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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


April 6, 2011
I really  need to call the moving company.  I forgot this part yesterday, cause I’m sooooooo forgetful.  I got three movers, and I mentioned that they were moving slowly, and charging me out the wazoo.  But I forgot this part.  I got all my stuff (almost) in the house finally.  Things were stacked high everywhere you looked.  I had things stacked three high or more on my desk, and I had to get it all cleared off so I could set up my computer since Time Warner is coming out today to hook up my computer (today, but this occurred a couple of days ago).  So I got started in the kitchen cause some of the boxes in there actually go in there.  I unpacked what I could, then started getting the boxes organized.  As I cleared the boxes off my cubby, I found something.  (Here I’ll tell you what my cubby is.  I don’t think I ever have.  I inherited a desk from the previous tenant of my previous apartment.  He left it behind.  It’s a simple desk, two sturdy legs and a tabletop.  So I talked to dad, and we made some drawings.  He worked up a series of cubbies that I can store things in.  I have notebooks, papers, and other supplies in them.  I even keep my meds in one.  It was one of the last things he made before he got so sick.)              Anyway, I got my cubbies cleaned off and then I noticed them.  There are f~ing boot prints on my cubbies!!!!  They put it in the truck and someone walked back and forth on it.  Repeatedly!!!!!!!!!  OMG, I’m so ticked off.  What if they had damaged it?  Dad’s not around to fix it, and that makes me so mad I could spit.  As soon as I get my phone hooked up, you can guess who is gonna be one of my first calls.  It’s irreplaceable and they walked on it!!  I could spit nails I’m so mad.  I’m sure dad just cringed when he saw them walking on his craftsmanship.  Luckily, he’s all about building things to be sturdy, so it didn’t break, but still.  So Paul is gonna be one of my first calls today.  Right after mom and right before Julie.  Jerks.  And, until I saw it, I felt sorry enough for them (and they did their best, I thought) that I was gonna send them in a hefty tip.  But this is ridiculous.  Walking on prized furniture is not the way to make friends with me.  I would have recommended them to others if they could get an early appointment, because they did keep going when they obviously wanted to quit.  But this is inexcusable.
     And on to another subject before I get to het up to deal with the cable guy.  On another front, I have good news.  I have my printer working again.  I hooked it up today, and accessed my part seven of DGM.  I hit print and hit a new snag.  It printed to file instead of printing.  But I knew how to fix that.  I went through the printer options till I found the print to file box checked and I unchecked it.  Then I tried again, and voila.  I have part seven printed out.  For some reason, the first page printed normally, then the second two pages printed in a light purple shade.  Go figure.  I know I didn’t run out of ink between one page and another like that.  It’s a more gradual thing than that.  I have gone through enough printer cartridges that I know how it happens.  So, another problem to solve, sighs…  Still, not a major problem, so I’m happy with that.  Now I’ve got to finish unloading the last couple of desk boxes (which will be fun cause the cubbies are already full, lol).
     I’ve been listening to my CD from Les Mis lately.  I picked up my tape of Les Mis a couple of weeks ago and put it in the player, and broke it.  I was so ticked off.  So I ordered the CD from  I got it right away, and am now learning the new inflections.  I don’t like it as well as my tape, but it’s still good.  I may take another look at my tape and try to replace it because I really liked that particular version.  And there are only ten versions around, lol.  So that’s what I’m up to.  I hope everyone out there is having a good day!!

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