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Monday, December 11, 2017

My Recent Doings

Hi folks!!! I've been busy. I had one day or two where I was sick. UGH!!! I had vertigo ALL DAY Sunday and Monday, so I totally missed football. All of it. And then, finally, I got to go over to mom's house and watch the Bengals Steelers game. I rooted for my beloved Bengals, who lost, but I wasn't too upset that they lost. Especially with what happened to one of my fave linebackers, Ryan Shazier. He's an excellent football player, and gets very little credit for what he does. So in a way, I'm glad his team won. They haven't given a prognosis for him yet, and I'm praying he'll be able to walk again. So far, they've only said that the doctors did surgery for his spinal injury. So hopefully, he'll recover at least enough to lead a fairly normal life. If you can, say a prayer or send a good thought his way. He can use all the help he can get right now!!!

It's also another Sunday past, and I missed football again. I'm not sure what's up with me. I'm kind of depressed, but I always am around the holidays. I've felt blah and icky for a couple of weeks now. I'm playing more, and stitching less. I've been thinking of my dad a lot, too. His birthday is Oct 21st, and he died Dec 21st, so in between the two, I always feel depressed. And I always wake up the day after Christmas and am fine. Kind of sucks for Nov and Dec though.

Saturday night (this Saturday night, not last), I ended up taking my friend Paul up to the ER. He hurt his back, and it was spasming. It was terrible. All the way up, every time we hit a pothole, he would jerk and groan. I felt TERRIBLE for him. Even tight turns were painful. But at the hospital, they gave him a shot of some kind of muscle relaxer, and it did a GREAT job for him. He was laughing and joking the whole way home. He insisted we stop and get food, so we stopped at Waffle House and ate. Then I took him home. We weren't gone for too long. I left a bit before ten thirty, maybe between ten fifteen and ten thirty, and I got home a little after three. As far as I know, we were the only patients there. So they did some things to determine what caused the spasms, and gave him a shot, and a couple of prescriptions. I haven't talked to him since I dropped him off. I called today, but got his voicemail. So if you can, say a prayer or send a good thought.

And lastly, I have a couple of pics to show. I've finished two Christmas projects in the last few weeks, one for my 12 year old neighbor, Elijah, and one for my mom. His is the Assassin's Creed Black Flag logo, and hers is the snowlady. Both were fun to work on. His gave me some trouble. It was hard for me to keep track of how many rows I'd done, so it was a nightmare in that way. But I love the color, and so that made it fun. Here they are:

The other gifts I have for Christmas, I've already shown. Paul is getting one, and my sis in law, Amy, is getting the other. I'm all done with my Christmas stitching already, so I'm working on something else for a bit, before I go back to my rotation.

And something else happened last week that I'm very happy about. I somehow (don't ASK me how, as I have NO IDEA) managed to break my glasses. I ordered a new pair on November 24th, and then waited FOREVER for them to be delivered. They got here on Monday, December 4th. So I hardly stitched at ALL during that time period. I finally got them, and had vertigo Monday, so I didn't stitch at all. Tuesday, I got about half an hour in. The new glasses are the same as my old glasses were (3.25), but I wasn't used to that anymore. So it was hard to get used to. Now I can stitch for about an hour before my eyes get wonky, which is progress. And I'm happy about it. Here's a pic of them. They're really colorful in the light, and then in low light, they just look grey, or maybe dark green. (Probably dark green, considering they ARE sage.) They're so pretty!!!

And lastly, here's what I'm working on now. I'm using my time between now and Christmas to work on something fun and cute. It's a SAL done by Durene Jones, who I think is a wonderful designer. It's called the Under the Sea SAL. So far, there are lots of cute little things in it. Here's where I was before starting part eight.As you can see, there's a shark, an octopus, a submarine (which my pal Paul told me repeatedly was done wrong because it wasn't yellow), lots of fish, and a mermaid. (Among other things, lol.) This month's part is a manta ray, I think. It doesn't have a stinger, so it can't be a stingray. My friend Angel found me pics, and it looks like our ray is an Atlantic Manta Ray. I've gotten almost all the stitching done on my Manta Ray. I've got a few stitches left to do. They're all oxygen bubbles. And then I'll be ready to start BSing this part of the project. The BS is wonderful. In every part, it just makes the details POP!!! Here's my part eight, the Manta Ray. (I just took this pic, so it's exactly where I am. Usually, I use the last pic I took of something, but I didn't have one from recently for this project. So I had to take one.)

So that's where I am today, folks. Not really feeling good, but not feeling horrible either. Just kind of blah. Now I'm off to stitch some, and hopefully get lots done. Catch ya later!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hey, y'all. I woke up early this am, so I'm working on another blog. This one is going to be mostly about Yes Dear, since I've hardly talked about her at all. She is still with me, thank God. (And that has been in question a couple of times lately, so... I'm really grateful she is still with me. And she is back to her normal, bossy, rules the roost self. Which I'm also grateful for.) But first, I want to tell you a little more about my brother. He's a great guy. I just love him to death. Sometimes, though, he drives me NUTS. This past spring, he decided he didn't LIKE my bedroom furniture. So I had to have new. Nothing else would do. Since I can't afford bedroom furniture, he paid for it. So I got a bedroom set. (It's the first time I've ever had matching bedroom furniture. So it was strange.) I did get to pick it out. So I picked out a sleigh bed, and the matching dressers etc. There's a chest of drawers, a dresser with a mirror, a nightstand, and the bed, with underbed storage. It has six drawers underneath, and they're pretty big. A LOT of my stash is now stored under the bed. And I have other stash in the chest of drawers. And towels and sheets and my CPAP supplies are in a drawer too. The rest of the drawers are filled with clothes. And other assorted things. There are a couple of teeny drawers, and one of them has knicknacks, and one has my hand brace and the attendant hand socks. For just in case. He also got me a new desk, and then was mad at my mom for picking out one that had to be put together. We found it at Staples. It had a sale card on it, for fifty dollars off. But the sale was from last week. So, since she wanted the fifty dollars off, she bought it. She put it on her credit card. And then, it was delivered, and he paid her back for it. But I got to put it together. David did tighten the cams for me, which ticked me off. (Apparently, his hands are much stronger than mine. I turned the air a little bit blue about that, lol.) So here are pics of the bedroom set and the desk. I'm gonna put them side by side, if I can. (That may take some research, lol.)

As you can see, it's a sleigh bed, which I really like. I've liked sleigh beds for as long as I can remember. I asked for a firm mattress, as they picked it out and bought it. (My brother and sis in law did.) It's VERY comfy, and so I'm really happy with it. I was NOT happy about getting the mattress on FRIDAY, when my old furniture was picked up on MONDAY. I had to sleep on the sofa bed for five days. Sunday through Thursday. And boy, it was NOT comfy. It's also louder in the living room since we're so close to the street. So I had a hard time that week. But it was totally worth it. And now, I won't have to go through that ever again, I hope. Anyways, YD had to be in the pic I took yesterday, of the bed all made up with my fave sheets on it. (She always has to be the center of attention, ya know, lol.) So that's my new bedroom.

And now on to Yes Dear, since I segued so nicely. She has had a rough year this year. She had to go into the ER in April. I'm not sure of the exact date, but it was a couple of days after I got back from Columbus. I spent some time with my bestie, Julie. And she showed me how to do a simple beading stitch, Square Stitch. I was using Fire Line, which is a kind of fishing thread. And I was having fun with it. Until I got it home. I unpacked it the day after I got home, cause I got home so late. And I worked for a bit, and then put it aside to stitch. I had to go in the bedroom for something. So I left my newly threaded beading needle on the desk with my stitching. And Yes Dear came in and stood on the bed, chewing wildly on SOMETHING. So I picked her up, and BOTH ends of the beading thread were stitching out of her mouth. So I cut them, took her over to mom's, borrowed her credit card, and took her to the ER. (Mom told me repeatedly that YD would never have eaten the needle, and she wasn't that dumb. I insisted she WAS that dumb. Finally, she said it would be a waste, but go get X-rays to calm my mind.) So I took her out to the ER, with her howling in her carrier all the way. They did the X-rays, and yes, indeed, she HAD eaten the needle. They did surgery that night to remove it. Here's a pic of her a bit after her surgery, right after she woke up, and when she was still pretty dopy. You can see how her eyes are dialated, so she was still pretty loopy.I brought her home, and had to give her an antibiotic for five days, twice a day, which was absolutely MISERABLE. She HATES to take any kind of medication. Fights me to hell and back. She was supposed to get pain meds, but I gave them to her for a day, and then stopped. She wasn't hiding or anything, so I didn't figure she was feeling bad. I checked for redness around the incision everyday by giving her a chest rub. She came out of it with flying colors. Then Socks came. Socks was Paul's cat. She was about a year and a half when he had to move out. (His roommate used all the rent money he gave her for drugs, and then disappeared.) So he had to move out. And he couldn't take Socks with him. So we took her in to find her a home. To give you an idea of how much Yes Dear DETESTED having Socks in the house, here's a pic of YD looking at Socks. (If looks could kill, Socks would be six feet under, lol.)Anyways, until we found Socks a home, Yes Dear lived in the bedroom, and Socks in the living room and kitchen. Yes Dear cried a lot, and I kept going back to sit with her in the bedroom. Which meant not as much computer time. So that kind of sucked. But we did finally get Socks out of here. Then Yes Dear had a normal 12 hours, before she started hiding in a cubby on my desk. I thought it was watchfulness that she thought Socks was gonna come back, and then she stopped using the litterbox. I immediately took her to the vet. She had lost some weight, which she can't afford to do. They did bloodwork, and tried to get a urine sample, but no dice. So the vet said (which I expected) that it was probably a UTI or kidney infection. They gave her a stiff shot of antibiotics, and an injection of subcutaneous fluids. She looked like a linebacker when I brought her home. All the fluid was right up around her shoulders. Here's a pic.In the photo, you can see that her shoulder area is HUGE. And she had a lump on both sides for about six hours, and then you could hardly tell anymore. It absorbed quickly, which tells me she WAS dehydrated, and needed the fluids. I still feel bad that I didn't connect the hiding behavior with being sick, but she's much better now, so I guess it's okay. And then, a week later, the day after I gave her her flea meds (thanks Socks), she had a seizure. So again we went to the ER. They put her on seizure watch, and told me to go home for 12 hours. I got a few hours of sleep, and then went back the next day to pick her up. She hasn't had another once since, and the vet thinks it was the flea meds. (She was supposed to have another dose on the 19th, but no way am I giving it to her.) I was scared they were gonna say epilepsy, or daily meds. Since she hates them so much, I resolved that if that was the solution, I would have her put down. No way was I gonna make her miserable for two hours a day every day. She hates meds, and she hides from me when I go into the bathroom (where I usually give them to her. She won't come near me for hours afterwards, and never comes in the bathroom to get treats anymore). So I'm really glad she's doing so much better. She's currently sleeping on the couch. Once again, I'm calling her poodle paws. This time plural, cause they shaved BOTH front feet for the IV. Here's a pic of them, right after we got home from the ER.

