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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Progress and dogsitting

     I've made lots of progress these last few days.  Strangely enough, while I was dogsitting, I didn't get in as much progress as I usually do at home.  Which is weird cause I don't have a computer there.  Well, I do, but no emails are there and no game.  I can do blogs, but I usually do that at home cause I can pet and read at the same time.  I hardly ever use Amy's computer.  So, some pics of what I got done.  I'll start with Desert Landscape Mandala (Chatelaine), and move on from there.
     I got a HUGE, ENORMOUS amount done on DLM this rotation.  

I totally knocked it out of the park.  I'm so proud of myself.  I got almost double my goal done.  The last little medallion isn't complete, but it easily will be next time it comes up in rotation.  You can see I didn't get a whole lot done at David's house.  Partly because I was reading so much.  But hey, progress was made, and that's a good thing.  I have some more of the black to do, and then the colorful sky will be done.  I'm really excited that I finished three of the corner medallions, and part of the fourth.  My goal was to finish up the first, and do one more.  I way outstripped my goal, so yay me!!  
     I took three projects to my brother's house for dogsitting.  I took Beach Romance (Janlynn) for Sunday, DLM for Friday and Saturday, and Impossible Love (HAED, Selina Fenech) for Monday.  I didn't take Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits) for Tuesday cause I didn't think I would stitch any Tuesday.  I usually get up, pill the dog, take him out, and pack up and leave (not necessarily in that order).  So Sunday I worked on Beach Romance.  It was very fun, because as I worked, I watched...  NFL Today!!!!!  Whoo hoo, football talk.  Unfortunately, two of their staff are former those who shall not be named players, so they kept saying that name.  Also, twsnbn have nine bona fide star wide receivers.  So they talked about that a lot, which was depressing.  I was cheered to hear that they're likely to let Chad go though.  I'm hoping he goes to a team I like, so I can cheer for him again!  Pittsburgh would be awesome.  Green Bay, New York (Giants, not Jets), and Dallas would also be good.  All of those places have a Quarterback with a strong arm and good accuracy.  Oh, and New Orleans would be good too.  Okay, on to Beach Romance.  

It's looking good.  I put in a big area of sand, in between the woman's legs and the man's legs.  And it goes under the man's legs too.  And then I started on her dress.  I've only done some of the white so far, but it's looking good.  You can see the curves of the dress as it blows in the wind.  I did start to make on mistake on her dress, but I caught it right away, so that was good.  I only had to pull out a few half stitches.  Otherwise, it behaved itself well.  A few twisted threads, but they were easy enough to figure out.  I still love the fabby color for this.  It's just gorgeous!!!  And Amy said she liked it when she saw it on Mother's Day, so it's all good.
     Impossible Love is my rotation project for this week and next.  

It was annoying to me, for some reason.  I only put in about a hundred and fifty stitches, which is hardly anything.  I have no idea what my problem is, so we'll see how I do on Friday when I pick it back up.  I love the colors in this. They're various shades of peach and pink.  Sunrise colors.  Beautiful!!!  I did have to frog, but it was only one row.  I lost track and did a row twice, so I had to frog out the second one.  It was a short row, six or eight stitches.  And ugh, cause frogging over one really, totally sucks.  But it's done, and I'm back on track now.
     I gridded on Time To Go this week, so I don't have a pic.  I'm working on the vertical lines, so they seem to take forever.  I've got two in now, and I think I'll make myself put in one more before I put it back on the Q-snap and start working again.  I hate the gridding, but it helps sooooooooooo much that I do it on all my over one projects.  Well, all except one, and I'm considering gridding it when I get back to it.  It's Lust (HAED, Marta Dahlig).  It's a ways off though, so nbd.  And speaking of a UFO, I have a poll on my blog.  The blogspot blog.  Go here if you're reading this on Multiply.  I'm thinking of what I'll put into my rotation when I finish up DLM.  I was originally thinking I'd put in my next Chat, which is going to be Serengeti.  But now that I have UFOs, I'm wondering if I should put in the next UFO and wait till some more things are done before adding a new Chat.  If you don't mind, please give me a vote.  (I'm very indecisive, so help me out here, ladies and gents.)
     Next up is my ornie, Frosty Friends (Mosey and Me).  

