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Monday, January 9, 2012

Spam or Junk Mail? (And WIPacolypse and more)

     So I had to LOL at myself tonight.  It was too funny.  I went out to check the mail.  Now, I may not have mentioned it at the time, but before I got with my current auto and renters insurance company, I did a lot of shopping around and switching.  I was with Allstate for a while, then with Geico for six months, then with Farmers for six months, then with State Farm which has the best rates, and my agent is a really nice guy.  So I get a mailer from Farmers today.  Come back to Farmers, etc.  I didn't even open it, just put it in the recycle.  But it made me laugh cause when I got it out, I thought, "Oh, just some spam," lol.  I meant junk mail, but my head said spam.  Same difference, really...  But I thought it was too funny.  It gave me a good giggle.
     So I messed up the other day, and now I'm so glad that I did.  LOL, I called my brother up tonight to tell him he saved my butt, and he was like, "Um, how?!?"  It was funny, but he did.  He got me a gc to Larosa's for Christmas.  Larosa's is my fave local pizzeria.  Wonderful food.  It's expensive though, as they use really good quality ingredients.  So worth it though.  So he got me a twenty five dollar gift card, and I went to use it the other day.  I knew I had about fifteen dollars left on it, and I went through checkout and did what I normally do ~ pay with card.  Then, when the deliver guy got there, I had to sign and I thought, "Shoot, I did it wrong," but I couldn't do anything about it.  So tonight, I needed to go to the grocery store.  I went to transfer the funds in my account, and low and behold, they're processing.  I was soooooooooooooo pissed.  They add up your withdrawls, but don't add in your deposits.  So my account shows negative by quite a lot, even though it's not really negative.  So I have money in the bank that I can't use.  So I have no way of eating tonight.  And then, it hit me.  Since I used the wrong card last week, I still have money on my gift card.  Whoo hoo!!!!  So I called in an order to Larosa's.  Now I'm waiting for my food.  And may I just say, YUM!!!!  I can hardly wait.
     I do have some eye candy for you, but not much.  Today is the new moon (and I started this entry early this morning before anyone could remind me of it, so I'm really proud of myself for remembering) and I need to post my WIPacolypse progress.  I'm posting Jesus because I did do a little bit on him last night.  
Not a lot, but some.  So here he is, in all his glory.  And I need to go up to Hobby Lobby soon.  I couldn't go on Sunday, but sometime this week, I need to go.  I ran out of a color.  Of course, it's the color I have left on his hair for the most part.  I had a four inch piece left Sunday.  My goal for the week (and I rarely make one) was to finish up his neck and throat and start back on his hair.  So I finished up his neck and throat, and started working on his hair with the four inch piece.  I pulled out the bobbin and thought, "Uh oh," because there was only a little bit still wound on the bobbin.  I knew it wasn't gonna be enough.  I had enough for two twelve inch lengths, and a little more.  (I had two strands from when I started him last time and worked him two over two instead of three over two.)  So I used the last of the floss and now I need to go get more.  (Well, I have a little bit left on the needle.  I used up the one twelve inch length, and now I have about seven inches left of the other.)  So off to Hobby Lobby I go.  I would have gone Sunday, but they're closed on Sunday.  (Luckily, I remembered this BEFORE I went and didn't waste my time and gas.) 
     And I found out something about David and Amy.  I didn't realize it at the time when we picked it out, but they're getting married in Florida this week.  Or maybe next...  IDK...  Mom told me she asked him about it, and they're getting married on the beach while they're on vacation.  I was all excited to hear that.  I bet it's lovely.  I would love to be there, but nope, not gonna happen.  After all, if I wasn't watching the dog, they wouldn't get to go, lol.  I'm so happy for both of them, and I want to see piccys!!!  At least one of the happy couple in their finery.  It's so romantic, though.  A beach wedding...  Awesome!!  I started charting Amy's and David's names for the Wedding Sampler, and it's such a pain.  The squares are tiny, and trying to make the symbols fit in them is difficult.  I've got the A done, and am ready to start the m.  (I was lucky to find a pencil, lol.  I don't have a sharpener, but I had a couple of pencils cause my ex used to like them.  So something good finally came out of that relationship!  Whoo hoo!!!)
     Anyways, I hope everyone's having a good night, and that the new year is treating you right so far.  Happy stitching everyone!!! 
     P.S.  I almost forgot.  I committed to getting a reading (tarot cards) a while back from Roxanne.  Then I forgot about it.  So she posted a reading this week and it reminded me I had committed to her.  So I paid her, and I told her she could post it to her blog.  In some ways, it's remarkably accurate, and in some ways, not so much.  I don't put total stock in those kinds of things (I don't think everything is gonna be right) but I think there are some insights there.  And it makes me think.  I was really pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks so much Roxanne!!  (For the fiction as well.)  If anyone wants to read it, you can see it here.  And she doesn't know me at all as she doesn't follow my blog.  Some of the things she said are so right on they're scary!!


SoCal Debbie said...

Jesus is looking great! Hurray for gift cards!

Edgar said...

WIP looks super!! I love it when I find some "extra" money on a GC - and delicious yummies are tops!!

Tama said...

Jesus looks quite splendid! Have fun at Hobby Lobby!

Unknown said...

Your progress on Jesus is looking awesome, you'll be finished in no time!
Good stuff on the GC too, nothing like remembering surprise "money" when you need it most! lol


Joysze said...

Jesus looks great. Can't wait to see him finished. :D

Congrats to David and Amy.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Debbie and Edgar and Tama and Nikkin and Joysze. It was good!!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to warn you just once. You contact me in anyways shape or form, I will call Time Warner and inform them you are using their service to harassment and I will give them all your information. You are too dense to be associated with anymore.

Angie said...

Jesus is coming along nicely. I love Larosa. Yum! Now I'm hungry for them.

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, sorry Sierra. I know how that goes. You only have to hear about it once, and the craving is there. They have such good food!!