanted me to have an EKG done. She also requested bloodwork. So I took the scripts in to my hospital, whichis about three or four blocks away. I got the tests done (and she asked me to make sure I got them done before she went on maternity leave as her baby gift, since I'm not allowed to give her anything. Stupid rules), and then headed home to get something to eat. I had a small bruise on my arm from the blood test, but not a big deal. Nice to know I DO remember things sometimes, lol. The tech was really nice. She made me feel very comfortable with the whole thing.

Anyways, that's my news for today. If any of you want to join in the Big Book Challenge, Sue's blog is Book by Book Big Book Summer Challenge. You can still sign up, obviously. Thanks again Sue, for hostessing!!!.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Progress and IHSW

Whoo hoo!!!!!!

I finally did it!!! I got registered for classes for the fall semester. I'm so excited about that. I tried to call Julie and Rosa and neither of them were available. I did tell Julie's boyfriend that I was "vicious excited" and he laughed at me! But I totally was. I have three classes for fall. UC Women's Chorus from 12:20 to 13:15 on MWF. I also have Computer Apps from 14:30 to 15:25. And on Tuesday, I have Intro to Information Tech from 18:00 to 20:50. (If you're not up on military time, that's twelve twenty to one fifteen, two thirty to three twenty five, and six to eight fifty.) I can hardly wait. I'm going to Sam's Club with mom tomorrow to pick up some of my supplies. I know I'll go through a lot of paper, so I'm picking that up. And probably highlighters, pens, and pencils. We'll see if they have my kind of notebooks and if they have regular paper and folders and stuff. I'm hoping I can get most of my supplies there instead of running to Target once a month. Whoo hoo!!! I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it... Okay, got that out of my system. Whew!! I can hardly wait to go find my classrooms. One of them (Intro) is on the sixth floor, and I'm desperately hoping they have elevators. Otherwise, my asthma is gonna kick my ass every single day of class. (At least it's only once a week.) I may need to run to a specialty shop to get pens though. It depends on if Sam's carries the brand I like. (I love, Love, LOVE Pentel's RSVP series. I have them in quite a few colors, but I don't want to take all my pens from home, so I'll probably get more.) Then, when I get the info from school about my loan, I'll know when I can go up to campus and actually buy the books and find my classes. I want to do that ahead of time, so I'm not late or anything.

And now for my progress. I have lots of piccys to show you today, as it's been a while. First up is one of my IHSW pieces, Beach Romance (Janlynn). It's coming along nicely. I did the top corner this weekend, and added the darker blue areas. Not a huge amount, but a goodly number of stitches. I did have some trouble with the lighter purple in one place on her dress, but you can't tell. It just didn't want to be in the right place. (It's because I can't count, lol.) I finally got it right though, and I think it looks great. I may start his leg next time, even though I really need to fill in some of the holes. I didn't do the flowers yet. I'm thinking I'll leave them for last so the French Knots don't have much opportunity to unravel.

Next up is Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits). I got a lot done on it this week. I kept doing one more color... One more color... And so I put in a whole lot of stitches. I did all of them in this particular ten by ten column. Four or five hundred or so. It's hard to say for sure from the pic, and I don't feel like looking on the chart, lol. I'm lazy that way!!! It's coming along great. I'm on the second of fifty six pages, but I'm moving right along. One of the nice things about Tent Stitch is that it takes less time than full crosses. So I can get more stitches in in a day than I could otherwise. I can't tell the brown and black apart again, but that's okay. You can still see the stitches I put in, and that's all that matters.

And next up is a first timer on my blog. It's the globe. I know, I really should have taken it off the Q-snap and shown all of Cyn's progress first, but I didn't think of it. Next time I take it off, I'll try and remember to take a pic of the whole thing. I did the blue on the left side of the pic. Cyn did the continents, and the blue on the right side. This absolutely drove me nuts last week until I realized Cyn had made a mistake because Vicki's weird. (That requires some explanation. The charts I've seen have an over lap of three rows from page to page. It seems to be the norm. Vicki put four rows of overlap, for some reason known only to her. So Cyn accounted for an overlap of three, and you see the problem. It goes down one row further than it should cause she did one row twice. Easy to fudge, if you know about it.) I finally figured out what was wrong, and then felt like kicking myself cause it took so long. No wonder I couldn't figure out how I was messing up!! So now I'm on the right track, and it's all good. (Yes, my hair is mostly still intact.)

Next up is Noah's Sub (Stoney Creek), my SAL with Rosa (and eventually, Julie). I got to do some more of the Orca this week. He's so cute!! I got the white on his belly and around his eyes done, and another shade of blue in there too. It's really dark though, so it's hard to tell it's blue. And I finished the band I was working on, and started another and finished it, and started a third. It got a lot of work on it. I'm loving the purple shades in the sky. And the blues too, although there aren't many blues. This one is progressing quickly too because of the half stitches.

Next up is the lovely Frost Moon (HAED, Nene Thomas), which also saw a lot of action. My goal was to finish the row of ten by tens I had started. I finished that up on Friday night, which left all of Saturday to be gravy. It was great!!! You can see how much I got done on Saturday too. A LOT!!! The Tent Stitch makes it go so fast, though... This is only a VERY small portion of the whole thing. I haven't even finished page one, and there are ninety nine pages of chart. (It was one oh seven or something like that, altogether. Cause there are pages of piccy and floss list, and floss usage chart and stuff.) So it's just a drop in the bucket. But it really looks good to me. I love it!!!! (This is my fave project when I'm working on it. The rest of the time, Noah's Sub is my fave. It's coming along well!!)

