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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy belated Memorial Day

     To all my US friends.  (And happy non holiday Monday to my other friends, lol.)  I had a decent Memorial Day weekend.  Mostly stayed home and did my thing.  Stitched, blogged, frogged, read, played, and emailed.  It was nice.  Mom invited me over for a cookout Sunday night, and I said I would go, even though I really didn't want to.  Well, I guess she was afraid I would back out, and she mentioned that to Shannon while David was out working on mom's yard.  So David called about two minutes after they left and invited himself and Shannon to dinner.  Mom called and told me that, and sort of insinuated that I didn't have to come since they were.  So then I had to explain to her that with my depression levels, I don't want to go anywhere.  That doesn't mean that a.) I won't, b.)  I won't enjoy myself after I get there, and c.) it isn't good for me to get out and socialize for a change.  I had a pretty good time, although by the time we got to eat, I was starving.  I ate my "dinner" at about two PM on Saturday.  Sunday night, we ate around nine thirty.  So I went thirty one and a half hours with no food.  STARVING!!!!  I usually only eat once a day, and since I knew I would be eating at mom's house, I didn't make a meal on Sunday afternoon.  Then I got over there and the problems began...
     First, David didn't think he'd get there till seven or seven thirty cause he still had to cut and trim his yard and his neighbor's yard (She's old and lives alone and her kids are all far away, so he's nice and does her yardwork.  In return, she lets him store stuff in her garage.  Fair trade, right).  Then he called and said eight or eight thirty.  Then mom and I started the grill, and it wouldn't go above low.  David said it has a bubble or something in it, and we need to blow it out.  I know, bad choice of words with a propane grill, but you know... 
     So I follow his instructions.  Turn it all off (gas, burners, grill, the whole enchilada), wait one minute, turn it all on, wait four seconds, then ignite.  I couldn't get it to ignite.  I waited and waited but it wouldn't catch, and after ten or twelve seconds, I got nervous and quit.  He arrived at nine thirty (Cathy and Jim stopped by, unannounced, to get his pressure washer and then needed a lesson in how to use it so they don't lose any body parts) and grilled the burgers and brauts.  Mom had taken the corn and the veggie skewers in to do them on the stove by this time.  It was all good.  I had two helpings of veggie skewers (cherry tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, onion (I skipped the onion, ick), red peppers, yellow peppers, and mushrooms with Italian dressing for a marinade.  I had two helping of potato salad.  I had two brauts, a hamburger, and an ear of corn.  She made some stuff to brush on the corn, but we both thought it had too much lime juice.  Other than the corn, it was all really good. 
     I said a prayer for all servicemen, past and present this weekend, including both my grandfathers.  My paternal grandfather served in the European theater of WWII, and my maternal grandfather served in the Japanese theater.  They're both long dead and gone, one in 1988 of lung cancer and the other in 2002 from a heart attack.  I've been thinking a lot of my dad too, this Memorial day.  He didn't serve as he was blind in one eye, but he's gone and it's still fairly recent.  So he's been on my mind as well.  I have a chart, created for me by my friend Rosa W.  It's got his tomatoes on it (up until he couldn't, he grew his own tomatoes) and a boxer that is just dead on Vin except Vin has a teeny bit of white on his chin.  I'm sure I can change it!!  That's one of the projects I'll be doing in my rotation.  Thanks a million to Rosa, who also designed my F you.  Both of them are lovely charts!!
     I can't sleep this morning.  I talked to Vicki for a little bit, and she waved and said hi to India for me.  India gave me a full body wave back, lol.  She's so enthusiastic.  And cute as can be!!!!!  Of course, I've only seen pics, so I don't know if she's as cute in person.  (I would assume she is, though.  Cause she's right up there with teddy bears and doggie eyes in her photos.)  We haven't told her yet that I'm making her something.  It's a surprise!  Of course, I had to frog it again this morning, so God knows when it will get done.  Still, for as many fractionals as it has, I'm doing great to have only frogged it twice.  Will get that part put back in, then I'll go back to filling in the last little bits on the meerkat.  I should start the kitten in the next couple of days, I think.  Unless (crossing my fingers) I find another mistake.  That's all that's going on here today, so I'm heading back for bed.  Hope you have a great day!!


Nancy said...

Glad you got to spend some time with family this weekend! Sorry it didn't go as smoothly as planned but glad you got out and about. Sometimes it is hard to make ourselves go out when we really don't want to but it is good for us to be with people and try to have even a little bit of a good time. Take care.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nancy. I try to get out every so often (other than to go out and get food or cleaner or whatever) as I know it's good for me. You take care too!!!