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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My progress so far this week

     And a few other things.  My landlord is finally cutting the grass today (it really needed it), and it smells so good.  I was out on the balcony for a long time today, and it was lovely, as usual.  After a while, the cutting began, and I love the smell of fresh cut grass.  LOVE it!!  (I'm also allergic to it, so I'm a bit sniffly.)  But still, it's all good.  The birds were out there, so YD was out there with me a lot.  She got in big trouble though.  She tried to use my leg (my jeans-clad leg) as a scratching post.  I had to make her get down, because she refused to stop.  Silly thing, lol.  (And ouch!!!)  So my leg was all bleeding and what not (not badly, but a little bit), and I decided it was time to come in a little bit later.  She's got a sharp set of claws!
     I went ahead and took a piccy of Noah's Sub, even though I'll work on it some more later. 
 I finished up the long rows of that color I was working on, and did some short and tiny rows up at the top in the same color.  Then I started the band the eventually got close enough to the other that I could add it on.  You can see in the pic where that band begins, and where it was close enough to do it with the others.  I'm pleased with how much I got done so far today.  It was a little bit windy, but not too bad.  I also talked to Rosa while I was out there, and I realized how much there is on one page of Noah's Sub.  It's got a lot to it!!!  I think my HAEDs are eight ten by tens long and about six wide.  This is like eight wide by twelve or thirteen long (I think).  It's a large page!!  I'm still loving it as much as I was before.  It's coming along really well.  I'm halfway done with the first page now, or just about...  I've gone a little bit lower than halfway, but there are still a lot of stitches missing up top.  So about halfway, or maybe a little less.  
     I didn't get a lot of time in on Time To Go due to a slight error on my part.
  I got out Desert Landscapes (which I used to think was called Desert Garden, I don't know why) and worked on that on Tuesday night for about an hour.  And then I was all, "Oh, crap, it's Tuesday," so I put it down and picked up Time To Go.  I did get a good hour and a half in on it, so it wasn't too bad.  Or maybe it was longer than that.  I'm not sure.  As you can see, I started working on the dark brown at the bottom of the second row of ten by tens.  I put in quite a few stitches, so I'm pleased with that.  (I didn't get nearly as many stitches in on DLM, sigh...  Oh well, they were extras, so it's all good!)  I'm (of course) hating the brown, but I should be getting into the lighter colors of the candle flames soon, so that'll be better.  I think...  I don't think they're ALL yellow...
     And I almost finished Bluebird of Christmas Happiness.
  I needed five more minutes on it (literally, it needs three Smyrna stitches and one X), but I was tired and I needed to do something else before bed, so I didn't get to finish it.  I decided to do the Smyrna stitches in the dark blue for the bsing (Oh, I do have a little bsing to do, so ten minutes) instead of the white the pattern calls for.  I think it's supposed to be on a colored fabby, so the white would have shown up there.  On my white, it wouldn't really be visible.  So I changed the colors.  Rosa helped me decide.  Artistic license, lol.  It's actually fitting (barely) on the Q-snap, so that's good.  I really thought I was gonna have to move the Q on it to finish it.  But nope, so yay for me.
     And I hardly feel like I got anything done on DLM.  
It's coming along so slowly.  Lots of color changes.  But I love the oranges and purples together.  It's really looking nice.  You can see the cacti too.  The big one was supposed to be both DMC 310 and Anchor Marlitt Black (one's a tiny bit glossier than the other), but since I have soooooo freaking much Marlitt, I did it all in Marlitt.  (I was confused by the materials list.  It doesn't say you need six skiens of this or that, it tells you how many yards you need.  I ordered NINE skeins because I forgot that you only use two strands at a time.  So I only needed three.  Needless to say, I've done a lot of the 310 in Marlitt to use it up.  I still have seven skiens, and a partial.  (And then I ordered the kit for DLM and got three more skiens.  So I had a total of twelve.  I'm not sure where the other three skiens are.  Probably in my floss drawer.  I'll be using Marlitt forever!!)
     In another other news (he he he, I know, that's not right, but it sounds funny), I got Citronella torches for the balcony this week.  
They're great, as tacky as I am!!  I picked up two of them, but when I got them home and opened them up, the one was broken.  So I took it back today and returned it.  This time, I opened the new one up before I left the store, to avoid another problem.  (The first one looked intact till I took off the shrink wrap.  Then the broken pieces fell out.)  It was good, so now they're standing sentinel on my balcony.  Scary looking, whoo hoo, lol.  (No, I don't really think they're scary, but I love the Aztec (at least, I think it's Aztec) influence.  They're fabulous!!!)
     Thanks to everyone who follows or leaves a comment.  I have a giveaway coming up soon for the two hundred followers.  I just can't do two in one month, financially.  But soon, people, soon!!  Hope you're all having a wonderful evening!!


Unknown said...

I love that cactus triangle in your DLM, such a gorgeous, vibrant combination of colours! ♥

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Heli. I love the colors in it too. It's beautiful. Much nicer than it looks in the big picture, lol.

Kaisievic said...

Wow! You have done lots of stitching this week, Julie.

mdgtjulie said...

I've been making progress like crazy Kaye. It's been amazing to be so into my craft again!!

dulcinella said...

You have stitched a lot! I love the different projects and always,enjoy your pictures,updates. What does,DLM stand for? Maybe it's easy, but I don't have a clue:-) the noah project is gorgeous, i have it waiting for me too...once in this lifetime. Glad to hear counting wrong and ending up with too much floss, fabric and stuff is something that happens to others too! Enjoy your garden with the fresh smell of grass cutting and the balcony with the gorgeous torches!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Dulcinella. It's not exactly easy, but I use it a lot. It's Desert Landscape Mandala. It's a Chatelaine. I've used the full name before, and I just assume (bad me) that people will remember, lol. It's how I refer to it in my head, so... Sorry for the confusion. I'm glad you enjoy the pics and updates. I'm pretty out there. Whatever happens to me goes in my blog, lol.

Topcho said...

Oh, your needle has been busy! Love them all... but I simply adore how the mandala is going, it's beatiful. And the cute little birdie, almost done! :D

Virpi said...

Oh, you have so many beautiful projects on the go. I really admire people who have ability to stitch several projects in rotation. I'm rather dull in that perspective. You commented the Boris bunny project in my blog. Unfortunately it is the way it is now cause it is finished. It was a quick little project that I needed to do. =D

mdgtjulie said...

I know, Topcho, I can't believe I stopped so close to being finished. But I was tired, and still needed to get a bath before bed, so... And thanks. LOL, Virpi, and I admire people who can do one at a time. I have a serious case of ADD, and working on one project sort of becomes a chore. It's not that I'm bored with it, exactly, I just don't feel like working on it much. It's hard to explain!!

Vickie said...

Your profess looks great! Noah's sub is really pretty!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Vickie. I'm really enjoying it.