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Monday, April 18, 2011

Another Ye Olde Cross Stitchery Update

     When this all first came down, I also sent an email to Heritage to let them know what was going on.  They sent an email back and told me to let them know the outcome of the situation and the complaint with the BBB.  So I sent them a message after the complaint was closed and asked them to use their influence to make YOCS do the right thing and send me my materials.  Instead, they offered to send them to me themselves.  I was surprised to say the least, but grateful and a little upset.  I feel bad that Heritage has to make right something that was not their fault.  And I told them that.  It's not their responsibility, IMHO.  But as I can't afford to kit it up right now myself, I accepted their offer.  I have been quite impressed with them.  They have been interested and helpful all the way through.  I may never buy from YOCS again, but Heritage definitely gets a thumbs up from me!!!
     In other news, I talked to Julie M last night, and she already has in 850 + stitches on Story Keeper.  I am all ready to start DGM part seven, but yesterday I kept reading during breaks as I haven't set up the DVD player yet.  And breaks are short and movies are long, so I didn't want to start and then have to keep stopping after fifteen or twenty minutes.  So I've not started part seven.  I will do it today, as I've gotten most of the stuff put away where it belongs.  I have very little left to do, thank God!!!!
      Not much else going on here.  I'm almost done unpacking and putting away, and I keep that thought in the front of my mind.  I'm all caught up on emails from my trip and the move, and I'm also all through my back log on Incredimail.  So I'm downloading emails again, which I like.  I totally like the functionality of IM versus roadrunner webmail.  Lots of things that I don't have to do on IM that I do have to do on RRWM.  For example, I can't choose how my mails display on RRWM.  In IM, I can.  In RRWM, I have to always delete the cc to the person who sent in the mail so they don't get one copy from the group and one from me directly.  And, weirdly, when I click reply in RRWM, the cursor goes to the search box, not to the reply area.  It's weird.
  Anyways, I hope you're all having a great day.  Now I'm off to do some more emails!!

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