So now that you're all updated on THAT mess, I'll post an actual STITCHY pic, lol. I posted a pic of Elijah's little project last week, or maybe it was Sunday. I'm not sure now. It's the Assassin's Creed Black Flag logo, done in a beautiful shade of dark purple. The thread is a Weeks Dye Works thread called Purple Majesty. I picked a dark purple, since that's more MANLY. I forgot to say last time, the fabby is white. I couldn't afford a piece of hand dyed, so I just used what I had in my stash for it. This past weekend was IHSW, which stands for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. Basically, the idea is to stay home and stitch to your heart's content. However, this is my first one in a while, and I made the mistake of starting a really good book on Friday. Then another on Sunday. So I didn't get much stitching in. Here's a pic of where I was at the end of the weekend.Needleminder is Freddy Kreuger (very appropriate for me) from Gina's Unique Needleminders on Facebook.

That's all I've got for today, folks. Hope y'all have a great day (it's now eight am, yikes) and a good rest of your week. I've gotta run some errands today (one to the post office too, for a chart I sold), and then I'll be home sweet home for the rest of the day. Hopefully, it'll be a good one, for everyone. Later!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Okay, this time with pics

Hi folks. I've been looking at some of your blogs, and leaving some comments. It's hard to remember who's who anymore, lol. It's been too long of a time since I blogged and read blogs. Some of you, I've found on Facebook, and I'm happy about that. The rest of you, I need to reconnect with. So I'm gonna do some of that this next week, if I can.

I've been stitching away the last couple of days. I'm making a Christmas pressie for my 12 year old neighbor, Elijah. He's a huge video game fan, and so I'm making him the logo from Assassin's Creed Black Flag. I'm using a dark purple, cause it's his fave color. The thread is Weeks Dye Works Purple Majesty. So far, it's looking great. Here are a couple of pics. This first pic is of the last time I had it off the Q. It's been really easy since it's monochromatic. And here is the other piccy, of what I've done since I took the last off the Q pic. (I did take it off one other time, but I didn't take a pic as there hadn't been a huge amount of progres.) I'm hoping he'll really like it, and I think mom and I are gonna make it into a pillow for him. So I need to dig out my backing fabbies, and see if a fat quarter is big enough to do the backing with. I'm hoping.

And the next pressie up is all finished. It's for my friend Paul, who I mentioned before. He and I have had several discussions about horror movies. He's more a fan of the older horror movies, the classics. So I foung the following piece to do for him. The monsters in it are obvious to me, but I'll list them off for those who don't know. From left to right, they are: The Mummy, The Wolfman/Werewolf, Dracula, Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Blob, and last, (but certainly not least), The Invisible Man. This was SUCH a fun stitch. Here's my finished product. (I did do some Backstitching that wasn't called for, as Dracula's fangs were a little too light, and blended in with his face.) I've also got one of these little guys picked out for me. I saw someone else's version of it, and I loved it. So I saved the pic, so I could copy her verbiage. It's the children's jump rope song from Nightmare on Elm Street. The words are: One Two Freddy's coming for you, Three Four, better lock your door, Five Six grab your crucifix, Seven Eight, better stay up late, Nine Ten Never sleep again. It's VERY creepy in the movie. The actual verse is something else, and I don't like it. So if I DO a verse, I'm gonna have to do the song. The monsters in this one are, from left to right: Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Jason Voorhees (Friday the Thirteenth 2-10), Freddy Kreuger (Nightmare on Elm Street 1-Wes Craven's New Nightmare), Jigsaw (Saw 1-4), Hannible Lecter (Silence of the Lambs etc...), and Michael Meyers (Halloween various). And here's her pic:

And this one is my sis in law's pressie. It requires some explanation, though. I did a subversive stitch for my brother. This was, oh, about six or seven years ago. A friend did up the chart. In the corners and under the words are the prettiest pink roses and green vines with leaves you've ever seen. In the center, it says, "Fuck You." This is my brother's fave phrase when dealing with jerks. If you're good to him, he's AWESOME. He will literally do almost anything for you, unless it's illegal. If you treat him like crap, he'll be the worst enemy you've ever had. So it was pretty appropriate. Anyways, I told my sister in law about it, and he showed it to her. She was excited. I want one, I want one... So I finally found something that speaks to me of my sister in law. She's awesome, but she'll find this hilarious. It says, "I'm not always a BITCH. Just kidding. Go Fuck Yourself." The last line doesn't show up too well in this pic, so I think I need to take another one soon. But here she is, in the BLUE colorway. (I'd like to do it again in the green and keep it for myself.)

And now for two progress piccys. I have two SALs in progress, sort of. The first one is the Under the Sea SAL, but Durene Jones. It's the cutest thing. It has all kinds of sea creatures, and even some humans doing sea things. Here are the lastest pics. I took one when I had it off the Q to move from part six to part seven. So it has the first six parts on it. It's THIS photo: And then this pic is of part seven. It's the mermaid, as you can see. She's very pretty. I'm so glad she doesn't really have eyes. It would have been really hard to do such small eyes, and I don't think I would have liked them. Although it makes me laugh that she's wearing makeup in the water, lol. (Look at those EYELASHES. Makes me sooooooo jealous, lol.) Anyways, here she is in all her beautiful glory.

And the last pic for this time is my OTHER SAL. This is the Birthstone Dragons SAL. I have to pull out the ENTIRE border except for about six inches of the top or something like that, and put it back in. I made a mistake, and thought I corrected for it, but I didn't. So now I have to pull the whole darned thing out. I'm so disgusted with myself over it, it's been languishing. I haven't touched it since summer, and don't even have a whole dragon done. (Luckily, I can redo the border AROUND the dragon that is almost done, so I don't have to pull all of that out. Yay for that. SOMETHING will stay.) Here it is. I've chosen to do the border in black instead of the gold you're supposed to do it in. I think it'll look better on the fabby I've chosen to use, a hand dyed fabby from Jo's Fabrics and Such on Facebook. She's done some WONDERFUL fabrics for me. So here it is, in all its messed up glory.

Okay, that's all the photos for today. I'll have some more later this week, along with some tales of what Yes Dear has been up to. (Mainly, costing me lots of money, lol. But she's sooooooooooo worth it!!!) Hope you're all having a great day, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hi Everyone!!!

I'm Back, from a LONG break!!!

Hi folks. Long time no see. This is just a short entry to catch you up with where I'm at, and kind of get myself back into the habit. I haven't blogged in absolutely FOREVER, mostly because I was so busy at first, and then... Well, I just forgot.

Anyways, I've been stitching up a storm lately. I was doing VERY well in school when the Financial Aid department pulled my financial aid. I was having problems in my program, and needing a lot of help. Help an employer wouldn't have been willing to give me. So I tried to switch programs, but... I was switching TRACKS within the same major instead of switching MAJORS. So they said I would take too long to graduate, and dumped me out of school. I was NOT a happy camper.

So here I am, doing my old stuff again. And I had to look at something on blogspot and realized, I haven't blogged in YEARS. I'm working on some stitching for Christmas, and have several things done. I have a project for my sis in law, and one for a new friend of mine, Paul. He's like the big brother I never had. We talk on the phone almost daily, so we're pretty close. He likes to tease me, lol. He has a nickname for me, and ones for all my friends, that are VERY rude, lol. So I'm keeping busy playing, and reading, and stitching. Same thing as I used to be doing before school, basically.

So now I'm writing this to give you a short update, and I'm thinking this is enough for now. Next time I blog, I'll show some pics too, of my recent finishes, and some other stuff I'm working on. I also want to get back into the IHSW thing, as I'd forgotten about that too, until recently. And I've decided I'm doing a full Maynia next year. I'm in the group on Facebook, and it's gonna be so fun. I did a modified Maynia this year, and am doing the full fifteen next year. I've already got my projects picked out, so I'm raring to go.

I'll try to write more often, as I want to get to know y'all again. It was always fun to read blogs, and see people's pics. So we'll see how much time I have for it as things progress. For now, I hope you're all having a great night/day wherever you are. Happy Stitching!!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas and stitching

Hi there folks. Long time no see, right?!? It's been a good week though. I didn't get a lot of stitching done, though. I got very little done, to tell the truth. I actually have been playing quite a bit. The new expansion pack came out the week before Christmas, and there are two new character types in it. Of course, I immediately had to start one of each. They are Black Wizard which is the male version of the Incar Magician, and the Half Bagi, which is the female version of the Bagi Warrior. Both are fun to play with. Wizard is weaker, but has some cool skills. Half Bagi is really strong, and she uses a big, BIG blade. (She has a LOT of points to strength, so she can pick the darned thing up and swing it, lol.) I named her Weapon of Destruction and him DToddesq, after my friend Dani who picked which one I should play with first. His weapon is an orb, which is kind of weak. And she has a huge blade, which I'm playing with now, and the other option is a Katar, which fits over the hand and has long spikes attached to it. (The blade is a Falchion, but I don't know if that's a real word, or if they made it up. Also, I don't really care, lol. It is there in game, and that’s all that matters.) So I haven't done much stitching. I stitched a little bit at Christmas (not even twenty stitches), then didn't even pick it up on Wed, Thur, and Fri. I did about fifty stitches on Saturday night, which I thought was pretty good. I worked on Dad's Memorial this week. (Well, on Saturday night. I didn't work on it on Monday either. Glad the expansion came out during break, lol.) Not much progress, but I'll show a piccy anyways. I worked on the leaf on the right hand side at the top. I did actually get quite a bit done. And then I worked with a really dark brown (3371 for those who are familiar) for a bit. It's almost black in color it's so dark. I didn't have near the trouble with it that I usually do. I have trouble usually cause I can't see through the towels, and so I can't tell where the needle is and where it's gonna come up. I guess I was just lucky on Saturday night, but who knows. It turned out good though, so I'm happy with it.

