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Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Progress and More

     I made some progress over the weekend, and last week too.  I worked on Achoo most of the time (one morning till six AM) and Jesus on Sunday.  It worked out pretty good.  I got lots done on both.  Jesus is finally starting to look like himself, but I don't really like how his face is turning out.  It's got orange in it, and REALLY???  Whose face has orange in it like that?!?  Ick...  Anyways, you can see him here
Jesus 8/29/2011
Achoo 8/27/2011
  And Achoo is coming along really well.  I've gotten lots done on him in the last few days.  It's partly due to Randi.  We talk on the phone a lot, so I spend more time stitching.  I did manage to stay caught up on blogs and emails these last couple of days too, so I'm happy about that!  Achoo has a couple of really weird color blends, but I'm following the pattern.  They mixed light gray and gray with light brown.  Those are the only two blends, and I don't know if I like them or not, lol.  You can see a piccy of Achoo here:   
     I've made a new friend this week.  His name is Benjamin, and he's Charity's (another blogger friend) husband.  He's just started a blog.  He has a little cross stitch, a little woodworking, and a book on his wishlist.  He very nicely asked me if I would share his blog, and of course I agreed.  You can see his blog here, and he asked that everyone check out his wishlist especially.  It has a book on it that he thinks would be helpful for a lot of men, so check it out.
     Thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last post.  I found them all humorous and am so grateful for everyone who leaves a comment.  I love to hear what y'all think about what I've said!  So big bunches of thanks to everyone who's ever left a comment on my blog.
     It seems (and this is slightly scary to me) that I'm normal in a way.  {GASP}  I posted my poll to see what you guys thought I should do for the twentieth piece in my rotation.  I thought I should do Frost Moon, because it's such a big chart.  It looks like y'all agreed with me as Frost Moon won the poll by one vote.  I think I'll kit it up at Christmas time as I should get some money for Christmas.   I'm gonna kit up Celtic Autumn and Lust at the sale for Labor Day.  I got out the floss bags and did all my floss bags for Lust.  So now all I have to do is put the flosses in their bags.  I HATE doing HAEDs cause their symbols make me draw.  I soooooooo cannot draw.  I suck at it.  So it was a bit of a challenge.  But I'm getting excited, which is a bad thing.  It's gonna be a while.  I still have a week of Achoo (this week), then two weeks each dad's memorial, Story Keeper, Calendar Partwork, and Shore Patrol (whoo hoo, I'm sort of SALing that with a friend.  She's gonna work on it when ever, and I'm leaving it in my rotation, but when I work on it, I'm gonna post a good pic, like everything, lol).  So I'm gonna be all excited about organizing it, and I won't get to start it for two months.  Urgh...
     I'm trying to complete my Lora Leigh collection of books this week.  I figured with shipping, I can get them all for about ninety six dollars and change.  That's twelve books, and shipping on a few.  I'm using their super saver shipping.  That way I get free shipping on most of them.   Yay.  But if I buy them a couple at a time, I'll have to pay four bucks shipping each, and that's a lot of money.  So I'm gonna ask mom if I can borrow eighty dollars from her to buy them.  I think she'll be okay with it.  I hope, anyways.  Ah, a girl can dream, right?!?  So we'll see how it goes.
     Randi has a nickname for me.  LOL, she calls me Nutter Butter.  I think it's hilarious.  I don't have a nickname for her yet.  I'm still thinking up a good one.  I was thinking though, Miranda Matilda.  That really speaks to me.  For those who don't know, I make up a middle name that suits me for my friends, instead of a nickname.  Kay is Kay Marie Antoinette (which led to lots of jokes about my wanting her to be headless), Rosa doesn't have a set name, I change hers all the time because her real first name, which she hates, is a longer version of Rosa (I won't say it here as she may read this).  Tora is Tora Jane.  Julie is Julie Ann (because her real middle name is Ann, and Julie Ann and julienne sound so alike.  She even had a friend who called her french fries for a while as french fries are fried julienned potatoes).  And Aly is Aly Louise.  So I like Miranda Matilda.  We will have to see if something better jumps out at me.
     Speaking of Randi, she's coming up earlier than we had planned.  We were making plans for Christmas, but now she's coming up for my birthday.  She just informed me that she purchased her tickets for the week of my birthday, and she'll be coming up to chat, stitch, crochet, eat, shop, and read.  We're gonna have a blast.  It's nice to get along so well with someone.  So now I'm really excited about my birthday.  It's October fifth.  And I have a request.  I'm not asking for gifts, or anything like that.  But I'm gonna post my address for anyone who wants to get me a card.  I'll be forty this year, and they have some fabulous turning forty cards.  So if anyone would like to go out and find an outrageous card for someone turning forty, I would love it!!!!  I want to collect as many as I can, as I find them amazingly humorous.  So if anyone would like to send me a card, here's the addy:
Julie and Yes Dear
2442 Ferguson Road Apt. # 2
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45238
     TIA to anyone who finds me a great card.  I will, of course, post pics when I get them!!!!  I can't wait to see what my creative and crafty friends come up with!!  The more outrageous (over the hill, old as dirt, whatever), the better, guys.  Cause I could definitely use the laughs.  This is my first birthday since my dad died, and until Randi said she was coming for it, I was dreading it.  So hopefully between the cards and the visit, things will be okay.
     Randi has started a new group.  It's called Stitches with Love.  It's a Yahoo group.  It's for anyone who does any kind of fiber art.  Stitching, knitting, hardanger, crochet, crewelwork, weaving, spinning, rug hooking, whatever.  Feel free to check it out here.
     Okay, one more thing, and I'll be done.  I promise.  I'm joining a challenge.  Well, it's sort of a challenge.  Measi over at Measi's Musings (here) is doing WIPacolypse 2012.  You can see the rules here.  Since I've already got my rotation all set up, I'm gonna join in the fun.  So far, there are only a few people (about ten) who've joined her, so feel free to go over and join yourself.  It's basically you listing the WIPs you're gonna work on in 2012, and then posting pics on schedule.  It's gonna be a good time though.
     I'll close by saying I hope y'all had a really good weekend.  Mine was pretty good as I only had to do some minor frogging on Jesus, and none at all on Achoo.  I talked, ate, and laughed a lot.  It was nice.  So here's hoping you all had as nice a weekend as I did.  (It surely felt like it should be IHSW again because I got so much done, lol.)


