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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm awesome

     I stumped Julie and Rosa both on the same night.  I was so excited!!!  I stumped Rosa with stultifying (which didn't mean quite what I thought it meant), and then Julie with bolthole.  I'm just so cool!!!  I'm a sesquipadalianist.  (It's a really big word for people who like big words.  It's my fave word in the English Language.)
     I got another card today.  It's cute.  Pics here:
Front of card
I think it's hilarious, cause I never get asked that.  Heck, I rarely buy anything that I need to show ID for.  I don't drink or smoke, soooo...
Anyways, the inside says, "May all your birthday wishes come true."  It's from Tama, which I really appreciate it Tama!!  Thanks so much.  Tama's blog is here, if you want to go see her.  She also sent me a cute little kit.  It's a beginner kit, so for a quick finish or to give to someone else.  I'm thinking of giving it to my neighbor, who used to stitch but hasn't in years.  Pic is below.  I'm hoping to convince my neighbor to come and stitch with me sometimes.  I'm hoping, anyways.  And lastly, she included some treats for Yes Dear.  She loves them, and I can see I'm gonna have to hide the bag if I don't want her to chew through the bag and eat them all.  Great job Tama.  I'm thrilled with everything.  Thanks Tama!!!
My little kit I may give to my neighbor Dani

      I got one of Randi's packages today.  I went through it and matched everything up with the invoice and everything was there, so it's all good.  I'm still expecting a couple of packages.  Bec's stuff from Joann's still hasn't shown up, which is not a problem, but it shouldn't take this long.  Or, maybe I've been spoiled by ordering from  They're super fast.  Randi ordered her package the day after I ordered Bec's stuff, and her package is here already.  Also, I've been gifted.  A blogger friend of mine (Anne, of Doll's Musings) is giving me a piece of opalescent fabby.  She said it's pretty small, so I may take a week off of my rotation this year at Christmastime and make a few ornies.  After all, I just got the 2008 JCS ornie issue from the Traveling Stash Box.  I'll have to see what I come up with.

     I'm dog sitting this week, which is very bad timing.  I just joined a new group, and they're VERY busy.  Almost two thousand emails this month alone.  But I know quite a few people in the group, and I like the premise.  It's a Yahoo group called The Stitch Specialists.  Basically, the owner, Abi G. is making patterns and trying to incorporate as many specialty stitches as she can.  I love to learn new stitches, so I finally caved.  I kept seeing the first pattern she had done (Tree of Stitches) and it's gorgeous!!   So I finally broke down and joined.  I may do it as a SAL with someone.  I absolutely cannot (CANNOT) add another piece to my rotation.  But if I SAL it, we'll choose a day of the week and it shouldn't take me too long.  So we'll see.  Still, I'll have twenty two projects on the go.  Can you say serial starter, lol.  Anyways, that's all for me tonight.  I have emails awaiting my attention!!!  Hope you're all having a good night!!


Bec said...

I love the card! The only time I ever get asked for ID is when going to concers, where they have to see everyone's ID.

I hope your neighbours does come over to stitch with you :). I wish I knew more people in my area that stitched.

Thanks again for ordering the kits for me. I really appreciate it :D xo

Anonymous said...

I love the card too. I got carded today buying a rated R movie. I was like I was a kid when I saw this movie the first time. :)

Christine said...

Cute card!
I keep seeing that tree of stitches on blogs, its a lovely piece, I'm not surprised you caved in and joined

Val said...

Just ewanted to see if I could comment on here as I can't comment on your other blog Julie !

Val x

cucki said...

i love the card too..very sweet..
big hugs cucki xx

Rachel said...

That is a very cute card!! I don't get ID'd anymore, I guess I am finally looking my age, lol.

Let me know if you want to do a SAL on the Tree of Stitches! I have it all kitted up and ready to go, but I keep telling myself I need to wait until I get a few things done, lol. I could definitely take a day out of the week to work on it. :) It looks to stitch up pretty quick from what I have seen, so it really shouldn't take too long. :)

♥ Nia said...

I couldn't find what that word sesquip.. means, google translator does not know that :p
But I agree, you're awesome! :D hahahah

Oh you should save your cards to open all in your B-day! :p heheheh

Terry said...

Cute card! Lovely surprise from your friend Tama too. I'll be keeping my toes crossed (not my fingers as I need them to stitch lol) that your neighbor decides to join you in stitching. I'd love to have someone nearby that would stitch with me. I haven't had that in years and years and..... lol

Have a great week!

Charity C. said...

Cute card and gift! I bet you are excited about your birthday coming up!!

Debra said...

that card is cute, happy birthday

mdgtjulie said...

Absolutely no problem Bec. I actually just emailed you today for your addy, lol, cause if I had it, I can't find it!!! It's fun being carded when you're forty, lol. I know, and I need another group (and another piece) like I need a hole in my head. Geez!! Yeah, you have to join Multiply to comment on that blog, Val. Sorry. Here you can comment as yourself, or anonymous. Thanks Cucki. LOL, me too Rachel! Oh, I'd love to Rachel. Will email you about it. No way, Nia. I'm opening them as they come in. I get more days of enjoyment from it that way!!!! I would too Terry. It doesn't help that I have social anxiety and can't go to group functions. But she mentioned she used to cross stitch and then just lost touch, so I'm hoping maybe I can get her started again! Thanks Debra!!

Astrids dragon said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! When was your actual day?

I joined the Stitch Specialists too, but haven't started yet - let me know when you do, maybe we can do it "together"!

SueT said...

I had to look up sesquipedalianist too! Lovely word! Have you seen this one? hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia
it means fear of long words, you'll have to stump Rosa and Julie with that one!! LOL
Thanks for the comment on my tree, look forward to seeing yours soon.
Sue T

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Astrid. My day is actually today, lol. I'm forty now, which is scary for both myself and my mother, lol. And I'd love to SAL it with you. Rachel has asked about it too, so maybe we could all do it together. And Sue, awesome!!!!! Thanks for the new word. I'll have to practice that one before I try to use it, lol. I love to talk, so I leave a comment on almost every blog!