And my other project that I worked on this week was Beach Romance (Janlynn). It's coming along nicely. I really like the colors in this, although I almost think the legs are too brown. I put in the rest of his leg today. Well, most of it. I still have to put in about ten stitches, and then cross some of the others, but it's mostly in. I thought of Amy and David when I worked on it, which is unusual. (I usually only think of football, lol.) And speaking of, my team won today, but it was our second string versus their second string, so it wasn't a great game. Both teams are already in the playoffs, so this game didn't really have any strong reason to win. They could have gotten the third seed, but they didn't want to play us first week in the playoffs, so they let their second string play. We're the sixth seed, so no matter who we play, we're playing away. Okay, just checked and we play in Houston, against the twelve and four Texans. We're only ten and six, but I know my boys are good enough to beat them, if they play up to their potential. Y'all help me in cheering them on to a victory!!!

And I'd better say a few words about Christmas. It all started Christmas Eve Day. It was horrible. If I had purchased that firearm I was thinking about, I would have shot my computer. There's no doubt in my mind. It would have been dead meat. I was so ticked off at it. IDK what the problem is, but it was driving me crazy. Even Tora couldn't help me, and that's rare. I was trying, and not succeeding, at installing SQL Server 2012. My Database Management I class uses that particular software, from Microsoft. It drove me insane for about six hours on Monday. I tried everything I could think of, and it insisted that I don't have administrator privileges on my PC. I tried everything I could think of, then I tried everything Tora could think of. Nothing worked. I was ready to kill it. It still insists that I don't have privileges, and I don't know how to fix it. But the professor said there would be support for it the first week of class, so I'm not as worried as I was. Still, when I went to bed, I was laying there turning it over and over in my head. I would get away from it and try to go to sleep, and in ten minutes I'd find myself going over it again. It was awful. (I hadn't heard from the professor yet. And it was pissing me off, so I couldn't get it out of my head.) I was supposed to be there for Christmas at about ten o'clock. At eight I finally got up and did something to take my mind off of it for a couple of hours. (I was reading. I'm collecting the Carpathian series by Christine Feehan, and I was reading the second book, which I had never read before. It was awesome. Totally got my attention, and I was hooked lickity split. I went over at ten, and when I pulled up in my driveway, Jerry was walking the dog. I stopped to say hello, and he told me Rhonda moved out, so if I wanted to come up, I was more than welcome. I kindly declined. (I make a joke everytime I get out of the shower or bath to a phone call that he must be outside looking in the front window cause I came in the living room naked to get the phone. It always makes Julie and my mom laugh.) At David's house, I was the first to get there, followed by Amy's parents, then mom and Beth. Lastly, Jim and Cathy got there. About one thirty, I took the dog out back for a potty and to cool off. (It was HOT in the house.) And who came walking down the street but my son, Patrick. He stayed for a little bit, but no one wanted him to stay when we didn't have any pressies for him. I feel like we kicked him out though, and I feel bad for it. So I think I'm gonna invite him over next weekend to play with my X box 360. He's dying to get his hands on it. I took him home, and went back to David's house for pressies. We opened. I got some good stuff. Mom got me my pair of shoes. (I didn't mention that at the time, I don't think. We went out to Kenwood Mall during school so she could return something to Easy Spirit. While we were there, she wanted me to try on a good pair of shoes. I found a pair of purple and gray ones I loved, but they didn't have them in my size. So I tried on another color, and they fit. So mom got them for me for Christmas.) They're wonderfully comfy at first, but I have to get used to them because they have an insert where the arch goes. I have no arch support in my current shoes, so it can get uncomfortable. But I'll get used to them. I'll probably keep them for school when I'm walking around with heavy things. She also got me a bunch of charts (she paid off two of my HAED layaways, for nine charts) and a pair of winter jammies. They're pink and black with white letters, and they say sleep is good on them. They're cute, and I can use them for when I dogsit. (Mom said warm ones for when you dogsit, and David grimaced and said I could turn the heat up. My mom laughed and said it obviously pained you to say that. And I said, "Which is why I don't turn the heat up. I just can't wear my shortie pjs there." It was funny. David is a tightwad, lol. And Beth got me an Amazon gift card (and I came home Christmas day and ordered four books for twenty four ninety, lol. The gift card was for twenty five. For some reason, though, dumb Amazon only applied the gift card to part of the order. The rest it tried to put on my Mastercard, which needs to be paid before I charge anything. I was ticked about that. I finally got them all charged to the gift card, and they should start arriving tomorrow. Or maybe the next day cause of Christmas. David and Amy gave me a gift card to the grocery store, and a gift card to my favorite pizzeria. Yum!! (Yes, I already have had pizza from there since Christmas.) My sister gve me a gift card for the pizzeria too. (My family knows I love that place.) Everything I got people went over well, so that made me happy. My mom's pressie was broken though, so I need to send it back and get it replaced.

I came home from David's house, managed to drag myself and the gifts inside, took my pills, and hit the hay. I slept for five hours, then had a dream so weird it woke me up. (I had been awake for over twenty six hours, and I woke after five hours. It must have been a mighty strange dream, lol.) I was up till about two AM, and then I went back to sleep and slept all night. I felt a lot better when I got up on Thursday morning. Bright eyed and busy tailed. (At ten AM, groan. I hate to wake up before noon.) It was a good week though. I hope everyone else had a good Christmas, and I can't wait for the new semester to start!! (I feel a little lost without homework to do, lol.) Y'all have a good night, and thanks to all of you who left a comment on my last blog entry, and those of you who will leave a comment on this one!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Progress and Christmas Wishes (and More)

Hi folks. I'm trying something new with my HTML, so I hope it works. I hope you're all having a lovely holiday. I'm actually in the mood, finally. I got a great Christmas pressie today with a Bengals win over Pittsburgh, ensuring us a spot in the playoffs. (Whoo hoo, I was too excited by that.) I also got another nice gift, on the phone. I was watching, and listening to, videos on yesterday. I was looking at Christmas carols, and on the list at right, I saw… The Nutcracker. It's a BBC release. I was so excited by that, I had to watch it. I like ballet all right, and this one is one I have personal experience with. My godmother, Aunt Jackie, took me several times when I was a little girl. I was fascinated by it, of course. I was thinking of her with the ballet, and so I decided I needed to give her a call, so I did. I called today to see if it was the right Jackie, and it was. I got to talk to her for almost fifty minutes. We played catch up. She caught me up on what was going on with her, and I caught her up with my family. It was nice. I told her mom and I will have to take her out to lunch. It would be nice to catch up with her in person, ya know? It was nice to talk to her though. She's doing pretty well, and so I'm happy to hear that. Still independent, and that's a good thing! I told her mom would call to make arrangements with her. And I've been stitching and chatting and playing a lot these past few days, too. I got quite a bit done on Shore Patrol. (Since I'm not using the huge rose as a Christmas ornie, I'll never get them done in time. Of course, there's always next year. So I'm back to working on my regular schedule. It's Beach Romance Sunday, Time To Go on Tuesday, ornie Wednesday, Noah's Sub Thursday, and rotation Monday, Friday, and Saturday.) I started working on them as of Thursday of this week. I really, REALLY enjoyed having different things to stitch on again. It was great.

The first piccy I'll show you is Shore Patrol (JCA Creations). It's coming along well. I got quite a bit done on the fox, and he's almost finished except for a few fill ins. I also got lots of the dark gray done in between the two foxes. (I did play quite a bit, though. We just had a new expansion pack come out, and it had two new character choices in them. Of course, I started one of each right away. I now have a thirty seven Half Bagi (the Bagi Warrior is a big, touch character that utilizes his strength. He's a male, so the Half Bagi is his female counterpart) and a twelve Black Wizard (the Black Wizard is the male character to the Incar Magician. She uses a wand or staff, and he uses an orb). The Half Bagi is much more fun to me at the current moment. I can't wait for the other characters to be released. We still need a male Segita Hunter (bow, crossbow, or dagger character), and male Aloken (spear character), and a female Azure Knight (male character using great sword, great axe, great mace, or sword and shield). I love new characters though, hence the starting one of each right away.) Anyways, piccys. That's where I was going with this, lol. As you can see, I did get quite a bit done on Shore Patrol for only having had two days on it. I think it's looking great, and I'm so glad my mojo came back with this piece. Moving on from the fox for a short time helped, I think. So now I'll be working on my next rotation piece, Dad's Memorial. (Fitting, I think, for the week of Christmas since he died during the Christmas week two years ago.) Hopefully, I'll get some decent progress. I have trouble with that with this piece, because I can't see through the towels like I can see through the evenweave I usually use.

And then I'll show pics of the almost ornie (which I've decided to frame) that I've been working on on Wed. It was gonna be my sister's ornie, until I figured out how big it's gonna be. (Almost seven inches in diameter. It was supposed to be stitched over one, oops.) I really love the way this is looking. The confetti is a pain, but it looks fabulous, I think. I've started the leaves to the left now, and they're moving right along. I tried to do all the reds first, but found the confetti was making me so slow, I was chomping at the bit to do more than a few stitches at a time. So I do several colors of three stitches at a time, or whatever it happens to be, then I do a color of green which is a lot of stitches at a time. It keeps me going at a fairly good clip and I'm grateful that it's not all confetti. I may, I haven't decided yet, give this to Julie for Christmas next year. She has room to hang it, and red is her fave color. But I don't know if I want to keep it or not, so I'll be making that decision when it gets done. I'd like to frame it round, but I don't know if my framer can do that. I may take it out to Keepsakes, as they have a whole room devoted to framing, and lots more options than Hobby Lobby has. So I have that thought firmly in the back of my mind while working on it.

