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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vacation is almost over

     And boy am I broke, lol.  It was sooooooooo worth it though.  We had a great time while Randi's been here.  (I can't wait to drop her off at the airport though.  I told her as soon as I drop her off, I'm turning up the radio and singing along with every freaking song!!!!)  For two people not used to living together, we did good.  A couple of small disagreements, but nothing major.  She has to be at the airport tomorrow morning at nine ten, which is gonna be ugly for me.  I got up at three today, so nine am will take forever to get here.  She sort of packed up some of her stuff today.  She still has to pack up her book and meds and stuff, but that's no big deal.  It can't be done till she takes her pills tonight though.  She's currently napping, so I don't feel like I've abandoned her to blog, lol.
     I have progress pics.  And an invitation, and an ornie, and a winner, and a friend's call, lol.  It's been busy here.  First, the piccys (cause I know that's why y'all read my blog, lol).  I have progress on both Jesus and Story Keeper today.  Not too much progress on either, though.  I worked some on Story Keeper this week, but not much.  I spent a lot of time getting my flosses organized that I just bought.  It took me several hours.  And then I was afraid to stitch Friday when I was up for so long, cause I knew I'd just have to frog it.  So I didn't get a lot done this week.  You can see the piccy here:
Story Keeper 10/8/2011
     And I worked on Jesus yesterday.  I watched my beloved Bengals win their third game yesterday, against the Jags.  It was a really close game until the last couple of mins when we scored both an offensive touchdown and a defensive touchdown.  So the final score was actually twenty to ten, even though it was close for most of the game.  Our QB, Andy Dalton, is doing pretty well at managing the game.  It's exciting that we haven't lost every game, lol.  (And speaking of losing every game, the Colts have not won a game and the Lions haven't lost a game.  At the end of last year, if you'd told me how it was gonna go, I would have laughed in your face!!)  Anyways, I watched that at one.  Then, my mom called and offered to buy me a tank of gas cause I'm so broke.  I was all over that.  I needed the gas to take Randi to the airport, and I'm broke.  (Rolling pennies for gas broke, as Jeff Foxworthy would say.)  So we went out during the four fifteen game yesterday, and then I did some emails till the eight thirty game was on.  Then I watched the Atlanta Falcons lose to the Green Bay Packers, whoo hoo!!  And the Steelers won too.  I had a good football day, lol.  Jesus was a good boy.  I only had to frog once, and even then it was only about ten stitches.  You can see him here: 
Jesus 10/9/2011

     And now for the invitation.  I'm inviting those of you who are in the Yahoo group The Stitch Specialists to join myself and Rachel in a SAL for ToS.  I've seen the Tree of Stitches on a lot of blogs, and I think it's just gorgeous.  So I finally gave in and joined up.  Rachel mentioned that she hasn't done hers yet either, and would I like to SAL it.  (Of course, this allows me to start a new project without finishing something in my rotation, so I jumped on it, lol.)  If anyone is interested, leave me a comment with the day you prefer.  I'll post pics on my blog if y'all want to send them to me.  It doesn't have to be on the same day every week, but I'm thinking I'll probably post at least one photo per week of my non SAL project, and will post a piccy of the ToS progress the day after the SAL day.  I.E.  SAL is Wed, I'll post a piccy on Thursday of both my rotation project and my ToS.  So whether this is your first tree, or you second, or if you're halfway done, feel free to join us!!
     Okay, next is the ornie.  Karen sent it to me.  If you follow Karen's blog, you know she does an ornie giveaway every month.  I won for September.  Basically, Karen makes two identical ornies.  One for herself, and one for the follower who wins the giveaway.  I'm a follower, so I was automatically entered.  It's too cute.  I put a piccy in my last post with all the pics, but I'll put another one here.  I wish I had her finishing skills, is all I have to say.  It's wonderful.  Thanks so much Karen, I love it.  I'm getting rid of my big tree, but I have quite a few handmade ornies so I'm gonna get a little two or three footer for the desk so I can put up a few ornies!  Piccy is here:
Ornie from Karen front (on the tissue paper she wrapped it in)

