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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trip to Columbus 10/5

     Well, I'm so whipped and sore I might be dead and I just don't realize it yet.  She told me she would run me ragged, but I really didn't believe her all that much.  I do now, lol.  We hit every store in greater Columbus it feels like.  Tired, lol.  And crying, lol.  Sad song on the radio.  I'm Already Home is awesome.  You should look up the lyrics.  It's about a soldier that doesn't make it home from the war.  Poignant as heck.  I'm sure it's on You Tube.  It's hard for me to not cry when I'm this tired.  And yes, I'm not really focused.  Too tired.  It's now two AM and I've been up since four AM.  I'm tired, and not functioning on all cylinders.  But I wanted to blog while I'm waiting for my pills to kick in.
     So we left this morning at about nine thirty.  I was excited.  I couldn't go back to sleep at four so I just got up.  We were doing stuff on the PC and lost track of time.  We had planned to leave at nine, but didn't make it.  Our first stop was at the BMV so I could renew my tags.  I went in with my title to find out that my tags are renewed until 2012.  Whoo hoo!!!  So I kitted most of Lust and Frost Moon.  Of course, I  needed lots of certain colors, so they didn't have enough.  Well, I'm getting  ahead of myself.  We hit Keepsakes first.  I'm trying to upload piccys, but Multiply doesn't want to cooperate.  I'll try it again tomorrow when I'm coherent.  I hope.  I didn't much care for Keepsakes.  I think I would have liked it better with some organization.  Everything was stacked pell mell.  Nothing was really together, except for a few things.  There were charts stacked everywhere.  You'll see what I mean in the pics.  (I finally got them uploaded here.)  Sometimes, a framed piece was sitting right next to the charts for it, but I couldn't find what I wanted.  I would have spend thirty dollars or so (I wanted several of the Britty Kitty charts) but I could only find November/ December and that one didn't thrill me.  So I bought one skein of floss, which I haven't taken a piccy of yet.  It's a Silk 'n' Colors Grape Soda, I think.  It's really pretty.  Shades of purple and blue.  Variegated of course.  We left there about eleven and made great time to Columbus.  I told Julie we would probably arrive between twelve thirty and one thirty, and we arrived at about twelve forty five.  She was just coming down to take out the trash and check the mail, so she came and hugged me right away.  (She actually shouted out the window to tell me she unlocked the car so I could my stuff in it and not have to carry it all upstairs.)  We went up and got comfy for a chat.  Ansel (Julie's boyfriend, and my friend) called from work.  They were done, and he called from the job.  Julie said hello.  Then she handed the phone over to me so he could say happy birthday.  Of course, I started harassing him right away.  So when he got home, he unlocked the door, opened it a few inches, and listened for a second.  Then he peered around the jamb, and we all said hello.  LOL, he went right back out, lol.  It was hilarious.  Then Randi asked him if he'd smelled Julie's eyeballs yet.  (Yes, she is crazy, but there is background on this.  Julie read this and laughed her butt off.  Then she read it to Ansel and asked him to smell her eyeball, to which he said (and I quote) HELL NO!!!  So Randi has been waiting to ask him if he'd smelled Julie's eyeball for a long time, lol.)  He was heading into the kitchen, but he stopped dead when she said that.  Then he just shook his head and sort of muttered.  We had a great time visiting (harassing each other, of course).  We left for lunch at about two thirty.  (And we didn't get home till seven thirty, hence the whipped and sore, lol.)  We met up with Lauren of Sassy's Fabbys.  She had an order for Randi.  And I picked out the fabbies I wanted to do my Celtic Ladies on.  I emailed her the links and she brought selections she thought would look good.  She did a sterling job.  Randi got me a gift certificate, and she (Randi) owed me a little bit of money.  So between the two, I put down a deposit on my fabby (thanks again Randi).  I picked out five opalescents, which I'm really pleased with.  (Thanks again Anne, cause if I hadn't felt how cool the fabby felt, I wouldn't have told her to bring some opalescents.)  I picked some great colors.  I'm really excited.  And, even better, she got some twenty eight count opalescent in, so she can dye them all in the right count.  I was really happy about that!!
     After we ate, we hit my friend Lisa's bead shop, and I forgot to take piccys.  My friend Lisa's bead shop is actually called One Stop Bead Shop, and it's awesome.  We had a really nice talk with Lisa.  She used to stitch, but now she doesn't get to do it as often as she likes, cause beading has taken over.  So she was telling us about her latest stitching project.  Then I picked out some great beads for Julie to make me a bracelet.  (Then I told her she's not allowed to ship it to me.  She has to deliver it, lol.  Good excuse for a visit!!)  It's purple and a tealy green.  Really pretty.  Randi picked out the beads for a fob.  It's gonna be pretty.  Then (after about an hour) we hit the Michael's for floss.  (Thanks to Bob for the floss price list, because we all saved some money.)  Randi kitted up some of her Lizzie Kates, and I kitted up Lust and Frost Moon mostly.  I'll go to Hobby Lobby when I'm recovered and pick frames for Cattitude and Cat Lessons, as well as the floss I'm missing.  I'm not missing a lot, but a significant amount.  Maybe thirty or forty skeins.  I was hurting bad when we got done there.  So Julie took Randi (who has back problems too) up to McDonald's to get drinks while I checked out.  I could barely get into the car because my legs were trembling from the pain.  So no more shopping for me.  They both went into Joann's and I waited in the car and poked out floss bobbins.  Then we headed for Julie's house again.  I took some Ibuprofen for my knees, and waited a bit for them to kick in.  Then we loaded up the car and headed home.  It was such a fun day.  I love to get together with friends.  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  I stopped by mom's house on the way home.  I wanted her to first meet Randi, and second we're borrowing her crock pot to make the chuck roast.  So we got home, unloaded the car, and here we are.  It was such a fun birthday, almost from start to finish.  And now, I'll say goodnight all.  Hope you're all having a super night.  Thanks Randi and Julie and Ansel for making the day great!