Next up is Noah's Sub (Stoney Creek). I really enjoyed working on this piece this week. It was the first thing I had worked on besides ornies in a long time. And I got quite a bit done on it. I'm getting closer and closer to a first page finish on it. And I'm excited about that. I love the colors in the sky. I worked with purple, then blue, then purple, then pink. (The middle purple and blue were only a few half stitches of each, so I didn't really get THAT much done on it.) It's looking good though. And I do feel like I made good progress. It was so nice to work on something not a rose, lol. Gave me a great lift, and that felt good. I did have to frog a few stitches, but not many. Maybe between ten and twenty? It was just a little frog, lol. I wasn't sure I liked the color I was using though. Compared to the other blues and purples, this one looks brownish to me. But I've decided it blends in just right. (It doesn't look as brownish in the piccy as it does in real life, I don't believe.)

And my last project to show is Beach Romance (Janlynn). I got some good work in on it today, while watching the football game. It's nice to have lots of progress to show. I put in parts of his left leg. (LOL, it's his left leg which is on the right of the project cause he's facing the camera view. It sounds funny to say his left when it's on his right.) He's coming along nicely. I will work on some more sand when I finish this leg, as there's still lots of sand to go. I'm glad to work on it again, as I know Amy is anxious for updates. I still love the color of the fabby I'm using. It's such a pretty color! It will show off the words beautifully, and I think it will look great all finished on that particular color.

And last but not least, I'm gonna need to learn a new HTML skill for this last paragraph. I finally (last week, a week after Feast of Carols was over) got the link to the audio files from our November UC Choruses concert. I'm gonna try to upload a few of them here, so y'all can have a listen. I really think we sounded great, except there was a small hiccup in the key change of Vindo. It's not bad, but it's not great. (It's hard to do a key change when you're a capella, cause there's nothing to follow. You just have to nail it in midair, so to speak. (When I say midair, I mean with nothing to support it.)) Anyways, here are the files. Okay, maybe not. The darned video files don't want to embed. And since I've never done it before, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. But after five tries, all of the failures, I give up, lol. I'll link you instead.
O Pastorelli Adio
Out of the Morning
Those are the three songs we did alone. Then the men did a song, that I love, and I uploaded that for you as well.
And here is the combined piece. It's Beethoven's Opus 80, and be warned, there is a lot of music to be had before you get to the choral part. The orchestra and piano play for almost fifteen minutes before the chorus sings. So if you don't like classical music, give this one a skip. Otherwise, it's a beautiful piece. Okay, never mind the combined piece. says the video is too long, which is stupid. I just watched an hour and forty seven minute video of The Nutcracker, and this is only twenty minutes long. Stupid website. Anyways, I had to add a piccy of me (and of the men) to make them video so I could upload them to so that I could embed them here. Just ignore the pics, lol. The music is beautiful. My fave is Gaudete, then Vindo, then O Pastorelli Adio, then Out of the Morning is last on my list of what I like to listen to. I hope you enjoyed them (or will enjoy them). Also, I really hope all my blogger friends have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and profitable year for 2013. At this time, I'd also like to say another thank you to all my friends (blogger, messenger, phone, in person) and family who were so supportive of my dream of going back to school. I don't really consider it work yet, as I've enjoyed the learning way too much to call it work. Hopefully, this next semester will be the same. But your comments, your love and hugs, all of your prayers, they mean the world to me. So now, so close to the end of the year, let me tell you thank you, from the bottom of my heart. The support I have means everything to me. I thank you for sharing of your lives with me, and for leaving me all the comments you do. Here's to a great year next year, for ALL of us!!!Oh, and greetings and rubs and Merry Christmas from the ever lovely Yes Dear too. She's mad cause I didn't put up a tree, lol. (She likes (no, likes is not a strong enough word) adores playing with the ornies she knocks off the tree.)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another update

Hi again, folks. As promised, I'm catching you up with what's going on in my world. (I have so much in my head, I don't know where to start, lol.) I guess Sunday is as good a place as any. Well, actually, Saturday. Well, actually, the UC Choruses concert. I'll start there. We had an orchestral rehearsal for the UC Choruses concert on Sunday. Then we had dress rehearsal on Tuesday, regular rehearsal on Monday and Wed, and the concert Wed night. It was busy and hectic, but fun. We did a very beautiful piece for the finale, one of Beethoven's Opus 80. It is gorgeous, but very long. (There are almost fifteen minutes of music by the orchestra before the chorus even opens its mouth. It's beautiful, but still you have to listen and be engaged in the music or you look like a dork standing there.) I love the piece, and it came off really well, but I had a little problem with it. All of dress rehearsal was standing, and most of orchestral rehearsal was standing as well. I managed, but then when it came time for the concert, I was a mess. I had to sit down on the riser during the first part of the Beethoven, because my right knee was shaking so badly. So during the orchestral rehearsal for Feast of Carols, I sat. And during the dress rehearsal, I sat. And during the combined rehearsal, I sat. (Do you see a pattern here?!?) And the first concert was on Saturday night. It went really well, but I was really sore at the end of it. I went home and soaked in the tub, then took a sleeping pill and went to bed. (Well, I did chat with Dani on messenger for a bit in between. But not for too long.) I had to get up early the next day because of the football game. My brother's friend Rusty invited us (Amy and I) to tailgate with them. I was a little bit nervous, but if I can handle talking in front of a class of thirty, I figure I can surely handle eight people or ten or even fifteen tailgating, right? Well, I woke up at nine AM on Sunday morning, and was absolutely in agony. My back had tried to go out on Saturday before the concert, and I refused to let it. But after sleeping a full night, it had tightened up on me and it was extremely painful. So I begged off. I watched the game from home (they played badly and lost, but I like Dallas so it wasn't too bad) while sitting on the cornbag. (For those of you that don't know, corn holds the heat really well. It's sort of like sitting on the heating pad.) I did go to the concert on Sunday night, cause I needed to for the grade. It worked out all right, though. I was sore and in pain afterwards, but not in agony like I was in the morning. I was happy about that. I was pissed cause I missed the game, and I cried about it all morning. I laid on my bed and had a good cry, and then was teary all day. I teared up when I told my friend, Rebekah, that I didn't get to go, too. It was awful. Amy went, and gave the other ticket to a friend of hers and David's. He apparently had a good time, and so did she. (Not in a getting together type of way, in a getting drunk kind of way. Amy was apparently sloshed when she got home, lol.) So it all turned out all right, but I was really disappointed. And mad. Mom says I must really be hers, cause when she was little, she used to often have that happen to her. Not the same malady, but that she got sick whenever she was supposed to go somewhere. We say that a lot, lol. That I must be hers. It's actually kind of funny, when we say it. Oh, I must really be yours. I'm gonna try again, of course. Someone told me about, and I was able to find good seats there at great prices. So maybe sometime before the end of the season, I'll get to go to a game. I'm hoping, anyways.

And I have some more stitchy progress to show, too. I have another ornie to show you. I'm working on ornies pretty much all the time now, lol. (Well, not all the time, but a lot.) I have Amy's done, Mom's done, and several of mine done. Rosa's is also finished. I still have Cathy's to do, and David's, and I'm working on Jim's atm. It matches Cathy's, but they're both gonna be very large. Mom picked them out, as I've never seen Cathy's tree. They're both roses, and very pretty, but… I didn't read the instructions, and so they're gonna be huge. They're supposed to be stitched on twenty eight count fabby, over one. I'm doing them over two. So they're gonna be nearly six inches in diameter, which is quite large for an ornie, imo. D'oh, lol. But, on the plus side, they're pretty. Thanks again, Vicki, for getting me the Anchor floss. I appreciate it. (The floss came in the mail on the day I finished up Amy's ornie, so it was like fate!) It's coming along, but there's a lot of confetti. I don't help matters, cause as I work I sometimes skip a stitch here and one there, so then I have to go back later, and fill those in. I like the way it's looking though, so that's good. I've got a leaf done, and a large part of the rose, as you can see. I'm filling in as I go now, instead of looking all over the place to see if each color has any more stitches that aren't done, which can totally be a pita. Eventually, I'll get all the little holes filled in, and boy will I be happy then. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna finish up all the ornies for Christmas this year, so they will have to wait till next year. I'm okay with that. (Mom has yet to make up the ornies that I stitched for her several years past, lol. I'm not rushing these.)

And next up, I'm gonna talk about my grades. I should have straight A's for this first semester, which I'm very proud of, but not. Let me explain, lol. I've learned a lot from my first semester in school. I learned I can pay attention to homework the same way I pay attention to stitching and playing and whatnot. (By that, I mean I can do one kind of homework for an hour, then switch to another kind of homework, and even though I'm still doing homework, I feel like I'm doing something different. So my attention doesn't wander, which is really good to know. I often switched off between stitching, and playing, and blogging before I started back to school, and I'm so pleased that the principle applies to homework.) I learned I do have some discipline. (Not a lot, but more than I thought.) I can harness the smart that's in me, which is also good to know. I'm more confident when I have to speak in front of people, and I know that comes from having to raise my hand and ask a question in class. I'm more flexible than I was when I started school, and I've lost over twenty pounds. (Hopefully, I won't gain it all back during the break.) I feel better physically, and that helps me out quite a bit. So it's been good for me. Next semester, I'm taking more classes, and so it will be more of a challenge. These are the classes I'm taking next semester, in the order that I take them.

  • UC Women's Chorus
  • College Algebra
  • Database Management I
  • Fundamentals of UNIX
  • Implications of IT
UNIX is an open source (meaning the program is created and given away, and that each person can see the source code and make changes to it if they want to) Operating System, similar to Windows and Mac OSX. I saw it listed somewhere for Spring semester, and then couldn't find it in the listings for classes. So I called the IT adviser, and he had them offer it. (Pretty cool, huh? Of course, if I hadn't seen it as listed, I would never have known to ask for it, so…) I'm quite excited about it. And Database Management I is gonna be fun too. It's my first actual programming class, so I can hardly wait. When you query a database (I'm hoping most of you know a little bit about Access), you write the query in English. You add criteria and fields to your query to ask the database a question, and it returns the fields you requested along with filtering based on your criteria. But when you query a database, the system communicates using a computer language called SQL (well, most frequently SQL). It stands for Structured Query Language. DMI is the class where we start learning to write queries in SQL rather than plain English. I'm excited about it, as I said, and so I'm waiting eagerly for classes to start. Implications of IT I'm not really excited about, but it's one of the classes I feel like I should have, so… (Actually, there are a lot of classes I feel like I should have, lol. My schedule is packed all the way through.) I think I'll do well though. In my Fundamentals of IT class, I have half a point more than the total points allowed at this point. (He gave us a bonus assignment, and so I did it.) I'm still waiting to get my final grade back, but with this professor, I’m not holding my breath. In my other class, I already know my final grade. I have a total of 1,108 points out of a possible 1,105. (That professor gave bonus points as well, for being there on certain days.) And in chorus, we are allowed to miss two days and still keep an A. I missed a total of five days (three classes, and one concert) and did three make up opportunities. So I have an A there too. I'm very pleased with how it went, and can't wait for next semester to learn even more. Yes, I know, I AM a geek. I've always loved to learn though, so it's no surprise to me!