I got a LOT done yesterday on it.  I took Yes Dear out on the balcony for quite some time.  (Yes, I did remember a pillow so my butt doesn't hurt.)  She was loving it, because a bat flew right by the house.  It was so close to me I could have reached out and touched it.  She was ALL over that.  Meow, Meow, Meow...  And she's looking at me like where did it go?  She sort of gets pointing, if the thing I'm pointing at is right by my finger.  Otherwise, forget it.  So she looked all over the balcony for about ten minutes, then she gave up.  It was cute.  AND, while I was working on my ornie (or maybe while I was gridding TTG, I don't remember) Jerry opened his screen door, peeked outside to see if I was there, saw me sitting there, and snuck back into the house.  I had to laugh.  Looks like he's got the message.  I waved at him, but I don't think he saw me.  It was just too funny.  (I didn't realize I was scary like that, but apparently, I am.)
     And lastly, my stupid neighbor down the street (she lets her dog run free all the time, and I know that eventually, he's gonna get hit by a car or something like that) let her dog out last night, and then went back in the house.  There was a man on a bicycle, and he's a nasty, yappy little dog.  Barks at everything while he's out.  (I can't stand yapping.  Hate it with a passion.  Like nails on a chalkboard.  Grrrrrr...)  So he's barking at the man on the bike, and chasing the bike.  The guy gets pissy about it, and tries to kick the dog.  (No, I don't like yappy dogs.  This does not mean I think kicking them is a good thing.)  I opened my mouth to yell at him to stop, and he fell off his bike, lol.  It was just too funny.  I was laughing my butt off.  I felt like saying, "That's what you deserve."  Trying to kick a little dog like that, jerkoff.  So he rides away (it's about midnight or twelve thirty), making threats as he goes.  And the dog chases him off, yapping it's fool head off the whole time.  It was annoying and funny all at the same time.  Finally, she took the dog in, for which I was grateful.  Dumb dog was standing in the street watching the bike go, and I was afraid a car was gonna come along and hit him.
     And lastly, as you all know, I wanted to do a giveaway for the Finish Friday blog.  I've been waiting for more people to enter, but no one has, so I'm drawing today.  And the winner is...    number seven, DULCINELLA!!!!!  Grats Dulcinella.  Let me know whether you want the gift card to or HAED.  I'll get it in the email to you this week!!!  Grats again!!  Thanks to the few of you who entered the giveaway.  I'm happy to have spread the word a little bit.  And this month I have car insurance coming out, so I'm not doing a giveaway for June.  I will be doing one in July though, for reaching two hundred followers.  Maybe it will be a REALLY good giveaway if I reach two fifty before July.  We'll see.  Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment, or follows me.  I love you all, and it makes me so happy to see what you're thinking.  Special thanks to everyone who votes in my poll.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep going strong on all of those great WIPs Julie!

Do you keep your projects on your q snaps or take them off when you're not stitching them?

Dani - tkdchick said...

Keep going strong on all of those great WIPs Julie!

Do you keep your projects on your q snaps or take them off when you're not stitching them?

Unknown said...

I agree with you about the colours on Impossible Love. So gorgeous!

I too hate the barking of dogs, especially when they bark at everything that moves and/or makes a sound. Dogs are such restless creatures.

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats to Dulcinella! What a great and generous giveaway! Your stitching looks wonderful. Beach Romance is so fun to watch come to life. Frosty Friends will be an adorable ornie!

mdgtjulie said...

So far, so good, Dani. I leave them on. It makes them a little bit wrinkly, but my framer stretches before he laces and frames, so it doesn't matter. I've never had anything come back with a wrinkle. Thanks Heli. For some odd reason, I don't mind big dogs barking, lol. It's just little yappers that get on my nerves. Part of the reason why I don't have a dog. I have a one bedroom apartment, and I couldn't keep a large dog. And I hate the yappiness of small dogs, so I'm out of luck. Thanks Debbie. I really love the piece Amy picked out. It's so appropos!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way all of them look. But I have to say I loved the dog story the most :)

mdgtjulie said...

It was too funny, Sunny.

Sally said...

Your WIPs are looking brilliant Julie.

Congratulations to Dulcinella :)

The dog story is so funny!

dulcinella said...

Oh,oh, I'm so happy!!! Never won anything and then now I win such a generous gift. I won't be blogreading today, I will be drooling over cross stitch supplies!
You completed lots of stitches while dogsitting. Never noticed it helped so I should give it a new try:-). All the projects look great, but I like the colors on frosty friends especially! I voted on your poll as I understand very well these kind of decisions aren't easy.altough, thinking about it,,starting new projects is very easy:-)
Glad to hear that it was only the bat who visited and the frog prince was happy with a brief appearance.

Anonymous said...

You really made a lot of progress during those few days ;-)
I had to laugh so much when I read about the guy on the bicycle ;-)

Carla said...

Your wips are looking fantastic!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sally. It was hilarious in real life. Dummy. Yay, I'm glad to be the first to give you something. I'm awesome and so are you!!! Thanks for the vote, Dulcinella. I find myself thinking if it keeps on as it's going now, I'll do what I want rather than following the crowd. I didn't realize that I was strongly in favor of the new option, lol. I'm glad he only made a brief appearance too. I've had protracted contact with him, and it's not at all pleasant. I'm glad I could give you a giggle, Stitch. And I did. I'm so pleased with myself. Thanks Carla. I love them all!!!

Bea said...

You made good progress while dogsitting. Does Yes Dear give you the cold shoulder when you come home smelling of dog? And I loved your dog story.

Congratulations to Dulcinella.

Jan Gartlan said...

It is great to see all of those projects coming along so well. I burst out in laughter too at your bike story he he.

Topcho said...

Wow, way to go with all the wips! All of them look great! And a little lol for the dog story. I have to say I rather dislike those small dogs that always bark the hell out of it. I love huge dogs that look like they have too much dignity to bark, lol! (and who are fluffy too!!)
And I'm so glad my alpacalypse post made you laugh! I myself was giggling all the time while writing it. I love you choice of animal and name, it's so cool :D
Oh, and congrats to the winner. I thing that Friday blog was a really cool idea, but why do I have the feeling it's on a hiatus or something :/

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Bea, sort of. She sniffs me very strongly (her nose couldn't get any closer to my chest without touching), and THEN she gives me the cold shoulder. Glad to hear it, Jan. It's too funny. Dumb guy. It seems to be, Topcho. Probably because there aren't many finishes to post. I actually shared that post with a friend of mine, and it made her giggle too. Funny, lol.