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Friday, June 3, 2011


     I'm almost done with the cross stitching on the meerkat.  I have about ten crosses to go (or less, I didn't exactly count) and then I'll start the bsing.  Of course, when I finish the crosses, I'll have a piccy!!  He's just as cute as can be.  I have to put his eye and nose in still though.  And a few brown stitches, and a few grey, and I'm all finished.  Then, I should finish the bsing sometime today or tomorrow, and I'll start on the kitten.  I'm thinking he'll be easier cause there aren't so many color changes in him.  Less confetti too.  And less fractionals, which will make him a little bit easier.  I'm not thinking I'll have him till I get to my rotation, but that's all right as I forgot two projects.  One of them is coming in the mail from Ylva.  When she finished up her Siamese Cats, she offered me the chart.  So I have that coming.  And I'll have to buy a piece of fabby for it, so I'm gonna put it in the last spot in my rotation.  Then, when Rosa comes up this summer (IDK when it will be, as we haven't finalized plans yet) I told her I would start Rosa for her.  I'm actually doing two Rosas, one for me and one for her.  I'll keep the first one (practicing the new stitches) for me, and give the second one (perfected new stitches) to her.  So they'll go in my rotation in place of the meerkat.  IDK if I'll only work on them two weeks.  If I finish up the bullion knots on mine, but not on hers, I'm not gonna put it aside until I come back to it in the rotation.  I'll finish up the bullion knots on hers, and take some extra time out of the next item's spot.  After that is Impossible Love, which I'll be doing two over one in tent stitch.  It will go really fast, so it won't matter so much if I take a few minutes out of time for it.
     I lost a tooth today, yay!!  I was eating a wrap last night (from Arby's) and it has fresh apples in it.  I must have hit it just wrong, cause I knocked a fragment of tooth that was left from my root canal loose.  I was afraid to just pull it, but when I ate today, I made sure to chew on that side of my mouth.  When I finished eating, it was gone.  I was happy cause I can't afford to go in to the dentist.  Medicare doesn't cover dental, so I would have to pay it out of my monthly disability, and I can't possibly afford that.  It hardly hurt at all, which I'm happy about.
     I belong to Doubleday's book club.  You get six books for ten bucks or sixteen or something like that, then have to buy three more at regular price.  But they often have buy one get one free sales.  So, I took advantage.  And then they sent me a similar thing from Colombia House.  I LOVE movies, even though I haven't been watching them much lately.  I blame that on the Gamecube.  I've only got one AV input on the VCR, and none on the TV.  So when I use the DVD player or Gamecube, I have to hook it up through the VCR and put the channel selector on axillary.  So if I'm playing a lot, I don't generally watch movies cause I have to pull the TV out and change around the wires.  It's a pain.  I don't think I've got much left of the game though.  So it shouldn't be long before I watch my new movies.  I picked up Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, The Book of Eli, Salt, and Inception.  I'll be watching them in the next few weeks.  I should have gotten The Deathly Hallows part one, but I didn't think of it.  Grrrrr...  I'll look it up next time, cause I really want to see it.  Okay, looked it up.  And picked up The Rite at sixty percent off.  Have no idea what it's about, but it looks scary, so I'm hoping it's good.
     I found a new type of word puzzle the other day.  Someone in one of my groups has the link in her siggie, and they're awesome.  They're called Cricklers, and you can find them here.   It's sort of like a crossword puzzle, but not.  You fill in words based on the clues given.  As you fill in letters, it fills in those letters in other words.  So you have hints.  They're great!  I love them.  Watch out though, they're addictive!!
     I chatted for a few minutes between starting this blog entry and finishing this blog entry, and I finished up the stitching on the meerkat.  Piccys here.  He's turning out so cute!  Now on to the backstitching.  Then I'll start working on the kitten.  Hope you're all having a good day!!


Gabi said...

Sorry for you that you lost a tooth.
Had a look at your meerkat. What a cutie. It looks great.

Tama said...

He is very cute!

Joysze said...

Aww he's so cute. I hope the bsing is going well.

Eek on the tooth!! I'm glad to hear it doesn't hurt.

mdgtjulie said...

I'm not Gabi. I had a root canal on it years ago, and it's been bothering me ever since. Now it's not, so I'm happy about that. And thanks, about the meerkat. He's darling bsed. Thanks Tama!! Thanks Joysze. It is going well, as a matter of fact. Last night I got all of him done, and the word meerkat. I started on Mere Cat, but ran out of thread, so I left the rest of it for today.