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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hot, hot, hot

     It was soooooo hot today.  I had to go over to mom's house today to water all her plants.  (She's out of town for a few days.  San Fransisco, the lucky lady!!!)  I also picked beans and squash.  It was sooooooo hot.  OMG, it was horrible.  I sweated and sweated in the heat.  I picked one squash and about twenty beans.  I didn't wash them, cause I was hot and cranky, so I just put them in a bag and put them in the fridge.  Ahhhhhh, cool air!  (No, I didn't stand in front of the fridge with the door open.  But I wanted to!!) 
     I think I forgot to say in my last post that I bought two more HAEDs when they were on sale last week.  Click their names to see Lust and Vanity.  Now I only need Avarice (yellow), Wrath (maroon), and Gluttony (pink).  I love all of the seven deadly sins.  They are gorgeous!!  (Even the yellow one, folks!!)  I need to get the rest of them.  I love Dahlig's work.  She has another one called The Oracle that's beautiful.  I've decided to not get any more charts after I have the seven deadly sins.  We'll see how long that lasts, lol.  (I have trouble resisting an HAED sale!)
     I talked to Rosa both today and yesterday.  She is considering a change in her living arrangements when she gets out of the hospital.  I'm all for it, and I hope she does it!!  I'm hoping a change of scenery will help her heal faster.  If you said a prayer or sent a card, I thank you soooooo much!!!
     Julie is doing a show tomorrow night.  At a bar, lol.  It's more of an art show than a craft show.  And her jewelry is more art than craft.  I'm hoping she sells a lot, because she could really use the extra money for one thing.  Also, because she needs the encouragement.  She hasn't had a sale in a while.  It's been a couple of weeks.  Maybe over a month...  I'm hoping the alcohol will loosen up some inhibitions so they buy her stuff.  It's a late show, and she doesn't anticipate being home till after three.  If you're so inclined, say a prayer that she does well.  I'd hate to see her not want to design jewelry anymore.
     Mom went to Alcatraz today.  I thought it would be creepy, but she said it wasn't.  Cathy and Beth went over to the sea side of the island, and said it was freezing.  Like a blizzard with no snow.  The highest high they've had is seventy one degrees there.  But they're having a good time, so that's all that matters.  Mom took lots of cold weather clothes, so that's all to the good.  They've been wearing sweaters and jackets in the mornings and evenings.  I really wish I had someone to watch YD so I could go with them!!!!!
     Not much else going on here today.  I changed up my blogspot blog with some pics of all my rotation pieces.  I also discovered that I'm following (literally, I'm reading almost every post) over 215 blogs.  Wow!!!  I need to catch up on my email, and I'll be in good shape.  Hope everyone is sleeping like a baby at this hour!!


Gabi said...

Ahhhh...Alcatraz. We visited that too on our last visit to the US. It's not creepy at all.
Nice new charts. :)

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Gabi. I would have thought, with it being such a harsh place, that it would be creepy, but they said it's not.

Christine said...

Great new charts, they should keep you busy for a while

Tara said...

Great new charts. I would never get them finished. Also looked at your rotation pieces. Love them all :)

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, Christine, they would if I was ready to start them!!! I can't seem to help collecting them though. Thanks Tara. I have so many pieces I want to do, and I'm limited in how many years I have on earth... I want to live till I'm five hundred so I cross stitch everything I want to!!!

SoCal Debbie said...

The Seven Deadly Sins charts are gorgeous! I am looking forward to all 7 of your finishes!

mdgtjulie said...

Me too Debbie, lol. I'm not gonna be starting any of them for a while, but I feel the need to have them ready to go. Now I need to do some shopping as I don't have enough floss for them!