And last but not least, I leave you with a couple of images that are non stitchy. First up is my Celosia. Of the fourteen seedlings that I replanted, half of them survived and are thriving. They've gotten quite huge, actually. I love the color of the flowers. They're beautiful. The two smaller pots have two each, and the bigger planter has three in it. (Of course, all of the Celosia in the planter that didn't make it are on the same side, lol. So my planter is totally lopsided. It looks funny, lol.) And here is yet another piccy of my darling Yes Dear, with the strangest look on her face.She's so funny sometimes. I don't know what she was thinking. You can see the clean (sort of) laundry on the bed behind her. She's getting it all hairy of course, by walking on it and leaning on it. She likes to see her hair everywhere, lol. I've got three or four Bengals shirts in the pile. Three orange (I think) and one black. Yes, I AM obsessive, lol.

And that's about it for me tonight. I hope you're all having a wonderful night, tucked all warm and safe in your beds. Or burning the midnight oil if that's your thing, lol. Thanks to everyone who commented on my last entry. Your comments always make me smile.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Summer Postcard Blog Hop

I finally got my Summer Postcard Blog Hop postcard from Jo of Serendipitous Stitching. Jo had this great idea, and we all jumped on board, lol. She's sending a summery pic (some stitchy, and some additional non stitchy pics too) to everyone who signed up along with a little summer message. I got my postcard today, and I love it. It's from another Julie at Julie's Stitchyknitter Journal. Julie sent me the following pics, along with a nice little message. I'll copy and paste for you!! I love the little bag, Julie. It's awesome!!!! Reminds me of the "beach" on the Ohio River when I was little. It wasn't very big, but it was all sand instead of mud. (Icky mud, lol.) It was right near the dam, and we used to go up a couple of times a year for the day. It was awesome! Thanks for bring back the good memories, Julie. And her message was:

"Dear Friends, I like nothing better than the good old fashioned English seaside. Time to sit back and enjoy the view, listen to the waves crashing on the shore, picnic on the beach and let the children's imagination run riot with bucket and spade. All we need now is some lovely warm sunshine and you'll find me in the deckchair just near the ice cream stand reading my book!
Much love, Julie & family x"

Sounds wonderful, Julie. (I still haven't managed to ever see the ocean except in pictures, so I'm gonna take her word for it that it's awesome. It sounds wonderful!!!!) LOL, her postcard makes me want to find a beach somewhere, and go on vacation!!! Ah, well, we'll see. Maybe someday... Thanks for participating, Julie, and thanks for organizing Jo. It's a great idea, and I'm so excited to have been a participant!!

And just to let y'all know, I'm dogstitting this weekend. I've been going great guns on my rotation project the last couple of days. It's Frost Moon, and it's my fave project in rotation (even when my rotation was twenty, it was my fave). I got in about six hundred stitches yesterday, and about a hundred so far today. Whoo hoo!!! I finished my weekly goal (and more) last night, so I'm really excited about today. I'll probably put in another six hundred or seven hundred stitches later today. (Gotta love Tent Stitch, whoo hoo!!!) I'll have IHSW piccys come Monday. Or Tuesday at the latest. Heck, sometime next week, lol. Hope you're all having a great day and staying cool. Thanks again to everyone who leaves me comments. I love them all, and my blogger friends are an important part of my support system, so keep 'em coming!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

STNA Blog Hop

There's another STNA blog hop going on. This time, it's about stitching rituals. Here's the question:

"Some of us have a favorite chair that we sit in to stitch, others prefer to enjoy a steaming mug of tea while they stitch. Maybe you need to get comfortable and put on your pajamas before you pick up your needle or you simply must rearrange all the sofa pillows before you sit down. Sometimes the ritual is in the clean up when we’re done and everything must go in a certain place. What sort of stitching rituals do you have when you sit down to work on your projects?"

I don't really have any. At all. I sit in my chair at the computer desk, or in my Adirondack chair on the balcony, or in my stitching chair by the window. Sometimes I cross off my chart, and sometimes I don't. It's a different project every day except Saturday. I work on my rotation piece Friday and Saturday both. The only constants are what I have around me. I always have my scissors. They go on the left arm of the chair, or the left side of the desk. (I even do this at David's house when I stitch. The scissors must be to the left.) I don't really have a pair I prefer. I use whatever pair is closest in my stitching bag. I always wear my glasses, way down on the tip of my nose. (That way I can look over them at the world around me.) The chart of the project I'm working for sits to my right, or between my leg and the chair. Doesn't matter which leg. And my project itself. My stitching bag is nearby, but not always in the same place. I guess I'm just disorganized, lol. And now, I'm off to go stitch. Later, folks!!

Finally, progress piccys


I finally have progress piccys for you. But first, fill in the blank for those of you who watched Sesame Street as children.
One of these things is not like the others
One of these things just isn't the same
I've got the second verse down pat, but I can't remember the words to the first verse. I've been singing it all day, lol. It got into my head from an ICHC pic, and now it's stuck in there. Grrrrrr... And I have a cute story to tell before pics too. I woke up from a short nap today, and found that Yes Dear was not on the bed. (This week, she's been sleeping in the living room for some reason. Usually, she's up my butt as much as possible.) So I sat up, and my knees fell outward from the center. So I had a sort of diamond. The points were the places where my knees bent, my feet touching together, and the place where my legs attach to my trunk. I called her and made kissy noises. She came running in (Mommy's awake, I get petted!!!!!!) and jumped up on the bed. She took one look at the way I was sitting, and promptly climbed into the diamond and laid down. I must have petted her for fifteen minutes before she got up and left. It was too cute!!! Made me wish I kept my camera by my bed, lol.

