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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Progress Update

     Once again, it's been a busy week.  I have lots of piccys to show, and just added a bunch to my Multiply Made for Me album.  I put all my ornies in there, and I do have a couple of other things to dig out too.  Rosa made me a little thing that I haven't put in there yet, but it wasn't with my Christmas ornies, so I didn't have my hot little hands on it to take a piccy.  And I have lots of other things to share.
     First, and foremost, I have a special project.  Rosa told me about it.  Well, some.  I can't remember if she told me what it is or not though.  I don't remember, so maybe she didn't.  Or maybe I'm just that forgetful.  I have no info on it at all.  I don't know who was involved (there are ten to twelve people involved in it), what it is, or when it will be finished.  BUT...  Apparently the ten or twelve people made me something (Squares, triangles, whatever) and sent them all to another person who was then supposed to send them to my mom for finishing.  (They thought it would be nice to pull her in, and I think that's just awesome.  I would love to have something she made with my stitchy friends' help.)  But the clearinghouse has turned into a stall.  No one has heard anything from this lady since she got all the parts.  I was really depressed a while back, so Rosa broke the silence and told me about it.  And it worked.  It totally cheers me up every time I get down.  I love the idea that people I know would want to do something for me.  It's awesome!!!  So I'm moving to try and get the project going again.  Since I don't know the who or what, it's hard, lol.  (Understatement of the century.)  However, I do have some options.  There IS a Yahoo group for this project.  So I can have the owner of that group join the owners' group and report this lady as a bad trader.  I hope we don't have to do that, because I wouldn't like to have to do that to someone I consider a friend.  But I want my secret project!!!  (I'm not obsessed with it, but it cheers me up a lot.)  This lady is no longer answering emails about the project, so we'll see if I can't light a fire under her to not work on it, but to send it to someone who can work on it.  I'll let you know if I have any progress.  And I can't wait to find out who was involved and what they made.  OF COURSE, there will be piccys when it's finished.  You know how I am about pics.  Gotta have em, lol.  So wish me luck or say a prayer or whatever you do.  I'm hoping to have more info on this soon.
     And now I have progress piccys to show you.  Lots of them, it feels like.  I'll start with my rotation project this week.  I got my goal made.  I wanted to get the sky done, and it's done.  And gorgeous too.  I love the colors in it.

  (They're all purples.  Since that's my fave color, I'm good with my two weeks work.  Actually, six days, but still...)  I got a lot done on it at David's house Saturday night.  I wasn't exactly dogsitting, but...  He was going out to my sister's for a birthday dinner for my mom.  I wasn't going (because I said I don't want to feel like a turd my sister picked off the bottom of her shoe), so he asked if I would come over on Saturday night and just let the dog out to do his business.  I said I would.  So I went over around nine thirty.  He came out and greeted me (it was so funny, he turns around in circles to keep coming back for more petting, but he got his front turned around and not his back.  So he's looking at me, and going away from me, even though he's bent at practically a hundred and eighty degree angle.  And he's looking all confused, lol.  It was hilarious.  I was cracking up) for a while, and then we went down in the basement.  I went in to see the cats for a few minutes.  Reese hissed at me, and Butters got some petting.  I got a drink and went to stitch.  I stayed until about eleven fifteen.  Took the dog out at the end, since David said he was gonna get home first thing in the morning.  He's got a HUGE veggie garden started, with all the manure you could want.  It doesn't stink, but it looks very rich.  He's got a few things growing, and he's gonna plant a bunch of seeds soon.  It's about twenty feet long by about ten feet wide.  It's all built up with lumber, and he pulled out the grass (I assume) to put down the fertilized soil.  He's got it all nicely fenced to keep critters out, but God knows how he's gonna harvest everything.  I can't wait to see it in full bloom.  Well, as long as I don't have to harvest it, lol.  Anyways, you can see all the pretty sky I finished up in it.  And I previously did a lot of ground in the first half of the page.  I think I did three colors of about fifty stitches each.  So I got a lot done.  This one tempts me to forget my rotation cause it's so close to being done.  I have five pages of eight complete, and of the three pages left, one is a partial.  Three quarters of another is finished.  So I have a quarter of my current page to do, and then one full page, and then a partial, and it's all done.  I'm stubborn though, and refuse to give in to the temptation.  I WILL stick to my rotation.  Because I made the rules, and I need to be disciplined enough to follow them.  (Funny how stitching is the ONLY place I have discipline and organization.  And somewhat sad too...)  Anyways, on to the next.
     I started a new ornie this week.  