Ornie from Karen back

     I also have a winner of the Traveling Stash Box.  I was hoping it would be Randi, so I didn't have to pay for shipping, but it wasn't.  It was Vicky L.  Grats Vicky.  Depending on financial concerns, I'll get the box out to you.  (I have a birthday dinner with my brother and sister Friday night.  When my brother gets me a gift, he usually gets me a gift card to the grocery store.  If he did, I'll have the money this month to ship it to you.  If not, then I'll have to wait for Novembers check to send it out.)  I hope you can find lots of things you like!!  I got some awesome things from it!
     And lastly, the friend's call.  I talked to my gamer friend Freak for about an hour and twenty minutes the other day.  It all started with Randi (thanks Randi) telling me she was gonna move here.  I wanted to check something with my Internet and phone provider.  So I called them, and their computer was down.  So since they couldn't look up my bill, I was asking them general questions about service.  I asked about digital phone for Randi, and they told me twenty nine ninety nine for unlimited long distance to the US, Canada, Guam, and American Samoa.  So I asked if I have that, and she was trying to figure it out when the computers came back up.  So she checked it for me, and said yes, I do have that.  And I was thrilled with that news, cause Freak lives in Canada.  So I called him on his cell phone, and we had an absolutely crappy connection.  So I tried again a few minutes later on his home phone, and that one was crystal clear.  It was great.  He told me something that almost made me cry, y'all.  I was sitting there one day, chatting with the guild and stitching, and he asked where I was.  So I told him I was stitching and chatting and my character had her shop open.  So he was all interested in what kind of stitching I did.  So I told him what I do, and told him to go look at my blog to see what it looks like.  So he did.  He told me a few weeks later that he thought my stuff was cool.  I didn't think anything else of it.  We've talked about different things before, and one of the things we talked about was my love for wolf artwork.  I love wolves.  I can't remember how we got on the subject, and I'm honestly wondering if he maneuvered it.  He told me he's making me a wolf cross stitch.  I was so excited by that.  I love to get handmade gifts, and it means a lot to me that he would do something like that for me!  I almost woke Randi up to tell her when I found out, lol.  He said it's about four inches by four inches, and I assume he got a kit, but I don't know which one.  He hopes to have it done for me for Christmas.  (BTW, if anyone has any ideas of what I could make him, besides something framed, please let me know!!)
     So that's about all that's going on around here today.  We're having pot roast for dinner, yummy!!  (With mashers and gravy and ketchup.  Delicious.)  I haven't had a good pot roast (with the exception of mom's a couple of weeks ago) in a long, long time, so I'm really looking forward to it.  Thanks to everyone who posted a comment on my last few posts.  I really appreciate each and every one (especially the mean ones, lol).  Hope you're all having a great night!!


Margaret said...

Nice WIPs! And nice ornie from Karen too! Sounds like you've had a good vacation. Glad to hear it!

Rachel said...

Wow, it sounds like you are having an amazing time!! You've been so busy, you made me tired just reading, lol. Both your projects are looking great, as usual. :)

We had pot roast here a little while ago, yum! It's so nice to throw everything in the crock pot and just leave it alone. :)

Kaisievic said...

Good vacation and such a post - something for everyone - love the ornie from Karen. Nice win.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Claudette497 said...

Beautiful gift from Karen! I'm so glad Jesus is behaving for you! I'll join your ToS SAL. I've got 25 stitches in it, so you should be able to catch up, lol. Tuesdays are my best days for stitching, but I'll post on Sundays regardless, so do what ya gotta do. I'm having a bitter football week, watching the Raiders win and seeing our former washed-up worn out players winning with other teams. Go Lions! Go Bills! I'm actually hoping we lose games at this point, just so we'll fire our fool coach - it's so painful to watch us play.

Nancy said...

You are making progress on your WIP! The ornie you won is beautiful! Glad you and Randi had a great time together!

♥ Nia said...

uuuff long read! :p LOL
It's true, I do love pics heheheh
Your wips are looking good :) And you got a lovely ornament, lucky girl ;)
I hope you enjoyed your dinner!!!! :D heheheheh

Charity C. said...

I am glad you have had such a fun week! Exhausting but fun!! LOL! I love your progress too!

cucki said...

very lovely wip's and cute ornie from karen :)sound like you had a lovely vacation..
keep well dear..lots of love for you xx

Ewa said...

