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Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Update

     Not much going on around here lately.  I worked on Jesus today.  (I was absolutely amazed to receive the fabby I ordered early Tuesday morning by Friday.  I was so impressed with Picture This Plus.  I highly recommend them to anyone buying hand dyed fabby.  They were great.  I didn't get the emails on time, but they sent one when I ordered, one when my order billed, and one when it shipped.  Great service!!)  I made it a whole five stitches in before I started frogging.  I was like, "REALLY???"  Five stitches in, y'all.  I hope that's NOT a harbinger of things to come.  It wasn't cause I put something in the wrong place though.  It was cause I had a knot on the backside of my work.  But still.  OMG, five stitches in...
     Mom and I went out to dinner on Friday  night.  We made a trip up to Sam's for ink for my printer (and I got a two color, one black cartridge pack, which is great as I now have six black and two color cartridges) and some toilet paper and wipes (cause they were on sale) and some pills.  I needed Diphenhydramine and Melatonin.  I was out of Melatonin, and have been for about three weeks.  So I needed some.  Got a hundred and fifty doses, which I was happy about.   So I'm all set for quite some time.
     After we went to Sam's, we dropped off her stuff at her house, then went to Frische's for dinner.  We both got the same thing:  fish sandwich and soup, salad, and fruit bar.  I had soup and salad and a fish sandwich, and she had soup, salad, and fruit with hers.  We had a chocolate peanut butter brownie for dessert at her house later.  We picked it up at Sam's.  It was really quite good.  She got herself a pound cake layered with strawberry glaze too.  I'm not impressed with strawberry glaze unless there are strawberries in it, so I didn't have any of that.
     I decided to work on Bubbles for this week too.  I couldn't decide if I should short Bubbles or run her over.  It would have been ten days one way, two weeks and three days the other way.  I decided on two weeks and three days.  Of course, today was for Jesus, and I got quite a bit in on him.  Progress piccy is here.
     Say a prayer for my friend Sally.  She's having a really rough time right now, dealing with some very deep seated issues.  I'm worried about her, so I hope y'all will say a quick prayer that things start going better for her soon.  Really soon.  Like tomorrow!!!
     And I wanted to say a very happy Fourth of July to all my USA friends, a happy belated Canada Day to all my Canadian friends, and I hope you had a nice weekend to all my other friends.  I hope you all had a good holiday/weekend and are enjoying lovely summer weather!!!


Cathy said...

Sounds like you have alot of projects in your rotation. How do you store a large project when you are not stitching on it? Normally I keep my folded up in a large zip lock bag. But I am going to start a HAED that will take years to finish and I am afraid the folds will become permanent if kept that long in a zip lock bag.

mdgtjulie said...

I generally leave them on the Q snaps in a ziploc bag. After all, they'll be stretched and laced when finished, so I don't need to iron out wrinkles or anything!!! Which HAED are you starting? I have three in my rotation, Bubbles, Story Keeper, and Impossible Love, all by Selena Fenech!

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Happy 4th to you...hope you enjoy the day and find some time to do some stitching :)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Prim. I'll get some stitching time at mom's house. Happy fourth to you.

Anonymous said...

haed should come with a warning as being highly addictive, hope your friend Sally is having a better time

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Wee. I hope she's having a better time too. I have a friend who says I should just wait on the HAEDs I'm buying because I can get a free chart on each one as I take progress pics. I don't know that I can wait though. They are addictive, lol. I probably have bought fifteen or twenty now.