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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today, I celebrate 9/11

     I know it's not really an event to treasure.  But I celebrate the American spirit that was loosed that day.  It was a horrible event, and so many innocents died that day.  But it pulled us all together.  It made us all strive to be better, to each other, to our families, to our friends.  For the first time in years, Americans pulled together and helped each other.  I remember waking up and my bf at the time (he was an absolute shit, and I don't know what I saw in him) was disgusted that it was the only thing on TV.  When I asked him why he didn't wake me up when it happened, he said, "Why should I?"  I was at a loss.  It's such a human response to share tragedy to lessen the pain.  And he didn't feel any pain.  I felt horrible.  I went to work, and worried all day.  We were only a few blocks up from the Federal building.  Downtown was shut down.  A friend and I went to donate blood.  We only had to wait an hour or an hour and a half.  It wasn't bad at all.  I mean, all things considered.
     But after all the horror was passed, after all the tears were shed, I found that the ubiquitous American Spirit was still present.  People mourned those who lost their lives, but they stood up to be counted and were proud to be American.  They worked at removing the rubble so that we could honor those who lost their lives that day.  People stood in line to donate food and clothing.  They stood in line to donate blood.  They gave of their hard earned dollars to help those who lost their loved ones.  People were kinder to everyone they met.  People refused to cower in their homes.  They refused to be beat by terrorists.  They did what they needed to do.  Fear does scary things to us, sometimes.  But no matter the fear we felt, we went about our business.  We worked, we played, we laughed, we cried.  We grieved as a a nation, and, as a nation, we stood up and said, "You will NOT beat us!  We are strong, we are proud.  We will live without fear.  We will deal with this pain you've dealt us, and we will come out strengthened.  We are free, and we will stay that way!!!"  And we have.  We're free, we're out there working to make our lives better.  We have our challenges, but I wish that we could all draw together again, and fight for our country and our lives.  Together, as we should.


Jennifer M. said...

Great Post Julie and all so true. As horrible as that event was, it unified us as a nation I think. People stopped thinking about I and thought in terms of "we" and "us" after that tragedy. I was fortunate enough not to lose any family that day, but that doesn't mean I don't cry for the people who were killed that day. So many people died who didn't deserve to. It goes to show that life is short and to make each and every day count as best you can.


mdgtjulie said...

Amen Jen. Well said! I wish we were pulling together in the current crisis, but we're not...