Claudette497 said...

I love your orange Jesus - maybe he got a bad spray tan?

Tama said...

Your progress looks great, even the orange bits!
I love your q-snap (I assume?) covers. or frame covers, if that's what they are.

Unknown said...

I will be turning forty this year too :) November.

Gabi said...

Your Jesus looks great. I'm with Claudette on the spray tan part. Achoo looks great too. I wouldn't worry about the way they blend the colors. It normally works out pretty well.

cucki said...

hello dear, your stitching is looking so lovely..very life like..
and good luck with the challenge..have lots of fun with it..
hugs xx

Joysze said...

Oooh, I like it much better now that your pics are in your post. :D I think when you're done with Jesus and step back a few feet, the orange floss will blend right in with the entire picture. He's looking great, as is Achoo. :D

Nancy said...

Your stitching is going well, Jesus is really progressing! I am sure the orange will blend in as you stitch more. So glad that Randi is coming for your birthday, what a treat for you!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Of course I'll send a birthday card, I sent Anna the Stitch Bitch's grandma a card and I've never "spoken" to her!
I had a great party for my 40th and ended up on stage with my cousins playing tambourine with the band!

Topcho said...

Jesus is looking good, naybe when all the colours are added, it will smooth the orange. And I'm definitely going to search for some cute 40- card, and if I find one, it will be on the way to you!

Bec said...

Oh some of the girls walking around where I live,have orange faces! too much spray tan me thinks. lol
But Jesus does look good, with his spray tan.

Achoo is coming along nicely! :)

I love the fabby around your stitchings, how do you make them?

Charity C. said...

Hey Julie,

Thanks so much for mentioning Ben in your post today. I reall appreciate it. I love your Jesus picture! I think you are amazing to do such large projects!! They are just fantastic! I can't wait to see more pics! Love reading your blog!!

mdgtjulie said...

