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Sunday, May 15, 2011

YD in the corner

     I have a silly girl today.  She put herself in the corner, lol.  I don't know why, but she crawled herself into a very tight spot and laid down to rest there.  I have a great piccy of her in her corner.  You can see it here.
     I started on the meerkat the day after I finished up DGM, but I don't have a lot done.  Just as I was thinking it was going well (and fast, because I didn't think it would with so many fractionals), I discovered that I put a half stitch in the wrong place.  And because the first row was off, the second and third rows were off too.  I ended up frogging more than I stitched that day!!!  So now I've gotten it back to the point where I'm ready to stitch again.  Well, sort of.  First, I have to get the little bit of floss I frogged out secured.  It should be fairly easy to do, and then I'll be ready to stitch it in the right place!!
     I went up to Excel Monday, only to be told (after a half an hour drive) that my housing specialist had changed my file on Friday that I only needed to send in some paperwork.  I asked why, and was told that she didn't notate the file as to why, and she wasn't in that day for me to ask her.  I was quite upset.  That's a lot of gas to be using (an hour round trip) for a completely unnecessary trip.  So I went downtown and got the paperwork they required (a statement from Department of Human Services that I don't get anything (food stamps, cash, etc) from them).  Now they should be sending me my lease to sign.  I hope.  And when I asked, I was told that I don't have to go back up (we'll see how long that lasts) and that it will be retroactive to  my move in date.  So they'll send my landlord a big, fat check, and he'll cut me a big fat check.  It will just go into my savings, so nothing fun from it.  But still, I'll have it if I need it, which I don't right now.  Have it, I mean, not need it.  So that's what's up with me.


Gabi said...

Your cat looks cute in her corner. Even she seems to have her sooky day.
Sorry to hear that you had to frog so much and that things with house contract/social worker are not going as they are supposed to do.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Gabi. I always think she's adorable, but I'm slightly biased, lol. Eventually, it will get straightened out!!

Nancy said...

Sorry you had to frog so much...I always hate to have to do that! Sorry about the wasted trip too, and sure hope that the housing problem is all worked out now with no more wasted effort on your part!

Your cat is so cute!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nancy. I really shouldn't complain, as I need the help. but I need the help because I'm so far below the poverty line. I don't mind the time as much as I mind the gas. I can't afford that for no gain!! The frogging wasn't too bad. The three rows took me about forty five minutes to frog. But I haven't worked on it since. Partly because it's white on white, which I hate, and partly because it's just not calling to me. DGM is still calling me, so I may go back to that for a bit, then try the meerkat again. We will see!!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Aww your kitty did find a corner!

Well hope your stitching goes smooth from here on out.....and good luck with the housing!

mdgtjulie said...

Yes, she did, Prim. She found herself a nice cozy spot, lol. I hope so too! I'll post an update soon, I think. I want to get some of the white done, and then I'll post a progress photo.

Tama said...

Oh, she is CUTE!
Ouch about the frogging, though. Hope the rest goes better for you!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Tama. I guess I just got complacent with the fractionals. I'll try not to do that again, lol. I need to pick it up and work on it some, but I haven't stitched since Sat. I HATE white on white, and that's what I'm doing next.

Nina said...

Hi Julie and thanks for stopping by to my blog :) I must say, I really love Japanese Garden (by Chatelaine), and I'll really look forward to see how it stitches up :)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nina. It will be a while before I've saved up enough money for the kit and fabby, but I'll definitely post piccys here when I'm all ready to go!!