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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awesome Cards Today!!!

     I got mail today, in spades.  I have two packages for Randi from, Bec's package from Joann's came in the mail today, and I also got some surprises.  Happy birthday me!!!
     But first...  We (mom, dog, and I) went to the park today.  No pics, unfortunately, as I forgot my camera.  But we had lots of fun!!  Well, sort of.  It was all my fault.  I used to go on this trail at Miami Whitewater Park, in Hamilton County Ohio.  It's a lovely trail, not too long, but beautiful scenery.  It's a lovely park.  I don't think Vin has ever been there.  But I wanted to take him.  It's just that I don't remember it being so challenging!!!  It has a big downhill to start the trail, then curves around the pond.  When you get to the other side of the pond, it splits and makes a circle.  So mom's all ready to go left (there's another trail down at the base of the parking lot, and she thought the two trails connected.  I steered her to the right, cause that's the way I've always done it.  As you move to the right, you go across a bridge type thing at the edge of the pond, then up a fairly large hill that I don't remember being there.  Then you go across the flat top, and down a medium hill, across some more flat, down another medium hill, and then you curve around to where the two paths meet (again to the right) and go up a very small slope.  Then you wind back around the pond in the other direction, and go up the big hill to the parking lot.  It's about three quarters of a mile according to the sign.  Vin pooped three times in that quarter mile (I only brought two bags, so the last time I scooped it up with leaves on top and below and put it into an already partly used bag) and only peed about three times.  I was confused by this cause usually he stops to pee on everything!!  (Including garbage cans if I don't catch him in time!)  I took him home, and mom and I went to her house where she put dinner in the oven (chicken cordon bleu casserole, yummy!!) and I stitched and she sewed until it was ready.

.  I was already stiff, so when I got home, I picked up the mail (lots of it) and dumped it on the couch with my stitching bag and purse.  Into the bathroom I went to run a hot bath!!!  I feel little better for it though.  I called mom afterwards and said, "I'm walking the way an eighty year old pregnant woman would walk," and she told me she was fine.  I called her a not nice name, lol.  It's totally unfair, lol.  The laughs were really nice, and the cards timely.  I got one from Randi (she mailed it, even though she's gonna see me on my birthday) and Sally, who I just love.  She's one of my blogger friends.  You can find her at Stitchyangel's Treasures and Stitchyangel's Jour

ney.  She's awesome.  And this is the front of the card she got me:      
 Dinner was very good with authentic sourdough bread she brought back from 
It just made me crack up with laughter. San Fran and froze.  We ate and cleaned up, and then I came home.   And Randi's card came in today too.  I had her pegged though.  She told me before she sent it that it had sound effects.  I read the front while I was on the phone with Julie and we both cracked up.  You can see it here.

      It farts at me, y'all.  It's absolutely hilarious!!!  I was cracking up and Julie and Randi were both laughing with me!  Inside, it of course says, " A Farting Card of course," and that did it.  I was giggling up a storm!!  I also got a card from Anne D.  Her blog is Doll's Musings.  I got the opalescent fabby today.  She is super fast.  And the fabby is gorgeous.  When I get the ToS chart, I'm gonna see if this piece is big enough to do that.  And then there's enough for a couple of ornies too.  I want to do a couple out of the 2008 JCS Ornie Issue I just got from the Traveling stash box.  The fabby doesn't feel bad at all.  I like it.  I was a little worried about it as someone said it was coarse.  But it doesn't feel bad to me at all.  It's different, but I could use it, no problem.  Here is a piccy of the nicely wrapped package she sent me.  
Isn't it beautiful.  She even used my fave color tissue paper.  Thanks Anne!  It's so appreciated!!
     And last but not least, Story Keeper.  I'm down to only one color in the second row of ten by tens.  I'll finish it up tonight or tomorrow and I'll have two thousand stitches in it.  Pic can be seen here.  


Chris said...

Happy Birthday dear! Looks like you had a great time.

cucki said...

Happy birthday dear..sound like you had a lovely sending you lots of love and hugs xx

Mouse said...

heheh love the cards :) and happpppyyyy birthday :) love mouse xxxx

Kaisievic said...

Happy Birthday, Julie. I hope that you are having a wonderful time. I am sorry, I have yet to look for your funny card - I will look for one this weekend.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Anne said...

I'm glad you like it Julie!! I think the fabby feels fine to me, but I figured you would get more use out of it than me. Can't wait to see what ornies you are going to make from it!!! Purple's my fav colour too just so you know :D



Anne said...

Oops, meant to add HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

♥ Nia said...

is it your birthday actually today? 29th??
Happy birthday Julie!!!! ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ƪ(˘˛˘)ʃ ƪ(ˆ◡ˆ)ʃ*
You're 18 with 22 years experience!!! ;)

Tama said...

Those are some awesome cards! and your project is looking pretty awesome, too :D

Carmen said...

happy birthday Guapa!!!have a wonderful time!.

Vickie said...

Happy birthday! Love the cards!

Anonymous said...

You wanted crass, so you got crass. I had to search for 10 minutes to find the perfectly prefect crass card I could find. We are going to have so much fun on your birthday.

mdgtjulie said...

I had a great time opening the mail, lol. Thanks Cucki. I can't wait to see what comes tomorrow!! Thanks Mouse. I've got a few days yet to go. Thanks Kaye, whenever. After all, if I space them out, I get more days of enjoyment!! Glad we have that in common then, Anne. I'm sincerely hoping it is the right size for Tree of Stitches, cause I would love to put it on there. I have one all picked out, but not sure on the other one... And thanks, lol. LOL @ 22 years experience, Nia. I don't mind being forty. I'm celebrating!! It's actually the fifth! Thanks Tama. I'm really happy with them. And it, too, lol. I got some more stitches in today. Thanks Doris!! Thanks Vicki. I know, Randi, and awful it was!! You did good! I know, we're gonna have a blast.

Sally said...

Wahooo so glad your card arrived! It made me giggle when I saw it so just had to have it for you:)

Glad you had a lovely walk even though you were stiff. Had to laugh at your walking the way an 80 year old pregnant woman would!

Your Story Keeper is coming along really well.

Pumpkin said...

Happy Birthday Julie! Looks like it was a good one :o)

mdgtjulie said...

It gave me a serious case of the giggles too Sally. Thanks so much. It was a nice time. I love the trees and all the leaves and acorns and stuff. It's an oak tree trail, and it's beautiful. When I originally thought of it, I planned to take my camera. But then I forgot... Thanks, I'm really enjoying it!! LOL, Pumpkin, it hasn't happened yet. My birthday is actually October fifth. But I've been having a good time with it!!

Ewa said...

Happy Birthday!!

A few weeks ago, Boyfriend said, "let's go on a hike! There's a trail I've been wanting to take you on." So we went. Admittedly, it was absolutely beautiful. We hiked through the hills and then suddenly and without warning we were spit out on the edge of some cliffs overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. We had lunch on one of these cliffs while a seagull stared at us. The moral of this story is, however, that the hike was 8 miles. 8 MILES. I was limping for two days and my knee swelled up to the size of a grapefruit.

Birdie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Julie. I'm so happy that you are treasured by so many friends.


Bec said...

Happy Birthday Julie. Hope you had a fantastic day.
Love the farting card! LMAO :)

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Ewa, you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear it. I know just how you felt!!!! Sore and achy and wondering when the heck you got so old, lol. Glad you too had gorgeous scenery. It helps. Some... You're not late, Missy. My birthday isn't till the fifth. I'm just having a long celebration, lol. Thanks Bec!!

Anonymous said...

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