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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A bit of this and that

     I'm so upset today.  I went out to get food, and I heard it on the radio.  I am soooooooooo not a happy camper.  The local radio had a major breaking news update in Bengaldom.  They traded Chad!!!  OMG, I'm so upset.  He has his faults, but he's my fave Bengal (or was, he's already in Foxboro, and REALLY, did they have to trade him to those who shall not be named?!?  I HATE them, so now I can't even wish him well, because I HATE them) and we really need that threat.  I mean, seriously, the almost always double team him.  Sometimes a linebacker and a corner, sometimes a corner and a safety.  He's dangerous as heck.  I just don't understand their thinking.  I know he makes a lot of money, but he puts a lot of butts in the seats.  And at some point, they got rid of Terrell Owens.  OMG, what do they expect us to do this year, throw to the offensive line?!?!?!  It's gonna be sooooooooooooooo f-ing ugly this year.  (Sorry for the language, but I feel very strongly about this.  Notice the angry red color, lol.)
     And Rosa started a website where she's selling things.  Some of them are wonderful.  She has things for women and men, so if you have the time, take a peek.  It's some really cool stuff.  Her site is  She'll eventually have some crafty things on there too, I think.  We'll have to see how it goes. 
     I worked on Midnight Hunting last night at mom's house.  It took me a while to get a stitch in, as I was too busy watching the beginning of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  Mom had questions.  She hasn't read any of the books, and she's only seen a couple of the movies.  LOL, she kept calling Dumbledore Dumbledorf.  I kept saying, "No, no, NO, it's Dumbledore, O-R-E!!"  It was too funny.  And she kept asking, "Who's the redheaded kid?" meaning Ron.  But we enjoyed ourselves.  We had dinner and did some cleaning first, and of course we argued.  We always do, lol.  She wants me to be perfect, and I just have too much clutter.
     I'm waiting anxiously for Yes Dear's charm to arrive.  I can't wait to put it on her.  I'm not sure how well she'll tolerate it, but we'll see.  It's too cute, and it was only three pounds twenty five pence.  So we'll see if I can get a good pic of her in it.  She may not want me to take her pic (although usually as soon as I get it out, she's right in front of it).  Hopefully by the weekend, I'll have it.
     Sarah Beth has offered me her wolves chart when she's done with it.  I was happy about that as I don't have a wolves chart.  I can't remember the name of it, but it's beautiful.  I'll maybe have to find a space in my rotation for it.  Maybe.  IDK.  I've decided on what I'm gonna do with the seven deadly sins though.  I think.  I'm gonna start Envy, Vanity, and Lust (green, purple, and pinkish red) at the end of my rotation.  I decided on those three because I have currently got seventeen projects in my rotation, and that would even me out at twenty.  I thought I had eighteen, but I forgot that Jesus isn't in my rotation.  He's just my SAL on Sunday project.  So that way I'll have an even twenty.  Then, the first four projects I finish that are NOT in a series (i. e. Frederick the Literate is in the series of Charles Wysoki charts, or Midnight Hunting in the Days of Dragons series) I will add one of the sins in it's place.  Once I have all seven in play, then the next thing I finish, I'll just eliminate that space so there are nineteen items in my rotation.  And so on and so on...
     And I can't remember if I already said this, but Ylva has offered me her Siamese Cats chart, now that she's finished with it.  She'll send it sometime after she's moved, I'm sure.  I know she won't wanna worry about it before then.  So I have that coming in too.
     Also, a friend of mine is selling off all her stash.  I feel so bad for her.  Her grandma was an enabler, and bought her a lot of her stashy stuff.  When she died, all the stash got packed away for a year.  But it still makes her feel bad, so she gave her mom a bunch of it, and the rest is getting sold.  If you want to have a look, you can see it all here.  It's all going at bargain basement prices!!
     Last, but not least...  I had to frog.  It really wasn't my fault.  My mom has really weak lights in her living room, and I wasn't paying attention.  I pulled out the floss for the h symbol, and didn't realize it was a blend.  So I used two strands of the dark blue, and when I got in it today to get out a little bit more (I needed to do like four more stitches) I realized it was a blend of two colors that are very close together.  Navy blue and dark Navy blue.  So I had to frog lots of stitches (about sixty or so) and quite a few places I had to frog fractional stitches, which is always a pain.  I've put a pic of my progress here.  I did get it all restitched today, while the computer was updating itself.  (PITA)  Thanks for looking, and thanks for everyone who leaves a comment.  I love to know what y'all are thinking, about anything! 


♥ Nia said...

Sorry to hear about the frogging =/
Oh my! You stitch so many things at the same time!! I would go nuts!!! hahahaah Right now I have a biscornu (about half the way done) and I want to start to more things but it's hard.. I really feel the need to finish one and then start another :p Maybe I'll go 'crazy' and make 3 at the same time! ahahhaah That's crazy enough for me ;) LOL

Peggy Lee said...

Hey There!
I found your blog through a couple comments you have left on other blogs. When I read what you have commented I find myself thinking, "that's what I would have said."
Great minds, huh?
Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us!

~~Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee said...

Woo-hoo!! I'm follower #100.
Yay for me!

Claudette497 said...

ROTFL - I almost fainted when I saw that trade, and then when I saw your blog, and I knew from the first line it was Ochocinco you were mad about. I can't believe you did that (or you didn't, but Cincy did), and especially to a team in your own conference. I don't know how often you play them, but it has to be more than once every 5 years, and they'll probably win a Superbowl with him. We gave them Rodney Harrison because he was too expensive and washed up, except it turned out he just needed a team with some vision. I won't defile your blog by typing their name, and I hate them like poison myself, but I do love seeing my favorite players WIN A GAME, especially after they get underutilized in our jerseys and cut from the team that got them in their prime and wasted their talent with stupid playcalling (run it up the middle? brilliant decision!) sigh. I hope you sign someone great to make up for it. I'm relieved we kept so many of our veterans.

I'm so glad that football's back!

Jennifer M. said...

Wow girlie you have soooooo many projects all at once! I could not do that so I applaude you! You're really into football huh? Well I think any team beats our Miami Dolphins. They frustrate my boyfriend so much, but yet he won't give up watching them.

Enjoy your weekend!

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Nia. It happens, so I'm usually okay with it. I mention it, but it doesn't drive me crazy except for the fifteen minutes after it happens, lol. I love having multiple projects on the go. It's so nice to know if I'm not feeling what I'm working on, I can switch to something else!! Hi Peggy Lee, nice to meet you. I've found a lot of my blog friends that way! Welcome to my blog, and thanks for following. (Now it's giveaway time!!!) LOL, Claudette, I can't believe they did it either. They've gotten rid of so many good players. Chad's gone, Carson's gone, Terrell Owens is gone, Jonathon Joseph is gone, what are they thinking!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad someone can commiserate. And I can't decide if I'm glad we're gonna have a season or not. Also, thanks for not defiling my blog by saying their name. I appreciate it so much. I'm the same way, Jennifer, lol. I watch and I complain, but I still have to watch, cause they MIGHT win. And then I'd be ticked cause I wasn't watching when they did, lol. Miami isn't totally horrible. Next time he complains, tell him he could have been born in Oakland, lol. I love having so many projects on the go. That way, I know if I need a break from my current one, I can take one and I have lots of choices.