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Saturday, September 24, 2011

     It's been a while since I posted anything.  I used to blog a couple of times a week, but not lately.  IDK what's been up with me.  I just don't have the urge to blog as frequently.  This week, I've been wanting to for a couple of days, but I was always on the phone when I wanted to do it, so I never got around to it.  (Now that I've said that, someone will call me, lol.)
     Anyways, first up is my giveaway.  Well, sort of.  Not really.  Okay, here's the deal.  I have the Traveling Stash Box.  It's full of charts, fabbies, a few kits, a few flossies, miscellaneous things.  I took out six items, and put in six large pieces of fabby.  That's the deal.  You put in what you take out.  So...  I've shown off the things I've taken out, and I didn't think to show pics of what I put in.  But it's very full.  As long as you have a blog on blogspot, you can win the travelling stash box.  Leave me a comment (with your email if your profile doesnt' have an email me button), and I'll be picking the winner on October the fourth.  Just a warning, the box is very full.  It cost fourteen and change to post to me, so I'm sure it will be at least that going out.  Good luck to everyone who enters.
     I also wanted to let you know about another giveaway.  Ben is giving away a Halloween woodcarving.  It's lovely, and you can read all about it here.  I love the cute little woodcarving, and would love to display it (probably year round, lol, cause it's too cute to put away).   Good luck to all who enter!
     Paypal has ticked me off.  I bought something for a blogger friend, and she paypaled me the money for it.  For some reason, IDK what, Paypal decided that even though I have a basic account, they're gonna take a fee.  So now I'm ticked.  I sent them an email and am currently awaiting a reply.  This does not make me a happy camper.  Stupid Paypal...  
     Julie needs some prayers.  She's been having a rough time making ends meet lately.  Her boyfriend works in construction, and there's not a lot of work right now, so that's weighing on her.  And then, to make matters worse, she lost most of a tooth up front.  So she needs to go into the dentist.  Neither of them have insurance available, so she'll have to pay everything out of pocket.  And dental work gets expensive.  So say some prayers that her bf gets a sudden, long term, extremely good paying job, so that she can get the care she needs.
     Randi and I are doing some more planning for her vacation here.  She's pretty much a homebody like me, so she doesn't really wanna go anywhere.  We're hitting almost all the shops on the second day.  We're going to go to Keepsakes (the Sharonville LNS) which  is about thirty five to forty minutes away from me, then back in the car to go to Columbus.  We'll go to Julie's house and hang till a few minutes before three.  Then, we'll go to the Waffle House to meet up with Lauren of Sassy's Fabbys.  Randi has a large order with Sassy's Fabbys, and I want to do a floss toss and see how Summer looks against  her opalescents.  I'm hoping she can get some opalescent for me in twenty eight count.  I like twenty eight better than thirty two, which is what she has in stock.  And I want really pretty shimmery fabbies for my Celtic Ladies as they show so much fabby between the borders and around the ladies.  Then we're hitting Hobby Lobby and Joann's for floss and (for my mom) teddy bear's eyes.  Then back to Julie's (I think) for a bit before we head for home.  It will be a shop till you drop day.  Oh, and I forgot my friend Lisa's bead shop.  (It's not really my friend Lisa.  It's Julie M's friend Lisa, but she always calls it my friend Lisa's bead shop instead of by its name.  So, to tease her, I call it my friend Lisa's bead shop too.)  We're going there at some point too.  Then on the sixth, we're going to the post office, my Hobby Lobby (I want to pick out the frame for Cat Lessons for People), and maybe to lunch.  Depends if we're hungry and have money or not.  After that, the plan is to sit and stitch lots.  Lots and lots, lol.  Hopefully, I'll get a few minutes in there for blogs and emails.  So it'll be  a busy vacation without much going anywhere!  She wants to finish the first page of Bitter Half by the time she's ready to leave, and she probably will.  She's super speedy.  So that's what we have planned.  Oh, and a trip to the grocery store the day she comes in from Maryland.  So lots of things in a few short days, then nothing.  I can hardly wait.  Ten days now, whoo hoo!!!
     I got no packages in the mail today, and I'm so disappointed.  I have a package coming from Joann's for my blogger friend that I mentioned earlier, and I have a package coming for Randi from 123stitch.  (Of course, that's not as fun as getting my own package from 123stitch, lol, but I'll live vicariously for now!!!)
     Last but not least, I've been getting a lot of stitching done these last few days.  I was in chat for 2muchXS on Wed for a little bit, a big part of Fri, and again on Saturday morning.  (I got up at ten this morning, and couldn't go back to sleep.  So I got up around ten thirty.  Ugh, now I'm tired.)  So I worked on Story Keeper all that time.  Wed was Harry Potter night too.  We watched Deathly Hallows one.  My mom is sort of confused.  She's certain that the sword is one of the Hallows.  IDK why, but she's sure of it, lol.  She's still calling Dumbledore Dumbledorf.  And now she thinks that since they're wizards and witches, they can raise the dead.  She keeps saying Dumbledorf is doing this or that, and I keep telling her he's dead, lol.  It's all quite amusing.  So anyways, lots of Story Keeper got done.  You can see part of the trees which I'm very excited about.  Before it was just a bluish blob.  So yay for being able to see the trees.  You can see my progress here:  
Story Keeper 9/23
  (I was talking to Julie M on the phone last night, and I said, "I can see the trees," and she thought I was talking about out in the yard.  I was laughing about that.)
     And speaking of Julie M...  We have a bet.  Cause we're both such high rollers, snort.  She bet me that I couldn't catch up to her when Story Keeper came out in my rotation.  We bet gas money for her next trip here, so not a small bet.  That's about fifty bucks.  I'm sure I'll beat her.  I asked her Sunday night how many stitches she had in it and the answer was 2,136.  I have in about twelve hundred so far.
     I'm sure I'm gonna win the bet because I'm doing some dog sitting this week.  Well, it's Saturday, so next week.  David is going on vacation again, this time to Gatlinberg, TN.  He's staying from Sunday morning till Thursday night.  I'll be spending a lot of dog time with Vin, and we'll be doing some walking.  It ought to be nice.  Maybe I'll take him out to the park for a walk a couple of times.  He likes to go slow so he can sniff stuff.  So maybe I'll put that on my agenda for the week.
     And here's a piccy of YD sitting on the base of her cat tree.  It's very tall (six feet) so it has a pretty solid base.  She loves to sit on it.  I guess she likes that carpet better...  You can see it here:    
Yes Dear on her cat tree base
Yes, my carpet is stained.  And those are the projects from Bubbles to Shore Patrol (excluding Story Keeper, because it's out to play) next to her.  Apparently, the magic closet does have limits.
     Anyways, that's it for now.  (I know, it's novel sized, lol.)  Thanks to everyone who made it this far, and again for all my followers who regularly leave comments.  Especially Claudette, who still has me laughing about Jesus's bad spray on tan, giggle, chortle, snort.  Thanks everyone!!!  (Thanks to whoever (I think it was Siobhan) said to update my blogger to the newer version.  I could    easily move my photos around!!)


