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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A burning desire

     I really want to start a couple of new things.  Badly.  A while back, my friend Kay had this thing about showing me her new knickers.  Brand new, never been worn, but I feel funny about seeing another woman's underwear, ya know?  So I kept saying no.  She, being as contrary as she is, decided she was going to flash them at me every time we were on webcam.  So she'd pull it up a little bit so an inch was showing above her pants, and she'd flash me.  (She even got Claire to pull up her skirt one day and flash me, lol. Kay is nothing if not determined!!!)  There were several messages about it passed on Multiply or the groups (I can't remember which.)  This brought it to Chris's attention.  Chris is awesome, but she likes to tease me.  So she sent me a chart called Country Bloomers.  It's a woman hanging her long undies (circa 1900) on the clothes line.  I had to laugh my butt off at that, because it's really funny.  So I've been wanting to start that for a while.  I also wanted to start Frederick the Literate, the first of Charles Wysocki's charts that I have.  It's a Dimensions chart, so lots of colors (some symbols in pink, others in blue, others in black, which can be a real pain in the butt for me).  And I have quite a few other pieces started too.  So I'm thinking I may just work up a rotation, and see if I can remember to change them out once a week or every two weeks.  My HAEDs will be in there, and my Chat will be in there, as well as several other things I have in progress.
     What brought this to a head is that (Oh, and I have Achoo that I want to start too.  So that'll go in the rotation as well) I got a kit today from Meg.  It's beautiful.  It's a Dimension's Gold kit.  It's called In Her Garden.  It's a lovely woman with a beautiful shawl in her garden.  Meg, who's a really nice lady, got it from a friend who did about a hundred and fifty stitches (give or take) and decided it was too much for her.  So she gave it to Meg, but Meg is all about all things Russian (she's the one I mentioned my love of Saint Basil's too, which got me that beautiful Monster Chart of St. Basil's in the snow).  So she passed it on to me, and it took about two days to get from NH to here!!!  Wow, USPS was awesome in this case!  I also have another chart coming that I want to start.  It's a pair of Siamese cats.  Ylva, who is a pretty good friend of mine in the UK, just finished it and offered to send me the chart.  Of course, I accepted that.  I'll pay both ladies postage of course.  I need to email Meg about that, actually... 
     So, here's my question to all of you who have a rotation:  How do you set up your rotation?  Is it one page per project, one week, one month, one thousand stitches?  How do you keep track of what project is up?  I'm thinking I'll do two weeks per project, and then switch, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to keep good track of my projects that way.  Since I don't work, the days blend together for me.  And are there any tips you can give me for things to do or not do to make this easier on me?  TIA for anyone who can give me any advice at all.  I've only done a rotation once, and it didn't work out for me, so I'm hoping this time it will.
     Also, I have uploaded another video of Yes Dear playing.  She's not playing hard (and she knows she's being filmed, so she doesn't play for long), but it's still kinda cute.  You can see it here.  Hope all of you in blogland are having a good day today.  Now I'm off to read some more blogs!!
     Oh, and one more note...  Thanks to Karen R.  She posted today about her MTM framed by Jill Rensel, who does really great custom mats and frames.  I want her to frame my Chat, as I'm dedicating it to my dad.  I did a whole heck of a lot of the work at his house, so I thought that would be fitting.  I needed to contact her, and Karen posted a link to her blog on Blogspot today.  I left her a comment, and I hope to hear back from her soon.  So, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU Karen.  Your blog was so timely!!!


Margaret said...

I definitely know the feeling -- I almost always have other projects I want to be stitching now. lol! I'm terrible at rotations, I usually just stick to one project at a time, so I won't be any help.

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting question... I will love to see what others have to say on it.
I too have many projects I will like to work on but then again it seems that I may not finish any if I'm working on several at the same time. However, on the other side ... I tend to get sidetracked and/or loose interest if I work on one same project for too long. Even though my projects are not cross-stitch related, the advice/ideas could be apply to any type of projects. So I will be checking back later.

Tama said...

When I stick to my rotation properly (which is sadly rare) I use a timer and give each project 10-20 hours. I usually have a focus piece and about four others. The focus piece gets 20 hours. I keep track with a little chart with boxes that I got from another site.
I love the projects your want to start - I have most of them! I was highly amused :D I've stitched Achoo, about halfway through Frederick, and I have the Dimensions Gold kit in my stash.
Yes Dear gets cuter by the day, I swear!

mdgtjulie said...

That's what I've been doing Margaret, but they're all calling to me, so I'm going to start a rotation, even if I have no clue what I'm doing, lol. Hopefully, we'll both get some good info then! Yeah, I'm gonna see how long it lasts me. But I have fortitude, and I SHOULD be able to do this. I guess we have the same tastes, Tama. I love all my projects (except Jesus, I HATE him with a passion), and I keep wanting to work on things. I'll have to keep a close eye on your blog for my next project, lol!! She is cute, isn't she. I have nothing to do with it, but thanks!!

Angie said...

My rotation has 2 big pieces a small. My Chatelaine-JG, A HAED, and CCN Garden Party (the small). I figure I will always have a chat and probably a HAED, and the other one I will switch out.

Anyways- I have a focus piece- JG. I stitch that every other week. I switch on sundays- mainly because well it is football day- which I never forget so I always remember. Then I stitch The HAED, and CCN each once a month.

So far it is really going well. I am not getting bored, and am seeing progress on my focus piece. Best of both worlds for me.

mdgtjulie said...

That's a good idea for me. I'll switch based on what game's on. Thanks Sierra. That really helps me!! If we have a season this year, grrrr..