Now, on to progress pics. I have quite a few to show. I'm gonna start with Midnight Hunting (Dracolair Creations), on which I'm pissing myself off. I started the wing last time. And even though I know I don't count long distances well, I tried it anyways. The wing is made of two light blue areas. They aren't large, but they're distinct. Then, each expanding ring is a darker blue. So you get concentric rings around a blue area, darkening all the way out. It's very pretty. I did the two lighter areas last time I had him out. They're widely separate, which should have warned me. I fear nothing though, so I soldiered on and did them both. I also did the first ring around them. When I started doing some of the color in between, you know what happened. I was off by one. Both vertically and horizontally. So I'm frogging. Luckily, I found out now, before I put too much in. I went ahead and pulled out part of what I did last week (you can see the frogged spot in the photo), and started pulling out what I did last time that was off. Luckily, I could leave in a good portion of what I did this week, so I was happy about that. I also got the border on the left side all done down to the page break. It's been so fun this week after that though. I did and didn't make my goal. I made part of it, in other words. But I sort of changed it halfway through, because I got distracted by the wing. I went ahead and worked on the left side border, which you can't see cause I have since moved my Q-snap. Then, I got distracted by the wing. My original goal was to finish up the border on the left, and the border on the top. So I got the left side done, then abandoned the top to work on the very intriguing wing. It has these really cool things on it. You do the top half or bottom half or right side half or left side half in one color, and the other half in another color. (Luckily, I'm using thirty two count fabby over two.) So you come up at the left top, go down in the center, come up at the right top, go down in the center, etc. So you have what looks like a child's version of sharks teeth. (Or any animal, really. I've seen dogs with this kind of teeth, and cats, and dinosaurs, lol.) It's really a lot of fun to do (for me). Teeny little stitches though. (I love that too, lol. Y'all know how I like my teeny over ones, lol.) It was looking really good till I realized I had to frog. Still, I should have known better, lol. I have no one to blame but me! Yes, I AM a dork. But in a good way, lol.

Next up is my other rotation piece (Midnight Hunting ended on 7/14), Frost Moon (HAED, Nene Thomas). I only got a little bit of time to work on it Monday, but I got pretty good progress for it. I went ahead and did the few confetti stitches first. (There were about five of them.) Then I did color number two (about a hundred stitches). Now I'm doing color number three, which is the rest of the column of ten by tens. I checked it against what I have, and all the stitches that should have been done before I started this have been done. So now, it's all fill in. It will go very quickly. My goal on this one is to have the ten by ten column done by Saturday night when I finish it up for this rotation. Also notable about Frost Moon, it is the beginning of the new rotation. They go by so fast when I only work on them a week. I'm still not used to how fast it seems. (I LOVE the colors in this. It's freaking gorgeous.) Hopefully, I'll finish up what I want to since it will be going so fast. It's gonna be six hundred stitches over Friday and Saturday, but that's very doable for me. They go really fast when you're not crossing them, lol.

Next up is my Sunday project, Beach Romance (Janlynn).She's coming along very well, I think. I got the rest of the green done. And then I put in a lot of white in her dress. Now I'm working on a light violet color that I really like. It's looking good, if I do say so myself. I love the shades of green in it. And (more on this later) we went over to mom's for dinner on Wed night last week. It was mom, me, Amy, and David and Vin. It was a good opportunity for me to remember to ask Amy if she wanted me to color match the flowers from her bouquet. She thought that would be a great idea. They're charted in white, but her flowers were vibrant blues and purples. Gorgeous. So she finally sent me the link to the wedding pics (I posted a few the other day). I went in and looked at the flowers, and then I pulled out my large huge stash of variegated threads. I LOVE variegated threads, and I use them for my hardanger. (Drives Vicki crazy, cause she charts them for perle. She keeps saying I need to use perle, but I love my six stranded flossies, so I use them. Such pretty colors...) Anyways, I found the perfect match. It's the floss I bought myself for my birthday last year. It's almost a perfect match. The blue isn't quite right, but the floss is beautiful. So I'm gonna use that. (It's Silk'n'Colors Grape Soda, if you want to look.) The pic's not very big, but I can't get a good one either, so it's the best I've got for now.) So I need to remember to take that with me next time I work on it. And thanks again for the French Knot Tutorial that allowed me to do French Knots again. Cause there are a LOT of them in the flowers.

Next is Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits), which is my Tuesday SAL with Vicky. She mentioned last time she was jealous of my progress while she was on vacation, and didn't have it with her. Don't worry, Vicky, I'm quite sure you'll catch up to me. I have to admit, I'm glad I took the pic where I did. I had it off the Q-snap to take a piccy cause I'm gridding the next page. And I took it with my desk light on, and it's extremely bright. It's also a CFL (compact florescent lightbulb), and so it shows EVERYTHING!!! You can actually see that there's a little black, and a lot of brown in this project. In the previous pics, you can't tell them apart. I was really excited by that. And yes, I DID finish the page last week, like I said I was going to. I got a little start on page two today, and then realized that I had to grid it first. Ugh, lol. I hate doing it, but love being able to check the grid against my stitching to make sure I'm in the right place. It's looking good, I think, despite all the brown. One down, fifty five to go, lol.