That's just downright horrible, Claudette. He can make the sun shine, lol. He doesn't need spray on tan! It did give me a great giggle, though, so thanks for that. It also gave my friend Julie a good giggle as she read it to me over the phone. We laughed like loons, lol. Thanks Tama. They are Q-snap huggies, made by my friend Chris. Her site is She has a lot of different patterns available. Oh, yay, happy early birthday Chriz! Thanks Gabi. I hope it works out in this case. I'm worrying about it, of course. Thanks Cucki, I plan to enjoy working on so many different things next year. I hope so Joysze. It just glares at me now. I have had so much trouble adding pics to my post. Finally, I had some luck with them. Not as much as I wanted, but some. Maybe next time will be better. Thanks Nancy. I'm glad too. I wasn't looking forward to my first birthday without dad alone. We're hitting a couple of LNSs for the day, whoo hoo!! Oh, I'm hoping so, Topcho. The more outrageous, the better!! And thanks. LOL, Bec, I don't!!! I'm absolutely terrible at a sewing machine. I can't sew a straight line. My friend Chris makes them. I buy the eight by eights, and they're only five dollars apiece. She has lots of options. You can go to her site to see them at Sure Charity. It's nice to know people are out there reading and being interested! I saw that Edgar posted Benjamin's blog on his too. Awesome!!

mdgtjulie said...

Jo, I somehow missed your comment first time through. Sorry about that. Thanks for the card and the story. I would LOVE to see pics of that particular event!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the orange Jesus too. But like someone else posted. Maybe he will look better finished?

Rachel said...

Both of your pieces are looking really great, Julie! Happy Early Birthday!

♥ Nia said...

I will look for a 40 postcard!! I want to send you some laughs too ;) heheh

Loved reading your post and special because it has photos today :) hehheeh I like to see pics along with the talk ;)

I love Achoo, I would really like to stitch that someday =) Hope to see more progress soon! :D
Hugs&Smiles to you

Barb said...

Hi Julie, I just found your blog over here. Your Jesus piece is looking great. You have a nice blog I'll come back.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yay Julie you got some piccys in just for me! Great to see the progress on both projects you're working on! Sometimes there are colours you question when stitching but you know they almost always work out beautifully in the end, trust the designer!

Julie, just a word of advice between putting up your b-day, age and your home address you're setting yourself up for trouble such as identity theft and more. I would really reccomend you edit your blog post and remove that info. The internet is a big scary place and there's mean people out there. YOu can always ask people to leave a comment and you'll e-mail them your address that way you have some control over the information.

Don't intend to sound mean but its just being smart.

Benjamin C. said...

Your orngesus looks great. Thanks for the post and for letting everyone know about my blog. Just so you know it was very hard to post a comment, because your blog fries my internet connection. LOL!!! Keep up the good work and thanks for all the support you give my wife and I.

mdgtjulie said...

I hope so, Sunny. Otherwise, I'm screwed. Thanks Rachel. And thanks again, lol. I'm so looking forward to the cards. Okay, Nia. I'll look forward to it!! Glad you enjoyed it. They were a PITA to add though. I got Achoo as a gift, actually. I saw it on someone's blog and my friend Patty saw it. She and her daughter bought me the kit and sent it all the way from Canada. I was thrilled, but trying not to start too many things, so I didn't start it till last week. Thanks so much Barb. I'm glad to know you enjoyed your visit!! Thanks for the advice Dani. I know the risks, but my credit is in the toilet, so I'm not too worried about identity theft. Also, I'm extremely careful with my SS#. I don't give it out, ever. Not on the phone and very rarely on the net. (I do do my taxes on the net, so I give it to Turbo Tax.) But thanks for worrying about me. I appreciate it. I'm trusting, too. The designer, I mean. We'll see how it all works out. And yes, I did put piccys in it just for you, lol. It was very difficult though, so I'll have to play with it a bit more next time.

mdgtjulie said...

Sorry, Benjamin, I missed your comment first time through too. LOL, I missed two on this post!! You're welcome, and thanks. I do love to blog hop, so it's all good!!

Kaisievic said...

I would love to send you a card for your 40th birthday. It will be fun to see all of the cards you get. Thanks for the link to Measi's WIPacolypse - I have signed up. Not much blogging for me this weekend as I have been trying to get lots of stitching done.

cheers, Kaye xoxox

Sally said...

Both your WIPs look great Julie. As someone else said I reckon Jesus will look different when you get all the stitches in. My first HAED QS had green in the skin and I thought it looked really weird but once finished it looked brilliant!

Carmen said...

really good advance in you stitching..maybe the orange Jesus turn better in the end, with all the stitches done (i hope so).

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Kaye. I think it will be fun too. I know there are some absolutely outrageous cards out there, so hopefully I'll get some funny stuff. Can't wait to see your progress then!! Thanks Sally, and really? Green? How odd... My HAED is the same way. I keep saying, REALLY? And looking at the picture, lol. Usually, it's right and I'm wrong! Thanks Doris. I hope so too!!!! Only one way to find out!