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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An award for me, whoo hoo!!!

     I got a blogger award, and I'm so happy about it.  Thanks to Kim, of Sense and Stitchability for passing on the Liebster Award to me.  I'm so happy she thought I was worthy, whoo hoo!!  It's a German word and means darling, sweetheart, or beloved person.  It's a blog award for people with less than two hundred followers, and I'm getting close to that mark.  Looks like I'll be doing another giveaway soon.  Anyways, there are rules (Of course) that I have to follow.  First, I have to link back to the person who awarded me, which I've done.  Then, I have to pick five blogs that I follow for the award.  So here they are:
1.)  Anne of Doll's Musings ~ Anne is the one who gave me my first bit of opalescent fabby.  She's a wonderful lady, and her blog is a neat one.
2.)  Doris of Blog~Doris C ~  Doris is a lovely lady.  Her blog is always interesting, and I love some of her projects.
3.)  Heli of Heli's Stitchery ~ Heli is wonderful, and her projects are gorgeous.  She's a sweetheart too.
4.)  Cheryl of HAED and Other Cross Stitch ~ Cheryl is an AMAZING stitcher, and her projects are gorgeous.  (It helps that we have similar tastes, lol.)  Her Lights of Home has made me want to but it and start it so many times...
5.)  Sierra of Patchwork's Stitches ~ My hometown girl is Sierra.  We haven't managed to meet up yet, but hopefully someday.  I love her WIPs and her recent finish (well, maybe not so recent, I can't remember) of Garden Party was darling.  She has Japanese Garden in progress, and watching her stitch it is the reason it's on my wishlist, lol.
And now I have to go to their blogs and leave a comment that I awarded them the Liebster Award.  No hardship there, lol.  And then, the last rule is that I have to say five facts about myself that not everyone knows.  So here goes (I hate this part, as I never know what to say, lol):
1.)  I have horrible taste in movies from most people's standpoint.  I love horror, thrillers, and (I cringe to admit it) anything with a big animal in it.  Big snake, big sabertooth tiger, big moster animal, whatever.  I love them.  Used to have Python and Boa and still have Komodo.  I totally can't get enough.
2.)  (This one is pretty obvious.)  I love animals.  Almost all of them.  I'm not fond of bees, wasps, flies, and common cockroaches (although this hissing ones are REALLY cool), but pretty much everything else I like.  We couldn't have pets at my one apartment, so we got an aquarium and a couple of garter snakes.  They kids in the neighborhood used to love to watch them eat worms.  Go figure...
3.)  I'm a compulsive shopper.  Mostly charts, books, and movies.  I buy something every month without fail.  Luckily, I can afford to buy a little bit here and there, and that's enough to satisfy me.  I should be saving, but I can't seem to make myself do it.  Grrrr...  
4.)  I'm a gamer.  I play an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called Two Moons or Dekaron.  (It used to be Two Moons, and then they changed it to Dekaron which means Two Moons in another language.  I don't know what language, but probably an Asian one since that's where most of the Game Masters come from.)  I also have a Nintendo and play the Resident Evil games (I have all of them but the most recent two) and a few other survival Horror games.
5.)  I love to play in the dirt.  I generally used to plant three plots in the yard (a veggie garden in back, a flower garden in back, and a flower garden in front) as well as lots of pots on my porch.  When I moved, I lost the three plots and some porch space.  Now I have six pots and two longer planters on the balcony that I plant.  I did Morning Glories, Petunias, and Celosia last year.  The Celosia is a feathery sort of flower, very pretty.  I'm looking for something different this year though.  Maybe some Lobeilia.  They're really pretty too.  The Morning Glories and Petunias are standard for me.  I change out the small pots every year though.  Whatever happens to catch my fancy goes in them!
     And now, I"m off to go make people happy by leaving comments!!  Hope you all are having a great day!


demeter83 said...

Awww, love your facts, very interesting.

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats on your award! It's always fun to learn more about each other. I also love horror movies and I only have one friend who likes them too. The only video games I ever played were Pac-Man and Tetris. Anything else is too complicated for me! HA!

Kaisievic said...

Congratulations, Julie, you deserve it. Lovely to learn some new facts about you.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Carmen said...

congratulations!, is hard tell 5 thing about oneself.

Debbie said...


mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Kim. I appreciate it. I love the puzzle type things. Resident Evil is HORRIBLE with them. You're always having to figure out the puzzle to advance in the game. Thanks Kaye. It really is, Doris. I never know where to start, lol. Thanks Debbie. Glad you liked my five facts!