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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Progress and a giveaway (very long)

I'm having a giveaway, whoo hoo!!!!

It's a My Memories digital scrapbooking software giveaway. I have two copies, but I may give one to my cousin's wife if she's interested. I won a copy before I got the email from Liz about giving away my own copy. So I told her I only needed one copy to give away, and she sent me the mail with two copies. (One to review, and one to give away.) She said it's a form letter, so I should give away both, or give one to a family member and one to a blogger. So I called my cousin Jeff's wife, and left her a message. If she wants it, I'll give it to her. If not, I'll be giving away another one, lol. So let me review it for you first, then I'll get to the details.

It's awesome software. The digital scrapbooking software has so many uses. I actually made a scrapbook from my trip to England. I'm not done with it yet, as I still have many things to add. First off, though, I did pages of pics, and it leaves you text areas to add your title and description on each page. So you can do it all with your own explanations. The software is easy to use, at least, it was for me. I did some pages of my own design, but I haven't posted them anywhere yet. The pages from England are here. That is the first page, and if you want to look at the following pages, you just click next up at the top. You can view the pics I used in the album by clicking the title of the album (Trip to England) at the top of the page, right above next. It was fun to do, and really fun to go through all the pages and styles it comes with. There were background papers for everything included in the original. And there are a ton of freebies on the site, here. This was so much fun to play with. I totally enjoyed it. Some of the kits they have are free, and some of them are at a small cost. (Most that I've seen are only six dollars, which is not a lot.) Also, there are all kinds of things you can add to the pages. Shapes, text, word art, photos, and embellishments are just a few. You can add fancy scrolls or ribbons or bows or whatever. You can create your own pages, or use the stripes and houndstooth and dots and and and... There are so many pages to choose from, and they all come with the original digital scrapbooking software. I sure had a great time playing with this. I need to make up a book for both Vin and Yes Dear too. I have a ton of pics of both of them. (More of Yes Dear than of Vin, but I have quite a few of him too.) Anyways, the software was fun to play with, and so easy to use. I did have some trouble figuring out where the pics were, lol. I finally realized, after going through all the My Memories digital scrapbooking software folders, that I needed to export the pages to a folder so I could use them. Duh!!! But that was the only real problem I had. Well, at first, it was a little overwhelming. So many options were there, and I wanted to use them all at once. It was wonderful though, and I thoroughly recommend it for anyone who likes to scrapbook digitally.

And now for some pics. I'm still using pic Monkey to edit my pics because I only have one pic per "page", and I don't want to make a collage just yet. I'll get around to it though, trust me, lol. So, progress pics, and I have a lot. I'll start up with the first pic, and go from there.

Since I didn't post a pic of Beach Romance last time, that's where I'll start. I didn't get an amazing amount done on it, but I made decent progress. I haven't been stitching as much with the two new chars on Two Moons. She looks pretty though... It's coming along nicely. I really like the way her feet look, in comparison to her dress. It's got some funny (to me) colors in it. It's sandy, and it should be all whites and creams and light lavenders for the shadows. Not that it doesn't have all of those in it. It does. But it also has sandy colors in it. Weird, if you ask me. Still, it's coming along nicely.

And then comes Time To Go. I actually got some colors done that you can see this time, whoo hoo!!!! You can actually see colors now, yay!!! That big lump that looks like all black is actually two shades of color. Black (310) and very dark brown (3371, I think). They blend so well, you can't tell the difference. But now you can finally see something. And it's all brown, ugh. Freak, if you read this, just know that I really love you to be doing all this ugly brown for you!!! I'm happy to at least be able to tell a difference in the colors now, though, so I'm happy to be doing brown, lol.

The next lovely up is a truly adorable pic. It has three of my ornies on it, although a couple of them are wrinkled. (Yes, I'll need to iron them, carefully.) Aren't they all just so cute!!! I love the way they all look. My newest is the one all the way to the right, Frosty Friends. I love the little bird (which I kept forgetting I had to do, lol), and the snowman is adorable too. I may keep it for myself, or I may give it to mom. She'll get two ornies this year, if I give it to her. Let It Snow, all the way to the left, is hers too, but she doesn't know that. If I give this one to mom, I'll definitely be stitching this again for me. It's too cute not too. Here it is up close. As you can see in the close up, I used Kreinick BF for the snow under him. It's 032, Pearl. It has some nice glitter to it, but you can hardly see it in the pic. Next week, instead of starting a new ornie, I'm going to work on water for my quilt piece. Julie and I were all set to argue over who finished it, when I sort of said, "Hey, there's enough for both of us. Why don't you do the continents, and I'll do the water." And she agreed with me. I think the water would be numbing for her, but I'll enjoy doing the same color over and over and over. It goes quickly that way. I can hardly wait for Wed to roll around.