Cindy from Artists for Hire said...

Hey, thanks for your comment. I've updated with a few more things, including about having stitchers to work.

Rachel said...

I was beginning to get worried about you! I look forward to reading your posts and haven't seen anything new from you for awhile now. I am glad all is well. :)

It sounds like you are going to have an amazing time when Randi arrives! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

I am glad you got the photos all figured out, I bet you feel relieved now.

You have made some good progress on Story Keeper, did you just start it?

Charity C. said...

Very nice progress on Story Keeper. Thanks for posting about Ben's giveaway...really appreciate it. I hope you and Randi have lots and lots of fun when she visits you. I would also love to be entered in your giveaway! Have a wonderful rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes..I am pretty much a hermit..I do my shopping a couple times a month, then i hermit in my room for the rest of the month accept for appts...And in fact I have 2 packages go to Julie's..the flossies for Bitter Half and the chart and flossies for Beware...

We are going to have a great time. Her house is going to smell soooo good with Deep South Style Cooking and flavors..I'm gonna be the guest and will do most the cooking...but that is al right with me..I'm a kick ass cook..

Claudette497 said...

Your friend might want to check if there's a school of dentistry within reasonable distance (not those dental assistant schools that advertise on TV; a graduate school that give medical degrees for actual dentists). They have free clinics because the students need practice. (They practice on each other first, though, lol). My ex-SIL is a dental hygienist from USC and they did all kinds of dental work for free or just the cost of the medicines and materials.

Tama said...

Your giveaway sounds like fun; I'd like to be entered!
I love your progress on Story Keeper - the trees are showing up really well! It's such a pretty picture, too, so it'll just get better and better :D

cucki said...

i really love your progress on story keeper..looking so lovely..
please count me in for the your lovely is so lovely.
keep well dear and have a lovely sunday xx

mdgtjulie said...

Anytime Cindy. I'll have a look when I'm done here. Awww, I don't know what my problem has been Rachel. I just get caught up in life, and forget to blog. I've been talking on the phone a lot Three or four hours a day!!! So I haven't blogged cause I can't blog and talk at the same time. I end up writing what I'm saying or saying what I'm writing, lol. We've been planning, so it should all go smoothly. Thanks, I am too. They were driving me all kinds of crazy!! Not exactly. I started it in April, and put in two hundred stitches. My friend Julie and I are SALing it, and when we got together for her birthday, we put the first stitches in it. Thanks Charity. And no problem. I love his little woodcarving, and hope I win it!! I'll put your name in the BOD then!! And so humble about it, too, Randi, lol. We are gonna have fun. Maybe one night, I'll order pizza in. That'd be fun too. Claudette, I wouldn't have thought of that. I'll pass that info on and see if she can find such a place. It's a great idea!! Thanks so much. You're awesome (and every time I see your name, I giggle over Jesus, lol). I'll put your name in the BOD Tama. And thanks. I think so too. Thanks Cucki. I appreciate it. Will put your name in the BOD too!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Will you put my name in the BOD too? I'm sure the Traveling Stash box has lots of different goodies now! I love reading your long posts. It's just like you're having a conversation. Your vacation plans with Randi sound perfect!

lanybleu said...

