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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pressie Piccys (and more)

     I finally uploaded my pics today.  So, as promised, here are piccys of my Christmas pressies.  First up is my fave pressie.  It is a Bengals ornie from my cousin Beth, who really knows how to pick them.  I love it, and am planning to hang it in the archway between the kitchen and the living room.  Isn't it gorgeous?!?  I can hardly wait to hang it.  I bet it was pricey too, as anything official NFL is pricey.  It's not the best pic, but the flash kept reflecting, so...  Anyways, on to the next photo.
     My brother gave me cash and a gift card, so no piccys there.  That means that next up is mom.  She got me several things, and a couple of things for Yes Dear too.  YD has been playing with the fing bird like crazy.  It's driving me nuts.  The darned thing has bells for feet, so I can hear it everywhere.  On Christmas night, I went to bed at about two AM.  This is after getting about two and a half hours of sleep on Christmas eve night and Christmas day (I had a nap).  I was whipped when I went to bed, but I was over tired, and it took me a while to get to sleep.  So I get woken up at five or five thirty by the bells just jingling away.  
She's got the darned bird on the bed and she wants to play fetch.  OMG, I was so peeved with her.  So we played fetch for about half an hour and then she allowed me to go back to sleep.  Stupid toy.  She likes the spider too, just not as much.  She plays with it in the living room, not in the bedroom.  I'm waiting for Yes Dear to shred the ribbon the legs are made out of, lol.  I'm sure it will happen soon.
     And mom made sure I had some more clothes that are not Bengals.  As I said before, I was hoping for another Bengals shirt.  Or sweatshirt.  She went in other directions though.  I got a pair of jeans and two tops.  I really like the one top.  It's gorgeous.  Shades of purple and pink and there's even some orange in it.  
Beautiful.  I love it, and have worn it already.  It's awesome.  The jeans are a sort of gray color, which I wasn't thrilled with at first.  But then I saw the shirt that she bought to go with it, and it has some gray in it.  So they go together.  The gray isn't so pronounced that I can't wear other things with it though.  So I guess it's all good.  I was thinking, at first, of sending the gray and pink and blue shirt back, but it matches the jeans so well, I changed my mind.  So I have a new shirt to go with my old jeans, and a new outfit to go with...  Well, itself, lol.  I have to admit, I do like the colors in the shirt.  I just wasn't sure of the style at first.  The, IDK, pattern of it?  
It just didn't call to me till I put it and the jeans together to take a piccy.  And then it was obvious what the possibilities were.  So all keepers this year.  (It's a good thing mom and I have the same tastes in clothes, lol.  Makes it easier for her to shop for me!!)
     That's it for the Christmas pressies I got this year (unless Cathy and Jim get me something good, which I doubt).  But wait, there's MORE!!!  I have progress piccys as well.  I know you're all doing the happy dance at more piccys, lol, so let me get started.  First up is Jesus.  I wanted to get more done on him than I did, but I spent so much time Christmas eve night staring at the wall and trying to sleep, I didn't get any more done on him.  Still, he isn't too far from done.  Like I said, I have two easy sections and a bunch of fill in to do.  Fill in is almost all confetti, so it will look even better when I finish him.  His neck is where I'm at now.  It's lots of big blocks of color, so that makes it easier to do.  I hope to finish up the color I'm working on tomorrow, and start the last color in his neck then.  I'm figuring another month and a half since I only work on him two days a week.  Anyways, even though I don't enjoy him, I AM getting close to having him finished.  I'm praying that Amy and David pick something I like, so I will enjoy stitching on it.  I'm gonna slot that into Sundays in place of Jesus.  And I'll really be doing the happy dance when I finish Jesus up, lol.  
I can hardly wait (but that doesn't make me want to work on it more, lol).  When I was at Kohl's with mom, picking up David's Christmas pressies, I was telling her about a snowman I have to do for her.  It's really cute.  And she was all, "Whatever," because of Jesus.  (I started him for her in 2007, so I can see why she would say that.)  Of course, the imp in me had to say something.  "I'll get Jesus done someday, hopefully before you die."  And again, she's all, "Whatever," cause she had no idea I was working on him again.  And on the inside, I'm chortling away cause she's getting him for Christmas, lol.  It was too funny!!!  Well, it was for me anyways, lol.
     And now on to the SALs.  I've been asked to continue the Christmas SAL, which I have no problem doing.  I had planned to continue working on ornies on Wed, so it's no change for me, lol.  So here are my SAL piccys.  Tuesday was my ToS SAL (Abi Gurden) and I'm having great fun with it.  Cushion Stitch is all finished, and it looks lovely.  
I love the way they look.  So far, it's been my fave stitch to do, followed by Rice Stitch.  The next stitch is also an easy one to do.  It's like Rice Stitch, but on a different angle.  Where Rice stitch is made with an underlying X, Jerusalem Stitch is a + with the legs tied down by bsing.  Easy and quick.  I'm sure I'll finish up the Jerusalem Stitch next week.  Then it's on to the Floral Stitch.  That one looks to be fun!  I haven't had a problem with a stitch yet (knock on wood, or I'll jinx myself).  It's been an enjoyable chart to work on.  And it's looking so pretty!!!
     And lastly, but certainly not least, is Marguerite.  It's going to be beautiful, I can already tell.  Unfortunately, I had put it in its project bag with a six inch Q-snap, and I wanted it on an eight.  The only eight I had left had a Q-snap huggie in bright, BRIGHT yellow.  So the yellow and purple and green really don't go together, and I apologize for that.  (It may hurt your eyes, lol.)  But she's coming along well.  The first motif of Kloster blocks I did, didn't match up (of course).  But since then, I've had no troubles.  I've counted and recounted, and I'm loving the way it's coming out.  It's looking fabulous, if I do say so myself.  
Thanks to Vicki M for a gorgeous design (without bsima (blanket stitch in mid air, for the uninitiated), unlike Rosa).  
     Up next in my rotation (Uh oh!!!) is Celtic Summer.  Maybe, lol.  I ordered a piece of Sassy's Fabbys Swamp Moss to put it on, and I haven't got it yet.  I sent her an email yesterday, and I need to go check my emails.  Ack!!!  Okay, no mail from Lauren yet, but my mailbox was almost at capacity.  It happens so fast, lol.  I just downloaded them all to my Incredimail, so I'm good to go for a few days.  (A lot of days.  I downloaded fourteen hundred and some emails.  I'm so behind.)  Anyways, will be keeping an eye out for her reply.  Hopefully, soon.  So Marguerite may go an extra week, or I may skip right over Celtic Summer and do Rosa.  I'm not sure yet.  It depends on what Lauren says.
     I hope you're all having a good day today, and that your Christmas was wonderful.  It was a good one for me, and I'm soooooooooo glad it's over!!!


