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Monday, May 9, 2011

A finish (sort of) but no piccy yet

     I finally got to stitch today.  I was so happy to do so.  I figured I haven't vomited in a couple of days, so I should be safe.  Also, I kept regular food down for two days, so I'm good.  (As a precaution, I didn't eat before I stitched, lol.  You know, JIC!!)  So I finished up the cross stitching on the first part of part seven while listening to Pandora.  I felt so much better when I started stitching.  It's been since Thursday sometime!!!  I finished up the cross stitching on the landscape panel.  Now I have to do the backstitching, and I'll take a piccy.  There's a lot of bsing, but it goes pretty fast, so I may have a new pic tonight if things go right.  Well, early morning tomorrow, lol.
     I got a great new pic of Yes Dear today.  She has a box.  At the old house, I unloaded something and left the box on my desk.  She knocked it down on the floor, pushed it under her chair, and laid in it.  It was so funny.  So I brought it with us, and put it back under her chair.  She's a perfect fit for it, cause she's so small.  So I took her pic today, and you can see it here
     Also, I have a recommendation.  For those of you that like saucy chicken salad, Arby's has a really good one.  It's got chicken, mayo, apples, grapes, pecans, and celery in it, but no onions, yay!!!  I just had a wrap and it was delicious.  They also have a sandwich, and I'm sure it's good too.
     I got my deposit back from my old apartment today.  Part of the reason it's so late is that I forgot to give them my new addy.  Duh, I know.  I also forgot to give them the mailbox key at first.  But I remedied that, so they gave me back my whole deposit.  I've never given them any reason to distrust me, but the wife (whom I don't like as she ripped out half of my garden) kind of pissed me off.  I called to give them my new addy, and she answered the phone.  And I told her why I was calling.  She asked me (dumb b*&^h) how much my deposit was when I moved in.  I told her it was $440.  She was like, "Okay, as soon as I look up the paperwork, I'll mail it out."  I was a little bit ticked.  Like I'm gonna lie to her, you know?  So she looked it up and sent out a check (for $440) to Julie Nemis.  I was like, OMG, she can't even get close to spelling my name right.  Nemitz.  You'd think, seeing it on the check every month, would do it, but no.  Not Sandy.  But mom pointed out that the bank knows me, so they'll probably cash it anyways.  I hope so.  I would hate to have to call her up again and tell her she spelled my name way wrong.
     Oh, and one last YD story.  I was sitting on my chair the other day, being miserable and reading between vomits, when Yes Dear suddenly decided she must comfort me, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!  She happened to be sitting on her scratcher at the time, and so she jumped on my chest from the top.  (It's six foot, one inch or something like that!)  I went, "Oooof," (loudly) and she dug her claws in so she wouldn't slide down my chest and off onto the floor.  I have some very interesting scratches on my breasts and belly from it.  I was like, "Next time, come down the scratcher till you're lvl with me, then jump over."  She, of course, just looked at me like, "eh, whatever," lol.  She's done that before when I'm not in the chair and run right into the arm of it (yes, she takes after me in dorkiness.)  But I still love her, lol.
     Hope you're all having a good evening.  I'm gonna check the blogs and then do some bsing!!


Margaret said...

Oh I hope you're feeling all better now! Ugh -- I so hate vomiting! I love the pics of Yes Dear -- yes, she's like Mia all right! lol! They do love their boxes and bags, don't they? And ouch -- that leap from the scratching post sounds painful! Looking forward to seeing your stitching.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Glad to hear you're finally well enough to stitch! I hate it when I have to go days between stitching sessions

Joysze said...

I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better, Julie. Looking forward to seeing your finish! :D

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Margaret. I'm feeling much better than I was Thursday, but not completely recovered yet. And don't forget paper. I could put a post it note in the middle of the floor, and YD would sit on it, lol. Thanks Dani. I hate it to. Stitching relaxes me, and satisfies my OCD side, lol. I am, finally, Joysze. I'll have a pic tomorrow. I thought I might finish it tomorrow, but I had a long, hot bath instead.