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Thursday, May 26, 2011

     I've uploaded pics of the Meerkat ~ Mere Cat piece so far.  This is, of course, after the frogging.  It's coming along well.  Tonight I didn't seem to have any problem motivating to work on the white on white, and so I've gotten a good bit of the belly done.  Pics are here.  I went ahead and took it with flash (you can't really see any of the white) and without (you can see most of the white).  We're keeping it a secret from India though.
     I went about buying some things I needed for my rotation.  I'm really lazy (I know, it's a fault) but I don't feel like taking something off the Q snap every week or every other week.  So I borrowed some money from my mom (who can be a pushover) and bought myself two hundred floss bags and ten sets of Q snaps, eight eight inch and two six inch.  The six inch ones are for Monopoly (On this, I'll switch to an eight when I get to the center, but the blocks around the outside are good with just a six) and Achoo.  Achoo was a gift from Patty and Savvy, but although I wanted to start it, I've been trying not to start too much.  I've given up on that, and if I have twenty pieces in my rotation, oh well.  I need to get fabby for Marguerite too.  I want to get something hand dyed, so I'll be looking at Polstitches and Silkweavers.  Maybe a couple of others.  Then comes the fun part.  I get to pick floss!!!  Well, I guess with the variegated fabbies, it will all be fun.  Usually I use boring white fabby cause it's hard to tell if the floss will match the fabby from the pics.  But this time, I'm willing to take a chance that something in my couple of hundred skeins of variegated floss will match the fabby.  Especially as I tend to pick shades of green, blue, pink, and purple.  Those are my fave colors.  Now I just need to get floss to fill those floss bags.
     Last but not least, here is a piccy of In Her Garden, the piece (well, one of them, anyways) that started this whole thing!  Love the shawl, which,unfortunately, is already done.  Grrr..  Here is the pic of the front: 
And here is what has been done (very nicely) so far:


Janine said...

The Meerkat is gorgeous. I can underastand your thoughts on rotations. I used to change my stitching all the time in one day and now I just don't have the energy. It is funny how we change all the time.

Sally said...

Your Meerkat is looking lovely. He's going to look brilliant when he's done.

I rather like having a rotation but then again I stitch in hand so I don't have to take them off q snaps etc:)

Joke said...

Lovely choice to stitch In her Garden. I love it!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Janine. I really was surprised by how much I enjoyed stitching on him last night. White on white usually drives me nuts. But it wasn't bad at all. That's a first!! Thanks Sally. It's going well. I hate that I'm so slow, but I can't seem to help it, so... I'm enjoying setting up for the rotation. Going through my stash, picking the pieces I want to work on, all that stuff. My projects tend to be really organized, even though nothing else is. Well, my stash is pretty organized. Thanks Joke. I really love it too!!

Joysze said...

Meerat is coming along nicely. In Her Garden looks beautiful!! Love the colors in there.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Joysze, there are so many colors of flowers!!

Angie said...

Meerkat it looking great.

It is fun getting a rotation ready.

I am envious of all your qsnaps.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sierra. It has been a blast!! I couldn't believe that I got them all today!!! It's only been a couple of days.