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Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving Day

     Yes, I got really lucky.  I got a call from my new landlord yesterday (shortly after I called my old landlord to tell him I wasn't gonna be able to get out by the first because he was sooooooo late in sending the paperwork into Excel, which he was).  He said that Excel's inspector, Andre (he's a total sweetheart) had a no call, no show on an inspection yesterday.  Chris just happened to be at the new apartment, and showed him around for the inspection.  He cleared it except he has to replace a railing outside, which he already knew he had to do.  So he's gonna do it this weekend, and Andre will do a drive by (check, not shooting, lol) to make sure it's done.  So I called the moving company, and got the move set for tomorrow night.  I can't believe it is happening so fast.  So I called Julie, and she didn't call me back before I crashed out.  (No sleep at all night before last, so I hit the hay around four yesterday and slept till four AM.  Oh my, was I tired!!!  So I don't know when we're doing boxes, or even if we are.  If it takes them forty minutes to load up my furniture, I'll have them do the boxes too, as there is a two hour minimum.  So we'll see how it goes.  I'm not looking forward to it and I am at the same time.  Then I have to clean the old place as well as I can...  Yuck, and ouch.  I don't look forward to it.  Sweeping and mopping usually takes me days.  Maybe Julie and Ansel can help me with that too, if I don't need them for boxes...  Anyways, that's what is up with me.  Going to go get some stitching done before I start looking around again to see what I can pack up.   Hope you're all sleeping like babies!!


Wolfie said...

Congratulations on moving:) My best suggestion is to take ONE box at a time, and do ONE room at a time...the basics would be bedroom and kitchen and of course the bathroom...most other things can wait...of course you want to have somewhere to sit and relax, and of course some stitching bits up and ready, but I would be surprised if that was not the case anyway:) Take care and enjoy! :) X Ylva

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, I'm not doing any more boxes, I'm gonna let the movers move them. After all, that's their job. I have a three man crew instead of two (for the price of two, can't beat that) and I've decided to let them move the boxes and furniture all. It will be a pain to unload though as they will probably do the boxes last, and I would rather the furniture come in first. But I can't have everything that I want, so that's the way it is. IDK where I'm gonna put all my furniture in the bedroom. The back door is in the bedroom instead of there being a hallway, so... I'm mostly ready though. Julie is coming down Sunday night to help me clean, and I'm really looking forward to that!!