That's right, you SHOW that Jesus who's boss!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You make me die! "I haven't had a pot roast for so long- except the one 2 weeks ago" LOL You sound just like my nana :-)
I'm nearly halfway through the ToS but would love to join in, just let me know when and I'll post pics too.

SoCal Debbie said...

That's so nice for someone to actually listen to what you like and go out of their way to make something for you. What a nice guy!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Margaret. I'm very happy with the state of my vacation, although the state of my knees needs some work at present... We did have a great time. Sorry to make you tired though... Awwwww, thanks. I'm glad I'm getting so much done on Jesus now. Hopefully, I will have him done for Christmas. I love post roast, and before mom's, I haven't had it in years. Four or five or something like that. I don't own a crock pot, so I borrowed my mom's. She was sweet and let me! Thanks Kaye. I've really liked some of her ornies, and some not so much, so I was really glad the one I got is definitely in the ranks of those I like!!! We just beat the Bills, I'm happy to say. Not that I dislike them in any way, cause I don't. But I'd rather my team beat everyone, so you can see how that made me happy. And they are still four and one, which is pretty darned good. I've been impressed with Matthew Stafford too. He's doing a great job in Detroit. I'm sorry your coach sucks. Our owner sucks, and he tends to stick his nose in where it doesn't belong. I honestly didn't think he'd negotiate with Marvin, and I figured we'd lose him. But he negotiated, thank God!! Marvin is the best! I hope there's less pain in the future for you, as I know how that goes. Good luck!! Thanks Nancy. I didn't make nearly as good a progress as I had hoped. I did too much kitting, and not enough stitching. And way too much shopping!!! Ugh, is all I have to say. We had a great time together, but I'm not back to normal physically, and that hurts me. So that's the reason for the ugh. LOL, Nia, they are always a long read with me!!! I did another blog entry for Columbus that's almost all piccys. I'd bet you liked that one better, and if I remember right, you left me a comment to say so!!! I did enjoy my dinner. It was wonderful. I love the ornie, and it will definitely hang on my lil tree next year. Thanks Charity. It WAS a fun week, and I'm hoping I'll be back to fighting form soon. And thanks about the progress. It has been slow this week!! Thanks Cucki. I really did have a fun time with Randi. I already know who's the boss, Ewa. He is!!!!! But I WILL get him done, and hopefully soon. I may have to start working on him during the week too. Well, other than mom's leftovers a couple of weeks ago, I literally haven't had post roast in about four or five years. I hope it's a good memory of your nana!! I'd love to have you. I'm thinking, since only one person picked a day, we'll do it on Tuesdays. I'll announce it on my blog later today or tomorrow! He's an amazingly nice guy, although I totally admit he has his guy moments. Total and complete DUH moments, lol.

Astrids dragon said...

Always nice to get together with friends, glad you had a great time!

When are you starting your TOS? I still need to get my fabric & choose my colours. If I get my act together, I might be able to get it this week, definitely next week. What colours are you using?

Joysze said...

Love the color of your new background, Julie. :D WIPs are looking great and congrats on the ornie win.

mdgtjulie said...

It really was, Astrid. I'm planning on starting mine next week, on Tuesday. I have to find my brown though... I have a good trunky brown left over from my Cattitude, but I can't remember where I put it. It's GAST. And then for the canopy of the tree I'm using DMC 125. It's a lovely, treey variegate. I have a nice piece of opalescent fabby to use for it too. Hope you can join us!! Thanks Joysze. And thanks again, lol.

Sally said...

Your WIPs look great Julie. Congratulations on winning the ornament from Karen. It is lovely:)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sally, and thanks, lol. I love my little ornie! I have a couple I've made, and a couple made for me by others. I love them!!

The Outgoing Introvert said...

Your stitching is wonderful and I love your blog, I am a new follower and I look forward to visiting you often. Your WIP looks great! Won't it be amazing when we get to see Jesus face to face one day!

mdgtjulie said...

Yes, and I'm sure he won't look anything like the pics I've seen of him. I'm quite sure he's handsome though. Some days, I'm ready to see him now!! Other days, not so much. Today has been a good day, so far!