I love reading your blog too, so glad you are getting your mojo back.
I would love to be considered for the travelling box but live in Ireland so dont know if I would be able to enter.

Anne said...

I second what Claudette says about your friend going to a school of dentistry. Here in BC, we have our university, UBC's school of dentistry, that doesn't charge very much for practicum students fixing teeth. Once they are in their practicums, they are pretty much dentists. Plus they have the experienced dentist on hand just in case. It's sort of like my teaching practicum. If the kids got crazy, the teacher stepped in!! Thankfully!!

Anywho, great progress so far on Story Keeper! I love Yes Dear taking a peek at you from under her tree!

Your mom cracks me up calling Dumbledore..Dumbledorf!! Priceless! I really loved the Deathly Hollows book and the movie and I want to rewatch it but I can't seem to find it!! Hopefully it'll turn up soon.

Cheers and keep stalking the postman!

Siobhán said...

I'm glad the updated editor thingie worked for you! Yes Dear is adorable! Great progress on your stitching, too.

It sounds like you're going to have a fantastic time with your friend! Can't wait to hear all about it and see pics. Seeing all of Lauren's fabrics will be amazing, too.

I will pass on the stash box because it'd be a small fortune to mail overseas, but thanks!

Have a great week!

Terry said...

Sounds like you have a lovely vacation with Randi planned. Between the two of you I'm sure you'll be stitching up a storm and shopping up a storm. lol

I have HP marathons too. lol I love to sit and stitch while the earlier ones are playing as my kids love to watch then too. I also love watching/listening while stitching to the Lord of the Rings trilogy too. Today my youngest had to correct me when I said we watched Return of the King. No, we watched Lord of the Rings, Return of the King! Well, excuse me little stinker! lol

Have a great week!

Carmen said...

oh, you no stop! where do you get so much energy!!, now with my girl in school, i must to wake up 6:30 Am every day, i feel so dizzy and sleepy..i need one red bull box!..lovely stitchin, and YD seems to be very comfortable. Have a great week!.

♥ Nia said...

That Traveling Stash Box sounds so cool! Please count me in if it's possible (overseas), I would love to be apart! :)
I'm waiting for something from 123stitch too, first time that I'm ordering from there. I know it was sent just in the next day but I'm not sure how long it will take to arrive here.. if it's like abcstitch, I will have it this week (crossing my fingers for good luck!!!) :)
I don't like that new blogger version =/ I prefer the old thing still :p
Hugs&smiles to you sweetie!!

Edgar said...

Great progress on SK - and YD snap is very sweet!! What a great sounding Drawing throw my name in as the 4th is my B'day it might just be lucky for me.

Thx - edgar

Vicky L said...

SK is looking good. I cant wait to see more. I hope you have a great time with Randi and Julie. I wish I was meeting Lauren with you. Please enter me in for the Traveling box.

Anonymous said...

Why be modest and humble when you know you are good..I need some sort of boasting as I am very low on self cooking gives me one hell of a ego boost..I tell you. Wait till we have fried chicken and pork chops...

ACK..I need to make a grocery list....

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Debbie, I talk to myself all the time, so I may as well talk to you guys too!! I'll go ahead and put your name in the BOD. I'm waiting for vacation impatiently. I can't wait!!! Lany, I'll tell you what I told someone else. I'm willing to ship it to you if you pay half the cost, as it really is very heavy. I simply can't afford to pay the whole kit and caboodle. Thanks for saying that Anne. When I saw what Claudette had written, I thought to myself, "Great idea," and then I promptly forgot to tell Julie M about it. So I've just called and left her a message, and hopefully, she'll call me back to discuss the idea. Thanks, and she loves to sit down there. It's one of her fave spots. There and on the chair!! Oh, dear, I hope you find it (them) soon. I have Deathly Hallows part one and the book, but Deathly Hallows part two is not out on DVD yet, so I don't have it. It's not even in the cheap theaters here, so we haven't even seen it yet!!! You have no idea how much time and trouble you're saving me Siobhan. Thanks again, and thanks. I'm loving Story Keeper. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that things YD is cute!!! We're gonna have a ball, I'm sure. She has our outing all planned out, lol. I'm sure we will, Terry. It's gonna be a fun time. LOL, out of the mouths of babes, lol. I have LOTR too, but I haven't watched them in a while. Maybe I'll share them with mom too. I wonder if she's seen them? Thanks Doris. I really don't have that much energy, lol. It just sounds like it!!! I would be sleepy too if I had to get up that early. Thanks. (And of COURSE she's comfy. She's the head honcho here!!!) I don't mind sending overseas if you pay half the shipping Nia. I'll put your name in the BOD, and I'll find out before I ship it how much it will be. I'm sure it will be at least that coming from you to the next person, so then you'll know if you're willing to pay shipping. Thanks Edgar. I'll surely throw your name in, and happy early birthday!!! Thanks Vicky, and I do too!!! It would be cool to have you along. I can handle a couple of people (maybe up to four) and after that I get very quiet. LOL at modest and humble. My next blog entry is called, "I'm awesome," because I am, lol. So are you!!