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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Progress and Dogsitting

It was a full weekend, and I have so much to show you all. I dogsat for David Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. I also watered the garden there. It was okay. Hot for the two days I was there, but I only went out early in the morning or late at night, so that was okay.

The dog was both hilarious and gross by turns. First, I had him outside in the early morning. (I had a nasty nightmare on Friday, and got up after two hours sleep. I was up for several hours, then went back to bed. But because of that, and the stress it put on me, I slept until three AM. So I was all off kilter.) Anyways, we're sitting outside. I've watered the garden and am sitting in the garage stitching by the garage light. And I keep looking up to check on the dog, who is sitting at the edge of the driveway. And finally, I noticed it. He's sitting there, watching the squirrels, with a six inch long slimy string of drool hanging out of his mouth. (He can be a real Hootch sometimes.) So he's drooling over the squirrels. I swear to you, he eats every day. Good dog food, the expensive kind. I have no idea what the drool was all about. I went in and got my phone, took a pic, and sent it off to David. It was gross. Then I wiped his face off and threw the toilet paper in the garbage. YUCK!!!! And then he was also funny. He was laying on the loveseat, snoring away, when all of a sudden, the rabbit he was chasing got the jump on him. (Or so I assume.) He started barking in his sleep, lol. It was soooooooo funny. I was cracking up. I gently woke him up, in case it was bad for his heart, and he looked at me like, "What???" It was too cute. For a big dog, they were little barks.

And it was so nice to come home. I don't mind dogsitting, I really don't. But the dog is much more demanding than YD is. Or maybe he's just demanding in a different way. He has to go out more, for one. He's always up my butt for another. He comes up to be petted about every half hour. And he follows me everywhere, which I should be used to with YD. But sixty pounds of dog is a lot different than six unobtrusive pounds of cat, ya know?!? And of course, I came through the door having been gone all day Sat and all day so far Sunday, and she's all, "Meow, meow, meow, meow..." To infinity, and you get the idea. She needs attention, and I'm trying to pet her and put all my stuff down and get unpacked... It might not seem like a lot, but it FEELS hectic. I'll be so glad to sleep in my own bed though. That just makes my day when I come home.

I had Frederick the Literate out this week. I didn't do much on it on Monday, as I was outside at night. It made it difficult. It was a dark floss on dark fabby at night, and it was slow going. It was hard to see the holes. I made up for it Friday and Saturday, though. I wanted to get his "tail" done (It was his foot hanging down, not his tail), and I got really close. I got the bottom part done, then started on the black. Except I started it at the top, and not the bottom. If it wasn't for that, I would have made goal. And even though I didn't, I'm happy with him anyways. Here he is!I did get QUITE a bit done on him at David's house, so it's all good. I've almost got his haunch done, which is impressive. The black looks really, idk, black to me. It's extra dark, lol. I like how it looks though, so it's not something I want to change.

And next up (or previous, depending on how you look at it), is Noah's Sub. I didn't get a lot done on this because I was subject to a frog attack of large proportions. I had to pull out about a hundred stitches. I was going along on the sky, and I realized I should be over the fish by then. So I decided since it was just sky, I would fudge it. But it turned out the fish was in the wrong place. So I pulled out all the sky that was wrong (cause it would be in the way of the fish), and started putting it back in. When I finish this band of sky, I need to go back and pull out part of the fish, and fix him. So not a lot of progress, but it's looking good.I'm hoping to finish this particular band up on Thursday, when I next work on it. If it's cool enough in the evening, I will. I'm going through lantern oil like crazy though. It's too hot to go out during the day. I can't breathe, and YD only stays out for a few minutes, then goes back in the house. So I try, now that it's hot out, to take her out late at night. At two AM, it's in the low seventies, high sixties. Perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cool, and if she wants to sit on my lap, it doesn't make me sweat!!

Next up is my ornie for this week, Frosty Friends (Mosey and Me). It's coming along well. I got a goodly amount done on it this week. I finished up his body, and then did his glove and his shoe, almost. (I have two rows of darker brown to do for the bottom of his shoe, and it's done.) I didn't have a lot of time, for some reason that I can't fathom now. I did something with mom... Went to Barbara, maybe. She's my therapist. Mom is making the rounds with me, trying to get on the same page I'm on. I'm trying to convince her that school would be a good thing. So far, I'm not sure if it's working. I get the impression that she doesn't think I can do it. I'm hoping she'll change her mind, but... Anyways, not much ornie time till late at night.As you can see, he's looking adorable. I love this ornie. I have to finish up his shoe, do his sock, and put the little bluebird on his foot, and it's done. Oh, and some bsing too. Hopefully, next time I'll finish him. Then I don't know what I"ll do. I think I only have floss bought for one more ornie, and then I have to go shopping.

And last, but certainly never least, I have a couple of pics of YD to share. As you can see in the first one, she loves to lay in my stitching chair. Even when there are already things in it. In this case, she's actually lying on some of the Noah's Sub fabby, and the new piece from Julie. Oh, that's right, I'm gonna work on that on Wed for a while. I'm doing the blue of the water, and she's gonna do the continents. I had totally forgotten about that. Anyways, that's what she's laying on.And in the second pic, she's showing off her rather strange form. She laid like that for an hour. To me, it looks like she's ready to get up and do something, but she didn't. She just laid there, in this strange position, for forever. It doesn't looks comfy to me, lol.She is obviously a law unto herself, lol. And awwww, isn't she just so cute!!!

That's it for me today, folks. I have to get to bed soon. I've been up since five AM, and it's now nine PM. Tired!!!! I hope you're all having a great night, and next time, I'll have a giveaway. Stay tuned!!


sharine said...

They are looking lovely!

Lana said...

Beautiful progress! What a crazy dog!!!

Jennifer M. said...

They all look great. You got quite a bit done this weekend even with the dog constantly begging for attention. ;)


Anonymous said...

Cute pics of YD. I love the progress you got done on all your projects

mdgtjulie said...

Thanks Sharine. LOL, Lana, he totally is. My mom pointed out he likely wouldn't know what to do with a squirrel should he catch one! Thanks Jen. I did get a lot done. Thanks Sunny. She can be just as silly as the dog, lol.

Bea said...

You are doing well with all your projects - sorry to hear the frog decided to visit. The snowman is so cute. Love the pictures of Yes Dear as I'm a little cat crazy - have 2 of my own.

mdgtjulie said...

Awww, you should post pics of them, Bea. I don't think I've ever seen them. I'm cat crazy too, and would have three if Yes Dear would let me.

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about the frog attack. Boo!

Great job with all your projects and the snowman looks cute :)

Unknown said...

What a lovely stitchy companion you have.
Also, you are tagged, please check my blog, and yes, it is absolutely safe and malware free.

mdgtjulie said...

My thoughts exactly, Melissa. And thanks, I think he's darling too. LOL, just companion, Jade. She's with me everywhere I go. She even runs to the potty with me, lol. Today it's been her pleasure to get up on the desk and lay right where my hands usually go so I can't type anything, the brat. (I should say princess brat, lol.) Off to check you out, and dreading it. I don't know that I want to have to come up with another eleven things, lol.

Ewa said...

Very nice progress on your stitching!

Vincent, the evil cat I'm pet sitting for, does this thing where he's curled up on the floor. Then he'll start getting up and going somewhere but he'll just collapse and fall asleep. It usually looks like he was dragging himself through the desert and just DIED with his paws stretched out or something.

Cats are ridiculous. They think they're not. But they are.