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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     It's a bit late, but it was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend this past weekend.  I got a lot done on Cattitude.  It's almost finished.  I'll have a pic probably tomorrow.  There's really not much left.  I didn't stitch much Sunday (slept most of the day and cried the rest of it) as it was the first Father's Day without dad.  It was not pretty, but I made it through and another first is behind me.
     Yesterday, I got quite a bit done on Cattitude too.  I spend an hour or two sitting at the hospital.  Mom called me about one fifteen to tell me she was ambulanced to the hospital from work as she had a very scary dizzy spell.  The docs ran some basic tests, and couldn't find anything.  They said it was just an episode of vertigo and she would be okay.  (No cause was determined.)  They did give her a prescription for an anti vertigo med, but she hasn't filled it yet.  I made her promise that when she goes in to Sam's to work tomorrow, she'll get it filled.  I don't think she'll break her promise.  She doesn't think she needs it.  I keep pointing out that if she has another attack, she needs to have them on hand so she can take one.  She can't very well drive to the pharmacy with an attack of vertigo. 
     Then, today, she and I went out to get her hair cut.  She was afraid to go alone (and hasn't filled the prescription yet) so she asked me to go with her.  Ugh!!  All the way out (her appt was at eleven fifteen, way too early for me) I was sooooooo tired.  While she went in, I took a nap in the car (bad for me to sleep without my machine, but I had to do it as I couldn't stay awake) until she was done.  She HAD to get her hair done as she is going to San Fransisco in a couple of weeks (a gift from some family members as she's always wanted to go).  They're going for four days, and she has a list of sites to see, lol.  She has several guides to San Fran (given to her for her birthday) and so has decided based on them what to see.
     I got my project bags yesterday, got everything sorted out and piled up and realized...  I can't find Queen of Peace.  I think it may be hidden in the magic closet somewhere, but there's so much stuff in it, it will be a real job to search through all of it and find it!!  (At first, I couldn't find Bubbles either, but then I thought to look in the drawers in the bedroom and viola!  There it was.)  I need to find the floss for Shore Patrol and Astral Lion (AL could be a real PITA if I don't find it as it's a Dimensions kit and they use their own floss.)  My living room is a disaster though.  I'm getting ready to redo my stash album here.  I have about half of my stash in it.  For insurance purposes, I need to go through and get pics of what I have,  just in case.  So, to that end, I unpacked all my kits and they're on the floor.  It's a real mess!!
     That's about all that's going on here.  I've been stitching a lot (getting close to a finish fever) so I'm behind on blogs and emails.  Off to try and catch up now.  Later, y'all!!


Joysze said...

How's your mom doing, Julie?

Ooooh, finishes.... I LOVE finishes... I can't wait to see yours. :D I'm behind on blog reading this week as well. Work is taking up too much of my time. :(

Gabi said...

Hope your mum is feeling better.
Looking forward to see those pictures. :)

mdgtjulie said...

She's doing all right, Joysze. She took a nap after the hospital, and hasn't had a problem since. Tomorrow will be the test. It's her first day back at work, and she has to be on her feet for hours. (Excluding breaks, of course.) So we'll see how she does. I just finished Cattitude, but can't post a pic yet. Dead battery. I managed to take the darned photo, I just can't upload it. Thanks Gabi. She is doing all right. I'll have them up sometime tonight, I think. Just waiting on the charger, and I'll be good to go!

SoCal Debbie said...

It sounds like you've had a busy weekend! Congrats on your finish! Hope your mom gets her prescription before going on vacation.

I ordered my Q-snap huggies from Chris. Thanks for the recommendation!

Vicky L said...

To fix your picture, go to design, under header you can add a pic and delete the bigger picture
Glad you had a good time with Rosa. I haven't talk to her in a long time.

Angie said...

Glad it seems your mom is feeling better. Hope she doesn't have another dizzy spell.

mdgtjulie said...

Busy, but productive, Debbie, so there's some good there. I hope so too, lol, but she's stubborn. That's great! I just love Chris, she's so quick, and her prices are reasonable. I just can't understand why it's so big Vicky. It's a regular photograph. I didn't enlarge it or resize it or anything. Weird. And thanks, we had a great time. I was sorry she had to leave. Thanks Sierra, I hope so too. Hopefully not while she's on vacation, but she has bad luck like me sometimes, so I'm worried about her.