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Monday, October 17, 2011

In Spite of Warm Welcomes

     Despite the amazingly warm welcome I've had at The Stitch Specialists Yahoo group, and the volumes of encouragement received from the group's members and moderators, I am choosing to abide by the rules, precepts, and dictates of the group owner, Abi Gurden in regards to a SAL for Tree of Stitches.  In inviting members to join her group, and stitch this gorgeous design, in accordance with Abi's dream of sharing her knowledge of stitchery with novices like me, I am dedicated to being a worthwhile member of the group and sharing my excitement over her incredible designs with others.  As I have seen a multitude of other members sharing their progress on blogspot, I too have shared my excitement and encouraged others to join and participate in The Stitch Specialists with the view of adding value to the group.  As most of you know, I enthusiastically respond to blog entries and posts in all of my yahoo groups.  I love to talk to other members, with an eye towards creating opportunities for dialogue.  I hope that this may put to rest ANY perceived ulterior motives that I may have in stitching this piece.  Anyone who is a slow joiner, like I am, and is also stitching this project, please remember that the The Stitch Specialists group rules apply.  This blog is not, in and of itself, a stitching group, just as the blogs where I saw the Tree of Stitches are not stitching groups.  This is merely a forum in which I, and others, may choose to share progress on this project as well as other projects.  My intention in offering this SAL is so that the latecomers to this design have some extra encouragement on a SAL that most members have completed.  The Stitch Specialists group has, in some ways, moved it's focus on to The Great Escape.  There may still be questions about Tree of Stitches, and I encourage The Stitch Specialists members on this SAL to post all their questions to the The Stitch Specialists group.  I am a novice.  Abi started this group so that stitchers like me could learn the stitches from her personally, and I, in no way, wish to overstep that relationship.


hazel c UK said...

Nicely said Julie and glad you are staying on the group. I am sure no harm was meant by having a SAL.

Hazel C (UK)

♥ Nia said...

I've seen people stitching this design and it is truly beautiful :)
But I don't quite understand.. sorry I'm missing something here! Do we need to be in the yahoo group if we'd like to stitch with you on your SAL? I guess so.. what you're doing is just making a SAL for members of the yahoo group, to give and extra push on their mood to stitch, right? :)
I would love to stitch the Tree of Stitches but I really don't have the time to dedicate no one more group now =( Too much to stitch until the end of the year and also Christmas gifts to make.. I wish we could buy time in packages, like milk!! hahaha :D

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

hmmm, I didn't know that there were rules when stitching the Tree of Life. In my life, when I choose a design that I would like to stitch, my LOVE FOR STITCHING is the ONE and ONLY ULTERIOR MOTIVE!
Be always in stitches.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I saw a couple of posts on the Yahoo Group, I personally find it quite hard to find things on Yahoo in general although the posts I do read are great!
I thought the main issue was the organised Forums jumping on bandwagons rather than designing their own projects.
The free designs by Abi are an encouragement to join and participate in her group. I'm sure there is no more enthusiastic participant in chatting than our Julie LOL!

Rachel said...

I am glad you posted this, Julie. I never once thought that doing a small "SAL" outside the Yahoo group would be such a no-no. I just felt it would just be a little extra encouragement. I know I planned on also posting progress to the Yahoo group, as I am sure you were planning as well. I, unfortunately, think this was blown way out of context/proportion for what we were doing. It kinda saddens me that this was first approached so publicly. I think the moderators could have contacted you/us off board first. Explaining the rules instead of making us look like thieves almost.

Now that the rules have been posted, we know now that unofficial SALs are not allowed. That's not a big deal to me, had we known beforehand. I really think there should be a disclaimer on the site stating such so this doesn't happen again in the future to someone else.

I am still going to stitch TOS, and post my progress on my blog, which was basically all we were doing to begin with. I guess calling it a SAL was not something we should have done. I think maybe it should be more like "hey, I'm stitching TOS, are you? What's your blog, I'd like to see your progress." Am I wrong to think that.

I really like the Yahoo group, they are funny and so intelligent when it comes to these specialty stitches and I mean no disrespect to them, but I really feel this could have been handled so much differently. There is always two sides to every story, we all need to remember that.

(((Hugs))) to you Julie. I am here if you need to talk.

Rachel said...

Heehee, sorry for the book long post. :)

Unknown said...

Julie, I'm a member on the Yahoo group. Don't worry too much about it all. I personally think the admins posts were a bit harsh. I too will be posting my progress on ToS once I start it which won't be for awhile. I think it could've been handled better as honestly, all you or anyone else was doing was SAL'ing with other members from our group there. I don't see any harm in that but if they do then I guess we make the choice whether to stay or not.
I for one, love your posts over there!!!

Sharon said...

I think most everyone in "blogdom" just wants to enjoy the stitching and sharing process...Just show and share your progress on whatever you're enjoying stitching and we'll all be happy to encourage you! :)
Thanks for posting about the yahoo group - it sounds like a great opportunity for growth!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Hazel. Absolutely, no harm was meant. Yes, Nia. To get the chart, you have to join and participate on Abi's Yahoo group, The Stitch Specialists. It's a lovely, friendly group! Thanks Jayne. It's turned into a bit of a controversy on one of my groups whether or not I can hold a SAL on my blog. Thanks Jo!! I really only wanted to get her name out there!! Thanks Rachel. I'm afraid I'm waiting to talk to Abi before I decide about my SAL. From the nasty messages Kay left on my Multiply personal message to her, I think she thinks I'm forming another group. I think Abi will be fine with it, and we'll be able to do it. Thanks so much for your support though. And I agree. Kay posted a nasty message to my Multiply, and instead of posting something public back to her, I personal messaged her, so only she and I could see it. I was shocked that she flamed me on the group like that!! I dont' mind a bit. I write a lot of novels myself!! Thanks J. I appreciate the support. I'm waiting to see what Abi says, honestly. That will determine how I handle this. Thanks Sharon. Despite the controversy, it really is a lovely group. I highly encourage you to join. And Abi's designs are great!

Joysze said...

Hmm.... sorry that your good intentions were taken so way out of context. *hugs*

Carmen said...

i think the same os Joysze..sometime the word are taken out of context...i hope all be ok now. And enjoy the stitching.

Joke said...

Hi Julie, I'm a member of the Yahoogroup now. I emailed your private before, I hope the fuss is all over now.
If you run the SAL, I'll be happy to join!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Joysze, me too. I'm getting a little big frustrated in trying to make my intentions understood too. Yeah, I think that's the problem here, Doris. I kept hoping we could get it ironed out. Thanks Joke. I'm thinking about it. The owner banned me, but if I can find the specialty stitches online, then I'm gonna still do it I think. You're welcome to join me. I'll definitely post about it if I do!!