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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I've been busy

     It's been a really busy week here.  I've been unloading (and loading) boxes and everything else.  As I think I mentioned previously, my movers didn't move everything.  So on Sunday, Julie and mom and I cleaned for about three hours, then mom had an appointment and had to go home.  Julie and I moved the rest of my stuff.  Ugh, it was horrible.  We carried and loaded and unloaded and wore ourselves plum out.  She said she had a cramp in her butt all the way back to Columbus, which is a two hour drive.  I felt so bad about it.  But, on the plus side, I've bailed her out of several predicaments, and made sure she had all the materials to start our SAL.  Thursday was her birthday, and I talked to her on the phone to say happy birthday.  (I love her, so I did NOT sing, lol.)  We have our plans solidified now.  I'm going up tomorrow (at an undetermined time) shortly after I wake up.  I'm winding bobbins tonight for Story Keeper, and I'm sure I won't have them all done by tomorrow.  But some of them will be done, and I'll wind the rest as I go.  She pulled up her chart, and I pulled up my chart and we were looking at things on it (mostly trying to figure out where she used bright orange) and we looked at the last few pages and realized, "Oh, man, we're gonna need several spools of VFB each.  There is a ton of Pearl VFB # 4 at the bottom.  A ton of it.  I mean about 4900 stitches.  Yes, I made an approximate count, lol.  Yes, I'm very OCD.  LOL, so I'm thinking I'll give Julie my partial VFB and keep the two full spools.  Then I'll probably have to buy one spool, and she'll have to buy two.  IDK what else I'll need two or more skeins of cause there's no floss usage chart with the pattern.  So I'll just have to estimate as I go.  I'm so ready to start this project.  I can hardly wait!!!
     In other news, this is the first stitchy type thing I've done since I moved.  I've been so busy unpacking boxes, I haven't stitched in a week.  Well, not since Saturday.  I've been reading and doing emails in between unpacking boxes.  Then today I was all set to sit and stitch and watch a movie when I realized...  I unpacked the DVD player and plugged it in, but I have no idea where the AV cords are to hook it up.  Oh, geez, so now I can't watch a movie.  So I guess I'll have to wait till I come home from Julie's house to find my cords as I'll probably get up, get dressed, and head for Julie's house.  I unpacked my movies, and realized how many I truly have.  I don't know how many, but enough to fill two small bookcases with movies stacked haphazardly on top.  I should make a list, so I know what all I have for when I shop for movies...
     Okay, time for me to finish up winding the bobbins.  Poor YD is in a total frenzy tryinig to play with the floss as I wind it.  She doesn't understand why I keep telling her no when it's right in front of her (she sits on my desk and watches with huge eyes as I wind, lol).  Poor kitty!!!

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