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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and updates

     Again, it's five AM and I'm blogging.  For a different reason this time though.  I finished my first page on Bubbles tonight, whoo hoo!!  I'm so excited to have reached some kind of milestone on one of my HAEDs.  (It's so sad, they're all on the first page.  SAD!!!!)  Anyways, I stitched for a bit talking to Rosa earlier, and then I got out of the bath and really got down to it.  Yes, I'm tired.  But my goal was to finish page one, and I finished it.  Yay me!  Only forty six to go now, lol.  Anyways, I'm sure you want to see the pic, so here it is!!  I enjoyed it today, but I didn't.  I was in confetti heaven, but I was impatient to get it done too.  I love the rich detail.  In just the edge of her wing, I counted twelve shades of purple.  TWELVE!!!  Maybe I should have called it confetti hell, lol.  It's very small on the twenty eight count, but I love working over one.  My next project is on eighteen count, and I already know it's gonna feel huge.  I'm looking forward to another page finish though.  My goal on Astral Lion is to finish page seven and start page eight.  I'm hoping I can do it.  I still have to do page six, so I'm not quite as close to a finish as it sounds, but page six is a partial page, so that's cool.  I'm NOT looking for a finish for this time around.  Not even close.  Still, it's the closest to a finish of all my projects, so it'll be fun to work on.
     I got a bit done on my ornie this week too, but not a whole lot.  And it's hard to see it too, cause there's a lot of white on white.  He's a snowman, ya know? 

 I'm using a very, very light blue on him on the right side, and you can barely see it against the white too.  I got the floss I needed for him last week, but I didn't get much done this week.  I thought I should be able to finish him up, but no dice.  I had to do some stuff to help my brother with his taxes this week.  His preparer wanted him to go pick them up, but he had to work, so he asked me to do it.  I gladly went out to the preparer's office and picked them up, but I didn't have a lot of time to work on my ornie that day.  Oh, well, there's always next week!!
     I totally fell into Noah's Sub this week.  I LOVE this project. 

 It's really coming out well.  I was working on it Thursday night, knowing I had to go over to mom's on Friday before she went to work and I just couldn't put it down.  (I watched a new movie for a bit while stitching.  It's a horror flick called Mandrake.  Pretty good special effects and lots of blood.  Awesome!!)  I started on the kite in the sky this week, and so did Rosa, so we're keeping pace.  It's an awesome project.  I've been enjoying it so much, and the colors are so pretty.  I did have to frog it a little bit, because of a repetitive motif (for lack of a better word) in the sky in the one color.  I thought I had done the same configuration of stitches twice, but I had only done it once, so I had to pull out about twenty stitches and redo them.  But it provoked a visit to the Fed Ex Office store near me for working copies.  I needed working copies of Frederick the Literate, Noah's Sub, and my ornaments all needed a working copy.  I spent eleven dollars cause most of them were color copies.  (Noah's Sub and Fred are both multicolored.)  The mags were black and white, so they were cheaper.  
     I walked in the door at Easter and said, Oh s**t.  I forgot my sister and brother in law again.  I've had their Christmas pressies since before Christmas, and I forgot them again!!!!  Apparently, Mom and Amy and Cathy in the kitchen heard me.  I poked my head around the corner and told her I forgot their pressies again, and she just sort of went whatever.  Mom confirmed that I'd had them since before Christmas (she was with me when I bought them), and she just blew it off.  NBD.  I'm not sure if I should be happy about that or insulted.  I took off my shoes (FYI, I HATE to wear shoes and socks.  I totally prefer to go barefoot whenever I can), set my purse down in the hallway, and took my stitching bag in the other room.  I looked at Amy and said, "I hate you.  I wish my brother had never met you."  And she laughed at me and said, "What did I do now?"  And I said, "You married him which made me offer to make your wedding gift."  So she said something about it was her fault cause she picked it out, and I told her it was mine cause I picked the fabby.  She was laughing at me.  And I just gave the put upon sigh, and showed her how little I have done on it.  

I think she was having fun laughing at me.  I got some more done after dinner, and the nasty, slimy green things were absent, so that was really good.  We'll see how I do on it tomorrow.  Hopefully well.  You can at least see the white.  You still can't see the violet, but it'll show up when I get the sand around it.  I'm still hyper alert to strands of fabby that are untwisted, but I did enjoy the time I spent on it, so I have hope that it's not gonna all be horrible.  I did tell mom it had taken Jesus's place in more than just the day of the week I worked on it, lol.  She's decided to get Jesus reframed.  She doesn't want to turn him into a tray after all, so she needs to go in and see Jerry and talk frames and mats.  We'll see how she does.  Crazy lady, lol.  Oh well, I didn't really need that twenty dollars.  And it wasn't a bad price to get him stretched and laced, and hopefully he won't have to cut it down and redo it, but we'll see what she wants.
     We had a yummy dinner for Easter.  Ham (salty, but with a sweet glaze for those who wanted it (no one wanted it, so I ended up throwing that part away.  Luckily, it came included with the ham, so it wasn't a big loss)), au gratin potatoes, green bean casserole, fruit salad, and roasted veggies.  I didn't taste the seasoning on the roasted veggies, but mom said it had too much garlic.  (I like garlic, and she doesn't.  She did cut it in half from what the recipe said to use, and I probably would have liked it with more garlic on it.  She would have liked it with even less.)  Oh, and fresh bread and crusty cheese rolls.  It was all delicious.  We all decided that we liked last year's green bean casserole better though.  It was good, just not as good.
     I'm sorry to my group friends who got mass emails from me today.  I went through over four hundred emails trying to get caught up.  I'm only a little behind, a couple of days, but I'm trying desperately to keep up.  My one group just blew up this week with messages.  When I downloaded them day before yesterday, there were over nine hundred.  Now I'm down to two thirty three, I think.  So I'm getting caught up, slowly but surely.
     I've been saying prayers like crazy this week.  It seems like so many people are fighting illness for themselves or their loved ones.  I'm hoping it goes well for everyone suffering these issues, and I'm keeping you all on my prayer list.  Here's hoping you're all having a good night, and a deep dreamless sleep.  (Hopefully, I'll have some dreamless sleep.  Last week I dreamed that Freak was a girl.  It was weird!!!!!!!!!)


Fiona said...

Great progress on all your projects. I admire anyone who takes on a BAP never mind a HAED.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Fiona. I do love my BAPs. They keep me motivated!!

Joysze said...

First page of Bubbles look great, Julie. :D The snowman is darling!!

Sally said...

Nice progress Julie. Congrats on finishing the first page of Bubbles.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Joysze. I love the way the edge of her wing looks. Thanks Sally. It keeps me motivated to have part and page finishes, lol. (I have so many pages to go though!!)

Kaisievic said...

How are you, darlin'?

Thinking of you,

hugs, Kaye xoxox

mdgtjulie said...

Doing good Kaye, thanks for asking. I'm still really behind on emails though, so I'm trying to get caught up and not doing blog stuff as much. (I went over a week without a post!! Oh, the horror!!) Hope you're doing well too.