Next up is my fave project, Noah's Sub. It's still going right along. I laughed at myself the other day, cause I was talking out loud to myself, and wondering what a person would think. (Do six, skip two, do three, skip one, do two, skip two, do four.)I was hoping to get more done, but the PC called to me. New chars, new chars... And I was distracted. (In my defense, the new chars are way fun to play with. So it's not totally my fault.) Anyways, on to the pic. You can see the last two bands I've been working on are advancing slowly. And, I just have to share this cause it's too funny. I looked at the piccy of Noah's Sub the other day, and my previous dilemma was so off, lol. I was wondering if I should do the fish or the giraffe, if you remember. However, it wasn't a fish or a giraffe. It was an orca and a zebra, lol. I only had the outlines to go on, though, and the zebra is quite a bit higher than the orca. (Also, the first color in the orca is dark blue, so you can see how that made me think fish rather than killer whale.) I didn't take into account that the animals on top of the sub are all higher than the water. Yes, I know, silly woman, but I didn't take it into account. I started on the orca, and totally messed it up, lol. I not only put it in the wrong place, but I skipped a section too. So it's in the wrong place, and it's too short!! Geez, get a clue, right??? But I'll get him right on the second try!!! And he's too cute, too. I had a blast looking at the pics, and trying to pair up the animals that weren't standing right next to their mate. I can't hardly wait to get into the meat of it!!!

And last up is my rotation piece for this week, which didn't get a lot of work. It just wasn't calling to me, for one reason. And I had to frog on it for another. It wasn't a big frog, but it irked me just the same. I did get it all frogged and replaced, but no way to I make goal, even my revised goal. It's a bust this week, lol. I don't know why it's not calling to me, but it's not. Maybe next time. Here's the first fox, almost finished. I'm SALing this with Evalina on Blogspot, so it's unlikely I'll put it away and pull something else out. If this continues (if I'm not feeling it for the next three times I work on it) then I'll make it a UFO for a while, and pull out Lust. She's screaming at me, but she's way down the UFO list. Since this isn't a finish, though, the rules don't apply. I can pull anything I want, lol. We'll see how it goes.

And now for the giveaway rules. There aren't many. First up, to enter you need to be a follower. Second, to enter you must go to the My Memories site and look through the kits and pages available. Tell me which kit or page layout you want to get. (It's to give me ideas.) If you like the pics I did, and can't wait to get your own, or if you want and don't win the giveaway, you can buy it at a ten dollar discount with the code STMMMS50966. This code also gives you a ten dollar gift card to use in their store, so you can buy some more backgrounds and pages. It's a great deal if you like to scrapbook. And you can use the code at any time. So if you wait a week after the giveaway is over, and then decide you really want it, you can get it. It's great to play with, and I hope you all will enter and that the winner enjoys it as much as I did!! I hope you all have a great night, and a wonderful weekend (what's left of it). Good luck to everyone who enters. (And no, this is NOT my two hundred followers giveaway. That will come later.)


Bea said...

Julie, you've done well with all your stitching this week, even if you're not 'feeling' the fox. Some pictures you just have to be in the right mood for, and that's all there is to it.

Your giveaway sounds terrific, but I'm not into scrapbooking. Just what I need - another hobby! LOL

merumo said...

Wow, you have been really busy!! I wish I could stitch more during the summer time, but I get totally lazy with this nasty heat.

mdgtjulie said...

That's so true, Bea. And this time, it just didn't do it for me. Hopefully next time will be better. LOL, I totally understand that, Merumo. I've been stitching less since it got hot too. I just feel ugh all the time, even with the AC on.

Shaunterria said...

You are getting a lot done, frogging be darned! At this pace you are going to have another finish in no time at all, and your ornies are adorable :)


EvalinaMaria said...
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EvalinaMaria said...

You are doing awesome Julie! Maybe if I stitch a little more of the 'Shore Patrol" your fox mojo will come back?

I'm not into scrapbooking and I do have photoshop - I will pass on the giveaway. The offer is awesome though.
Evalina, This and that...

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Shaunterria. And yes, frogging be darned, lol. Thanks Evalina. You can always try, lol. I think it's just disappointment that I had to frog. Also, it was difficult to do, since the stitches had been put in so long ago... We'll see next time, though!!

Tiki said...

Awesome stitching Julie! I'd like to enter your giveaway. I took a look at their site and the Totally Tropical photobook looks cool. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Tiki. So far, I've only got two entrants, so you're looking good!!!