SoCal Debbie said...

At first, I thought your Bengals ornament was a bowling ball! Your gray pants/top outfit looks nice. I bet you'll be glad when Jesus is done and over with for good!

cucki said...

aww sweet spider and birdie..lovely outfit..looking so nice..
your stitching is growing so lovely..keep it up..
happy new year.
cucki xx

Mouse said...

oooo nice presents you got from every one :) well done on the stitching front .. I've done Celtic Summer and have lots of the needle paint two main greens.. did mine on 28 count and ran out !!! sooo if you need a bit ;) hope you have a wonderful stitchy new year :) love mouse xxxx

Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Julie! My DH got me a shirt similar to your new purple one. :)

You have made great progress on your pieces, I hope your fabric arrives soon.

P.S. - Check your email....there's something waiting for you....:)

Julie said...

Nice pressies. I love the new top AND the outfit that your Mom got you. She has good taste.

Jesus is looking fabulous. He is definitely not looking like he has a bad spray tan anymore. ;-)

Nice progress on your other WIP's - everything is looking lovely.

Kaisievic said...

Lovely pressies, Julie - Yes, let's keep our Christmas ornie SAL going on a Wednesday night - who is our third? I want to organise my SALS on the sidebar of my blog.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Joysze said...

Great pressies, Julie. I love the colors in the shirt from your mom.

Stitching's looking great, as usual. :D

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Debbie, no it's not that big. Thanks. And YES, I will be SO glad when he's finished and I can take him in to the framers. Thanks Cucki, although I'm not sure sweet would be the word I'd use for the birdie!!! Oh, Mouse, off to email you about flossies. I love the colors in her (and I was just looking at your finish in your album the other day, lol). LOL, Rachel, I saw that the other day, but I'm all about the anticipation. So I'm waiting till I download emails again. I can't wait to see though, I totally am so excited. I squeed at Randi when I saw it. Oh, I'll have to see if you've posted a piccy of your shirt. And thanks, me too. She does have good taste, Julie. And thanks, lol. I just loved that comment!! It gave me a giggle every time I thought about it. I like the way everything is looking, so it's all good. Except Marguerite. She has to be frogged. Okay, Kaye, it's you, me, Rosey, Rachel, Mango girl, and maybe Astrid's Dragon. And I think maybe someone else joined on another post too... Thanks Joysze. Me too!! And thanks, I'm always afraid it won't, lol. (Insecurity is a PITA!)