Bec said...

I'm exhausted just thinking about your day, lol. Sounds like a whole lot of fun though!
I'm glad you had a great day.

Is Keepsakes a store? It looks rather unorganised! They have some very beautiful pieces on the wall, but I'd feel so lost trying to find anything in there. That being said. I so wish we had store like that here! lol

Tama said...

Wow I got tired just reading that! Sounds fun but exhausting!
Keepsakes looks very pretty, but I'm surprised you found ANYTHING, even floss.

SoCal Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! It's great that you spent the day with friends doing things you love! I hope you recover from your long day and have a fun week stitching with Randi!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Julie!! It sounds like you had an amazing day. I know how it feels to be in such pain after being up and around for so long, it's not very fun. It makes enjoying the trip hard. But it sounds like you made the best of it, and I am so glad you got to do so many things.

I hope you get some much needed rest!! (((Hugs)))

cucki said...

happy birthday dear..sound like you had a lovely day :)
keepsake is looking so lovely.
hugs for you xx

Anne said...

Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had an amazing time, exhausting, but good :D!!! I'm glad you like that opalescent fabby and got more of it!! Whoohooooo!!! I see what you mean about the store. It would be hard for me to focus on anything there!! But at least you CAN go to a REAL store. I would have to travel 800 miles to get to one :( It would be a dream to be able to see the fabbys and threads in real life and not just order from the internet. I'm glad you and Randi had such a good time hun!!!



mdgtjulie said...

It was busy, Bec. And it was fun. Yes, it is a store, and it's very unorganised. I would have spent some more money, but couldn't find what I wanted. It was Tama. I found a floss, but nothing else. Randi was smart and put her order in ahead of time. It's been great Debbie. We had fun today. Hobby Lobby was on the schedule, as Randi was missing a few flosses. Now I'm working on the PC and Randi is stitching. Thanks Rachel. It was an amazing day. And I'm still sore, but not too bad. We did have a lovely day Cucki. It was great. Thanks Anne. I may just order them from her next time, so I don't have to go looking through. It was a great birthday!!

Carmen said...

amazing day,and busy!!

EvalinaMaria said...

Happy birthday and congrats on a wonderful trip!

mdgtjulie said...

It was busy, too busy for me, Doris. I've already told Randi I'm not shopping with her again, lol. Thanks so much Evalina!! I appreciate the good wishes.