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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Albums Are Up!!

Yes Dear guarding the names
      Well, I put up new albums today, for the three HAED projects I want to add to my rotation.  I'm only adding three (I'm trying to resist starting all seven of them) because I'd like to finish some of them before I die, lol.  I'm adding Lust, Envy, and Vanity in that order.  Click on the word to go to the album and see the fabby I picked out for them.  I was calculating my fabby cost from and Down Sunshine Lane (more about that later) and suddenly, my brain kicked itself into gear and said, "Use some of that ugly fabby you got from Dawn," and the light dawned.  My friend Dawn used to spend a LOT of money on her stitching habit before her hubby died.  She then had to downsize, and got rid of lots of charts, books, and fabbies.  I went through charts first, while Julie took fabbies.  She kept holding them both up (cause they were close in color) and saying, "Which one do you want," to which I invariably grimaced because there was so much brown.  I have some lovely fabbies as a result, which I plan to use for my hardanger.  But I had several large pieces of brown.  And, since Lust is such a dark color (dark, pinkish red (as opposed to maroonish red)), I thought I would put it on the brown fabby.  It's a solid stitch, so no material will show through.  And, having worked tent stitch two over one on twenty eight count, I know the coverage will be sufficient.  Envy is lighter (I think) than Lust and Vanity, so it got a white piece of fabby left over from Desert Garden.  If I remember right, my fabby for that had to be twenty eight and a half by twenty eight and a half, so I had to get a huge piece of fabby from for it.   It was originally thirty six by fifty five, so I had plenty left over.  I'm using that for Envy.  And I had a grey piece of fabby, also very large, that I'm gonna use for Vanity.  Of course, if I put in the first stitches and don't like how it looks, I'll of course get a different piece of fabby to try.  But it saved me a fortune, so I'm happy about that. I just randomly placed them in my rotation.  Lust is first, after Shore Patrol.  Then Envy after Marguerite, and lastly Vanity after Monopoly.  I'll soon be adding pics to my list of my rotation on my blogspot blog, but I haven't done it yet.
     And now, about Down Sunshine Lane, and what I bought from there.  I won a giveaway!!!  I was soooooooo excited too, cause I got a couple of charts that I really wanted.  I was thinking of getting my Q snaps from there, but they're expensive.  I can get them from my local Hobby Lobby for eleven dollars, and from for twelve.  DSL wanted thirteen fifty for them.  So, since I can get them cheaper elsewhere (and I try to be thrifty) I used my GC for charts.  I've really been wanting to get the Celtic Ladies from L & L.  There are five of these gorgeous charts.  Celtic Winter, Celtic Spring, Celtic Summer, Celtic Autumn,
and Celtic Christmas.  I bought two of them from DSL.  I got one from Rachel a while back, Celtic Spring.  Then, from DSL I bought Celtic Winter, and Celtic Summer.  I think.  I'm not sure, lol.  But I think that's what I got.  (Now they'll come to my house and I'll have Winter and Autumn, lol.)  I had to pay the six dollars shipping and handling, but that's a small price to pay for getting some charts I've really been wanting.
     So, because of this, I have to say a big THANKS to Kathy K. and her dog Rory.  She has a gorgeous Irish Setter.  His name is Rory, and he's a terrible ham.  His pics are fabulous, and she almost always includes pics of him in her blog updates.  He recently won his Grand Champion designation.  If I remember right, to do so, you must have accumulat
ed at least fifteen points as well as a major dog show win.  She was so proud of him, and of herself.  She's a wonderful lady, and I was soooooo happy for her.  To celebrate, she had the giveaway,  and I was shocked that I won!!  So thank you again Kathy, for your generosity in having the giveaway.  And congrats again.  I don't know anyone who deserves it more than you and Rory.  Give him a big kiss from me!!!
