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Friday, March 30, 2012

Lots of progress, and a few other things

Okay, now I'm peeved.  Stupid Chrome just ate my very long blog entry and now I have to start over.  Pfft.  Stupid thing.  (Don't get me wrong, I love technology, but right now, I'm irked at it.  I have no idea what happened to the six long paragraphs I just wrote.  Grrrr...)  Okay, now that I have that out of my system, let my get on to the point of this blog entry (again).  (Okay, so maybe it wasn't ALL out of my system.  Grrrrr......)  Okay, now I'm done.  Promise.
     I picked more lilacs today. 
 They smell soooo good.  The bush is in back, and it's right on the property line between my building and the building next door.  I love the way they smell.  Delicious (but except I don't really want to eat them, but I can't think of a better word.  Luscious maybe???).  I cut several stems for me, and a couple of stems for my mom too.  (We had to walk right past them to get to her car, so I took the scissors with me.  Whoo hoo!!)  So my house smells fabulous now.  And I love the color of purple they are.  They're sitting on my computer desk (you can see my modem in the background).  Yes Dear had a good sniff of them too.  I don't think she likes them as much as I do.  She's ambivalent about them, lol.  She sniffed, then walked away.  NBD, she says, lol.  
     I have progress to show you.  The bad news is I only have one, pitiful piccy to show you.  The good news is that it's not pitiful.  I made a HUGE amount of progress on Country Bloomers.  
It's coming along like a house afire.  I think it's because it's so easy, and I'm used to working on things that are much more difficult.  As you can see, I'm working on my third pair of bloomers.  It's going so fast.  (I just got back in from outside.  YD wanted to go out, and it's a balmy seventy seven degrees outside, so I obliged her.  It's too dark to see though, so we had to come back in.  Gorgeous weather, and it should hopefully last through till mid May.  That's when it usually starts to get hot.)  I just put in about fifty more stitches, so this isn't quite current, lol.  I'm not taking another piccy though, so you'll have to live with it, lol.  Again, Chris, thanks so much for the chart.  I love it!!  (I should do an easy project every now and then, so I don't feel so slow, lol.  But I probably won't.  We'll see.)
     I'm getting very excited about Sunday.  Sunday is April first, whoo hoo!!  I know, you don't all know what that means.  For me, it means four new starts, and yes, I've been waiting on them!!  In one of my groups, (2muchXS, and really, the name is a misnomer.  How can you have too much XS???), we are doing a start something new challenge for April first.  It came about because Colleen had just moved, and couldn't do the January first challenge.  (You don't have a limited amount of time to complete it, you don't have to finish by the end of the year, you just have to start something.  Or several somethings, in my case.)  So I'm starting four projects.  Noah's Submarine (Stoney Creek) is also called Noah's Sub and I'm doing it as a SAL with Julie M. and Rosa W.  Julie's decided she can't take the time to start it now cause she has jewelry special orders (whoo hoo), so she's gonna start it this summer.  Rosa and I will start it on the phone with each other (probably) and I'll do a few rows and then move on while she gets ahead of me (not too far, I hope).  I'm also starting Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits) as a SAL with Vicky L.  (Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM always up for a SAL.)  It's for my gamer friend Freak.  I tell him I love him, in game, and everyone sort of freezes.  Gamers generally don't get to know each other too well.  So they're all used to it now, but the first time, it was all dead silent, you could hear a pin drop, OMG.  Too funny, lol.  I generally tell the people I love, I love you.  If I don't, then they won't know.  So if the first block is all the same color, I'm gonna do it up and then move on to the next.  (I think it IS all the same color, but I'm not sure.)  Last, I'm gonna start Beach Romance (Janlynn) for my brother and sister in law.  It's their wedding sampler, and HIGHLY appropriate.  They got married on the beach in Florida.  I've been promised a piccy, but I don't have it yet.  When I do get it, I'll scan it in so y'all can see it.  Those are the three I'm starting on Sunday day.  On Saturday night, at midnight, I'll be starting my mom's ornie, Let It Snow (Casey Buonaugario Designs).  She doesn't know it's for her, lol.  I want to start something right away, but I wanted to wait on the big things.  So I'm gonna do the ornie first.
     With my SAL for ornies and all things Christmas this year, I'm gonna do ornies for the whole family.  I sent my mom some piccys of ornies that I could do this year for my sister and her hubby, and I'm waiting to hear back from her.  For my brother and his wife, I'm doing two ornies.  Amy has a cat, hissing and all poofed up.  The wording says, "What part of HISS don't you understand?"  It totally reminds me of Reese.  For David, I have a boxer ornie.  They both came from the book 99 Loveable Cross Stitch Pets.  (Or those words in some other order.  I can't decide what goes where, lol.)  I like the idea of making something for everyone.  My sister will probably put hers on the tree if it's among her ornies, so I'm safe.  And I KNOW David and Amy are putting up a tree this year.  So it's all good.  I'm gonna have mom make them into ornies for me, since I can't sew worth crap.  (Yes, she'll be making up her own ornie, and she doesn't even know it, he he he.  She'll be so surprised.  I told her that since I had made her a couple of ornies a couple of years ago, I was making them for the rest of the family now.  She's clueless (and she's not suspicious of anyone, least of all me), so I'll enjoy her opening her package.)
     She and I had a good day today.  We went to this little deli (well, not so little actually, it's two big rooms) and got lunch.  Normally, I wouldn't go to a deli for lunch, but...  It's Lent.  I'm Catholic.  Sometimes I forget to not eat meat on Friday, but I try really hard to remember.  So she suggested we go in and pick up fish sandwiches.  The first year we did it, dad was still alive.  She picked up three sandwiches, and brought them out to his house.  (The deli is in Mack, about five minutes from my dad's place.)  They were delicious, and huge!!!!  Each sandwich is eight dollars (I know, pricey) and big enough to fill you up.  It's about nine inches long by four inches wide at the widest point.  It's not a rectangle though, it's a filet.  So the ends are about an inch or so.  It comes with lettuce, tomato, red onion (yuck), and pickle on it.  It also comes with a side of their homemade dill tartar sauce.  Delicious.  She and I both picked out sides too.  She had black bean and corn salsa and pasta salad.  I got desert, lol.  Banana pudding and chocolate mousse.  Oh, it was so good.  With little shavings of chocolate in the mousse.  It was wonderful.  We took the sandwiches back to her house first, so she could eat and put away the groceries she bought.  Then I showed her (again, and made her practice) how to log on to the bank's website so she can check her balance.  She's a technophobe, so that was hard to do.  Then we came back here and she helped me out by cutting my fabby for my new starts.  (I don't do straight lines.  I can't cut one, draw one, sew one...  I have no artistic talent at all.  I can't even draw good stick people!!!)  Then she had to go home and work.  
     So Yes Dear and I went out on the balcony and she sat and people watched (my neighbors from two houses down were out) while I stitched for a bit and read for a bit.  Got some more done, as I already stated, and it was nice to soak up the Vitamin D.  It helps with the depression.  I was out for a little bit yesterday too.  Now it's raining, which is good.  We can use it.  But we're supposed to get bad storms, so...  Hopefully no one will be injured and there won't be any property damage.  I used to be scared of storms, but I gave my ex hell for not facing his fears.  So I didn't want to be hypocritical.  I went out for five minutes the first time, then fifteen, then half an hour and so on.  I don't enjoy them now, but I'm not scared of them either.  I hope you're all having a sterling day and evening, and getting lots of time to stitch and/or relax.
     And thanks to every one who comments on my posts, on either Multiply or Blogspot.  I love to know that you're all out there and interested.  It just makes my day!!  And welcome to those who are new to my blog.  It's nice to have you here!