And lastly, Vicki has asked me to share her wordsearch on my blog. She created it with the names of thirty of her patterns in it, and to three lucky winners will go a free card pattern. (Her cards are lovely, so this is truly a really cool prize.) If you want to compete with me, you can go to her blog here. Good luck finding all the words! (And wish me luck as well. The letters look all tiny and such, so I'm putting off doing it atm. They really aren't, but I'm usually wearing my glasses when I’m not looking at the screen, so…

Anyways, that's all I can think of for tonight. I hope you're all having a great morning (it's five thirty AM, holy crap. I need to get to bed, lol), and I also hope you all have a great day!! See you around!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another long overdue update (very long)

Hello folks, as I promised, I'm trying to blog more often. (And NOT succeeding either, lol.) At least for now, I'm good. I've been busy, but I'm taking a few minutes for a study break to blog. (It will probably take several study breaks to write it all, but hey, might as well get started today, even if I don't finish till tomorrow. Heck, my last blog was so long, I started it on Saturday afternoon, and finished it late on Tuesday night!!!) I guess I'll start with school again, as it's the current important thing for me. (Actually, there is one thing more important, but I'm holding that back for now. It makes me smile, though, so I will share with you in a little bit.) I'm still getting straight As, so that is great. I have a grade coming (soon, I hope) for my test on Friday in Computer Applications and another for my midterm which I took on Tuesday the ninth. He told us that he would have midterms graded by the next class, which is in three and a half hours. (Still no grades up. I've been checking every day.) Who knows when he'll get them done. As for my other class, he told us yesterday he finished up exams late Sunday night, and would be putting the grades in sometime on Tuesday. He's never been as late as my other professor, so I trust that they'll be up today sometime. I'm eager to see my grade on both. (They should both be A+, but I'm hoping for perfect scores, sooooooooo...) I know, I know, overachiever. I am, and I freely admit it. (Tora called me that on my last blog, and I totally admit to it. But she's an overachiever too, so :p, lol.) Anyways, on to more fun things. There are two wonderful things I'm going to tell you about, but I'll pace myself so the excitement doesn't get to be too much, lol.

The first exciting thing is... Well, some background first. My mom went to a Breast Cancer fundraiser on Sunday. You could enter raffles for all kinds of baskets. She entered for a couple, but put most of her tickets in on the one with (are you ready for this) a pair of tickets to... (Drumroll please)... The Bengals vs Dallas game. And she WON!!!!!!!!!!!! She's not a Bengals fan, but she knows how much of a fan I am, so she put in for the tickets for me. I was so excited Sunday when I found out. I was all thrilled about the whole thing. For a while... Then, after I called her on Monday morning, I realized... The tickets to the Bengals game are for the same day that our winter concert is scheduled. Feast of Carols has one concert Saturday night, one concert Sunday afternoon, and one concert Sunday night. To go to the game, I would have to miss the concert Sunday afternoon. I'm willing to do that, as long as he doesn't flunk me. I really badly want to go to the game, though. So if it just drops me down from an A to a B, I'm okay with that. And he seems to be a nice guy, so I'm hoping he'll be willing to work with me on this. Plus, it's not like she bought the tickets and could change them to another game, ya know? So I asked Amy to go with me. (She's not a huge football fan, but she's savvy and I enjoy her company, so it's all good.) I really thought hard about asking Dani to go with me, but she's planning to come in during Rosa's visit, and I didn't want to ask her to come in twice within a few months of each other, plus there are other things as well. Amy's already planning to come to the concert, so we could go up together and she could meet up with David and Aunt Carol and mom at the theater, and then we're going out to dinner afterwards. And if I took Dani, she'd have to go to the airport instead of dinner, and the whole point of everyone going to the concert in the evening was so that we could go to dinner, so that would be bad. And I really don't want to deliver her to the airport for a late flight (concert over at six, get to dinner at six thirty or seven, get finished at eight or eight thirty, get to the airport at nine thirty or ten, flight leaves at eleven thirty or later...) She would get in in the middle of the night, and someone would have to pick her up from the airport... It just wouldn't work, although I would love to go to the game with her. So Amy and I are going, and I know we're gonna have fun. I have two Bengals blankets to bring, and I'm gonna wear a pair of long johns, jeans, and sweatpants on my bottom and a short sleeved T, a long sleeved T, a sweatshirt (all Bengals of course), and a heavy coat. So I'll need to bring a bag with me so I can change clothes, and put all my layers in it. (No hardship as I have several Bengals bags I can bring, lol. Yes, I AM obsessed.) I'm so excited about the whole thing, and now I can hardly wait for December to come. Mom should have the tickets on Wed or Thurs, and we can check and make sure it WAS Dallas, and see where the seats are. Since we don't know who donated them, they could be anywhere in the stadium. First row (season ticket holder donation), last row (random pair of tickets) or anywhere in between. So we'll have to see what the tickets say, and then I'll talk to Mike about it. I really hope he doesn't object too strongly to me missing the one concert. I suppose if I have to, I could drop the class, but I really don't want to. I'll just have to see how it goes. But I'm going to that game. It's been twenty years since I've been able to go to a game, and I've been so good the last few years, I deserve a treat. I even finished Jesus, and that deserves a treat (I had one picked out, but it will have to wait for something else. Maybe when I graduate). So yay for mom (she spent twenty dollars of which sixteen went on the Bengals basket) and yay for me. (Mom doesn't like football enough to go to see a game. Especially not in December, when it could be miserably cold. I totally do, and I know how to bundle up. I am sooooooooooooo ready.) So that's my one good news. The other is even more exciting (only because I'm impatient and I have to wait for the Bengals game), but you have to wait for after the stitchy stuff for it. Stitching is up next.

For stitchy prowess, I don't have much. (At first I didn't, but since so much time has gone by since I started this, I have lots more.) Honestly, I hardly had time last week what with studying for my midterm exam the first part of the week and my Excel test the second part of the week. I had my exam on Friday, so I did get to stitch some Friday night. And then I got an hour or two in on Saturday. I worked on Desert Landscapes Mandala this week, and I've only done a few colors in part nine, which is the border around the whole thing. I started with the browns at school on Friday. I studied hard Wed and Thursday, so I didn't feel that I needed to study Friday before class. Also, I do all of the assignments in the book, even the ten projects that aren't assigned. I get a lot of practice that way, and I feel like I know what I'm doing and can pass the test well. I got a ninety eight on the last one, out of a hundred, and I hope I did as well on this one. I had some trouble getting started with this part though. I hadn't printed it off yet, so I had to do that on Friday morning (Monday I overslept, and got there just in time for class). Then, I had to take it off the Q-snap twice while waiting for the shuttle. When I finished up part eight, I left the Q on around that part. So I pulled it all off, positioned it so I could start at the top left corner of the piece, and put it back on. Then, I realized there was no point of reference. It just started, without anything in the frame to tell me where to start. So I had to pull it off again, and move it into the center of the piece on the top, since there IS a reference point there. (Yes Dear must have been standing on the puter again last night, as there are random sevens throughout this paragraph. If I missed one, I'm sorry. It's just a little hello from Yes Dear!) Then I was finally able to get started.

I do have a little bit of progress on my ornie too. (I'm showing the final piccy of the ornie, as I've finished it in between now and writing this.) It's coming along, but not very quickly. I have done less stitching on Wed since I started school (and I've had to frog this several times), so it's not coming along as quickly as I'd hoped it would. I don't think I have a chance at getting the ornies all done for Christmas now. I still have four to do after this one, sooooooo… I really wanted to pick up the 2012 JCS ornie issue, but I had just bought all those ornie kits and I convinced myself not to. Now I wish I had, lol. Not that there is anything specific in it that I want, but I like to have LOTS of options. I will get some work in on Rosa's ornie today too. Maybe she and I could stitch together for a while. That would be nice. She works most of the time on Noah, since she wants to get caught up to me, and I work on whatever that day's project is. Makes her feel better about catching up, and me feel better cause I love to get together and stitch. I am loving the colors in this. They're really deep and rich, and you can't exactly get a feel for that in the photo. Definitely worth the money for the overdyed floss.

This week is Impossible Love, and I did take a piccy of it, even though I've hardly done anything on it. Last time, I really didn't get into it, so I didn't know how this time was gonna work out. I'm not totally into it, but I did manage to get done with the ten by ten row I was working on. Since I did, I took a piccy. I just love the colors in this one too. Peachy, pinky, orangey colors to simulate sunrise, sort of. (The sun is actually fairly high in the sky to have the sky be those colors, but it is still very pretty, so…) On Friday, I'll get a start on the next row of ten by tens. I need to put in a grid line, but that's no big deal. It shouldn't take me long at all. And then I'll be ready to start again. I'm hoping starting a new row will help me feel excited about it again. I really didn't on Monday, but maybe starting new will help me get that feeling back. We will see how it goes!

And I have more projects since I wrote this. I was going to do a two week blog entry, but it got lost in the shuffle. Here it is three weeks after I started it, and the darned entry is still not finished!!!!!! Anyways, last week was Rosa and I don't have a piccy of it. I didn't get much done. I started, slowly, on the Bullion Knots. They are easier than I thought to do, but harder to place. So I'm pulling out the ones I already did, cause they don't look quite right. (They're placed funny. I followed my instincts, and I should have followed Vicki's design, lol. I'm not creative enough to just make a rose!!!) So no piccy of that this week. I have a possible cheat on the Bullion Knots. A lady in my EGA group told me that she does hers the hard way. You come up and go down where you normally would, but instead of leaving a loop and wrapping around the second time you come up, you pull taut and then come back up and start looping around it that way. You're actually wrapping the floss around the layer of floss you already laid down, instead of wrapping around the needle and pulling through. Vicki tried the cheat and said it works, but it takes forever!!! I think if I can get the placement right, I'll easily be able to make the roses. So we'll see how it goes. (Considering I've been dreading them for a while, they're not near as bad as I thought they'd be. Score one for Vicki who said they're fairly easy.) Also, she "shared" something with me the other day. She saw a child in a stitchy shop the other day. Eight to ten range of age or so. And she said, "I love blanket stitch because it's so easy to do." I was flummoxed. I simply can't get mine to turn out right, no matter what I do. I told Vicki that I'm just sad, lol. If eight to ten year olds can do, I should be able to do it too, lol. SAD!!!

