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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My progress, finally

Okay, I'm finally getting around to showing you some progress. It IS Tues, but I'm gonna show last week's piccy of Time To Go since I'm not done working on it yet today. I have lots to show though, so let's get to it!!

Since I've already mentioned Time To Go (Witch Stitch'n'Bits), I'll start with that. Here she is in all her (different colored) glory. I've finally gotten to some lighter colors, so you can see where the candlelight is coming from. I haven't gotten to the candle yet, and it's not on the page I'm working on, but it's coming. Of course, before it just looked like a black blob, so this is a good thing!!! I'm almost finished with the first page, and I hope to finish it up tonight and start on page two. My plan is to blog and then take Yes Dear for her evening visit to the balcony. We were out there earlier, but people kept calling and my phone doesn't work too well out there.

Next up is my lovely Beach Romance (Janlynn). I got a pretty good amount finished on this this week, considering I had to frog. I finally got to put in the green of the flower stems. I put in the lighter green, and went to finish it off, and realized it was in the wrong place. I pulled the needle up where the first stitch should go, then instead of going up and to the right, I went down and to the left. So I was too far down and too far over to the left. No way to fudge that, so I pulled it out and fixed it. So I put it back in, in the right place, and then did the slightly darker green. I need to call Amy and find out if she wants me to try and match the color of her flowers, or do them in white like it's charted. I just keep forgetting. I'll hopefully remember tomorrow, since I'll see them. It's David's birthday (39), so she's having dinner at her house (Mom is, sorry). I already called him old man, in a text. He texted me back, "You're older, pot." I had a great giggle at that!!!

I'd like to have something new to show you in this space but, unfortunately, I've not yet been given the go ahead to share pics of my quilt project piece. Keep an eye out though. I had Julie ask if people minded my sharing pics, and she'll let me know what people say. Hopefully, next week I'll have some info. And of course, you'll be the first to know, lol.

This next piccy, I'm almost embarrassed to show. It's the progress piccy for Dad's Memorial. At this rate, I'll finish the first of the three at a hundred and ten. Here it is:. As you can see, I got almost nothing done. I had a hard time with it, cause I'm not used to using waste cloth. I can't see where my needle is, and I keep pushing it up in the wrong place. Also, it was scorching hot outside all that week, and I hardly stitched because I was always so hot and sweaty. Ick!! Next time, I promise to do better. (My stitching days are numbered because I won't get much more than an hour each day when I start school, except on the weekends. I'm hoping I can live with that!!) Better next time it's up. Promise!

And the last two photos are of my wonderful Yes Dear. One of her cute little face (isn't she adorable???) and one of her being the demon cat from hell. This is how she looks at me when I've upset her. You should be scared, lol. First, her cuteness. Then the DCFH piccy. (She has so much attitude, it just oozes right out her eyes.) My sweet little thing. NOT!!! She was just all attitude the other day. I wanted to pet her, she wanted to run away. I wanted to give her treats, she wanted to be disinterested. I wanted to take her out on the balcony, she wanted to hide from me. Can you say stinker? She's having a much better day today. Hope you've all enjoyed what I have to say. And thanks to everyone who left a comment on my last entry. There were lots of them!!! (Oh, and sorry about the font, Katie. I changed it just for you!!) Hope you're all having a good night. I'm gonna head off and stitch some more. Page finish, coming right up!!!


Kaisievic said...

Hi Julie,
Sorry I haven't visited for a while but my Mum has been unwell. Always love visiting with you on your blogs, your posts are always interesting. You have made some great progress on your WIPS and Yes Dear looks gorgeous as usual.

Melissa said...

Great job on all your pieces!

Every little stitch counts :)

SoCal Debbie said...

I like the fabric you're using on Time to Go. Does it have little shadowy lines to help you count so you don't need to grid? Where can I find fabric like that?

Bea said...

You're making great progress. Well done.

Yes Dear sounds wonderful! And all cats love to be contrary - and they just expect us humans to adapt.

Anonymous said...

Lovely projects, sweet kitty!

DUSTY said...

Looks like your needles have been busy as usual Julie, you manage to get so much stitching done, I am jealous. sigh !! Take care !!

mdgtjulie said...

Oh, no, Kaye. I'm so sorry to hear it. I've said a prayer for your mom, and I'll keep her on my prayer list. Hope things are going well for her (and you) soon!!! And thanks. I have made good progress on some of my WIPs anyways, lol. Thanks Melissa. I know it does, but it just seems like I got so little accomplished for all the time I spent. I wish Debbie. They make fabby like that, but I can't remember who carries it. This is not it. It's gridded in white. That way, I don't have to pull it out at the end!! PITA to put in though. I HATE white on white!! Isn't that the truth, Bea. Luckily, she doesn't have a contrary day often. I sometimes think she's part dog. She comes when I call her, she likes to play fetch, and she's always so happy to see me. I just love her to pieces. And thanks for the well done too, lol. Thanks Belle. She can be sweet, and she can be a pain, lol. Depends on what side of the bed she got up on that day!! And on the other side of the coin, Dusty, I'm jealous of my friends who can work. That's a big part of the reason I get so much done. I can hardly wait to start school.