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Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Little Progress, and Webcam Fun

     I had a fun morning, and no one is more surprised than me to hear me say that.  When I got up (at six am) and couldn't go back to sleep, I got up and IMed Rosa.  I told her that when she got on, she should IM me back.  (She has limited minutes now, so we can't talk on the phone like we used to.  So now I have to chat on msgr, which is a good thing cause I can chat and write or read blogs or do emails.  So it all works out okay.)  She IMed me back at about eight thirty, I think.  Okay, 9:11.  (I still have the msgr window up, lol.)  And she was talking to me, and we chatted for quite some time when I suddenly told her she HAD to go get Noah's Sub (Stoney Creek) so she could stitch with me for a bit.  And I got mine and she got hers, and we were stitching together, which is always fun, whether in real life or virtually.  And then, right out of the blue, she decided we needed to webcam.  Now, I'm not a big fan of webcam, because I don't like to look at myself.  (I feel a lot skinnier than I am, so I don't like to see myself as I really am.  Sad, I know, but the truth.)  But I webcammed with her.  It was fun.  She showed off her progress.  She's a lot further than I thought she was.  She had made a comment to me that she had done the first little bit up to the kite.  I took it to mean that she had worked the first few bands on the left side of the kite.  What she really meant was that she had worked the first few bands all the way across DOWN to the kite.  So I won't have as long as I thought I would to wait for her to catch up, which is nice.  And it was fun to see her.  Especially as I can't hear her, lol.  It was just nice.  Did my heart good to see her smile for a change.  Things have been tumultuous for her lately, so it's good to see her calm and smiling.  Thanks for the prayers that were said for her, as obviously they're helping!!
     And now I have a couple of progress pics.  My schedule has been crazy this week, so not much stitching was done on Tuesday or Wed.  Well, Tues, there was none done.  Just some more awful gridding.  Tedious, horrible, awful stuff!!!  It's done now for a while, though.  So that's good.  Next Tues I'll start with some more brown, oh fun.  And then I'll get to do some yellow, joy!!  (Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice???  For those who don't know, I hate yellow and brown.  They're my least favorite colors.  Ugh!!)  But as I keep telling myself, it's for someone I love, so I can handle it.  I CAN!!!  (The Little Engine That Could, lol.)  And there's lots of pretty blue and white in it too, so it's all good.  I've got it gridded over to the end of the first page if my calculations are correct.  No, I didn't look at the chart, I just tried to remember, lol.  We'll see how it works out!!!
     And then Wed I did get some progress, but not as much as I wanted.  

I worked on my ornie, Frosty Friends (Mosey and Me).  I did all of his face, including the carrot nose.  It's got a few three quarter stitches in it, so that was a little fun.  Just a little, though.  He's looking cute.  I did get some of his body done, but you can't really see it cause it's white on white.  (Actually, you can see it pretty good in the piccy, which surprises me.  I'm surprised you can see it so well.)  
     And then there's some progress from Monday on Country Bloomers, my rotation WIP for this week.  

(It's weird only working on things for a week.  I'm used to two weeks, so it's a little strange working on it for one week.  I have two days left to make my goal, and if nothing gets in the way (which I hope it won't), I'll make my goal easily.  My goal on this for the week was to finish another pair of bloomers.  As you can see in the pic, I've got them more than halfway done.  I finished up the pair of bloomers I hadn't quite finished last time (about a hundred and fifty stitches) and started on this pair.  They're coming right along!!  
     I went over to mom's house today.  She's been collecting things for me, for a while now.  (It's been over a month since I've been there, and she had a pile of things on the bed for me.)  She buys little things for me from her Avon lady or from Sam's and then reimburses herself.  (She has my checks.  I have a very, VERY bad habit of writing checks before the money is in the bank, and then they bounce.  Bad news, as I can't afford the bounced check fees.  So I gave them all to her.  She writes herself a check, and cashes it at her bank to reimburse herself for what she spends.  It works for us.)  So she had all kinds of little things.  And also, she gave me an old planter of hers, for my Celosia.  I didn't talk about that on my blog yet.  I was so excited the other day.  I've been watering out on the balcony almost every day when it doesn't rain.  And I kept looking at my little green pot and thinking to myself, "I need to weed that pot.  It's got lots of little weeds growing in it."  But I never got around to it.  And then, the other day, I looked into that little pot, and a Celosia is blooming.  It's a pretty plant.  Looks sort of like a feather duster.  Look here to see images.  It's a really pretty Salmon Pink color.  I was so excited, and then...  I started counting.  I have (are you ready for this) fourteen Celosia plants coming up in a six inch pot with two Verbena in it.  So I decided I needed to get another long planter for the Celosia.  I need to actually plant it, but I haven't yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I will, of course, take a pic of it when it's all done.  I hope they all survive the transplant.  I have lots of dirt though, and the planter she gave me is pretty deep, so I'm confident that quite a few of them will survive it.  
     That's it for me today, folks.  Hope you're all having a great day!  Oh, and one more thing.  A big, HUGE thank you goes out to Karen.  She gave me the link to progress bars for my stitchy stuff in the comments to my last blog.  (I think I asked her about it in a comment on her blog.)  Thanks so much, Karen.  I know just enough about HTML code to change it to suit my needs.  (I changed one word.  One, lol.  The progress bar was intended for authors to use to show how many words they had written of how many they wanted to write.  I changed the wording from 1600/413,175 words to 1600/413,175 stitches.)  I put all my progress bars up this morning, under the pics of the projects they're for.  It's lovely to have them.  Now I need to remember to change them each week when I finish my rotation WIP.  (BTW, some of them are estimated.  For example, I'm about sixty percent done with Desert Landscapes, so I estimated how many stitches of how many stitches to get sixty percent.  The HAEDs were the easiest to do, cause they're being worked in rows of ten by tens.  So I can estimate better.  (I.E.  I've done two rows of eight ten by tens, and have halfway completed another.  Easy peasy.)  But there are several that are estimate.  I tried to estimate low.  I feel better that way, cause I feel like I've accomplished more when I'm done.)  So thanks to Karen, for the link.  If anyone else wants it, you can go here to get your own HTML code.  And, for those who are hopeless at HTML code, at the very end of your code is the word words.  If you place stitches in that spot, your code will say stitches.  And now, I really am out.  Later, y'all!!


Anonymous said...

Nice progress on all. I love the bloomers one!

Bea said...

You're doing great. Love the colours in the bloomers.

Kaisievic said...

Great post, as usual. Thanks for the progress bar link and your Celosia is soooo pretty. Good luck with the planting.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Nice progress

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sunny. I love them too. And they're easy to do, which makes them work up really fast. Thanks Bea. I do too. And there are only a few colors in the whole thing, which makes it easier. Thanks Kaye, it's on my list of things to do today. Hopefully, it goes well. Thanks Dani. They're coming along well.

DUSTY said...

Nice progress Julie, the bloomers is coming along nicely. I like this one. Your snowman will be cute.