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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My boring life

     Not a lot has been going on here the last couple of days.  I've never been so grateful to get a check as I was this month.  I bought myself a ring this month, and forgot about it, so by the time I got on and looked at my bank account, I had barely enough money to last me till the end of the month.  It was quite ugly.   So I got my check today, and I knew I had an appt with Heather, my case manager.  So after I got up, I went down to the gas station (cause I have a tendency to leave at the last minute, and I needed gas very badly).  I put forty seven dollars in the tank.  OMG, gas here is $4.19 a gallon.  Ohio is in the top five for gas prices, and I don't understand why.  It's not like we typically have a high cost of living, ya know?!?  So, ugh.  And I paid back a loan from mom too.  And put money in my savings.  No fun purchases for me this month...
     Heather made me mad too.  I have a subsidy for housing.  I only get 980 a month to live on, and I can't afford full rent.  So this month, since I moved in so fast, I paid the full rent with the expectation that my landlord would refund me money when he got the subsidy check.  I've been waiting and waiting, but it hasn't come.  So finally, on Friday, I called Heather and asked her to get an update for me, so I would know what they were waiting on.  I had to use my car insurance money to pay the rent, and I REALLY need it back if I'm gonna pay my car insurance in June.  So I go in, and she's got paperwork from Excel.  They needed my move in date, and instead of calling me last Tuesday, when she got it, she waiting till I came in today to find out.  So we got that figured out, and (truthfully) I was a little bit ticked that she didn't call me right away.  So she's trying to decipher the other paperwork she got (there were two papers, one requesting the move in date, and another she couldn't figure out).  Megan (the Excel liaison) came in while we were talking.  She had seen me come back, and new we were working on Excel stuff.  So Heather told her what was going on, she called her contact, and came back to tell me that I have to go in to the office to sign paperwork.  So now I'm really pissed.  I asked Heather, before I even moved, if I had to go into the office (as I had a letter requesting my presence) and she told me I didn't have to.  I understand that she didn't know, but I've been waiting on Excel and they've been waiting on me.  So I have to pay the full month's rent again this month, and I will eventually get a refund.  I'm not a happy camper today, let me tell.  All I have to say is, it had better be retroactive to April second, when I moved in here.  I'll be up the creek without a paddle if it's not.
     I got a goodly amount of stitching done this week as I had no gas or money and therefore couldn't go anywhere.  I have to go to the grocery tomorrow, and to the Petsmart up the street.  Yes Dear's cardboard scratcher has disappeared, and she badly needs a new one and to stop scratching on my couch!!!  I hope all's well for all of you tucked up in your beds tonight!!!


Gabi said...

That doesn't sound like fun :(
I hope your problems get sorted out soon. What are you stitching at the moment?

Sally said...

I hope things get sorted for you soon.

The price of petrol over here in the UK is ridiculous. My DH uses our car to get to work and back and we go grocery shopping and that is about it. It's too expensive. We paid £1.33 a litre on Saturday which works out at just over £6 a gallon.That's nearly $10!

Nancy said...

Hope they get your problem all straighten out soon. I know it's got to be hard to pay extra money when you need it for other expenses.

Hope you can show us what you are stitching on soon!

Joysze said...

Sheeeeesh!!!! With a day like that, you should just hole up for the rest of the week!!!! Just kidding. I'm sorry it went to badly and that Heather procrastinated. I hope everything gets sorted out quickly and you get those reimbursements soon.

Don't get me started on the price of gas.....

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Gabi. I hope they get sorted out soon too!! I'm still working on part seven of Desert Garden. I should have an update piccy pretty soon. Maybe within the next week or so!! Thanks Sally. It's been ten dollars a gallon over there for a long time, which I think is just outrageous!! You would think the gas companies would realize that people are using less, so they're not making as much. Thanks Nancy. I think you'll get you wish on that one, lol. Shouldn't be long before I have a piccy up. Some days, it feels like that Joysze!! I was supposed to go up to Excel today, but I forgot to set my alarm, so I didn't get to go.