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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Progress and dogsitting

     I dogsat this weekend again.  Just Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday earlier in the day.  I left David's house about three or so.  Threeish, lol.  It was fun, of course.  Reese hissed and growled at me every time she saw me, and when I offered her the tea to sniff, she smacked the crap out of it.  And the brush.  Butters sheds like crazy (handsful come off her, literally.  Every pet produces thirty to forty hairs.  It's ridiculous), so I got the brush out to brush her instead.  I thought (wrongly) that it would cut back on the amount of hair on the rug and my hand.  I put three or four good sized handsful in the garbage, and she was still shedding like crazy.  So I offered the brush to Reese.  Y'all, she knocked it out of my hand and three to four feet across the room.  That is one pissed off cat!!!!!  Amy told me she doesn't like to be brushed like Butters does when I finally got ahold of her.  I was like, "No kidding," because Reese made it REALLY obvious.  IDK why she doesn't like me.  She hated me on sight.  And usually animals like me.  She's the only animal I haven't had love me.  Heck, I can walk up and pet strays most times.  But Reese hates me with a passion.  (I told Amy she's a demon in a cat's body.  It was too funny.)
     The dog was very good.  I took him out late on Saturday night.  The neighbor's were all making fools of themselves.  I don't know how many there were, but they were drunk and getting loud.  Vin badly wanted to bark at them, but when I shushed him the second time, he stopped and was very good after that.  I think they were playing cornhole, cause I could hear the smack of the bean bags hitting the boards.  I sat and stitched (and frogged, ugh) for quite a while.  We were out from about one thirty till three.  He likes to be outside, but he can't handle the heat.  So I take him out at night, and he gets his quota of fresh air without having a seizure or something.  So it's all good.
      While we were out there, I was stitching on Country Bloomers 
(Jeremiah Junction).  I did pretty good until...  I realized that I can't count, lol.  (Not even small numbers, by God.  It's ridiculous, lol.)  I was supposed to go over two, down three.  Went over three down three.  Couldn't figure out how to fudge it as it was a symmetrical thing.  So I pulled out a whole bunch of stitches, because I had gotten more than halfway done with it.  I got most of them put back in, but they aren't all crossed, as you can see.  Still, I'm pleased with my progress.  I made my first goal on it, so I'm happy about that.  (I made two goals.  First I said the next pair of bloomers.  But I finished them on the second day.  So I added the jug and flowers underneath it too.  But after all that frogging, I didn't really feel like stitching, so I went to bed early.  I did get a lot done though, and so I'm happy with it.)  This week is Rosa.  I hope to finish up the lattice for the trellis and then start Rosa's project and get all the Kloster blocks done in it.  Wishing on a star, I think, but we'll see!!
     I told you about stitching with Rosa in my last blog entry.  Now you get to see the results on Noah's Sub 
(Stoney Creek).  I got a pretty good amount done.  I started the first color of the fish at the bottom of the page, as you can see.  Then I started working on another band.  Two actually.  This color spans two bands, and since they're only a couple of stitches apart, I'm doing them both.  The color I'm using is a single shade different from the color that's already there.  So I can't tell the difference without looking hard and having really good light.  Still, I like the combo, so it's all good.  As soon as I finish this band, I'll do another color on the fish.  Then I'll do another band.  I'll keep that up till either the bands are done, or the fish is done.  If the fish gets done first, then I'll move on to the giraffe.  I can do his head (most of it) in the same way.  Do a color, do a band, do a color, etc.  And Rosa has really been feeling better lately, so she's working on Noah on off days as well as Thursdays.  She really wants to get caught up.  I said for her not to feel bad about it, but she does.  Silly woman.  I'm still planning on using Thursday as a rotation day when I finish the first page until she gets caught up to me.  And maybe a little ahead.  We'll see.  And, on a slight side note, it felt really strange to cross some stitches on this project.  I did the fish, and those stitches are regular crosses.  It felt weird to cross them.  I've been doing the sky for so long, it's all been half stitches.  Strange, lol.
     And at David's house, I worked for several hours on Beach Romance
 (Janlynn).  It's coming along well.  It was all fill in that I did.  I filled in parts of the skirt, and then started working on the sand right under their feet.  (Or maybe it's water right under their feet.  It's a deep violet color, so it's reminiscent of shadows.  But I don't know if it's supposed to be water, or sand.  It's a pretty color though.)  I'm happy with the way it's coming along.  Since I'm only working on it one day per week, I'm not really making a goal.  I occasionally do make a day goal, but it's rare.  I need to give Amy my blog addy and let her look at progress piccys as I go.  Maybe I'll do that now...  Okay, called Amy and gave her my blog addy so she can check out the progress.  (I didn't think David would be interested, but I know Amy will be.  And whoops, cause I told her I'd probably have this blog up by ten thirty, and it's now two oh eight AM.  Sorry Amy!!!)
     I went to another EGA meeting tonight.  It was nice.  The ladies in my EGA chapter are all older, so I'm the baby of the group.  (One of them was talking about getting married in seventy two, and I laughed and said I was only a year old then.  They all groaned at me.  Baby of the group at forty, who woulda thunk it?!?)  The class for this meeting was a strawberry pincushion.  I declined because A it was crewelwork, and I don't do so well at that and B I don't use pincusions.  I do, however, use the arm of my chair, and the arm of Amy's chair when I'm at David's house.  I only use the arm of the chair occasionally though.  Maybe one time out of ten at Amy's and David's house, and one time in thirty at home.  Less, maybe.  I've been spending most of my stitching time out on the balcony with Yes Dear.  We're heading there after I finish editing my photos, and post this blog.  It's seventy one, and there's always a nice breeze out there.  Lovely!!  And now, I'm going to leave you with a series of collages of the things in my garden this year.  Hope you're all have a good night, and sleeping like babes.


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

You've made all kinds of good stitching progress!
Watching a dog that shed that much would be completely out of the question, for me. I do not like shedding hair! Good for you though for watching both the dog and the demon cat!

Kaisievic said...

Love all the gorgeous purple flowers in your garden. Beach Romance is looking lovely, too - wonderful progress. But do you ever sleep?

Margaret said...

All your progress looks great! I know that feeling of not being able to count. lol!

Anonymous said...

love the progress! All of the projects are looking great! I love, love, love your plants!

Bea said...

Love your flowers.

You're doing great with the stitching. I really like the projects you're working on.

SoCal Debbie said...

Your flowers look beautiful! Great progress on your stitching. Too bad that cat Reese hates you! LOL

mdgtjulie said...

Actually, the dog doesn't shed as much as Butters does. Butters is one of the cats. She's beautiful, but sheds a lot. Poor Amy must be sweeping in there almost every day. LOL, Kaye, of course. I sleep almost every day, lol. Thanks. Purple is my fave color, so I get a lot of purple and pink flowers. Blue too. Glad I'm not the only one, Margaret. And thanks. Thanks Sunny. They're coming along well. Except for the two that died for no apparent reason. The other plants in that planter were fine, so who knows... Thanks Bea. I do too, lol. I know, right. I just can't figure that one out, Debbie. And thanks.