And lastly for today is Noah's Sub (Stoney Creek). (I don't have an answer yet on showing the quilt project, so I'm skipping it again.) It's coming right along. I finished the bands I was working on last time, fixed the orca's top stitches, and started another band. I'm going to alternate so I don't get all the fun stuff done and have only sky. (It hasn't bored me yet, but the longer I go on boring stuff, the more likely it is to bore me.) I still love the colors in this. The purples are so pretty. I love them. I've decided to do all of the orca on this page first, and then I'll start alternating with the zebra. There's hardly any of it on this page, but you'll see most of the orca on it. Just his tail is on the next page. I'm really pleased with my progress on this one, but this week it's my second fave (Frost Moon is my first. I absolutely adore this chart. Nene Thomas is a genius). That's all of the progress I have to show.

And I do wanna tell you about dinner at mom's house. She invited myself, my brother, and my sister in law over for dinner for David's birthday. She made lasagna, which was delicious. It was a fun time. We finished dinner and went in the living room and chatted for a while. David's talking about renovating his Sandal Ct. house (my dad's old house) for him and Amy to live in maybe. I suggested that by the time he starts revnovating, we'll know how I'm gonna do in school. My suggestion was the do the garage renovations (he needs lots of garage space for my dad's tools, and he still has my dad's classic car out there too), and wait on the house ones. It's a nice little house (little being the operative word) and great for one person. If I was able, I would love to live there after I finished up school. Or even during, if I can manage to get up the money. I told him straight up though, I need to prove myself to him before he can let me live there. He's known me almost since birth, and he's seen me struggle with school and obligations in the past. I have no problem with him waiting a while to make sure I'm gonna be able to cut it before he starts thinking about letting me live there. I've been thinking when I get a good job, I'd like to get a nice little two bedroom house. One room for me to sleep in, and one room for what mom calls my "junk". (NO, it's NOT junk.) She labels my books and stitchy stuff junk because she doesn't want to take the time to say, "Charts, fabric, floss, books, charts, kits, and accessories. She hasn't figured out the word stash yet, lol. I'd like to put five bookcases in the spare bedroom so I could display my sixteen boxes of books. And I'd like to put my stash all in one place. Right now, it's in two places in my living room, and in a place in my bedroom, and in the living room closet. (I have lots of stash.) Oh, and my HAED charts are stacked next to my desk, too. I have stuff all over the place, lol. So that's what's on the table atm. I told him when I get a job, I'll buy the house from him. (He got all Alpha about that. "I'll set a price, and that's what you'll pay." Since he's done so much work on the house, I have no problem with that. I know my brother, and he's a good guy. He'll get out of it what he put into it (and he'll probably get more from me than he would another buyer cause I've seen all the work he's done to it), and I'll get a nice house. He can leave the tools in the garage, and use the garage space. I'm hoping I can get him to teach Patrick, my son, how to cut the grass with the tractor out there. I'm sure he wouldn't mind making some money by cutting it for me, and it would be a nice way to see him once in a while. (Yes, this is all REALLY early. I'm planning way ahead, and who knows what's gonna happen. We'll all have to see what goes on.)

That's pretty much it for me tonight, folks. I'm gonna head for the balcony in a few, and get a good chunk done on Time To Go, after I finish a little bit of gridding. I hope you're all having a good night. Oh, and for those that commented on my last entry (thanks, btw), yes, I do realize I won't have time to do anything but school except maybe on the weekends. I understand that I won't have time to stitch or play or read. I'm okay with that. I may be able to find some time on the weekends, depending on homework. We'll just have to wait and see. Love the comments, though, so keep 'em coming!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Plans and such (long)

Thank God for Julie M.

