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Monday, January 30, 2012

Emails, emails, emails

      I'm drowning in them!!!  I was bouncing, and was gonna let myself bounce till I got caught up.  Then Mary saw that I was bouncing on her group, and she unbounced me.  Ooops, lol.  Oh well, I'm already bouncing again, so I'll do it this time.  I had 1103 in my Incredimail program last night when I started.  I thought, okay, maybe a hundred and fifty emails today.  Y'all, I got down to four ninety eight!!!!  I went through all the Buckeye Stitchers, Friendly Stitchers, Chocoholic Stitchers, Crazy Cool Cross Stitchers, Intricate Cross Stitch, and India Grace Designs emails.  Filled up people's inboxes like mad.  And I started The Stitcherhood emails.  Wow, I was busy!!!!  So today I'm working on them again, and I plan to stitch a little later.  Saturday, I finally got to put some stitches in  my rotation project, Impossible Love.  I'm quite sure I won't make my goal on it, simply cause I forgot I had to grid it.  Ugh, I HATE to grid, but it helps me so much, so I do it.  This time, it was worse than usual, cause I decided (Woe is me, Oh woe is me) to grid it with white so I wouldn't have to take it out.  So it's hard as heck to see where I'm going with it.  I've got in all the grid lines for the first pages across, and the first two grid lines vertically.  I'll put the next ones in when I finish up the first row of ten by tens.  I love the colors in it though.  It's a soft pinkish peachy color right now (one color is soft peach, the other is pinkish, so they sort of blend).  I love it.  I've only got about a hundred and fifty stitches in it so far.  I hope to get some more in later tonight, so maybe three fifty by the time tomorrow rolls around.  I'm trying to do all the confetti stitches first, then will fill in the colors with more stitches later.  Makes it easier for me!!
     Jesus is getting closer.  
I did some of the confetti stitching on his face yesterday, and worked on the shading in the bottom right corner.  I was watching the Pro Bowl (which had a lot of really funny moments in it), and working, so I didn't get a lot done.  A lot of my fave players were there.  AJ Green, the Bengal's WR, had the first AFC touchdown, which was cool.  And Andy Dalton, our QB, threw for two touchdowns in the fourth quarter.  For a rookie, he's awesome!!  (Heck, even for a non rookie he'd be awesome.)
     I got a lot of Rhodes stitches done on Tree of Stitches this week.  
It's coming along really well, and I'm anticipating a finish on that in a few weeks too.  I did have a funny to share about the Rhodes Stitch though.  Abi Gurden's instructions mention figuring out how you want you last stitch to look and then moving on one stitch to the right/left so you'll know where to start.  I wanted my last stitch to be from top right to bottom left, so I started in the second hole (it's four holes on a side) from the left on the bottom.  I move in a clockwise direction, and so the first stitch goes down one stitch from the right on the top.  For the first ten stitches, I did the same thing:  count over three to the corner, count up four to the top corner, and count back one to the hole I needed.  Then I realized, Oh, I could just count over two and up four!!!  LOL, it was so funny.  Julie and Rosa have already laughed at me for this, so feel free to join in.  (I laughed about it too.  It IS funny, lol.)  Oh, geez, I need to get a grip, lol.
     I used some of the dark blue for my ornie this week.  
I had to pull out Lust and get the floss out of there, as it was the one I was missing (and the first color of Lust), so I took it out of the ornie floss and put it in Lust.  Luckily, I remembered what I did with it, so I could find it!!!  It's doing okay.  I finished off that pesky tree (and I had to frog it once, after I cramped my hand putting it in!!) and started on the cabin.  I have the cabin with windows to do, and then I have to do the two cardinals in front and it's done.  Then I'll start the lantern one.  It's a candle in a black, old fashioned lantern.  Really pretty.  I think it will look good on the sparkly fabby!
     I'm really pleased that Michele Sayetta didn't refund my two dollar payment to her.  I had to look up the layaway info to send it to her, cause she didn't want it.  I didn't care, and told her to put it towards her legal fees for that whole South African mess.  I got to the chart from Rachel (finally) and it was Earth by Rosario!!!  It's the only one I didn't have, and I was so excited to get it.  Now I have the series.  I can't wait to start one of them (NO, I'm not going to do that until something is FINISHED in my rotation), and I'm thinking I will start with either Water or Fire when the time comes.  Thanks so much Rachel, I love it.  I was so excited when I finally got to it, I had a serious case of the giggles.  It was the middle of the night though, so nobody heard me except Yes Dear, and she already thinks I'm nuts, lol.  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!  But...  It was the regular chart format, and I try and get the large print when I can.  So I emailed Michele and basically said, "Don't you dare just send me the chart.  Tell me your paypal email so I can send you the difference."  Of course, being Michele, she didn't send me her paypal email.  So I had to look it up, and I sent the two dollars with a long note about how if she didn't charge me for a couple of charts I was gifted (and which I now think may have been pirated), I was gonna send her the funds at today's prices.  I've got an email from her, but I haven't gotten to it yet.  I'm sure she'll have something to say.  She doesn't wanna take my money cause I'm a good customer, but she WILL.  Or else, lol.  We shall see...
     And if you all can take a moment, I would appreciate it if you could say a prayer for Randi.  I know she's having a hard time right now, and even though she no longer wants to be friends, I'm still worried about her.  You don't just turn off love, and so if you could spare a second, please say a prayer that God showers her with his blessings.  TIA ladies!!
     I think that's about it for today.  Oh, and one more thing.  GO GIANTS!!!!!!!  (And one more thing.  
Yes Dear hardly ever sits in my stitching chair, but she was the other night.  She was so cute doing it, with her little paws tucked up under her chest, I took a piccy of her being so cute.  Of course, I ALWAYS think she's being cute (unless she's being bad), so I'm prejudiced, lol.  Anyways, here she is, being all cute.) 


