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Monday, August 13, 2012

Just a quick update

Hi there folks. Long time, no see!! I'm still alive and kicking, but I've been up to my ears in busy lately, so I haven't blogged in quite a while. I had a blog written out, and it was a long one. But I lost power, and lost the whole thing. I was NOT a happy camper, lol. But I'm back with another long one today. I've got so much to say and show, so I'll get right to it.

First up, I dogsat this weekend, and the cats had me climbing walls trying to keep them where they're supposed to be. First it was Butters. She's a chunk. I went into the room to get a drink, and left the door open, so she wandered out. I closed the door behind me, and she was standing there. All of a sudden, she's trying to get into the room. I'm trying to open the doggie door with one hand, and she's looking panicked. So I look over my shoulder, and sure enough, here comes sixty pounds of dog, charging at us. I stretched out my right hand, and he slammed into me. He stuck his nose right in poor Butters's stomach. She was so scared, she literally tore the doggie door off to get out of the basement. Luckily, it was fixable. I calmed the dog down, calmed poor Butters down, and put the doggie door back where it should be. (This was Sunday night.) So then Monday dawns cloudy. I took the dog out around nine, and decided it was nice enough to stay out for a while. (He doesn't do so well in the heat.) And, since I'm a nice person, I opened the laundry room door to let the cats out in the basement. Another mistake. Butters came out and stayed close to the door. (She was a little nervous.) Reese was a whole nother matter. She went upstairs and hid under David's and Amy's bed. I was all, okay, she can stay under there till they get home. But then I thought about the litterbox, and food and water. So I called Amy for suggestions. The only thing she could do was tell me where the broom was. David has a big under bed box, made of wood, on wheels. Reese was behind it. So I got her down to the bottom, pulled the broom out, moved it around the box, and stuck it under again. She went to the top. I went top, she went bottom. I went bottom, she went top. I went top, and she finally came out from under the bed. She immediately ran under the dresser. I got her out from under there, and she ran downstairs and into the laundry room. Whew, problem solved. She wasn't happy with me, but that's okay. She was bad, so she deserves what she gets, lol. (Then I let the dog in from out in the garage, and he went looking for kitties behind the couch. I have no idea how he knew... Smart dog, I guess.) So that was the debacle this morning. Stubborn darned cat, lol.

And now, on to more pleasurable things. I got new charts this month. I got seven new Winklers, which I can't find pics of except for one. He's no longer drawing or anything, and has let all his contracts lapse, including the one with HAED. So I'm just gonna list the names here, and if you can find pics of them somewhere, more power to you!! I got:

  • Amphitrite
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autunm
  • Gweneria
  • Gaia
They're all gorgeous, of course. I especially love the first and last two. I like the seasonals too, don't get me wrong. But the other three really, REALLY get me going. They're gorgeous. And I also got some charts I can show you pics of. (I had two layaways to pay off this month. One Selina Fenech, one Fred Winkler.) Here they are: I love them all, but the dragon ones especially. Both are my style of dragon (fierce). The little one though, he makes me want to hug his little body, lol. He's so cute!! I love it!!

And lastly, the football game. I watched the Bengals first preseason game on Friday night. It was great. My boys are looking good!!! Defense got a TD, offense got a TD and a FG, and we won seventeen to six over the Jets. Mark Sanchez looked good for the Jets though. They'll be a contender this year. I was so happy football was back, I totally didn't sleep at all on Friday night. The game started at midnight, since the stadium didn't sell out. And I was too excited afterwards to sleep. It was awesome. I so can't wait for the season to start. We're gonna have a good year!!


sharine said...

Awesome new charts!

Tama said...

Just like kitties - doing exactly what you don't want :D

Lovely new charts! I put some on layaway, too :D

SoCal Debbie said...

Fantastic charts, Julie! I love the fairy on the dragon the best.

Bea said...

Awesome new charts! Typical cats - they do what they want and the rest of the world be hanged. It's part of what makes them lovable though.

Jennifer M. said...

Love your new charts. I was really bad this last sale, but they were a good deal I think.


cucki said...

wow stunning new charts xxx

Shelleen said...

You bought some great charts.
Aren't animals fun lol.

lesli said...

Ohhh...I'm so jealous of your beautiful charts! I was indecisive about getting the Winkler's when the retirement was announced, and now I regret it!

Julie said...

Sorry, but I did giggle at your pet sitting troubles, my neighbour is on holiday and I am feeding her cats,she has 7 and I am counting cats in my sleep!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sharine. I appreciate that you have good taste too, lol. Amen, Tama. They do have a mind of their own, lol. They keep having sales, and I'm gonna go bankrupt!!! Thanks Debbie. That one is my fave of this group. It's awesome!! Thanks Bea, and ain't that the truth. Yes Dear is the same way. It's a great deal, Jen. She doesn't have fifty percent off often, so you've gotta snap them up while you can!! Thanks Cucki. You've obviously got good taste, lol. I did, Shelleen. And yes, they are. They can also be pains in the butt, lol. I knew I would be if I didn't get them, Lesli. So I sucked it up, and did my best. I was the same way with Julie Fain. I missed that bus, and I was later so ticked at myself. What fun, Julie. I would love to have a houseful, but Yes Dear insists on being an only cat, lol.