I was talking to her on the phone tonight, and I was expressing a little frustration, when she gave me an epiphaniacal moment. I was telling her I want to do school stuff now, and there's nothing left to do, really. I'm ready to go. And I said, "I want to go now, and not have to wait for spring," and she said, "Why don't you go in the fall?" And I told her that I wanted to start in the spring so I would be on schedule with the other students. I'm going back slowly. First seven credit hours, then ten, then fifteen, and from there on out it's full load all the time. I wanted to go back slowly since it's been so long (twenty years, yikes, I can't be THAT old) since I've been in school. So what I was going to do was split up the first semesters classes into two groups. But to do that, I needed to finish them all up at the same time the other students were finishing their first semester. Starting in spring allows me to finish all the first semester classes at the same time (end of fall semester) that the others will be finishing up the same classes. And the while I'm explaining this, my brain is working in the background going, "There WERE classes that you couldn't fit in anywhere. If you added an extra semester, you could take everything." (My brain is good at multitasking like that. It likes to do multiple things at a time.) And I kept turning that idea over in my head, and wondering why not? The only answer that occurred to me was that I would have more loans to pay off by about a thousand dollars. Now, that's NOT a drop in the bucket, but when you consider the trade off (getting to take extra classes), I think it's worth it. I still have plenty of time before fall starts, I think. I think it said registration from May to September second. And I already have all my classes picked out. I've got some fun classes too. (You're all gonna look at my class schedule and wince, lol. My idea of fun is kind of strange, y'all.) So I need to talk to my case manager about it, and find out if I've been accepted yet. I haven't gotten a letter yet, but my advisor said today that I don't need to get a transcript, so they should have everything they need. I'll try and register for classes tomorrow and see if it will let me. (I hope it does, but we'll see.) My mom will say it's too soon. I'm not ready. But I really am. I've been thinking about this for about a year now, and my therapist just galvanized me into action. I did good meeting my advisor. I was on time, and I left myself plenty in case I got lost, which I did. Just a little bit lost though. Ten minutes or so. The sign wasn't clear, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. (I found an entrance, but it said go back outside and go through the double doors. I didn't realize that the double doors they were referring to went into a different part of the building. It looked like multiple entrances to the same room, ya know? Yes, I'm silly. So anyways, here's my plan. Starting school in August of 2012, I'll go for fifteen (Yes, FIFTEEN) semesters. There are ten semesters of classes (which is a year more than most people have), and five semesters of Coop. (Coop, for those unfamiliar with the term, is when you work in a company using the skills you learned in class. Coop stands for cooperative education. Businesses get students to work for free, and the university gets paid tuition. The student gets valuable experience, and can then cite real world work experience. It's a win~win~win, lol.) I won't graduate until spring of 2018, which seems like a really long time. But it will be soooooooo worth it. I'm so excited to do this. I'm just hoping I can do it. My mom worries about me making it to classes. And I have a hard time self motivating. I admit that. Unfortunately, ATM there's not really anything worth getting out of bed for. I'm getting up earlier, but still not early. I didn't fall asleep this morning till about eight AM, and I still got up at one thirty to go see my advisor. So if it's important to me, I CAN do it. And I'm very motivated. So we'll see how it goes. I know I used to do it during my working life. I KNOW I can do it. Now I just have to prove it.

So here are the lists of classes I'm taking. Yes, I WILL be a well rounded student. I have a lot of interests, so I'm taking an eclectic combination of classes. (I'm listing all fifteen semesters here, so you can see when I'll be cooping and when I'll be in school. Also, my first two years, I've scheduled to take the summer off. I may add some classes there, if there are things that interest me. But this is pretty firm, and I don't want to make any changes. The numbers in parentheses are the number of credit hours the course entails. For my foreign friends, classes are listed to have ?? credit hours. For example, a three credit hour class could meet Monday Wed Friday for an hour each time, or Tuesday and Thursday for an hour and a half each time. The number of credit hours a class is usually corresponds to the amount of hours you're in that class during the week. There are a couple of classes that are one credit hour but meet three hours a week. Those classes aren't weighted as heavily. Chorus is a good example. No homework, but some memorization. Since it's not a class with tests and such, it's weighed as less. So even though it meets three hours a week, it's only one credit hour. HTH for those of you who aren't American. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Curriculum for Bachelor's of Science Information Technology; Software Design Track

    Semester One ~ Fall 2013 (7)
  • Computer Applications (3)
  • Introduction to Information Technology (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Two ~ Spring 2013 (10)
  • Computer Networking (3)
  • Fundamentals of Unix (3)
  • World History I (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Three ~ Fall 2014 (15)
  • Computer Programming I (3)
  • Pre Calculus (5)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Four ~ Spring 2014 (17)
  • Computer Programming II (3)
  • Database Management I (3)
  • System Administration (3)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media (3)
  • Introduction to COOP for CECH (College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services) (1)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Five ~ Fall 2014 (16)
  • Contemporary Programming (3)
  • Database Management II (3)
  • Implications of Information Technology (3)
  • Fundamentals of Web Development (3)
  • Applied Statistics for Human Services (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semseter Six ~ Spring 2015
  • Coop for CECH
    Semester Seven ~ Summer 2015 (16)
  • Mobile Device Programming (3)
  • Information Security and Assurance (3)
  • Extended Basic Russian I (3)
  • Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • Introduction to Shakespeare (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Eight ~ Fall 2015
  • Coop for CECH
    Semester Nine ~ Spring 2016 (16)
  • Client Side Web Programming (3)
  • Human Computer Interaction (3)
  • System Analysis and Design (3)
  • Extended Basic Russian II (3)
  • Physics Mathematics Prerequisite I (3)
    Fundamentals of Web Applications and Resources (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Ten ~ Summer 2016
  • Coop for CECH
    Semester Eleven ~ Fall 2016 (16)
  • Web Server Application Development (3)
  • Extended Basic Russian III (3)
  • Physics Mathematics Prerequisite (3)
    Website Creation and Management (3)
  • Technical and Scientific Writing (3)
  • Special Topics in Software Application Development (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Twelve ~ Spring 2017
  • Coop for CECH
    Semester Thirteen ~ Summer 2017
  • Coop for CECH
    Semester Fourteen ~ Fall 2017 (18 or 19)
  • Senior Design Project Management I (3)
  • Senior Design Software Application Develpment Technical Practicum (3)
  • Enterprise Application Development(3)
  • Basic Spanish I (5)
  • Introduction to Physics I (3)
    Introductory Biology I (3)
    Introductory Biology Laboratory (1)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)
    Semester Fifteen ~ Spring 2018 (18)
  • Senior Design Project Management II (3)
  • Senior Design Software Application Development Technical Practicum II (3)
  • Management in Information Technology (3)
  • Basic Spanish II (5)
  • Introduction to Physics II (3)
    Introductory Biology II (3)
  • University of Cincinnati Women's Chorus (1)

I know, it's enough to make me tired too, lol. I love the idea of the programming classes, and I can hardly wait to dig in. And I learned to do something new with HTML tonight too. This is my first attempt at CSS, or cascading style sheets. Basically, at the beginning of your document, you tell the computer it's HTML. Then you tell it paragraphs, heading, and formatting in this form or that. (Each thing you do (each paragraph, each list, each table) has a designator. You list the designator and tell the computer what colors and styles you want things to be. It's pretty cool. Different from what I'm used to, but now I only have to tell it once Papyrus and pink, and the rest flows from that. Saves me a lot of trouble and work!!