Joysze said...

1000 emails? Holy moly!!!!!!! I hope you get unburied. Portrait is almost there... I know you haven't enjoy stitching this much, but it's magnificent. :)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Joysze. I haven't enjoyed stitching it, but I've enjoyed my mom's excitement that I am stitching it, so it's all good. I know she'll be thrilled to get it, so that will be a good thing. And yes, holy moly is right, lol. I'm working on them now! Doing pretty good. Down under four hundred, but I watched the end of one movie, then a whole nother movie after that, so I haven't gotten too many done.

SoCal Debbie said...

Yes Dear is adorable in that pose! I also need to grid some of mine, which I haven't done before. I am sure it will help a lot.

Tama said...

Wow, your projects are all looking so splendid! Particularly Jesus - so close to done! I showed him to my Mum and she kind of tilted her head and then asked why I hadn't stitched her anything religious in a long time... lol! You are a bad influence! Because I have that kit in my stash... so now she wants it but I think I'll pull every religious kit I have, lay them out and say pick one.
Yes Dear is a doll! Such a pretty kitty!

Mouse said...

good grief charlie brown I get excited when I get about 10 emails at once goodness that's a fair few to get through ... jesus is nearly there wooo hooo and sorry about the white gridding ... and awwwww yes dear does look cute :) love mouse xxxx

Angie said...

Great stitching. I love your tos

Angie said...

Great stitching. I love your tos

cucki said...

very lovely stitching..
keep it up..
hugs cucki xx

Carmen said...

yes dear look cute.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Debbie. It's a pain, but it really is helpful in the end. Makes it both easier to count, and easier to check what you've got against your gridlines. Tama, I don't know whether to pay myself on the back and offer my condolences, lol. I have a couple more to do someday too. I have Legend of the Dogwood Tree and The Lord's Prayer. I love Legend, and really want to do it someday. Maybe when I finish up the wedding samplers. We'll see. And thanks, she is a darling most of the time. LOL, Mouse, now you know why I'm always behind!!!! Thanks, and she's a little love. Thanks Sierra, twice, lol. Thanks Cucki. And thanks for stopping by! Thanks Doris, she's a sweetie pie. I just love taking her piccy, lol.

Sally said...

Wow Jesus is getting there! You're getting on brilliantly with him. Same with your other WIPs too.

Wow that's a lot of emails! Hope you eventually get through them all.

Cute piccie of Yes Dear:)

Kaisievic said...

Wow! That is a lot of emails. Great progress on Jesus.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sally. He's gonna get done soon, I hope. I got through them, and downloaded a whole slew more, lol. Now I'm bouncing till I get caught up. And thanks. Thanks Kaye, He's really actually gonna get done this time, whoo hoo!! (I keep telling myself that, and then thinking, maybe, lol.)

Vickie said...

I understand on the emails!! Your stitching looks wonderful! Yes Dear looks very comfy!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Vickie, and she's always comfy. It's her house, I just live here, lol.

Anonymous said...

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