     Of course, I'll let you know when I receive my new goodies, which should be in just a few days.  I'll take some pics too, to add to my stash folder.  It's quite full, lol.  And that doesn't include the freebies I have!!!  Ah, well, so many charts, so little time.
     Julie said something
the other day that made me laugh till I cried.  It was too funny.  Mom had called me earlier in the evening and b&*^%ed me out for breaking her remote control, which I didn't do.  So I said that to Julie, just the way I said it here except I said the whole cuss word.  And Julie said, "Cool."  To which I laughed hysterically as she obviously had lost her mind!!!  And of course, she knew from my laughter I had caught her totally not paying attention to me, and she tried to apologize, but the damage was already done!!  I have been known to not give her my full attention, but I've never (knock on wood) made a blunder like that.  I was just absolutely ticked pink to have her over a barrel as it happens so rarely.  I told her she'll never live it down, lol.
     I have put Midnight Hunting up, although I really didn't want to.  I swear, I feel so urgent when stitching on my project every other Saturday night.  I don't want to do email (I always end up behind) and I don't want to catch up on blogs either.  This week, since I did nothing on Sat, I didn't even take a bath.  Just had a quick swipe with the soap and water instead of climbing in the tub for an hour.  Cause I HAD to stitch.  I had to put it away on Sunday, and I really didn't want to.  But I was so dreading working on Jesus this week, that I cheated and worked on MH instead.  I know, Christmas is coming.  But I have almost his whole face done, and I needed a break.  So next week I'll be back to it.  You can see a pic of my beautiful (fraught with peril) progress on MH here.  I d
id meet my goal on it, and I'm so happy about that.  I wanted to get some of the border done and finish up the moon panel, and I did.
     This week and next week are DGM.  It's been quite a while since I worked on this piece, so I'm happy it's up in the rotation.  My goal here is to finish part seven (it was halfway done when I put it away) and start part eight.  I don't think this will be a problem.  I only have the animal panel to do and then some backstitching for part seven to be done.  Part eight is small, but I think I  may get a quarter of it done and that's about it.  We'll see how I do.  Setting goals is new to me, as I've never been very structured in my stitching before.  So we'll see how I do.  It's depressing to
me to never meet my goals, or else I stay up all night trying to meet them.  Hopefully, I won't set the bar too high.
     I'm almost finished printing charts again.  I was running lower on ink (not yet low, but getting there), so I haven't printed Sloth out yet.  I have the rest of them done.  Now I need to get them organized into binders and on the shelves.  To do this, I need to get page protectors.  Of course, the price has gone up substantially since the last time I bought them, so I don't have the money to get enough of them yet.  Maybe I can borrow it from mom.  Who knows?!?  I'm going to price them as soon as I'm done here.  Maybe I'll have good news in my nex
t post!!  Gonna check out Walmart and Target.  I know, Walmart is mostly Chinese stuff, but I'm poor and cant' afford to be picky.  Also, I think the ones for sale on are made in China too.  So we'll see.
     Tomorrow is HP night at mom's house.  We decided to have spaghetti for dinner.  She asked what I wanted, and spaghetti just sounded good.  So I'm bringing the sauce and she has meat and bread.  I think I'm gonna bring some Angel Hair pasta too, cause if I remember right, she uses the big spaghetti, and I like the really thin kind.  It promises to be a nice night.  I'll leave you with a pic of Yes Dear guarding the entries into my giveaway after I took the winner from her.  (She didn't want to let 
me take any more away, lol.)  Okay, it won't let me move the piccy, so you started out with the image.  Stupid blogger...