Well, that's it for me tonight folks. It's now six am and I'm tired. Heading off to bed. Y'all have a good night, and thanks again to my followers and commenters. You can now tell me how crazy I am to take so many classes, lol. I'm gonna try and catch up with some blogs tomorrow, but we'll see!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Finally, wedding piccys

Finally, they're here!!!!!

Well, I finally got some wedding pics.  It took long enough, but Amy sent me the link today, so I'm sharing with you.  (If you don't remember, they got married on the beach in Fla.)  The first photo is them on the night before.  (No bachelor/ette parties for them.  They were happy to be tying the knot.)  Don't they make a cute couple!!!  He's about six one, and she's five ten or eleven, so they're both tall.  

And here's them at the wedding itself.David is the only groom in the minister's experience who helped make the heart in the sand.  Because it has to be PERFECT, lol.  He's such a perfectionist.  

And here's a piccy of them after the ceremony.  They look so happy!!!Don't they look fabulous together.  I love the pics they took.  They're awesome.  I wish I could share more, but they're both pretty private.  They look great though, don't they!!  I just love Amy.  She's perfect for him.  Smart ass, and she gives as good as she gets.  (That's important with David, cause he likes to play.)  Their only REAL differences are she's a cat person and he's a dog person, and she's a bit of a slob, and he's a neat freak.  Hey, they had to have some differences.  Now I have to go through some of the pics and see if I can find a good pic of the flowers she carried.  I need to see if I can color match them for the wedding sampler.  I recently realized (last week) that the flowers are all white.  I asked Amy what she thought, and she said try to match them.  So we'll see what I can come up with.

And y'all should wish me luck or say a prayer or something.  I have an appointment with my acedemic advisor tomorrow at three.  He's been great on the phone.  I've never actually talked to him, though, lol.  He has appts all day, and then at the end he checks his voicemail and he suggests in his outgoing message to leave you name, number and question, so he can get back to you.  Then he calls out every morning and leaves answers.  I've had him call me three or four times with the answers I need to do stuff.  I printed out the curriculum as it stands so far.  It's gonna be interesting.  I should have it all finalized within the next few days, and when I do, I'll blog it, so y'all can see what I'm taking.  A lot of the classes sound like fun.  I can hardly wait, whoo hoo!!!  I hope you all have a good night, and thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last entry.  (LOL, it was only yesterday!!)  And one more thing, really quick.  Can y'all say a prayer for my friend Kaye's mom?  She has pneumonia, and she's in the hospital.  At ninety, that's a really big deal.  I'm  hoping for a full recovery, but I know that may not be God's will.  So a prayer that she gets better, or the family doesn't hurt too badly if she doesn't.  It's all in His hands now.  TIA, ladies.  You're the best!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My progress, finally

Okay, I'm finally getting around to showing you some progress. It IS Tues, but I'm gonna show last week's piccy of Time To Go since I'm not done working on it yet today. I have lots to show though, so let's get to it!!

Since I've already mentioned Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits), I'll start with that. Here she is in all her (different colored) glory. I've finally gotten to some lighter colors, so you can see where the candlelight is coming from. I haven't gotten to the candle yet, and it's not on the page I'm working on, but it's coming. Of course, before it just looked like a black blob, so this is a good thing!!! I'm almost finished with the first page, and I hope to finish it up tonight and start on page two. My plan is to blog and then take Yes Dear for her evening visit to the balcony. We were out there earlier, but people kept calling and my phone doesn't work too well out there.

Next up is my lovely Beach Romance (Janlynn). I got a pretty good amount finished on this this week, considering I had to frog. I finally got to put in the green of the flower stems. I put in the lighter green, and went to finish it off, and realized it was in the wrong place. I pulled the needle up where the first stitch should go, then instead of going up and to the right, I went down and to the left. So I was too far down and too far over to the left. No way to fudge that, so I pulled it out and fixed it. So I put it back in, in the right place, and then did the slightly darker green. I need to call Amy and find out if she wants me to try and match the color of her flowers, or do them in white like it's charted. I just keep forgetting. I'll hopefully remember tomorrow, since I'll see them. It's David's birthday (39), so she's having dinner at her house (Mom is, sorry). I already called him old man, in a text. He texted me back, "You're older, pot." I had a great giggle at that!!!

I'd like to have something new to show you in this space but, unfortunately, I've not yet been given the go ahead to share pics of my quilt project piece. Keep an eye out though. I had Julie ask if people minded my sharing pics, and she'll let me know what people say. Hopefully, next week I'll have some info. And of course, you'll be the first to know, lol.