I also worked on a couple of other things. (I uploaded the current piccy of the ornie, instead of the one I was going to upload.) I worked on both Noah's Sub and Time To Go over the last few weeks. I forgot (because I'm a dork) that I planned to work on the ornies on Thursday as well as Wednesday. I thought I might have a chance at getting them done, but then when I went shopping with mom (she wasn't sure how to find the mall), I took Noah. (I'm too tired to go take another photo, and I can't find the one I already took in my pictures file, so we're gonna hold off on a photo of Noah. After all, it's five AM, and I need to get some sleep tonight!!!) He's looking cute, of course. I did a couple of stitches on the zebra (Literally, I did two stitches in light gray, then went back to the bands of the sky). Then I worked on a big band of the sky at the top. It's 3742, I think. It looks kind of brownish next to the other purples. I'm hoping it will blend better when I get it finished. But we'll have to see. I've seen things that look awful when you put them in look great when all the colors are in, and I'm hoping that happens in this case (Jesus's spray on tan (thanks for that giggle Claudette) is what I'm thinking of.) I think it's just a wait and see thing now. I'll be ticked if I have to pull it all out cause I don't like it though…

And Time To Go is actually coming along quite nicely. I have a Tuesday night class. I have to be there at six and so I usually leave at five in case there's traffic. I generally get there at five twenty or five thirty, and I sit there and wait the rest of the time. So I take my stitching, and work on it while I wait. I've finished up the first two pages on it, and am working on the third. You can almost see the candle that's providing the light in this case. And in the row of ten by tens that I'm working now, you get to see the beginning of her wing. She's so pretty. I love the chart, although I would never do it for myself. Too overtly sexy. I like the sexiness to be very subtle. Not falling out of her bustier in your face, lol. But he's a man, and you know how they are!!!

I also got some work in on Country Bloomers. It's looking good. I got quite a bit of the new pair done, almost one whole leg. And it's solid stitching, so I put a lot of stitches in it. I love that shade of blue. I think it may be my fave color in the whole piece. I got quite a bit done on it at my brother's house that Saturday. I went out to his house cause he was having a big bonfire. He is a great host, and he loves to have people over. He invited a bunch of folks over. I went over early. (It was actually at my dad's old house, which my brother now owns.) I got there about four, but no one else got there till about six. It was just David, Amy, Amy's friend Abby, and myself. The dog wasn't there, because he gets all het up and wants to follow everyone everywhere. He has to keep track of his people. David and Amy (and quite a few other people) stayed the night there, so they could drink. I left at about seven or seven thirty, cause I was dogsitting at his other house, lol. I got there around eight or a little bit after, gave the dog his pill, and settled in for an evening of stitching. We had a good time, as always. So I got a lot done (both at the party and afterwards).

And the next project gets the award for quickest project ever, lol. I started working only on ornies in November, to try and get them done for Christmas. I'm not sure if I'll make it or not, but I'm sure gonna try. (I just have to bucke down and do it. I'm tired of confetti though, so it's hard.) Anyways, I finished up Rosa's ornie on a Tuesday, and started Amy's ornie. That Tuesday night, I was looking (every freaking place I could think of) for the ornie pattern for David's and Amy's ornies, and I couldn't find it anywhere. There were still component boxes everywhere, and I decided to do a little cleaning and organizing. I worked for over two hours, y'all, and still hadn't found what I was looking for. I went through every cubby on my desk, twice. Finally, I found it (in a cubby, of course), and put it on my desk. I looked at the clock, and low and behold, it was after six. (My class starts at six.) So I decided, since he doesn't take attendance, and I was very comfortable with the subject matter, I was gonna skip the class that night. I wouldn't have gotten there with twenty minutes left anyways, so it was no big loss. And I went up to Hobby Lobby instead and got floss. I started the ornie that night, and finished it that Friday. I was so impressed with how quickly it got done, especially as there are quite a few fractional stitches in it. I did have some extra time that week though, for Thanksgiving break. That helped.

That's all the stitching I've got to show you. Now on to my other big news. I'm getting… A new computer!!!! My desktop is old and cranky, and it really doesn't deal well with Microsoft Office. Lots of Not Responding messages. It's a PITA. So I'm going to borrow some money from mom, and I got myself a new one. Well, sort of. It's not up and running yet, because I've done something wrong, I think. I bought the components for a new computer. I'm actually building it myself. I tried running it for the first time the other day, but it's not working. It makes a sort of hollow click sound when I press power, then nothing happens. So I need to figure out what's wrong with it. I'm gonna try it again in a little bit here. I'm backing up some files I did today (Carbonite Backup in the cloud), and then we'll hook it up and give it another go. Hopefully, it will work this time. I got some great, superb, amazing components too. It was expensive, but I would never have gotten such a great computer if I hadn't built it myself. Hopefully, I can figure out what's wrong with it on my own. I was so proud of myself for building it, and then it fizzled on me. So now I have to figure out what the problem is. (UPDATE: The problem is the motherboard. It's not POSTing (Power On Startup Test), and it should be. So I have to return the motherboard and get a new one. No wonder I can't get it to work!! It's still fun to build though. (Except for the CPU fan. That's horrible to get on. I hate it. I had to put it on, then I had to take it off to get the CPU part number, then I had to put it back on again. I have to press so hard my fingers get bruised!!! And now, I have to take everything off the motherboard, and get a new one to put everything back on. Which means I have to put the CPU fan on AGAIN!!! What a pita, lol. But still, I'm happy that I know enough to build one, so it's all good.) I'll definitely update you on how it goes when I get the new motherboard.)

And other updates. I'm finished with school except for one exam, on Tuesday night. Since I'm out, I'll probably be blogging more soon. I'll have lots of updates for you, including what happened Sunday (football game and Feast), but this is already way long, so I'm gonna end here, and I'll put up my pics for now. Then, in a few days, I'll come back and do a better update. Hope you all hagn, and sleep well tonight. (It's already almost one o'clock, geez. I've been studying for hours, lol.)

And I forgot one more thing. I have a couple of piccys of YD to share! I took them while she was sitting in my cubby. I pulled out my box of discs, looking for a startup disc for my computer. (I don't remember which one, lol. I have a lot of them.) And while I had it out, she noticed that there was space where there's not usually space. So she had to climb up there and see what was going on! (She may actually be nosier than I am. I'm not positive, as it's a bit of a toss up, but she may be.) I took a piccy of her taking up space, as she's very cute when she's being, well, cute, lol. And then I used the zoom and took a piccy of her cute little face. There is no body in it, just that cute little face. I think she's just adorable, but I'm slightly prejudiced, lol. I hope you love the piccy just as much as I do. I've added these and a few others to her album on Photobucket, so if you want to see the other new piccys, you can follow this link. And again, hagn. Thanks to all my blogger friends who've supported me throughout my first semester. It's been awesome of you to let me know you think I can do it. So thanks to everyone who left me a comment on my school posts, or said I think you can do it. You all really made my day!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Long Overdue Update (Really long, so settle in)

I'm really sorry this is so long, but I have a LOT to say!!!! It's been forever since I blogged!!!

Okay, it's been over a month since I blogged, but I do have a good excuse. School is keeping me really, REALLY busy. I have regular classes, study time, and events that I have to do, so I'm busier than I can ever remember being. I also have to go to my regular doctor's appointments too, so that takes away from my time as well. I still do get a little stitching time, but it's not every day anymore. (And lately, I've been all over my Xbox 360 with some awesome games, so that's even less stitchy time.)But I'll get you all caught up with stitching and other stuff too, so hang on to your hats.

I've got three classes this semester. The first one (I'm listing them in the order they occur, since I like them all equally) is UC Women's Chorus. I'm loving this class. It's only one credit hour, but it's still three hours per week. I was always a first soprano before, but now I'm a second alto. For those of you who don't know the voice parts, the top one is Soprano I, followed by Soprano II, followed by Alto I followed by Alto II. So I've gone from the top of the heap to the bottom. (I'm MUCH more comfortable down there, though, so it's all good.) I AM having a little trouble with the harmony though. Firsts generally sing the melody, and everyone else harmonizes, and I still have a tendency to want to sing the melody. I'm getting there though. We've had lots of events so far. Mini retreat was on the fourteenth and fifteenth of September. It was fun. We went to a place called Camp Higher Ground in Indiana. It's a retreat place specifically tuned to musical retreats. They even have a football field for band practice!!! Then we had dress rehearsal for the Celebration of the Life of Elmer Thomas concert last weekend. It went off beautifully. We had two songs by our self, then two songs with all the other choruses. It was awesome. Our director, Mike, got so many compliments. And a LOT of the guests were previous faculty and students that had conducted choruses before (several of them women's chorus). The head of the choral department came into rehearsal to compliment us on our performance, and Mike said he's never, EVER heard of that happening before. This weekend we have another performance, for homecoming. We're singing the Alma Matter (with gestures) and the National Anthem. (I'll be happy to never hear either song again, lol.) I had them both memorized from before (the anthem since I was about twelve, the Alma Matter from the last time I was in chorus), so I really didn't need a lot of work on them. Then we have a performance breather, till mid-November, I think. Then it's the UC Choruses concert. One of the songs for that I hate. It's a drinking song, and not only is it difficult, it's celebrating getting drunk when the wine is ready to drink. So they're celebrating something I really don't like (wine) by doing something I don't like to do (getting drunk). Not my fave piece. It's a Hayden, from his seasons series. We're also doing another piece from the fall, the hunt. I like it better so far, but we've barely scratched the surface.

