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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Mail

     Vicki, I know you're shocked, but the Royal Mail was quick this week.  I've already got my kit for Meerkat ~ Mere Cat.  It came in the mail today, and it came with a catalog (of course) of wonderful things that I really want.  Heritage also included another kit, and it's adorable!  It's so cute I had to post a piccy of it here.  It's called Just Charlie (another of Margaret Sherry's creations) and here it is.  Isn't he cute?  I think he's darling, and I need to put him away before I start him too, lol.     I've been working a lot on the landscape panel of DGM.  It's coming along well.  I have the whole sky done already (a lot of my 180 stitches the other day were sky) and I'm working on two other colors now.  One's a DMC grey that represents the mountains in the distance, and the other is Pond Scum which represents the plants in the foreground.  I've been doing emails and blogs when I first get up (interspersed with reading whatever book I'm working on that day) until I'm finished on the computer.  Then I switch back and forth between reading and stitching. 
     When I was up at Julie's house the other day, she introduced me to Pandora.  It's a site where you enter a song, artist, group, or genre and Pandora plays songs by that artist or group or whatever.  Then, after the first song, it looks for similar songs to play.  It's come up with some interesting connections.  I have Rascal Flatts's I Won't Let Go in my head, so I put in Rascal Flatts.  It played several songs I like that are similar.  Then it started getting wonky.  It played an Aerosmith tune, and then Daughtry, and then some Jamaican type song (I can't remember what they call that type of music, darnit).  Regge, that's it!!!  So it was a little weird.  But since my local internet radio station is on the fritz, it's better than nothing!
     I got a fairly good video of Yes Dear playing the other day.  Usually, when she's playing, I point the camera at her and she sits there forever.  She did for a few seconds on this one, but then she hunkered down and started stalking the poor twisty tie again.  If anyone wants to see her being cute, you can look here.
     It's raining here again.  I was supposed to go to Sam's Club with mom today (I don't have my own account there), but I had a bad night last night.  I couldn't sleep, partly because of the bad thunderstorms we had.  Every time I was drifting off, the thunder would crash.  And on one of my groups, Chocohalic Cross Stitchers, I was talking about dad.  So I was laying there, thinking of him.  Not good.  I thought myself into an upset stomach, and had trouble sleeping because of that too.  I finally fell asleep a little bit after eight, and mom called at ten to two to tell me she was done at the doctor's office, and could I meet her at Sam's.  So I begged off.  We're gonna go tomorrow instead.
     I hope the rain stops soon, and everyone who's having weather problems (flooding, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms) has my prayers.  I hope God will watch over you all.  Now I'm off to stitch some more, and I hope you're all sound asleep in your beds!


Joysze said...

Cute chart!! I really love Sherry's stuff.

Ahhh... Pandora... LOVE it. Did you know you could thumbs down the songs you don't like? That's how you 'train' it to only play things you like. I have a country station trained to only play songs sung by male artists. ;)

Yes Dear is such a cutie pie. :D

mdgtjulie said...

Yeah, I knew that. I finally decided (when it kept playing rock songs) that I should change the station, and put in the genre. That worked for me. I listened and stitched for about an hour today, and it was all good. I think her stuff is all adorable. I love her cats. I have a kit here for one of them!