This next piccy, I'm almost embarrassed to show. It's the progress piccy for Dad's Memorial. At this rate, I'll finish the first of the three at a hundred and ten. Here it is:. As you can see, I got almost nothing done. I had a hard time with it, cause I'm not used to using waste cloth. I can't see where my needle is, and I keep pushing it up in the wrong place. Also, it was scorching hot outside all that week, and I hardly stitched because I was always so hot and sweaty. Ick!! Next time, I promise to do better. (My stitching days are numbered because I won't get much more than an hour each day when I start school, except on the weekends. I'm hoping I can live with that!!) Better next time it's up. Promise!

And the last two photos are of my wonderful Yes Dear. One of her cute little face (isn't she adorable???) and one of her being the demon cat from hell. This is how she looks at me when I've upset her. You should be scared, lol. First, her cuteness. Then the DCFH piccy. (She has so much attitude, it just oozes right out her eyes.) My sweet little thing. NOT!!! She was just all attitude the other day. I wanted to pet her, she wanted to run away. I wanted to give her treats, she wanted to be disinterested. I wanted to take her out on the balcony, she wanted to hide from me. Can you say stinker? She's having a much better day today. Hope you've all enjoyed what I have to say. And thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last entry. There were lots of them!!! (Oh, and sorry about the font, Katie. I changed it just for you!!) Hope you're all having a good night. I'm gonna head off and stitch some more. Page finish, coming right up!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Stash, stash, stash (and some progresss) Piccy heavy!!!

New Stash Alert

Okay, I admit it, I'm addicted to buying stash. I can't seem to help myself. And lately, it's been ALL HAED stash. I love their designs, and they have so many good artists... Oh, it's love at first site. And then, Michele kept having all these sales (½ off, whoo hoo!!!!), so I kept buying charts. And I kept forgetting to show y'all what I was buying. So now I'm going to. (Hence, the piccy heavy designation. There are a LOT of charts to show off.)