I know that was a lot about chorus, but we've been busy. The other classes won't be nearly as long. My other MWF class is Computer Applications. I've done really, REALLY well in it. I've got 399 out of a possible 395 points so far. (Yes, I have bonus points, and I may get more). It's a lovely class. I like the instructor. The applications we're working on are all from the Microsoft Office Suite: Power Point will be last, Access Database will be next, we're working on Excel now, and Word was first. I've never used office before, and I would never have learned how to use all the functions in it in a million years. It's been fun though. We did some of the projects in the textbook and some of them that Joe K. made up himself. I'm loving Excel, and I really thought I wouldn't as I know it involves math. But I'm good at figuring out how to get from A to C. I know I have to multiply this by that, and then divide by that other. Since I don't have to do the math, I'm good with it. (And the book has extra projects in it, for extra practice. I do them so I know what I'm doing. And I love it when it says, "Write a formula to figure out the percent increase of ______ over the years 2008-2012, then project 2013 with an increase that fits the previous percentages." I know how to do that, and it works out great for me.

My last class is Fundamentals of Information Technology. So far, I have fifteen of fifteen points on it. We have a midterm next week, so I'll get another grade then. It's worth twenty points, so it’s a much bigger deal than the five point homeworks. I don't much like things about this class, although the subject is fascinating. My professor is one of those that lectures at top speed, and skips over things the book thinks are important. I'm writing as fast as I can to keep up with him, and then he finishes the six to eight fifty class a few minutes after seven. That's an hour and fifteen minutes taken up of an almost three hour class. I'm not trying to be rude, but that pisses me off. I'm paying for three hours, and I'm not getting anywhere near that. Luckily, the subject is intriguing. We've learned a lot about how the computer functions, and how to upgrade it. I actually used what I learned in the class to buy myself a DDR2 SDRAM 240 pin memory module. (RAM is where your computer keeps all the temporary things, like instructions and the operating system, while it's turned on. It's cleared out every time you turn the computer off, but if you don't have enough RAM to run on, your computer is very slow. Since I added the office suite, my computer has been very slow, so I'm trying to fix that.) I hope it comes today, as I ordered it on the third, or maybe it was the second...

And now on to... STITCHING!!! And yes, there is a LOT of it. This is also my lost WIPacolypse post for August thirty first, and the end of September. I have lots to show, so let’s go!!

First up is... Where do I start? Okay, how about with SALs. That seems reasonable. My Sunday project has been getting a lot of love since football has been back. (And my team is doing really, REALLY well. They're three and one so far, which is an excellent record. I'm so excited for the rest of the season. Of course, it is gonna be difficult from here on in, but I know we can do it, so I'm excited to watch.) Anyways, Beach Romance (Janlynn). I got the first eighth done, and quite a bit more. I had to move my Q-snap a few weeks ago, and I didn't realize how little there was to do on the other side. So I'm making good progress. I do do some homework on Sundays, but I usually watch two games, so it's all good. As you can see, I'm working on his legs now, and his pants, and the sea next to his legs. It's coming along well. I'm still getting several hundred stitches in each week, so it's progressing faster than anything else. I love the sea colors. They're so pretty, the various shades of blue. Very nice. I still need to do the flowers on the other page, but I'm leaving them for last. They're mostly French Knots, and I don't want to put the Q-snap over them, and possibly pull out a knot. So I'm saving them for last.

Next up is Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits). I just talked to Freak about it last night. He's been busy moving, and didn't get time to talk to me much, but he came looking for me yesterday cause it was my birthday. (41 for those of you that want to know.) I just finished (on Tuesday night, so just really means JUST) page two. I'm ready to start page three. It's moving along pretty fast. I stitch on this one pretty regularly too. Tuesday night I have a class, but I have till next Tuesday for homework and reading to be done, so I stitch Tuesday night. Usually out on the balcony with Yes Dear. I'm so excited to be done with page two. It's looking good, even though there's so much brown in it. Freak was happy that I was still working on it, even with school. I love the quality of the light. It's so pretty. Believe it or not, there's a whole bunch of different colors in there. The lightest is closest to the candle. There's gray, yellow, green, blue, and brown to form the shape of the light and the shadows. I love stitching over one, too. The stitches are so tiny you can hardly see them. Since I'm doing it two over one in Tent Stitch, it goes quickly too. (I also stitch before my first class MWF and my class on T too. So that's a little bit of stitchy time per day.)

Next up is my Christmas ornie for Rosa. She chose the most expensive one in the book (just my luck, right), but she's worth it. I got the supplies a couple of weeks ago, and worked on it for two weeks now. It's coming right along. I'm using overdyed flosses on it, and the colors are soooooo vibrant. It has a charm, beads, and paillettes in it as well (hence the expensive part). I haven't gotten to any of those yet. I've got the leaves stitched and the outer border done too. Now I'm working on the bsing for the leaves and vines. There is a lot of bsing so it's taking me a while. Also, last week I had to frog out quite a bit of bsing (and that was not fun because some of it was stitched over the leaf. I pulled out enough leaf that I had to redo it, so I was not a happy camper with myself. I'm back on track now, though.) I love the shades of green in it. They're beautiful. It's a little hard to tell them apart on the project, but you can sure tell them apart when you look at the skeins. I'm really hoping to get it done in time for Christmas, but who knows!! I need to get cracking if that's gonna happen though... (It's creeping closer and closer by the day. I can't believe it's already October!!!!)

And the last SAL is Noah's Sub(Stoney Creek). It's not coming along as well. I'm a terrible overachiever in school, and I spend Thursday reading the next chapter in my textbook, so I know what he's gonna lecture on on Tuesday next. (I also spend quite a bit of time on Saturday and some on Sunday doing chapter exercises, definitions, and reading. I like to be prepared.) This past Thursday, I got to stitch on Noah though. I took it with me to Homecoming rehearsal. And then I stitched on it a little bit when I got home too. I love the colors in the sky still. They're so beautiful. And I've started on the zebra. I've only got one color in, and it's white, so it's really hard to see, but it's a start. I'm getting close to a page finish, which I'll be REALLY excited over as the pages are sooooooooooo big! Or maybe I should say they contain so many stitches. Of course, when I get to the end of the first page, I have to put it aside and work on rotation that day. I'm waiting for Rosa to catch up to me. I'll have to start making her stitch more, lol. I think, though, that what I may do is make Thursday an ornie day too, so I'm working on them Wed and Thurs. I really wanted to make ornies for everyone this year, and I still need David, Amy, Cathy, and Jim after Rosa. (No, with school going, I really don't think I'll get them all done. But I'm gonna try! If not, I'll give them next year.) And speaking of ornies, I did get a whole big bunch of ornie kits in the mail. A LOT of them are Dimensions Gold Collection (petits and regular).

Since I brought it up, of COURSE I'll show pics, lol. I saw a lot of these when Randi was shopping for Christmas ornies, and I just fell in LOVE. So when I had a chance, I bought them. I think they're gorgeous, and cute too. There is a set of six Gold Collection petits that I bought. Each one is a bird, and they look like little bird postage stamps. Some of them have ancient stamp prices on them (three and six cents), and some of them have a postmark. They're just as cute as can be. I love the little birds too. Reminds me of Yes Dear, stalking the birds in the back yard. And they remind me of my grandma on my mom's side, who had a ton of bird feeders in her yard, and loved to watch the birds come and eat. (She also used to chase the blue jays away, because they were pushy, and would eat all the seed without letting anyone else get any, lol. They fly in and push another bird off the perch, and eat and eat and eat!! She was a generous person, but she didn't like that, so she shooed them away!!) Anyways, here are the piccys:
I hope you can see the piccys well enough. The rest of them are six ornament kits (or a pattern, in one case). The kits are all inclusive, with the backing fabby as needed etc. They're just sooooooo cute, I couldn't possibly pass them up. Here are the piccys:
Aren't they all adorable?!? I think they're so cute, and I just had to have them. I’ll have to rotate them on my tree, lol. I’m getting a little tiny tree for Christmas this year, maybe two or three feet. I’ll put it on top of my desk, and hang only homemade ornies on it. Hopefully, that will keep Yes Dear away from it.

Speaking of Yes Dear, I took a cute pic of her the other day. She was just chilling on the back of my stitching chair, with her paws crossed, lol. She lays like that every once in a while, and she looks sooooooo comfy. It’s cute. So of course, I took a piccy. And here she is, in all her feline glory, lol. She's just so cute, I can't help but share, lol. No new HAEDs this month, but I have a layaway due next month, so I'll have pics for you then of those. Now, rotation progress. I had four projects to work on since my last blog entry, and I'll go through them one at a time. They are: Frederick the Literate, Shore Patrol, Dad's Memorial, Midnight Hunting, Frost Moon, Story Keeper, and this week is Desert Landscapes, but I don't have a piccy of that yet.

Fred got some work, a long time ago, lol. I started to blog while I had him out, but my computer restarted itself, and I lost the blog I was writing. Then I got back to it again the other day, and the same thing happened (installed Microsoft Office from disc, and it restarted to complete the install. I was in the tub, and had no clue till I got back out, and then I was ticked). So I'm writing this one in Word, and saving it every time I leave it. Anyways, Fred (Dimensions, Charles Wysocki). Fred is looking good. I love his looks cause they're so close to my Yes Dear. I'm working on his back leg, and part of the book by his back leg. You can see where I diverted myself from the leg and started working on the book, cause the line suddenly goes straight down in an unleglike manner, lol. (Yes, I did make that word up. Hence the lol, cause I find it to be a funny word.) I got some work in on it at David's house too, so that made me happy. I was dogsitting, and catsitting, and stitched quite a bit. I did get a lot of the black in. It's the only color left, so it was easy to do. The interior parts (in between the other stripes) were all black, so I didn't really have to look at the chart to do them. The other parts, on the ends, I had to look at the chart, but still, it was fast. I love when that happens. I spot check in three or four places to make sure the holes that are available are the ones that are supposed to be available, and then I just stitch away. I got some done at school too, waiting for the shuttle. (I take the shuttle up from my parking garage to Dieterle Vocal Arts Center for Chorus. I don't want to arrive breathless from the walk, and I'm good to go when I get there, so it really helps.) I have to admit, it feels funny to stitch standing up! I'm soooooo not used to that, lol.

