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Thursday, August 25, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

     I just read a really neat blog by Nia, and wanted to do the same formula.  She, in turn, found this on someone else's blog.  I don't know who originally started it, but it's fun.  If you want to read her 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 you can go here. So here we go...
ONE project you are particularly proud of.
It would have to be my largest finish to date, Lord of the Plains.  I think it's seventeen by fourteen finished size...  You can see a piccy here.
TWO mistakes you've made in the past.
Oh, man, I can only pick two?!?  Okay, okay, only two.  As some of you may know, I have a counting problem.  I can't do it properly, and so I'm frequently frogging to fix a mistake.  It's not one mistake, but it's the one I keep making over and over.  The second mistake, and this one borders on humorous, is having an open drink anywhere near stitching.  I ended up dropping a bobbin into a mug of milk one time.  By the time I pulled it out, it was saturated.  So, I had to unwind the whole length of floss from the bobbin, wash it and rinse it in the sink, then hang it up to day (YD was particularly fond of the drying portion of the program, and dragged it down to play with it.  I didn't think she could jump that high, but I guess the motivation has to be right.)  So now my drink ALWAYS has a lid.
THREE things that make your work unique.
Wow, not much.  I rarely even sign my work.  I try to remember, but I always forget.  Maybe that in and of itself makes my work unique, cause most people sign theirs.  Um, my messy backs may be unique.  I loop start where I can, and trim up when I tie off, but my backs are still messy.  It's probably because I spend so much time charting my course.  I will stitch some areas side to side, and some up and down, and some on the diagonal, so my backs are never all nice and neat.  The third thing that makes me unique (not my pieces, but me) is that I have so many BAPs in my rotation.  I have twenty pieces (Holy Moley) and almost all of them are BAPs.  My smallest piece is a hardanger small.  It's eight by eight.  Then I have two eight by tens, and a twelve by six (or so, that's just an estimate).  The rest are fourteen inches on the short side.  I have a Chat (22.5 by 22.5) and will have four or five HAEDs.  I have a Miribilia and a L & L too.  All kinds of big, complex things.  Yay!!!
FOUR tools you love to use.
This one is easy peasy.  I LOVE my Q-snaps.  I use them on almost everything these days.  I have some very nice, very SHARP snips that I love.  They cut my threads easily, and they are nice and close to the fabby when I'm done.  I wouldn't stitch without my glasses.  I use them on every size and count, no matter if it's fourteen count or thirty two.  And lastly, I love my floor stand.  I rarely use it anymore, cause it's not equipped for qs, and I need my work to be portable.  I take it (my work, that is) with me to the pharmacy, the doc's office, and mom's house.  I miss being able to stitch two handed.  It's so much faster!!!
FIVE inspirations
This one will be tough.  Um, part of my inspiration comes from my desire to have pretty things hanging in my house or to give pretty things to my friends and family.  I get a lot of inspiration from my stitchy friends, especially when we're doing a SAL.  I follow a lot of blogs that really inspire me (to both stitching and stashing, lol).  Um...  I need one more...  And (and I freely admit, this is a really contrary reason) my dad is number five.  He always said, "You'll never finish that.  I don't know why you bother."  So my impressive amount of stubborn sits up and says, "You wanna bet?!?"  So that's number five, because I'm sure he's watching me now.  So those are my five inspirations.
     Now, on to more fun things.  Randi was very nice to me the other day.  She pulled my pic of Yes Dear and resized it for me.  I didn't have a program to resize photos at the time I put it up, and my camera took it that size, which is just crazy!!!!  So she resized it for me, and emailed it to me.  I immediately put it up, and doesn't it look nicer now?!?  I like it much better, so thanks Randi!!
     Also, my poll closed.  One deadly sin, one Celtic lady, and one something else squeaked out the win by only one vote.  So now I have another poll up.  This one lets you choose more than one answer, cause I would never be able to decide.  It asks you what the something else should be in my rotation.  There are so many options, and I can't decide.  So far, I have like two votes.  (I think they both belong to Julie M.)  One for Water, and one for A Chance Encounter.  So go to my blogspot and vote in my poll.  It's here.
     Lastly, I have progress on Achoo, but not much.  I'm getting behind cause I keep talking to Randi on the phone, so I've been trying to catch up on blogs and emails these last few days.  I've updated my Achoo folder, and you can see my progress here.  It's really quite hard to see, but I'm doing his shadow.  It's all the same color grey, but some half stitches are one strand, some are two strands, and some are three strands.  I'll try and get something that looks like his leg stitched for my next update!!
     Lastly, HAED has another thirty percent off sale, and I'm resisting (so far).  I may buy Air at the Labor Day sale.  We'll see how it goes...  Anyways, that's all for me today.  Hope y'all are having a superb day!!!


EvalinaMaria said...

It took me a while to get through your stash pictures. Would you like to part (or maybe just to part for a while) with the red dragon bookmark? I like it a lot!

When Freddy was in Ontario I used my headset while taking on the phone - my hands were free for stitching!

Tama said...

I like that finish, it's beautiful! Well worth being proud of.
DO NOT TELL ME about another HAED sale - LOL! I shall call you Temptress!
Achoo! is looking very nice so far. I stitched him last year (I think it was last year) and he was a lot of fun!

Claudette497 said...

All this time I thought YD was the size of a tiger...she looks so tiny now! Your work is beautiful.

SoCal Debbie said...

I noticed the resized pic of YD right away! I love it! I voted in your poll. Have a good stitchy weekend!

mdgtjulie said...

I'd be willing to lend it to you Evalina. Email me and we'll work something out. I can tuck the phone in the crook between my ear and my shoulder for quite some time, and I have speaker phone, so I get by okay, lol. Thanks Tama. Sorry, I can't help that I'm a good enabler. So far, I'm enjoying it. LOL, Claudette, she only THINKS she is tiger sized. Very fierce!! And thanks! Thanks for the vote Debbie. I appreciate it!!

cucki said...

your work is really very lovely xxx

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I live in the 1 - 5 life every day.
Have a great weekend and
Be always in stitches

Joysze said...

Oh dear... about the bobbin in the drink!!! I'd have thrown it out, hehehe.

The leopard finish is amazing!!

Nancy said...

Noticed your header pic immediately, Yes Dear is so cute! You gave me a good laugh with the bobbin story, never had that one happen before!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Cucki! I appreciate the complement. Thanks Jayne, you have a good weekend too!! Thanks Joysze. I washed it good. At the time, I was living on 115 a month, and I couldn't afford to replace it. Thanks Nancy, and glad I could help you out!!

Charity C. said...

I think your blog is lovely. Your finishes are outrageously astonishing! I can only imagine how long some of them must have taken. They are huge! And very good as anyone can tell!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Charity. I do have a lot of large charts. I'm just a BAP kind of girl!!

Sally said...

Loved reading your 1,2,3,4,5 stuff:)

Achoo is looking good.

♥ Nia said...

hahahah I never have drinks around my stitching.. it scares me!! LOL
I don't sign my work either.. =/
Really fun to read a little more about you and your crafts! Thanks for sharing :D

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sally, and good. I enjoyed writing it, lol. LOL, Nia, I always have a drink with a lid on the table next to me. I drink a lot. I go through at least two sixty four ounce containers of tea per day. Sometimes three. So I always have a drink nearby. As you know, I like to share, lol. So no problem.