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Monday, December 11, 2017

My Recent Doings

Hi folks!!! I've been busy. I had one day or two where I was sick. UGH!!! I had vertigo ALL DAY Sunday and Monday, so I totally missed football. All of it. And then, finally, I got to go over to mom's house and watch the Bengals Steelers game. I rooted for my beloved Bengals, who lost, but I wasn't too upset that they lost. Especially with what happened to one of my fave linebackers, Ryan Shazier. He's an excellent football player, and gets very little credit for what he does. So in a way, I'm glad his team won. They haven't given a prognosis for him yet, and I'm praying he'll be able to walk again. So far, they've only said that the doctors did surgery for his spinal injury. So hopefully, he'll recover at least enough to lead a fairly normal life. If you can, say a prayer or send a good thought his way. He can use all the help he can get right now!!!

It's also another Sunday past, and I missed football again. I'm not sure what's up with me. I'm kind of depressed, but I always am around the holidays. I've felt blah and icky for a couple of weeks now. I'm playing more, and stitching less. I've been thinking of my dad a lot, too. His birthday is Oct 21st, and he died Dec 21st, so in between the two, I always feel depressed. And I always wake up the day after Christmas and am fine. Kind of sucks for Nov and Dec though.

Saturday night (this Saturday night, not last), I ended up taking my friend Paul up to the ER. He hurt his back, and it was spasming. It was terrible. All the way up, every time we hit a pothole, he would jerk and groan. I felt TERRIBLE for him. Even tight turns were painful. But at the hospital, they gave him a shot of some kind of muscle relaxer, and it did a GREAT job for him. He was laughing and joking the whole way home. He insisted we stop and get food, so we stopped at Waffle House and ate. Then I took him home. We weren't gone for too long. I left a bit before ten thirty, maybe between ten fifteen and ten thirty, and I got home a little after three. As far as I know, we were the only patients there. So they did some things to determine what caused the spasms, and gave him a shot, and a couple of prescriptions. I haven't talked to him since I dropped him off. I called today, but got his voicemail. So if you can, say a prayer or send a good thought.

And lastly, I have a couple of pics to show. I've finished two Christmas projects in the last few weeks, one for my 12 year old neighbor, Elijah, and one for my mom. His is the Assassin's Creed Black Flag logo, and hers is the snowlady. Both were fun to work on. His gave me some trouble. It was hard for me to keep track of how many rows I'd done, so it was a nightmare in that way. But I love the color, and so that made it fun. Here they are:

The other gifts I have for Christmas, I've already shown. Paul is getting one, and my sis in law, Amy, is getting the other. I'm all done with my Christmas stitching already, so I'm working on something else for a bit, before I go back to my rotation.

And something else happened last week that I'm very happy about. I somehow (don't ASK me how, as I have NO IDEA) managed to break my glasses. I ordered a new pair on November 24th, and then waited FOREVER for them to be delivered. They got here on Monday, December 4th. So I hardly stitched at ALL during that time period. I finally got them, and had vertigo Monday, so I didn't stitch at all. Tuesday, I got about half an hour in. The new glasses are the same as my old glasses were (3.25), but I wasn't used to that anymore. So it was hard to get used to. Now I can stitch for about an hour before my eyes get wonky, which is progress. And I'm happy about it. Here's a pic of them. They're really colorful in the light, and then in low light, they just look grey, or maybe dark green. (Probably dark green, considering they ARE sage.) They're so pretty!!!

And lastly, here's what I'm working on now. I'm using my time between now and Christmas to work on something fun and cute. It's a SAL done by Durene Jones, who I think is a wonderful designer. It's called the Under the Sea SAL. So far, there are lots of cute little things in it. Here's where I was before starting part eight.As you can see, there's a shark, an octopus, a submarine (which my pal Paul told me repeatedly was done wrong because it wasn't yellow), lots of fish, and a mermaid. (Among other things, lol.) This month's part is a manta ray, I think. It doesn't have a stinger, so it can't be a stingray. My friend Angel found me pics, and it looks like our ray is an Atlantic Manta Ray. I've gotten almost all the stitching done on my Manta Ray. I've got a few stitches left to do. They're all oxygen bubbles. And then I'll be ready to start BSing this part of the project. The BS is wonderful. In every part, it just makes the details POP!!! Here's my part eight, the Manta Ray. (I just took this pic, so it's exactly where I am. Usually, I use the last pic I took of something, but I didn't have one from recently for this project. So I had to take one.)

So that's where I am today, folks. Not really feeling good, but not feeling horrible either. Just kind of blah. Now I'm off to stitch some, and hopefully get lots done. Catch ya later!!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

It's nice to read your news, but still no pictures showing up for me.
At least I know what the Under the Sea SAL lools like so I can imagine that. Yes, the submarine should be yellow!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm eventually gonna figure out what's wrong with my pics, Jo. I'm not sure right now, but I'm gonna see if everyone else can see them.

Astrids dragon said...

I hope you're able to stitch more by now!
Still can't see your photos, but I do love that SAL.

DUSTY said...

Hi, I haven’t blogged for a long while and a lot has happened. I am glad you are well. I know how you are missing your football. I could not see your pictures either. Stay safe in these terrible times.

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