It's got an awful name.  Bluebird of Christmas Happiness by M Designs.  It's cute though.  I had to frog out almost sixty stitches, so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to.  Still, it's a respectable start.  I like the colors in it.  They're both called Turquoise (dark and medium, I think), but they're pretty.  It's coming along well.  It's bigger than my others though, so I'll have to do half, and then move my lil Q-snap to do the other half.  (It's only a six inch, so it's not big.  And I lose another half inch on each side as I can't fit my fat little hands in between the Q and the stitched area.  So I have a five inch or less design area I can work on.)  I like the little curlicues in his tail though.  I think that makes him just darling.
     No piccy of Time To Go as I haven't done anything on it since last time I took pics.  I don't even think I've gridded any more on it.  If I remember right, I last posted on Tuesday night late, Wed morning early.  And today is still Monday to me.  I would have a piccy of Midnight Hunting, but I had to frog out everything I put in it.  (And not because I had problems with the fractionals.  Noooooo, I just plain can't count, lol.  Sigh, I'm just a big dork, lol.)  So no piccy.
     Noah's Sub is still coming along quite well. 

 I've gotten a lot done since the last piccy.  I put in some LONG rows too.  They're not continuous, as you can see, but they are long.  Many of them are forty stitches long or longer.  It's do two, skip one, do three skip one, do two etc...  You can see how far down they go, and they go almost up to the blue on top.  Pretty color too.  Rosa says I'm way ahead of her, but she likes looking at my pics anyways, lol.  I'll be urging her to do more stitching next week.  This week, she's a hot mess.  She has some social anxiety issues, and she's in a band at church.  They have a concert this weekend at a church rally.  She's half scared to death.  So please, if you could all say a prayer for her band to do well, that would be just awesome.  I'd appreciate it, and I know she would too.  They do a rocky sort of Christian music.  Some of the songs Rosa wrote, so I'm hoping they go over well.
     Beach Romance didn't get a lot of action this week.  I ended up playing with Freak for like NINE HOURS Sunday.  NINE!!!  We just couldn't get off the computer.  It was fun though, so I'm not complaining.  And I'm not on a deadline, so it's all good.  

I finished up almost all of the current color under her foot.  I only put about thirty stitches in, but I did do a little bit.  I've been enjoying this one as well.  Now that I've learned my lesson with the threads in the fabby untwisting a little bit, it's going much better.  I know to look out for it, and count it both ways.  (I generally count over two holes up two holes instead of going straight across on the diagonal.  Otherwise, I end up in the wrong hole.  With this, I check it against the previous stitch both ways (up two over two, and over two up two).  If I end up in two different holes, then I have to figure out which one is the right one.  Sometimes, the only way to do it, is put the stitch in one of the holes and see if it looks the right size.  So far, so good.)
     I hope you're all having a good night, and sleeping the sleep of the innocent.  And I wish for you all a good day tomorrow.  It's May Day, and I hope it's a good one for all my blogger friends.


Anonymous said...

Lovely stitching, your projects are so colorful. :)

Fiona said...

Great progress on all your projects. I hope you manage to track down your surprise project and that it gets completed, what a lovely stitching gift from friends.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Tammy. LOL, so are my Q-snap huggies, lol. They bring even more color to the table. Thanks Fiona. I hope so too.

Vickie said...

Stitching looks wonderful!! I love your q-snap holders. I can't wait to see what your secret project is going to be.