Okay first off, and these are in no particular order, is Gossamer Princess by Selina Fenech . She's gorgeous, if you ask me. I love the colors in this one especially. Very pretty. And I also love the butterfly. I have a weakness for them, lol. More than one thing here drew me. She has a whole series of women on the edges of parapets or sitting on a thread over a drop. I want to get them all eventually.
Next up is Autumn Winds by Selina Fenech. Totally different color scheme, but still beautiful. Except for her ear. I'm hoping Rosa can redesign her ear so that the hair is still tucked behind it, but it's rounded at the top. I'm not a big fan of Fae ears, lol.
Then I have Blue Dream by Nene Thomas . I love the colors in her too. Blue is one of my fave colors, and so that's part of the reason this drew me. I like royal blue the best, and this is very royal looking. It's only got one skein of what I consider to be royal blue (820), but there are lots of other blues in it.
Okay, the next acquisition is Lost Soul by Selina Fenech. This appeals to me for myriad reasons. I love the way she's fading. You can't see her feet at all. And I love black cats. There are three of them in this project, and they're all darling. They look so aware of something that's not really there... And thirdly, I like the ghost inference. I'm all about ghosties and goblins and ghouls. I love the supernatural.
Then there's the ever lovely Nene Thomas with two in a row. First of them is Dark Skies. Did I mention in the previous blurb that I really like women dressed in black or black and white? I really do. I also have her A Chance Encounter, which is done in shades of black and white. Fabulous color scheme, I think. Anyway, this is another of Nene's sitting on a bubble women. I want to collect them all, of course. Notice the raven on her knee too. I love it!
The other Nene Thomas is called Queen of Owls. Yes, I know, another black and white one. But I love them so. For some reason, that color combo is fabulous to me. I think (I'm not totally sure about this though) that I have Lamentation of Swans on layaway too. It's another of her black and white color schemes. Black horse, black and white dress, black and white wings, and black and white swans. Gorgeous!!!
And then are some other great artists too. Next up is a Shim Shimmel, called The Warmth of Home. This is my fave of the charts I got this month. As many of you already know, I love cats, be they large or small. And when I say large, I mean large. Tigers, and lions, and panthers, and and and... Well, you get the idea. I already have a leopard finished and framed. I have a lion almost finished. I have several other large cat kits or charts ready to go, including a black panther. So Shim Shimmel really appeals to me. With the color scheme, and that beautiful cat, this was an immediate winner.
And then the other Shim Shimmel, Serengeti Glow. This one draws me both because of the animals and because of the gorgeous sky. Reds and oranges galore. I love the colors in it, and I'm sure there's a lot of subtle shading to make it look this darned good. I'm ready for that, though. Sunrise and Sunset by Rachel Anderson are the same way. Much easier to do than the confetti, trust me.
Next up, a new artist (to this post, anyways), Jonathon Earl Bowser. His name always reminds me of the Mario games, lol. Bowser was the boss monster, lol. (And that says something about me, doesn't it!!!) Okay, JEB created a couple on my list today (one of which I'm not sure how to pronounce, lol). First one is Goddess of Tides. Isn't she beautiful? I love the way she turns into the waves, and her dress becomes the whitecaps. I love how he can do that. I have several of his where he does something similar, and two more to show you like that today. She's also got a pretty face, and I love teh look of the waves around her. It's almost like she's calming the sea with her presence. It's roiling around her, but flat almost where she stands. Like the peace radiates out from her body.
Next up of JEB's is Waialeale (this is the one I'm not sure how to pronounce). You can see, again, how the green in her dress turns into the moss under the water near her body. And the white in her dress turns into the white water rushing over the rocks. I especially love the greens in this. Bright, mossy colors are beautiful in this one, if you ask me. And I'm drawn to green anyways, so you can see how this one is right up my alley.
Next up, another JEB that just turns from one thing to another, Cascade. In this one, her dress turns into a waterfall. The flowers around her head intrigue me. She almost looks like a bride on her wedding day, what with the white dress and the flowers in her hair. I'm sure she's a goddess of some sort, but of what I don't know. She's also got a very pretty face. Plus, almost unnoticeable because she's such a focal point, there's a rainbow at teh bottom. I love rainbows too, but didn't notice it till I looked at the pic of the pattern. I get the large print charts, so the piccys are bigger!! Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have noticed it till I started to stitch it, lol.
The last JEB is not of the sort where her body or dress turns into something. It's called Beckon. Okay, I take it back. Her dress sort of turns into the mist at her feet. I love, Love, LOVE her wings in this one. They're perfect angel wings. Perfect. The green of the forest around her doesn't hurt either. And the ball of light between her hands makes me wonder if she's summoning light or a being. It feels like I'm right on the edge of finding out though, so I keep looking at it, lol.
Next up is the only Rachel Anderson in this group. It's called Mirabella (and I keep thinking that I spelled it wrong because of Mirabilia, lol). As you can guess, purple is my fave color. (Heck, I have a purple couch, with green pillows. Purple is my thang, y'all!!!!) So this one called to me as soon as I saw it. I had to pick it up. The purples are beautiful, and her face is gorgeous as well. I really like faces and fantasy art that looks real. It's just a real winner for me. Her wings are gorgeous, and they fit the background so well... It's just perfect. Another one that's calling to me to kit it up and start it. (NO, I'm not going to start anything new. I want need to finish some things first. So no new starts, even if I want to. Really badly. NO!!!!
Next up is the next to last Nene Thomas, and it's called Storm Runes. She's beautiful as well. I love the edge of her wings. The purple is gorgeous, and I'm guessing there may be some pearl bf or vfb in there. It would give the purple a little bit of sparkle, and I can kind of see it in the picture of it. Just a bit... And then the violence of teh storm around her, but not touching her. Like she's in a protective circle, and her runes have called teh lighting and thunder to do her bidding. I can almost feel the wind whipping her clothes and her wings around, but it's not...
And then the last Nene Thomas. It's called Moon Amethyst, and it's part of a series too. I love her dress, and her wings, and the flowers in her hair. Nene has a whole series of women sitting on the moon. Frost Moon (in progress), Fire Moon (in stash), Earth Moon, and Moon Indigo are also the same style. All of them are beautiful. I gave Julie Fire Moon too. I almost took it back out of my chart though. I ordered two of them, then saw there were two and thought, what the heck... Then I remembered: one for me and one for Julie. (I would have reordered for her though. That's something that's right up her alley with her love of reds.) I only have two more to go to complete the series.
And last but certainly not least, are my Marta Dahligs. I love her work, and some of them are wierd. The Oracle is one of them, but it's resting comfortably in my stash, calling for me to work on it, lol. The first of these two are pretty normal though. Here is the one I got this month, Doves. I love the colors in this, and am intrigued by her wings. I don't see how she could actually fly with them, but still... And I love her hair. It's not messy, but it's not perfectly in place either. It's tousled, and in a pretty way. I sure wish my hair would look that attractive!!! Plust the doves are around her, and they're pretty too. Plus, I have a thing for women sitting on pedestals. Just look at my Selina Fenech wishlist, and you'll know that!!!
And the last pic is of Dahlig's unusual, and very cool, Winter Spring Assault. (Yes, it took me a while to realize that spring refers to the small body of water they're in, not the season. Yes, I can be very slow. And unobservant, lol.) I think it's really cool though. See for yourself!!! There are so many things right about this one. I love that she's riding into battle. She's got cool weapons. Also, she's riding on an animal that's never existed, a white saber tooth tiger. Well, not that anyone knows of anyways. It's gorgeous. Makes me feel like playing, which I haven't done all day. (Writing out the html that goes with all these images and all the other elements is time consuming. And now it's almost time for bed, so...)

And I think, for your sake as well as mine, I'm gonna leave my progress pics for another time. I"ve done enough for tonight, and it's almost bedtime. I do need to get some sleep, lol. I hope you enjoyed looking at the pics and finding out what makes me want the new charts I have. And I hope you're all having a great night!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

WIPacolypse July (late, late, late)

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!!!

Well, I managed to forget to do my WIPacolypse post this month. (And I originally titled the post June WIPacolypse, lol.) I even saw several of them on the second, and thought, "Oh, I need to do my WIPacolypse post when I finish reading blogs." And still, I forgot. Duh!!! So here it is, in all it's (late) glory. Most of you have probably already seen the pics, as you're regular readers. So if you want to skip this post, feel free!!

Beach Romance

Time To Go

Ornie Frosty Friends

Noah's Sub

Shore Patrol

Frederick the Literate

Rosa (mine)

Rosa's Rosa

Those are the projects I've worked on this month, with the exception of Dad's Memorial which is this week. I haven't taken a piccy of it yet (and I've hardly gotten anything done on it yet either), so I didn't include it in this month's WIPacolypse. Hope you enjoyed the photos!!!!