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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ISHW (late)

     I should have posted this on Monday, but I kept forgetting it.  This past weekend was International Stitch and Hermit Weekend, and I did.  I got lots done on both pieces this weekend.  Friday night and Saturday were Astral Lion.  I got into some greens this weekend.  I've been working on purples so far this week, and now greens.  My two fave colors!!!  It can be seen here.  And Sunday was for cursed Jesus, as always.  Only a little frogging this time.  About ten stitches, so that's pretty good.  Pics of him can be seen here.  And since I only had a little frogging to do, I really got a lot done on him!!
     Tonight is supposed to be movie night for mom and I.  I told her a few weeks ago I was gonna start bringing over the Harry Potter movies so she can see them all in order.  She's only seen The Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.  So, since I have them all but Deathly Hallows two, I'll bring one over per week, and we'll watch them all.  I thought it would be fun for both of us.  I like them all except Half Blood Prince, because they changed it up so much.  I hate when they do that!!!
     I also hate getting up this early.  I woke before six am!  It's because my schedule is all turned around.  I was sick yesterday (sweats, dizzy, a little nauseated), so I went to bed around three.  And I slept through being sick!!!  So that's a good thing.  I feel better today, but cranky cause I am NOT a morning person.  So I'll go catch up on what everyone did last night and yesterday, and then I'll stitch for a bit.  Hope everyone has a good day!!


Rachel said...

Glad you are feeling better Julie. I love the Harry Potter movies too. I have them all but the newest two. The kids and I watch them quite often, in fact, my Chamber of Secrets DVD is getting a little tired, lol, I may have to replace it!

Both of your projects are looking really good, I am glad you were able to enjoy your IHSW! :D

Nancy said...

Sorry you were feeling crummy yesterday, but glad you slept through it! You got lots done during your IHSW, your work is lovely as always!

Kathy said...

I hope you have a better day despite being up late, er early. (I get up at 4:40 am so 6 is late!) :) Stay cool and gets lots of stitching in. :)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Rachel. I am too!! LOL, I love Harry. I didn't read any of them (or watch any of them) till the last book came out. I hate waiting for the next book, lol. Thanks, I am too! Thanks Nancy. I enjoyed most of it, but Jesus gets on my nerves sometimes. Oh, geez, Kathy, I would die. Do you get up that early for work or does Rory get you up then?

Joysze said...

Yikes, sorry you were sick. Hope you'll sleep better and lots tonight. :D

Astral and Jesus are both looking great and 6 am???? What's that? LOL!

Julie said...

The stitching on Astral Lion is looking really pretty, although that is some YELLOW fabric. Not my fav. And I think Jesus is coming along pretty nicely.

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Joysze, six am is too early for me. I don't normally get up till after noon!! I felt a lot better after sleeping off the sick, so I'm okay now. You and me both, Julie. I HATE yellow, but it's an old piece, and I didn't hate it nearly as much back then. I would never buy this piece now, but I'm putting my fave colors over the yellow (purple and green) so it's all good!!

Angie said...

glad you are feeling better.

I love the colors on astral lion.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sierra. Me too!!! The purples and greens are great!