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Saturday, April 30, 2011

     I get regular updates from the ASPCA about things that are going on in the animal world.  And this one is distressing to me, so I wanted to post it here on my blog.  If anyone is in Missouri, and can email, write, or call the governor, I strongly urge you to do so.


3. Missouri Legislature Passes Governor-Backed Puppy Mill Compromise

puppymill dogWe’ve been updating News Alert readers since last summer about our efforts to pass common-sense, humane reforms for large-scale, commercial dog breeders in Missouri, the Puppy Mill Capital of America. On Election Day 2010, the state’s citizens approved Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act—and animal lovers around the country rejoiced! Unfortunately, Prop B’s victory was just the beginning of what has become a long, drawn-out saga of might against right. In a startling development last Monday, April 18, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, representatives from the dog breeding industry, and a few agriculture special-interest groups and local animal welfare groups announced a so-called “compromise” agreement on puppy mill reform. Legislators tacked the language onto an unrelated agriculture tax bill as a last-minute amendment, and both chambers passed it on Wednesday, April 27. Governor Nixon, who played a part in arranging the compromise agreement, is expected to sign it into law.
“The ASPCA was not part of the negotiations and does not support the agreement,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives. “The language crafted by the participating groups is far from an actual compromise—instead, it guts many of the core provisions to protect dogs in commercial breeding facilities passed by voters last November.”
The agreement, which will nullify Prop B, allows the stacking of cages, leaves temperature, exercise and veterinary care requirements unenforceable, allows female dogs to be bred at every heat cycle with no rest between litters, and places no limit on the number of dogs a breeder may keep. Most significantly, it does not set specific standards, but defers to those set by the Missouri Department of Agriculture—which is free to change or lower these standards at will.
The ASPCA is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the will of the voters is honored; to that end, we are poring over new language to determine our next steps. We are far from defeated, and the movement to protect thousands of dogs in Missouri’s puppy mills is not over! You can help by continuing to spread the word—please share this article via Facebook and Twitter.


Nancy said...

So sad! I hope the people of Missouri will stand be outraged and stand up for the rights of these poor defenseless creatures! And those are some politicans that would get booted out of office if I had my way!

Nancy said...

Hi again Julie! I got so mad about the puppy mills I forgot that I had visited to thank you for commenting on my blog page. Yes the floss colors are beautiful and I can't wait to use them!

Thanks again!

mdgtjulie said...

LOL, I don't mind at all Nancy. I was pretty outraged about the whole thing as well. If enough voters spoke out that it passed on the ballot, the lawmakers should leave it as is, IMO. In then end, it always comes down to money.

Wolfie said...

Everytime I hear or read or see about puppy mills I get outraged. I cannot understand how the breeders can treat animals this way. I know it is all about money for them. The way they don't even cuddle or care for them, don't brush them or walk them...stack them in cages on top of eachother...Disgusting!!! I know that anyone who uses dogs with health issues for breeding should be prosecuted. When we got Tara, and she had issues with people, and she had food allergy and she was very nervous, I said that we need to spay her. Hubby thought that she is sooo pretty that it would be lovely to have puppies from her, and I said NO! I will not have puppies that are likely to have her issues...if I had known that her grandad was aggressive towards people I would never have got her as I know about the hereditary issues. I still love her though...she is my baby:)

mdgtjulie said...

They are horrible, uncaring people with way too much money. They've been buying lawmakers for years, and no one thinks anything of it. Well, most people don't. Poor baby. I'm glad you got her spayed. YD was intact when I got her, and one of the first things I did was get her spayed (to the tune of two hundred eighty some dollars, sheesh!!) so she wouldn't go into heat any more. All I needed was a bunch of tomcats on the porch!! I'm glad Tara is such a love.

Joysze said...

I wish you guys much success. Hubby and I HATE HATE HATE puppy mills with a passion.

mdgtjulie said...

I do too. I just can't conceive of how someone could do that to a helpless dog. It's horrible.