Jennifer M. said...

Sounds like you are doing well Julie. Glad to hear that. Bloomers is looking adorable. Good Luck on your new starts. I'm sure they will feel refreshing to start since you are no longer working on Jesus.


Ewa said...

HA! YD might not like them now, but you'll wake up tomorrow with them shredded and spread out all over your place! At least that's what my cats always did whenever I had flowers.

Also I often accidentally highlight what I'm typing and then keep typing without noticing, thus deleting everything I just typed. If that's the case, and you're running Windows, sometimes just pressing ctrl+z will bring it back. (I use chrome, too)

Good luck with your new starts!

Cindy said...

I am soooo jealous. Lilacs are my favorite flowers & mine won't be blooming for at least another month.
Bloomers is coming along nicely. Great progress.
Are you starting at midnight for the SAL on 2muchXS?

StitchyDon said...

Bloomers is looking fab!!!

mdgtjulie said...

Y'all just have no idea how happy I am to not be working on Jesus, lol. And I am doing well, Jennifer. And thanks. I'm totally loving this chart. LOL, nope, but a lot of them fall of the stem very quickly, Ewa. Now I have to clean my desk again. I didn't highlight anything. It suddenly went back a page, and when I tried to go forward, it wouldn't go. I have no idea what happened. It was weird... And thanks!! I love lilacs, and hyacinth too. They're my fave spring flowers. I have a hyacinth coming up, but it's not budded yet, and the lilacs are blooming. They're wonderful! I'll be jealous of yours when they bloom and I don't have any more, lol. Thanks, I can't believe how fast it's going. And yes, I am. I'm starting my ornie at midnight. Are you?

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Donna, it's going well. IDK why I saved my other comment without saying that... Duh moment, for sure!

Nancy said...

Your lilacs are beautiful. I can just imagine smelling them. Love your country bloomers. My mother did that one many years ago. It is not framed but I plan on framing it someday when I have a laundry room. Good luck on your new starts!!

Sally said...

Your lilacs are so pretty Julie.

You've got loads done on Country Bloomers! It looks fantastic.

Looking forward to seeing your new starts.

Wolfie said...

Just had to pitch in and say I LOVE LILACS!!! Growing up, we had an enormous Lilac bush (more like a tree) in the corner of the garden next to the postbox, and in front of the veranda we had a square going out from both ends (hope it makes somewhat sense) of 8 bushes of white, pale lilac, blue and dark lilac Lilacs. Oh, how I loved when they started flowering...the scent is just AMAZING, and everytime I smell them now, I think of home:) Last time I went home, I took some shoots, and now I have two BIG pots with several plants starting to shoot...can't wait to see if they are mature enough to flower this summer:)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nancy. They smell really good, but for some reason, they're not lasting long. One day, and they're all wilted. It's like they're not getting water through the cut ends of the branches... Thanks Sally. It's amazing to me how fast CB is moving. Especially when I'm not usually a fast stitcher!! Oh, that sounds gorgeous, Ylva. I would love to visit your mum!!!! I can imagine the smell would be heavenly!

Rathnashikamani said...

So lovely blog.

Vickie said...

Lilacs are so pretty! Mine bloomed for the first time this year!

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, that's wonderful, Vickie. I love the way they smell. And look, lol.