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Friday, July 22, 2011

I forgot to tell y'all...

     I knew there was something I forgot to tell y'all yesterday.  Well, technically, today.  I shot off an email to Michele Sayetta yesterday.  I had problems saving a copy of Wrath,  and so I had to email her when I purchased it.  I didn't stop to think to say it was large print.  So she sent me small.  So I requested the large print format this time.  And I wondered if I could pay the extra to update my copy of Avarice to large format.  (I don't have bad eyes, but I try not to strain them whenever I can, so I get large print charts when available.  And I get large print books when the library has them available too.  I need to baby them as much as possible so that I don't lose my eyesight as I age.  My readers multiply everything by four, and I wear them no matter what count I'm stitching on.  Fourteen or thirty two, it doesn't matter!!!)  Anyways, she sent back an email with BOTH charts attached, and basically said enjoy.  I have been so impressed with her.  She is always super fast, and she's soooooooooo nice!!  I've had to email her about six or seven times as my Vista and Adobe reader don't always play nice.  And she's always right on top of her email, and she's always as sweet as can be.  She's a wonderful lady!
     Also, I got a big box for my exchange this week.  On Monday, actually.  I haven't opened it up yet.  I want to add something else to my partner's box, but I don't know what to add!!!  There are all kinds of things in there already...  It's for the Spring into Summer exchange.  I was thinking maybe a fabby, but I don't know what colors she likes...

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