cucki said...

hi, i really all three haed..they are so stunning..and i love your gurdian..she is so sweet xx

Anonymous said...

You are having lots of fun getting your charts ready and stitching away! I look forward to having a few days to stitch away in the near future :-).
You crack me up with the bathing info..LOL.

Tama said...

I utterly and totally agree with you about the pasta. Angel hair or even thin spaghetti is soooo much nicer.
Your fabrics look great - lots and lots of stitching in your future!

Kathy said...

You have been busy. I am so glad you were able to get something you really wanted with the gift certificate. :)

Rachel said...

Where to start? lol! Congratulations on winning the GC and adding some more Celtic Ladies to your stash :D I am excited to see your starts on Lust, Envy and Vanity. I am so anxious to start mine! I want to print my two charts out, but I am almost out of ink, lol. I have to wait until I get paid next week (I babysit) to get some new ink. Yes Dear is too cute, I just want to snuggle her :) I just love kitties and their antics!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

And breathe!

Great post, everything from HAED to spaghetti! Great idea to use fabric you don't like the colour of to stitch the full coverage designs.

Nancy said...

So glad you won the GC and got some celtic ladies, they are so beautiful and on my to do list! I bought page protectors from Walmart a couple of years ago and they were the same brand that the office supply store carried. Walmarts were cheaper in price. Don't know where they were made but they are nice quality. Enjoy your HP night with your mom and you can always cook two kinds of noodles so you both get what you like!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Cucki. She's darling. I love her to pieces!! Glad I could make you laugh! I am having a ball kitting things up and printing things. I enjoy all stages of the stitching from purchasing to finishing. I hope so Tama. I've loved Angel Hair since the first time I had it. I did Kathy. I've been wanting them for ages, and thanks so much again. I really appreciate it. Thanks Rachel. I know just how you feel. I can't stop starting new things, lol. I now have eight new starts in my rotation of twenty!!! I'm gonna stop there though, and not start anything more until something in my rotation is finished. IDK what will get finished first, but it will probably be one of the hardanger pieces. They tend to work up really quickly. Not Rosa as I'm doing two Rosas, but maybe Marguerite. Or maybe one of my smaller kits. Achoo is only eight by ten, and so is Frederick. So we'll see how I do with them. Good on you for getting new ink. I will have to wait a bit to get mine too. And I think she's just too cute. She is slightly afraid of strangers, so you can't cuddle her just yet, lol. Thanks Jo. It's the only way I'll get any use out of them!! I know, I tend to blog fairly long blogs, lol. I just have to get every little thing in there!! I called her today, Nancy, and asked what she liked. She said Angel Hair, so that was good. She told me to bring mine with, as she wasn't sure she had enough. We didn't need them though, so she sent me home with noodles and sauce. Yum!! I forgot to check out Walmart last night, so I'm off to do it now!! Thanks to all of you for leaving a comment. I respond to all of them, obviously!

Sally said...

MH is looking lovely Julie. Love the fabby for your 3 new HAED starts. I'm getting Guardian out tonight. Wonder if I don't sleep tonight if I can finish the page!

Pumpkin said...

Wow, I can't believe you're going to have those three going at the same time!

Congrats on your win :o) It's always fun to get free stash!

Your MH is beautiful.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sally. I'm so excited to start them all. I need to get more floss bags, and floss of course! I love preparing a new project!!! I hope to see lots of progress on your Guardian. I was just thinking about you, and it, a few minutes ago as I was putting lots of pages in their sleeves!! You just have no idea, Pumpkin. I have twenty projects in my rotation, of which six are HAEDs and the smallest is eight by eight. I also have two eight by tens and a six by twelve or so. The rest are fourteen inches on the short side!!! Yes it is always fun to get stash, even if you have to pay for it, lol. And thanks. I love the way it looks, and I really didn't want to put it down!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Julie I think that you need to start all of the Sins just like me, c'mon I know you want to!! LOL

mdgtjulie said...

I do want to, lol. I do, I Do, I DO!!!! But I'm being good now. Don't encourage me, lol.

Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Oh, I'm behind on everything. But on the 7 sins, I'm determined to at least to get to Avarice. After that, it's up for grabs on the others.

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, I'm starting with Lust. I love the flowers in her hair. After that, I think envy, then Wrath. Then Vanity, Sloth, Gluttony, and Avarice. Of course, that could change at any time, lol.