And next up is Shore Patrol (JCA Creations).I really did quite well on him this time. Instead of doing the fox, which I just wasn't feeling, I went ahead and did some of the snowy area around his head and neck. Then I started on the darker area of the hillside. I got into it much better than I got into the fox the last time I did him, so I'm pleased with my progress. I had trouble making a goal for this week, so I just didn't, lol. I worked quite a bit though, and made a goodly amount of progress, especially considering how much time homework took up. Good progress and good grades, whoo hoo!!! I'm so pleased about both. I was afraid I would choose to work on stitching instead of homework, as I'm not always as disciplined as I should be, but so far, I haven't had a problem. It could be because I love both of my classes. It's been great to work on the IT stuff, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. (I've already written a ten page paper for my Fundamentals of IT class, and enjoyed every minute of it. It was supposed to be a short paper, lol. But the subject was huge, and I couldn't really break it down, soooo…)

Then there's the ever painful Memorial for Dad (Rosa Winter).I did much better on it this time around. It's still hard to do, since I can't see through the cloth to where my needle is. But I feel like I got some good progress in spite of that, so I was happy with this one. I almost have the vines finished around the first tomato, and I've got a good start on the leaf between the first tomato and the second tomato. I keep hoping to make better progress, but I'm finally getting used to slow progress. I worked on it at school two days, and at home two days (not all the same days, lol). I did explain to someone at class what I was doing with it, and she was interested in watching. Too bad she's not interested in stitching with me. But that's all right. She recognized it as a tomato right away, which made me happy. (My mom or someone asked why I had apples on it. Since when do apples come on a vine?!? Crazy, lol.)

Okay, getting closer to the end, although there's still a bit to go. Go get yourself a refill if you need one, and then hang on till the end!! Next up is the ever lovely Midnight Hunting (Dracolair Creations). I totally love this piece. I love the fractionals in it. They're challenging, but I LIKE to be challenged, so that's a good thing. This time I had to frog, blah. I put something in the wrong place (I should know by now that when I'm stitching cross country, I shouldn't go long distances, but I thought I had it right… Blah, blah, blah, lol. I keep thinking that, and I keep on being wrong!!! Maybe someday I'll learn my lesson!) So the frogging part wasn't any fun. But the stitching is always fun, and I always enjoy it. Since I had to frog, and since I had a test that week, I didn't get much done. It was a little bit frustrating, as I wanted to work on it more. But the test had to come first, grrrrr… I was having trouble finding my place on it too. I think something else may be in the wrong place, cause the chart was NOT matching up to what I stitched. I had to frog and then I had to frog again, and then I put it down. Next time I pick it up, I'll see if it matches after the second frog. (I'll probably find I was looking at it wrong, and I didn't need to frog the second time, lol.)

Frost Moon (HAED, Nene Thomas) is up next. It really got a lot of love. I did get a ton done too. And no frogging, yay!!! I had a few colors left to do, and then I got to do the rest in all the same color. There are areas of confetti, where the stars are, but the sky is almost all 939. (Strangely, the symbol for 939 is the same in both Frost Moon, and Noah's Sub. I found that interesting.) So once I checked a few spots to make sure the stitches that were supposed to be there were actually there, I had all fill in. I started with two rows of ten by tens about half done, and I finished up with a couple of hundred stitches left in the second one, so that tells you how much I got done in that week. I think each row of ten by tens is a thousand stitches on this page. I love working over one. It's faster and easier, and I love the way the tent stitches look. Awesome!!

Last up is Story Keeper (HAED, Selina Fenech). I didn't get a lot done on her, either. Partially because of homecoming, and partially because I have a midterm today that I needed to study for. I feel well prepared for it though, so I can't complain. She's so pretty. I love the colors in this one too. It's lovely. All the blues blend seamlessly, and the final color is gorgeous. You'd never guess there are twelve or more shades of blue in that! I did lose her for a night (and I was very pissed off about that). At Homecoming Saturday night, we were told to leave our bags and stuff in the stands and someone would watch them. So we did, and when we came back to the student section, our seats were all taken, and our stuff was scattered everywhere. I was peeved. I couldn't find my darned bag, so I left and hoped someone would turn it in after the game was over and they were cleaning up. And, surprisingly, someone did turn it in. (INTACT, even. My money (change) and debit card were still in it. I was amazed by that.) So I went up on Sunday and got it back, happily. But I couldn't stitch on Saturday night, so I lost a lot of time there. (I studied instead, so good for me, lol.)

And I have a few more pics to show. We have really cool chorus tee shirts that we wore for the homecoming game. (We were all told to wear blue jeans with them, and then not everyone did. I guess they forgot.) Anyways, we were asked on the first day of class to supply our size. I did, and then forgot about it. So at retreat, they come in with these big boxes, and we all got one to wear. They're very cool, as you can see. We have Men's and Women's Choruses, which are obvious, and then there's cabaret, which is a much smaller group. You have to try out for that. I should have tried out, but I didn't know what kind of time crunch I would be under, so I didn't. We've worked with all three directors, too. Mike is Women's Chorus, Olga is Men's Chorus, and Steve directs Cabaret. It's been fun so far. And at the Homecoming game, we also got a white out shirt. (For those of you that don't know, a white out is when everyone in the student section wears a white shirt. For a blackout, we would all wear a black shirt.) So they were standing at the tops of the rows and handing out T shirts that were white. I got one, but it's only an extra-large so I think I'm gonna give it to my mom. I usually wear a XXX, so I know I can't fit into it. And she can wear it on days when UC has a game that she works, so that's kind of cool. Anyways, here it is: Clifton is the area the college is in, and Bearcats is the team's name. (The Queen City is a nickname for Cincinnati, too.) There were a LOT of people wearing these with white shirts on underneath them. They had guys come parachuting into the stadium too. It was cool. Especially as I want to learn to skydive. Two of them had red, white, and blue windsocks attacked to their legs, and two of them had American flags attached to their legs. One was a smaller flag, and the other was huge! It was really cool watching them float down. They came in to land super fast, and slid along the surface of the field till they slowed down enough to run. Lots of pomp and circumstance. And then we sang. They say we did a good job, but it was hard to tell. There's about a three second delay on the microphone/speaker system, so what we heard wasn't what we were singing. To make it easier, we didn't listen, so I can't say if we did well or not. We sang the UC alma matter, and then the National Anthem. (We did the anthem in four parts, and I loved the way it sounded in rehearsal. Awesome!!) Then we were free to go or stay. I stayed for the first half and then couldn't stand it anymore. Maybe I'm too old for this kind of stuff, lol. There were lots of drunk students and they were all hurling insults every time there was an incomplete pass or a short run (even when we were winning). I felt like saying, "Can you do better?" It was really annoying. And then, my stitching bag disappeared with my wallet in it. I was nervous about that. We were told in warm ups that someone would stay behind and watch over our stuff to keep our places, but no one did. So when we got back, stuff was piled every which way. I dug through the pile, but couldn't find my bag. I looked in the other rows, and didn't see it there either. So finally, at halftime, I went home. I was so sore, I couldn't stand it anymore. (Part of that was being in a near riot. The walkway was sooooo crowded, no one could move. And then people behind us just started pushing us out of the way, so they could get through. It was horrible. If there had been any space around me, I would have fallen to the ground, but we were packed as tight as sardines in a can. I have bruises on my stomach and arm from it. People are scary.) Anyways, I called security the next day, and described it. They said it was in the security room (and I was lucky it wasn't locked in the lost and found) and I could come and get it. So I went up to Edwards three, which is the building right next to my parking garage. (I still wore my braces cause my knees hurt from the night before.) I went through it, and believe it or not, it was totally intact. I still had cash in my wallet (change only, but lots of quarters) and my debit card was there too. I was thrilled. And I was so happy to have my stitching back. I was afraid it would be lost forever. (It was Story Keeper, my SAL with Julie that was in there, so that made it doubly sweet.)

And last but not least, it was my birthday on Friday night. Mom took me out to dinner to celebrate. We had a great time, and she gave me a few pressies too. (On top of the two hundred dollars she spent on my school clothes. I told her she needed to not give me anything for Christmas, because that's just too much to spend.) Anyways, she got me toothbrushes, a suncatcher, a lanyard, and a towel. I don't have a piccy of the towel, but it's a lovely light lavender color. It's beautiful. And the other ones are here: Aren't they all awesome? She knows me well. I hung the suncatcher up before I did anything else at home. It looks great in my window, day and night. (She even said, "Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow so it will look all pretty." And I said, "It will always look all pretty, sun or not, lol." And it totally does. I love it. I had to laugh at the toothbrushes. They're awesome as well. Who knew they made everything Bengals! We had dinner at Red Lobster (Endless Shrimp, whoo hoo) and then I got pressies, and I got myself two pressies too. Resident Evil 6 came out on October 2nd, at midnight. I wanted to go up and get it immediately, but it's right next door to Red Lobster, so I saved myself a trip. I also picked up Silent Hill Homecoming. If you're not a survival horror fan, both are very strong competitors for best survival horror game. Most survival horror is like that. The name of the game is survival. And you go up against some pretty tough mobs. (Oooops, monsters.) I also have Dead Space, Silent Hill 2 & 3 (on the same disc), and The Rise of Nightmares for X box 360. (And thanks to Dell who gave it to me free with my school laptop purchase. Whoo hoo!!!) I also have a GameCube, which is Nintendo's pre=Wii release. I have Resident Evil Zero through RE 4 on that, plus I also have Code Veronica X. I'm a huge survival horror fan. Plus, on top of that, I have a Playstation with Silent Hill. I'm well stocked with games. Unfortunately, I'm spending more time playing than I am stitching!! (I need an extra ten hours a day, lol. Then I could get everything done!!)

Anyways, I just finished up my freaking midterm. It was so easy a Troglodyte could have done it. Twenty five questions, and we're supposed to be covering SIX chapters. Geez, I studied my butt off, and I finished (I answered the questions, and then checked them against the book to make sure) in twenty minutes. Where's the challenge in that? It was open book, open notes, open Internet. Now I wish I hadn't studied. It might have taken me twenty five minutes then. Geesh. I'm gonna be on my way now. Monsters to kill, he he he. I hope you all have a great night, and thanks to those of you who stuck through all the way till the end. I'll try and blog more often from now on. Hope you all have a great night, and a great rest of the week!!!