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Thursday, August 4, 2011


     Rachel got her chart, so I can share with you her reaction.  I'm so pleased I could make her day.  I love to make someone else smile!!  I had planned to buy Avarice at this sale, and then Chele RAKed me with it.  So since I had been planning to spend the  money anyways, I went ahead a RAKed Rachel for her chart lust, Wrath.  It's one of my four fave Seven Deadly Sins charts (I have problems making a decision which is my favorite.  It's a toss up between Wrath, Vanity, Envy, and Lust) and she mentioned somewhere to me that she wanted it.  I think it was an email reply to comment of mine, or it may have been in the entry where she said she won a chart in Michele's word game.  Originally, I was gonna get her Envy, but that's the chart she chose for winning, so I had to get her something else.  She mentioned Wrath, and it was game on, lol.  You can read what she had to say here.
     I went over to mom's house yesterday.  We had a nice time, with some interruptions.  Well, just a few!  Her phone kept ringing, and it was a hang up.  I can't figure out why, but some corporation is hanging up on her.  I know it's a corporation because A.) when she calls the number back it says it's out of service, which is what happens when you call a number that doesn't take incoming calls and B.) the calls have come in from five different numbers.  They're all 898-25**.  They range from 00 to 99, so we can't block them all.  But I got on the phone with Time Warner Cable and they walked me through how to block numbers.  Low and behold, when I got in there, there was already a number blocked, and guess what...  It was an 898 number too!!!  And then I vaguely remembered doing the same thing once before.  What a pain!!!  Hopefully, they will stop calling soon.  We can only block up to thirty numbers.  So if we get beyond ten (this is MY decision) we're gonna call TW's directory assistance and see if they can help us out by telling us who the phone number belongs to.  Wish me luck, lol.
     And then, I can't get her DVD player to do anything with the remote control.  I had paused the movie when mom got on the phone with Time Warner.  But her PC is really slow, and it took a long time to get in there and get it all done.  About a half an hour.  So by the time I got back, her sucky DVD player had turned itself off.  When I pressed play, it started the movie over.  We were two thirds of the way through when we quit, so I tried to get the menu up to find the right chapter.  No go, there's something wrong with the universal remote.  So I programed the remote to the DVD player, and when I put in the fourth code, it turned off.  So I pressed mute and it turned back on.  So I knew that was the right code.  I set it.  Then I tried to use it, and no go.  It sucked!!  So there I am, laid out on the floor so I can see which buttons are which, and trying to figure out which chapter we're on.  Ugh!!  Finally found it though, and we watched the rest.  It was a pain though, as the ff and reverse buttons went by chapter, so I couldn't just ff a little to see if we were close.  Grrr...  I'm thinking of calling my brother when he get's back from vacation to see if he still has the universal remote I gave him years ago.  I know he doesn't still need it, but he may still have it.  Only one way to find out, right?
     I hope you're all having a great day!!  Happy stitching everyone!


Nancy said...

Glad your friend loved her chart you gave her! Don't you just hate phone calls interupting a movie you are watching? Hope you can get those calls stopped for your mom!

Gabi said...

I hope the phone calls to your mother will stop soon. That sounds somehow so creepy to me.

Anne said...

What a wonderful gift Julie!! Very generous! I hope those calls stop! We had odd numbers calling our phone line too one year awhile back. Luckily our phone company blocked the numbers and reversed the insane charges!!

Unknown said...

Does the company just call and then end the call without trying to sell you something? Strange! Luckily that hasn't hit us here yet although I do get a lot of people trying to sell me cellphone contracts - lol.

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

That's so nice of you! I'm glad it was so well received. Although how you can omit to a series of HAED I don't know, I couldn't even do one!

Mouse said...

ohhh that was nice Julie re the chart .... sorry to hear you having probs with those pesky callers .. we get them all the time over here too ... and sorry can't help with the dvd thingy either love mouse xxxx

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nancy. Yes, I do, especially when they're hang ups. It's just annoying. I hope they stop calling before we get to thirty, lol. It is kind of creepy Gabi. I don't like it a bit. Thanks Anne. It's weird what people try to do to you on the phone. Telemarketers and political calls... It IS really weird Chriz. I wonder what the point of it is, if they don't do anything. It's gotta be some sort of tech glitch or something. You know, instead of hanging up, it's supposed to play a message or something... I love my HAEDs. I have three in progress now, and am adding three more in various spots after September. They're so wonderful!!! Thanks Mouse. I'm so happy she was happy. She and I didn't start out on the right foot, but we got ourselves all straightened out in the end, lol.

♥ Nia said...

I know what you're saying, it's so good to give gifts =) I love to receive as much as I love to give gifts to my friends! Even in my blog, I would love to make giveaways every week ahahahah It's sad when I have to tell the winner.. because there can be only one =/ Oh well, I have to do it more often ;) heheheh
That was really very nice of you =)))

Sally said...

That was lovely of you to gift Rachel with the HAED chart :)

I hope those calls stop. It's so annoying. We used to get those but they were always with held numbers or international/ unavailable ones.

mdgtjulie said...

It is. It's one of the reasons I've always loved Christmas. I get to shop for others, whoo hoo!! LOL, yeah, a giveaway every week would be cool! Thanks Sally. I've had some of them too. But here in the States, we have a national do not call list. If your number is on it, companies cannot call you unless they have a prior business relationship with you. Mom's on that list, so I don't know why she's getting calls.